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Undercover Cop 2!

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Story Title: Undercover Cop 2!

Type of Story: Long Fic

Genre: Romance/Drama

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB Rating: G

Warnings: None

Spoilers: None

Summary: Sequel. Does Jack have to cope with losing Martha, or is all not what it seems?

Here's a quick summary of "Undercover Cop!" Just incase you don't want to read pages and pages of it! But you will be missing some bits out that may occur again, so I do advise that you read it. :D

Thanks to jackandmartha!!! for this summary!

Jack goes on an undercover investigation in Sydney a year after Martha’s departure from the bay. He finds out that he has to work with the girlfriend of a dangerous drug dealer. However, to their surprise, the girlfriend is Martha. At first they are shocked and angry to see each other, however, they sort through their problems and focus on the job. But soon their feelings towards one another start to resurface when Jack discovers that Martha was being abused. Jenny, a delusional psychopath, who thinks that she is Jack’s girlfriend, finds an old photo of Jack and Martha at Jack’s home, when she goes snooping around. She vows revenge on her ‘cheating boyfriend’ and tracks him down, putting the investigation in jeopardy. Jack has no option but to keep her happy by pretending to go out with her. Meanwhile, Jack and Martha are close to expressing their feelings to one another. However, Martha is left heartbroken and angry by the revelation that Jack seems to have real feelings for Jenny, and in response to this she accepts her drug dealer boyfriend’s proposal. Jack and Martha fall out, and their true feelings are never revealed until Jenny’s revenge takes place. Jenny shoots at Martha, but Jack takes the bullet and lays on the floor dying. To protect Martha from Jenny he shoots her (Jenny). Jack and Martha finally declare their love, but are upset that they will never have a future. Despite having been shot, Jenny still manages to knock Martha off the cliff, unaware that Jack has momentarily woken up. At the hospital, he finds out that what he saw was true, and that Martha is dead. Jenny and Dave go to prison, both for life, but that still doesn’t answer Jack’s question. How will he live his life without her?

Now let's begin with the fan fic...

Chapter 1.

Jack suddenly awoke from his nightmare, puffing and panting. He’d had another dream about Martha, well, another flashback. The memory relived in his head, the one where Jenny had knocked Martha off the cliff. Jack sat up to find Tony and Lucas by his side, both looking equally as concerned. This was the 3rd night in a row that he’d woken up in such a state, even though Jenny was now locked up, he still didn’t feel that she was being made suffer enough for taking such a precious life away, but in the eyes of the law, justice had been made.

About a week after the assault, Jack assured his fellow police officers that he was able to arrest Dave, he wanted to do it for Martha. He hadn’t realised though, that he’d also have to explain about Martha’s death, and watch Dave’s reaction to it. Dave, was quite upset, but he wasn’t as upset as he should be. Dave took this in rather quickly and then started to complain for his arrest, it dawned on Jack that his beliefs were true, Dave hadn’t loved Martha, maybe he wanted to love her, but he didn’t, and never had. Jack ensured that Dave went down for everything, the drugs, the threatening behaviour, the killings and most of all, the assaults on Martha. After Dave had been sent to prison, Jack was very pleased that he’d accomplished something that meant so much to Martha, it was just a shame that she couldn’t be there to witness it.

He walked into the Holden house, for the first time in weeks. Tony and Lucas followed shortly behind, carrying the suitcases. Tony put his hand on his eldest sons shoulder.

“I’m sorry mate, you’ve done everything she wanted though, she’d be proud of you.” Tony knew how much Jack was hurting, by the way Jack had acted the last two weeks Tony could tell that he’d really loved Martha, quite like Tony had loved Jack’s mum, so he knew how desperately upset Jack was feeling inside. Jack thanked his dad and left to his room, carrying the two suitcases packed full with things. As he looked around his room, he noticed an opened draw with something peaking out. He went over to investigate, pulling out photo of him and Martha. He stared in a trance at the photo, he’d tried so hard to keep his emotions bottled up inside the past couple weeks, but it was unbearable. He slumped on the floor, photo in his hand, as a few silent tears ran down his cheek. He rested his head in his hands.

Jack woke up, facing the picture. ‘Must have dozed off’ he thought, gently putting the photo down on the side, trying to spare himself the pain of thinking of Martha again. He got up and walked into the kitchen and straight to the fridge, bypassing a worried Lucas and Tony.

“Listen, mate, Alf is coming over, he wants to sort out some of the stuff with you.” Tony said. “But I’m sure he’ll understand if you’re not feeling up to it.” Lucas and Tony were now leaning against the back of the sofa, looking at Jack who was pouring himself some orange juice.

“No, it’s fine, I might aswell do it now.” Jack sipped his orange juice, staring out the window.

“You sure mate because I can just tell-” Tony began, but Jack turned around sharply.

“I said it’s fine.” He snapped. Jack walked slowly over to his dad and Lucas, who were both shocked by Jack’s out of character reaction. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you.” He sighed, sitting down opposite them on the armchair. “I just want to get it over and done with.”

Martha woke up with the sun glaring into her eyes and a cold flannel resting on her forehead. She panicked as she looked around at her unfamiliar surroundings. She was in a dingy house that looked like it was in need of a good cleaning, and definitely a feminine touch. As she got up, she felt her body ache, but persisted in looking around. ‘Where am I?’ She thought. ‘The last thing I can remember is…’ Thoughts of Jack and Jenny flew across her mind. Jack was dead, and Jenny could get away with it. She needed to get out and make sure Jenny pays for what she’s done, she had to do it for herself, and for Jack. She panicked as she struggled with the door, frantically trying to open it. She moved over to the other door, but it was locked aswell. ‘Hang on’ she thought, ‘there’s not necessarily a bad reason for why I’m here. Someone may have saved me, and was just looking after me, and here I am, freaking out!’ She then heard footsteps coming towards the room, almost like a reply to her thinking. The door sprung open.

“Oh, your up. You’ve been here for about a week now, you only woke up to get some food and then doze back off! I could tell you weren’t going to stay awake, you were all in a daze and not thinking straight.” A tall, handsome man smiled at her, slowly shutting the door behind him. Martha smiled, ‘he looks nice and friendly’ she thought.

“Hi! Erm, I don’t mean to sound rude, but I really need to go, it’s urgent.” She said, “Thank you for helping me.” She started to make her way to the door, when he reached out and grabbed her arm.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere, you have to stay here, with the others.” He smiled, pulling her towards another door. Martha panicked.

“No! Please! I really need to go!” She shouted, trying to get away from his tight grasp, but it was no use, he was too strong. He pushed her through the door and then slammed it shut, locking it before he walked away with a smile across his face.

“That’s 4.”

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Chapter 2.

Jack lugged the two suitcases into the living room, placing them in front of Alf’s feet, without saying a word. He leant against the sofa with his hands in his pockets.

“You want me to load them into the boot?” Jack offered. Alf looked confused.

“I came to sort them out with you, mate.” Jack’s gaze shifted from the suitcases to Alf’s face.

“I..I can’t.” He stuttered. “I’m not ready, I can’t do this, I can’t shift through her stuff knowing that she won’t be back to reclaim it.” Jack lifted a hand out of his pocket to rub his face. He took a loud breath in, looking up to the ceiling away from Alf’s stare, then returned his hand to his pocket. Alf stood there for a moment.

“Jack, I know how you feel, Martha was a great girl, and she will be sorely missed, by everyone. I know how she felt about you, she’d have wanted you to do this, she trusted you and you’ll know more than me on which stuff can go, and which can stay. She felt real strongly for you Jack, she’d often ask about you.” Alf said reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a wad of envelopes and handed them to Jack. “I know she wouldn’t have minded you reading them.” Alf smiled. Jack took the envelopes.

“Thankyou..” He said, looking through them, he put them on the side. “Come on, these aren’t going to unpack themselves.” He forced a smile as he knelt beside the suitcase and gestured Alf to sit down. Alf chuckled to himself quietly, as he watched Jack open the first suitcase. He knew that Jack really loved Martha, Tony had told him how bad he had taken it. He watched Jack open the lid and take a sigh before slowly taking some of Martha’s possessions out of the case. Alf knew that Jack didn’t want to look in the suitcase, because it would just add to the pain, but Alf admired him for helping out, and could really see what his granddaughter saw in him.

It took them about two hours to sort out both cases, this was because Jack had occasionally picked up a top, or another piece of clothing that reminded him of their good times together. As they went through the case, both men tried to stay brave, but often had to “go to the toilet” to have a bit of a think. Alf offered to take the clothes to a charity, but Jack insisted that he could take care of that, so the next thing was items. There weren’t many items, just some framed photos of Alf, Ric, Tasha and Robbie, and two books. Jack immediately recognized the first; it was the photo album. He opened to the last pages, the section with him and Martha. He looked through them, smiling at the pictures, but he wasn’t feeling too sad, he wasn’t feeling as bad as he had done, he was feeling quite happy actually, reliving the memories. Alf was pleased that Jack could smile at the memories of Martha, he placed his hand on Jack’s shoulder.

“It’s yours.” He winked. Jack thanked him as he placed it on top of the clothes, and then looked down onto his lap, to see the second book. He opened it slowly. ‘Dear Diary..’ Jack slammed the book shut, feeling guilty. Alf looked at him, bemused.

“What was in there?” He said, taking the book from him. “Ohh, her diary!” He laughed, flicking through the pages. Jack looked at him in shock.

“Do you really think you should be reading that?” Jack asked. Alf chuckled at him.

“You’re right.” He handed the diary to Jack. “She wouldn’t mind if you read it, but I’m not sure about her old granddad.” Jack slowly retrieved the diary from Alf’s outstretched hand.

“Erm, I’m not sure. I know that Lucas never liked me to go anywhere near his journal..” Jack said.

“Martha wouldn’t have minded, honest. Anyway, I expect there’ll be some truths in there that I’m sure you’d like to know, some things that you may not have had chance to discuss.” Jack nodded, understandingly. Alf was right, they hadn’t had any chance to talk about what had happened, it would be nice to know what she was thinking in her head. His trail of thought was distracted when Alf let out a big sigh.

“Well, now we’ve got that out of the way, I’d like to invite you to Noah’s later, for about 6. I’ve asked some of Martha’s close friends to come, and we can organise something for her, a tribute of some kind, seen as though we don’t have a wedding we can’t have a proper funeral, but I think that the lass deserves something.”

“Of course.” Jack said, he’d got a huge confidence boost after looking through the pictures, he was finally coming to terms with it, it was hard and upsetting, but it was slowly getting better, he was coping. After that, Alf took the suitcases home, filled with some of Martha’s possessions. Jack rested the pile of Martha’s clothes on the end of his bed, laying on top was the photo album and the journal. He stared at the journal, his fingers itching with curiosity. He looked at his watch. ‘Shower.’ He thought, he dragged his eyes away from the journal and headed to the shower.

Meanwhile, Martha was still freaking out about her new home. It was like a totally different house from what she’d been in before she had been pushed through the door. The walls were white, there was barely any furniture in the room, apart from a few white beanbags, and a table and chair set in the corner, all white. There were no windows in the room, and the carpet was white too. The bright white almost blinded her as she scanned the room, looking for a way out. She soon realised that the only way out, was the way in. She started frantically banging her fists against the cold metal door.

“Please! Let me out! I need to help Jack!” She turned around, crying, and hit her back against the door, sliding down into a ball on the floor. She thought about Jack, how she wished that she were with him, he’d be able to help her, or at least make her feel safe. But he wasn’t, he was never going to be able to help her again, he would never hold her to make her feel safe, nor would he ever again make her smile. She laid down, crying and whimpered “Sorry Jack..”

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Chapter 3

Martha heard a noise, coming from the opposite side of the room, she quickly got up, wiping away her tears, and walking over cautiously to where the noise was coming from. A part of the wall swung open, and 3 other people were pushed in, 1 falling head first into a beanbag. The other two shook their heads at this.

“Do you have to be such an idiot Ryan?” The woman said, with her hands on her hips. They then all suddenly looked up at Martha, who was now very confused and scared.

“Don’t be frightened, we’re in the same mess as you.” The woman said, walking closer to Martha. “My name is Christie, and this is Ryan and Callum.” She said, pointing at the two guys. “What’s your name?”

“I’m.. Martha.” She said, still wondering what was going on. “Erm, what ‘mess’ is that exactly?” She asked. Christie, Callum and Ryan looked at one another, then back at Martha.

“I think you best take a seat for this.” Suggested Callum. Martha slowly sat down on a beanbag, waiting for their explanations.

Jack arrived at Noahs to find Tasha, Robbie, Ric, Cassie and Alf sat around a table. They all looked very sad, Tasha especially. Jack pulled up a chair as he sat between Alf and Robbie.

“Sorry I’m late.” Jack apologized. “I lost track of time.” He wasn’t lying. He’d found himself staring at the journal on the bottom of his bed, trying to persuade himself to look, but part of him couldn’t bring himself to doing it.

“It’s okay.” Alf assured him. “Right, let’s put our thinking caps on, what would Martha have really liked?” He asked them, they all sat there in deep thought for a moment, scanning their individual knowledge of Martha.

“What about if we have a nice service at the beach?” Tasha suggested. “She loved it there, then maybe we can have a little bit of a Wake kind of thing in here, she did used to work here after all.” The group nodded.

“Sounds like a really good idea Tash.” Ric smiled.

“Well, that’s set then!” Alf clapped his hands. “Now, about the service..” The group of friends then assigned themselves to particular jobs, and set a date for the service.

Martha sat gob smacked at what she heard.

“So let me get this straight. This guy, Trevor, and his mates watch the cliff, waiting for a disturbance, when they notice one they then go to the ledge below and wait for someone to fall?” She checked.

“Pretty much. He thinks that the people who fall off the cliff are angels or something, that’s why he’s locked us up, not everyone comes across an angel everyday!” Christie laughed.

“What a complete nutter!” She exclaimed. The others laughed.

“Yea, you got that right Martha!” Ryan smiled.

“Call me Mac.” She grinned.

“So, why did you jump then?” Christie asked, cautiously.

“Oh, I didn’t jump, I got deliberately knocked by Jenny this..” Martha was only going to upset herself by talking about the whole Jack situation, and she didn’t want to cry anymore over something she couldn’t do anything about. “I don’t want to talk about her.” She sighed.

“That’s fine.” Callum said.

“So, how did you three fall then?” Martha enquired. Callum, Christie and Ryan all looked embarrassed.

“We didn’t ‘fall’ as such.” Explained Callum.

“We jumped.” Ryan finished.

“Oh..” Martha said, unsure how to react.

“You see, it’s a suicide hotspot.” Christie said, trying to break the silence, but it soon resumed afterwards, only to be broken again by the door re-opening. Martha started to run towards the door, but was held back by Callum. She quickly spun around to see what Callum was doing. ‘Why is he holding me back?’ she thought. Callum maintained his grip.

“Please, don’t say anything, I’m starving.” He pleaded with her. Martha’s attention was distracted by the squeaking of the wheels of a food trolley coming from the door. The person pushing it was new to Martha, it wasn’t Trevor like she’d expected. She turned back to Callum and nodded. He then smiled and dived towards the table, where all 3 of them grabbed their plates, scoffing down their food.

“Aren’t you going to eat anything?” Ryan asked, pointing to the plate left on the trolley. Martha sighed and nodded, as she walked towards the trolley and picked up the plate. She sat back onto a beanbag, and slowly eat her food.

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Chapter 4

It was the night before Martha’s ceremony, and Jack was trying to write Martha’s speech. It’s not that he was short of words when it came to Martha, he could go on for hours about the great gal she was, but he knew that he couldn’t go through pages and pages talking about her. He had to have a brief summary of her, which was hard for him, because when he started talking about her, he found it difficult to stop. He reached out for a drink, and then put it down, next to the journal that was now on the table. He’d moved it into the kitchen, for some inspiration. He really wanted to read it, but he wasn’t sure if it was right. He looked back down, at his blank sheet of paper. ‘Well, Alf did say that I should..” He thought, and quickly grabbed the journal, before he could argue with himself. He opened the first page, he was surprised how early the date read, it was the day before they first met, the day before the party. He read through the first page, jotting some friendly comments down that she’d made about her friends Tasha and Robbie. He turned over to the next entrée.

Dear Diary,

I’ve just come back from Tasha and Robbie’s house warming party, and I’m fuming! Everyone was enjoying themselves, apart from me, then a jerk of an officer came in and ordered the music to be turned down, due to a complaint. It wasn’t even loud! He must have known that! Idiot!

Jack laughed, he could imagine Martha saying it as he read it.

Well, I’ll tell you why I was in such a bad mood before the music incident; Tasha and Robbie were trying to set me up with their friends. It was my own stupid fault for complaining to them that I was a bit, well, not happy that I’m 18 and single. Not that I’m desperate or anything, because I’m not, I just know that Tash loves what her and Robbie have, and I guess I’d like to experience the same. Anyway, Tasha and Robbie setting me up with their friends has DISASTER written all over it! Tash and Robbie came over, introducing the dates they’d both organized, they were both obviously competing against each other, wanting me to pick their friend. They filled me in on them both, but I kept insisting for them to leave it. They finally got the message, and then apologized for their freakish behaviour! That’s when the police officer came in.

“Wow.” Jack thought. He’d never known that Martha had been single for a while before he met her, he figured that she would always have guys running after her, she was a really great woman, and he felt the luckiest man in the world when they were together.

He was so annoying, I’m sure he loved to tell us to turn it off, I bet he felt really pleased with himself. I HAD to comment, I wasn’t going to let a uniform frighten me, so I said what I thought, and I thought “jerk.” Sure, it wasn’t the cleverest thing I’ve ever done, and when he did turn around, I must admit I did feel the tiniest bit worried, but he just smiled! After he left, I couldn’t stop ranting and raving about how annoying he’d been. I don’t know why he got to me, he just did!

Jack chuckled, reliving the memory, then flicking over to the next page.

Dear diary,

You never guess what happened to me today! I was driving along with Robbie and Tash, when I got pulled over by a cop! But not any cop, it was the same one from last night. His name is Jack Holden, a new cop here in Summer Bay, and he had the cheek to say that I was speeding. Sure, I was going a bit over the limit, but I know that road like the back of my hand, I was perfectly safe going at that speed, but he thought otherwise, and gave me a ticket. We then went to the Hunter’s house, where we stood in the front garden talking about the Single’s night that Beth had been on. She said it was a disaster, and that she had no luck. Well, it’s not just me that is having trouble finding a guy then. Whilst we were talking, we all noticed a removal van pulling up in front of next doors house. The Hunter’s new neighbours were arriving. A car pulled up on the drive, and a man and a boy got out, walking up to us. They introduced themselves, Tony and Lucas Holden. I got the biggest shock though when he indicated to a car that was now pulling up, it was his eldest son arriving back from work. When he got out I was so annoyed to find it was Jack! I can’t believe he’s going to be living so close, I really can’t stand that guy!

Jack then read on, through pages and pages of Martha’s handwriting, recording her day’s events. He had discovered really how guilty Martha had felt after she had been horrible to Jack at the town meeting, and also how she felt after her spider joke going terribly wrong. Jack grew mad at himself when he thought about how horrible he’d been to her, but this emotion faded away when he read about their first kiss, and their first date.

Dear Diary,

Last night I had the most amazing date I’ve ever had in my life! I went to Jack’s house, and at first I was shocked that Jack was in normal clothes. I felt totally embarrassed that I’d thought we were going out for dinner and that I was stood there, all ‘dolled up.’ But, it was worth it when I saw Jack’s reaction, so cute!!

Jack laughed. He had said “wow” by accident when he saw how she looked, and he felt pretty stupid for doing it. He never thought that she’d have found it cute!

Anyway, I walked in to a lovely, romantic dinner set up on the table. It all looked so gorgeous, too good to be true in fact, so I took a sneaky look around to see if I could see any take away boxes of some kind.

Jack couldn’t stop laughing at this, he had never seen her do this, and she’d never mentioned it either! Now he came to think of it, she had made a comment, that implied she wasn’t sure if he’d done it all by himself.

We got on great, I really enjoyed the meal, and the company. I couldn’t stop smiling whenever I thought about him doing this for me. It was so beautiful, and it was all for me! I felt the luckiest girl alive last night, as he walked me down the beach, hand in hand. I was freezing, but I didn’t want to go back, I didn’t want the evening to end. But he saw me shiver, and put his jacket around my shoulders. I melted at how sweet he was, even though it was the cheesiest thing ever, he made it very cute and personal. After that I couldn’t resist kissing him, and then spending the night with him. I woke up and looked at him for a while, smiling at him, reliving the date and thinking about how sweet he’d been.

I really think that we could last a while, well, I hope we do.

Jack smiled to himself. He had hoped the same, and when they broke up, it had shattered this hope. After a few more pages, he then started to read one of the hardest entrees so far, their break up.

Dear Diary,

Me and Jack are over, and I really don’t know what to say. I left his house about 20 minutes ago, after suggesting that we shouldn’t be together anymore. He hasn’t got over the ear accident, and I know that we can’t continue the relationship if he still hasn’t forgiven me for that, so I was forced to end it. I wish I could say with confidence that I’ll get over him, but I’m not sure.

Jack thought about his feelings that night, when he collapsed on his bed trying to come to terms with it. He too wasn’t sure if he’d get over Martha, he didn’t know why, but he just couldn’t imagine not being together with Martha, he really did like her, and he didn’t want it to end. He continued to read on about Martha and Corey’s relationship, the way Martha had described him was only as a friend, and together with the information that she’d told him back in Sydney it made sense. She still wrote about Jack, how he’d acted that day, how she missed him, and how annoyed she was with herself for holding back her feelings towards him when he asked for her back.

Jack looked at his watch, it was very nearly 2am and he didn’t want to be late or look shockingly tired for the ceremony tomorrow, so he shut the book and went to bed. Reading the 20 or so pages had given him a good idea what to say tomorrow, and he had confidence in himself that he would give the best speech that Martha deserved.

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Chapter 5

“Mac, she was great.” Jack sighed. “She was fun, caring and most of all, a great friend to everyone.” Jack laughed to himself, reliving the memory. “She.. She had a way of making you smile, even if you didn’t think it was possible that you could. That talent of hers made it practically impossible to hold a grudge, well I know I found it hard.” Jack gave a heavy sigh, he then looked at Robbie and Tasha, remembering what he’d read last night. “One of the most important things to Mac, apart from beer and footy of course, was her friends.” The audience gave a light laugh, chuckling at thoughts of the tomboy. “Tasha, Robbie, Ric and many more. She could ramble about them for hours, about how great they were, about how much they meant to her, about how lucky she felt to know them.” Jack started to gain confidence. “I know that she left the bay, quite suddenly really, but she never stopped caring for you all. When I was with her in Sydney, one of our first conversations was about you all. I could tell just by looking at her that she envied me for still knowing you, for you all still being part of my life, as she wanted what I had, she wanted all of you.” He looked at the silent audience, and then to the book in his hand. He held it up. “This is one of Martha’s possessions that she had with her in Sydney. It’s a photo album filled with pictures of you all. She told me that she’d look at it when she was down and lonely, and personally, that makes me happy. Even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, we were all helping her get through the hard times, like friends should.” Jack’s speech continued, the audience stayed silent with the occasional sniffle or the gentle sound of the wave disturbing the quietness. He brought up classic Martha moments, lifting the mood, and really reminded everyone of the great Martha that they’d missed for 14 months. “I know everyone loved her and will miss her, no one more than myself. She may have gone from Summer Bay, but she definitely hasn’t gone from memory.” Jack’s throat started to ache, as he tried to keep his tears away, and sat down.

“Well done mate, she would have really been proud.” Tony said, putting his hand on his eldest sons shoulder.

“Thanks.” Jack mumbled. He sat through the rest of the service daydreaming about Martha. He watched Tasha at the front, fighting away her tears as she tried to get through her speech for her best friend. Robbie followed, he talked about the good times the trio shared. Himself, Tash and Mac. Jack smiled as he listened to their tales, he’d heard some of the mischief that they’d got up to before he came to the bay, but not all. He could imagine them, he was carrying out the stories in his head, it was the same Martha, but new actions, like she was living again.

Afterwards, at Noahs, many people came and put a comforting arm around Jack and thanked him for the speech. Jack did stay around for about 2 hours, but he then left early to go to the beach. He sat down, knees to his chest, staring out into sea, as EVERYONE in Summer Bay does when they’re down and depressed. He lifted his shirt up, revealing the scar in his stomach. It was the only physical thing he had left of the crazy happenings that went on up on the cliff, and it was slowly healing and fading away.

Chapter 6

Martha was finally coming to terms with her new home and had given up trying to escape. She’d made friends with Callum, Christie and Ryan, which improved the terrible living situation. All 3 of them had been living there together for a while now, Callum was the first to arrive, then Christie, then Ryan. Each one had chosen to jump, unlike Martha. They explained why to Martha, and she was deeply saddened by their stories of hurt, rejection, and fear. Callum had jumped due to his wife’s death. It was their wedding day and his wife was involved in a car accident on the way to the church, he’d tried to cope, but everything in his life reminded him of her, so he chose to end his life. Christie was a victim of abuse, by her boyfriend. She’d tried to get away, but had nowhere to go as her parents had died when she was young, and she had no siblings. The only way she could escape was to die, and she felt that that was better than to suffer the abuse any more. The last one of the three, Ryan had jumped because his life was a total wreck, well he thought it was anyway. He had had a run of bad luck, starting off with his parents death, then his split up from long-term girlfriend Reanne, and he was then unable to get a job, resulting in him living on the streets.

“It was all too much, I couldn’t bear to wait for the next bad thing to happen, so I decided to take some action to prevent anymore hurt and rejection.” Ryan explained, “And look what has happened! I’m held in some place that’s run by a nutter! My bad luck will never end..” He said. Martha frowned sympathetically.

“I’m so sorry guys, it sounds like you all had a pretty rough time.” She said, in an apologetic tone.

“So, how was your life before you got landed with us?!” Ryan enquired. Martha started to fiddle with the bottom of her jeans.

“I don’t really want to talk about it just yet, it’s a bit too soon, sorry.” The other 3 nodded.

“It’s fine, we understand.” Christie said, putting her arm around Martha. “None of us wanted to talk about it when we first arrived. You take as long as you like, we’re always here.”

“Yes.. ALWAYS here..” Everyone laughed, they’d learned to laugh at their problems, because when they didn’t and tried to run away from them, they ended up worse. They all went quiet as they heard the door slowly being unlocked, giving them the option of the second room, the lounge. This was Martha’s favourite room of the house, as it had a comfy sofa, music, and video games. It was like a youth club really, at first she thought it was quite weird to give the people you are kidnapping luxuries such as video games and stereos, but now on her third day, she’d decided to stop wasting time and bothering herself by thinking about it, and just have as much fun as she could.

Jack was in his room, preparing himself for his first day back at work. He was praying for a big case to get his mind of Martha, but he knew that it wasn’t going to happen this soon to his last undercover case, and he would also probably be assigned to paperwork for a while too. He walked out into the lounge, picking up his key’s and jacket.

“Cya!” He said to Lucas and Tony, who were both getting ready for school.

“Have fun!” Lucas said, a mouth full of cereal. Jack went over and couldn’t resist ruffling up Lucas’ masterpiece of a hairstyle. “JACK!” He said, nearly choking on his cereal, he then ran to the mirror and tried to fix his hair. Jack laughed.

“You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you, don’t you?..” Jack sang as he left the house. Tony and Lucas looked at one another.

“Well, he’s certainly feeling a lot better this morning.” Tony laughed, Lucas was too busy correcting his hair to comment.

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Chapter 7

Jack arrived at work, in the best mood that he’d been in since ‘the cliff.’ Whenever thinking about it, or talking about it, Jack always referred to it as ‘the cliff’, rather than having to talk about Martha’s death. He hung his jacket up onto the coat stand that greeted the cops as they walked in, and then went to report to his Sarg’s office. He knocked on the door.

“Come in, come in.” Sergeant McGrath welcomed Jack. “Sit down Constable. How are you?” He asked in a sympathetic tone, the same tone that everyone had when talking to Jack recently.

“I’m fine! Glad to be back at work Sarg!” He smiled. Sergeant McGrath returned the smile.

“Well, I’m glad to hear it. I’m going to put you on paperwork today, and there’s also a nice school talk that I’d like you to do tomorrow.” McGrath said, shuffling his papers on the desk and handing them to Jack. He let out a big sigh.

“So you’re making me do all of the time-wasters to stop me doing my job?” He blurted out. McGrath looked shocked and angry at Jack’s outburst.

“Jack, all of these jobs need to be done, and I think it’s best for you to stay from the action for a while-”

“Why? Because of Martha? I’m fine! Why is everyone going around acting as if I’m supposed to be suicidal!” Jack sighed. “I’m over it.” Sergeant McGrath looked at him for a moment.

“Okay, if you’ve finished Constable, then go and complete the paperwork.” He said, now angrily dropping the paper on the desk and leaving his office, leaving a frustrated Jack.

“Damn.” He thought, picking up the paper and going to his desk. He’d found it hard to concentrate that shift, the thoughts of what he’d said in the office kept running through his mind. ‘I’m over it.’ He knew that he wasn’t, the more he denied it the worse it got, he felt guilty for acting as if Martha meant nothing to him, and that he wanted to forget about her. He was confused. Half of him wanted to forget about Martha and to get on with his life, but the other half didn’t want to let go.

About a week later, Jack was still doing paperwork for his full shift. He’d think about Martha constantly throughout his shift and also on the drive home. He’d pull up on the drive, collect his thoughts, and put on a big smile. This happened everyday, and today wasn’t going to be any different.

“Hey, anyone home?” Jack shouted out, to a silent house. “Obviously not.” He said taking his coat off and resting it on the back of the sofa. He walked through the corridor, in the direction of his room when he heard a noise come from Lucas’ room.

“Luc?” He said, pushing the door open.

“Hi!” Luc practically shouted. Jack looked at Matilda and Lucas.

“What are you two doing?” He enquired curiously. Matilda and Lucas looked at one another.

“Nothing.” They said in unison, smiling sweetly. Jack laughed.

“Okay then..” He shut the door behind him.

“Hmm, I see what you mean.” Matilda said, getting up from where she was sat cross-legged on the floor. “He didn’t look like that when he was sat in the car, did he?”

“No. I hope he’s okay, I just wish he’d talk to me, or dad.” Lucas sighed, getting up and walking Matilda to the door, kissing her on the cheek goodbye.

“Do I get a kiss?” Tony and Matilda laughed as Tony walked behind her, Lucas went red with embarrassment.

“Good luck Lucas!” Matilda shouted. Lucas nodded and shut the door after watching her enter her house. Tony spun around from his spot in the kitchen.

“Good luck with what?” He casually asked, placing his bag on the worktop.

“With Jack. I told her about him acting strange recently, and then we found some more ‘evidence’ that just backed up our theory even more.” Lucas explained.

“What’s this new ‘evidence’ then?” Tony mocked, copying Lucas’ speech marks.

“Well, Mattie mentioned that she saw him yesterday and the day before, driving home from work in a bit of a trance.” Lucas said. “She said she thought he looked upset.”

“Yea, well he could just be tired, that doesn’t automatically mean that he was thinking of Martha. And she THINKS that he looked upset, doesn’t necessarily mean that he is.” Tony explained, but Lucas hadn’t finished speaking.

“Well, we saw him pull up, and he really did look upset, but when he got out the car.. he was all happy.” Lucas said. Tony now really started to think.

“Oh. Where is he now?” Tony asked.

“In his room.” Lucas answered, Tony started to walk down the corridor towards Jack’s room, Lucas followed.

“Shh” Tony said putting his finger to his lips, signalling Lucas to be quiet. Tony gently widened the gap of the ajar door slightly, so himself and Lucas could look through. Jack was laid back on his bed, one hand underneath his head, and a picture of Martha and himself in the other. His thumb gently stroked the picture as he gazed at the photo. He then heard someone near his door and slid the photo under the bed and shot up, towards his door. Tony had accidentally stood on Lucas’ foot, which caused him to bang his head on the wall. They both saw Jack’s reaction and ran into the room next door.

“Hello?” Jack said, walking out of his room.

“Hey mate, what you doing?” Tony said, as he and Lucas casually strolled out of Tony’s room.

“Erm, just getting ready for a shower.” Jack smiled. “Well, I’m gonna go carry on.” He said, going back into his room and closing the door. Lucas and Tony looked at one another, they knew he was lying, but why?

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Chapter 8

Jack walked in to work, hanging up his jacket, and walking over to his desk, to start his paperwork that was waiting for him. But today it wasn’t. Confused, he went to Sergeant McGrath’s office, knocked and waited at the door.

“Constable, we’re just talking about you. Come in.” Jack entered, standing at the edge of the desk, in-between Peter and his Sergeant. Peter smiled at him, and Jack returned the smile.

“Well, Detective Peter Baker has requested that you go undercover in another investigation in Sydney, seen as though you handled the other one with excellence. But, I’m not sure, I don’t know if you are ready so soon after-”

“The cliff? I’m fine.” Jack blurted out. “I’d love to go undercover again.” Jack said to Peter.

“Well, that’s it settled.” Peter said, standing up. “Here’s the plane ticket, your plane leaves in 5 hours. I’ll meet you at the airport.” Peter winked, passing him the tickets and leaving the office. ‘5 hours!?’ He thought. He’d have to do some real quick packing.

Jack had a hop in his step as he walked into the Holden house. For the first time since ‘the cliff’ he was truly happy, focusing on a case like this must mean that Martha won’t be on his brain 24/7. Jack was so excited that he didn’t even notice Tony and Lucas in the lounge, and walked straight by them and into his room.

He pulled the suitcase from underneath his bed, happily humming as he opened it. But his mood was drastically about to change. In the suitcase, lay Martha’s clothes, the clothes that he couldn’t bring himself giving away. He sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the clothes, reminding himself of Martha. He held his head in his hands. ‘Should I really be doing this?’ he thought to himself, ‘I’m clearly not over Martha’s death, so is going undercover the right thing to do?’ Lucas and Tony watched on from the gap in the door, like they had done the previous day. Tony felt that it was time he did something, so he walked in and perched himself next to Jack.

“Martha’s clothes.” Tony sighed. “I thought you were taking them to the charity shop?”

“I couldn’t bring myself to do it.” He mumbled, staring at the pile of clothes. Tony put a comforting arm around his son. Jack soon realised what was happening, he was getting sympathy, AGAIN. He shuffled away from Tony and stood up, taking the clothes out of the suitcase and under the bed. Tony and Lucas both looked concerned.

“What are you doing?” Lucas enquired, Jack was now picking out clothes and throwing them into his suitcase.

“I’m going undercover, in Sydney.” Jack said, not looking away from the wardrobe.

“What!?” Tony and Lucas shouted in unison.

“Mate, you can’t do that.” Tony explained. “You’re not ready, you might jeopardise the investigation. It’s too soon mate.” Jack swung around.

“Why can’t I? Martha died, not me! I’m sick of all the sympathetic looks, the way people talk to me, I just need to get away!” Jack’s voice was getting louder as his temper grew. He was now zipping up his suitcase.

“Ever heard of a holiday Jack?” Lucas suggested.

“What, so I can sit around thinking about Martha all the time, I don’t think so.” Jack started to pull his suitcase out to the lounge, shortly behind were Tony and Lucas.

“We know you’re not taking it as well as you make out.” Tony said, Jack ignored him, walking over to the fridge and getting out a carton of orange juice.

“We know about you’re nightmares.” Lucas blurted out. Jack stood still for a moment. Jack was still having the nightmares, it was now about 2 weeks after her death, but his nightmares had made it seem like it was just last night. After his couple of minute’s hesitation, he continued in pouring himself a drink.

“What if you have the same nightmare when you’re there?” Tony asked. “What will you do then mate? I think people will be wanting to know why you wake up in such a state.”

“Well, it’s no one else’s business but mine, and I’ll tell them that.” Jack snapped.

“But it’s our business.” Tony said. “You’re my son, Lucas’ brother, our family. The reason why everyone feels bad for you is because we care for you. Shutting us out is only going to make it worse.” Tony explained. “When your mum-”

“That’s different!” Jack snapped. “You two were married, me and Martha, we weren’t even together. For all I know she just said that she loved me, not because it was the truth, because it was what I wanted to hear.” Tony and Lucas didn’t know what to say. They weren’t there with them at the cliff, and they hadn’t seen Martha and Jack together for over a year, so they couldn’t really comment. Jack sighed and looked at his watch.

“I don’t want us to fall out. I don’t know when I’ll be back, and I’d rather not leave it like this.” Jack said to both of them. Tony and Lucas felt the same, but they knew that doing this was a huge mistake for Jack. Tony reached over and hugged his eldest, then Lucas had a big squeeze, that resulted in Jack messing up his hair, and him laughing at Lucas’ automatic reaction of running to the mirror.

“I still think you’re making a big mistake though.” Tony sighed.

“Well, I know that this will help me.” Jack said. “Come on, you giving me a lift to the airport?”

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Chapter 9

Jack was staring out his window, thoughts of Martha were disturbed when Peter spoke.

“Looking for the birdies?” Peter joked. Jack turned around and smiled.

“Sorry mate.” Peter gestured over to the stewardess at the front of the aisle, she was handing out drinks whilst looking at Jack.

“I think she likes you.” Peter whispered. “She hasn’t managed to take her eyes off you for a minute ever since she came out with the trolley.” Peter laughed. Jack looked over at her, he couldn’t even think about being with another woman right now, not with Martha still on the brain. “She’s quite nice Jack.” Peter nudged him. “You should go for it.” He winked. Jack gave a friendly smile and turned back around to face the window, and to resume with his thoughts of Martha. Peter sighed. He knew that Jack was still going to be a little upset, but he didn’t think he’d be acting like this.

“Come on mate, you two weren’t even together. She was engaged to someone else!” Peter couldn’t help but saying it, Jack was turning to be a real bore for him. Jack turned around sharply. He couldn’t believe what Peter had just said.

“She’d told Dave that she didn’t want to go ahead with it, she called the wedding off.” Jack got out of his seat and walked past Peter. “Going to the loo.” He muttered. He didn’t need Peter talking about the fact that him and Martha weren’t together, and that she might not even have loved him, it was already taking over his thoughts. There was nothing more he regretted than not telling Martha earlier, maybe things would have been different, maybe her response would have been different. He couldn’t help thinking that the situation they were in could have influenced her reply, and if it was true, then he was making a very big fool of himself, and clinging onto a lie. He had walked way past the toilets, and was now near the front of the plane. He sighed and started walking back to his seat, he hadn’t really needed the loo, just a walk. On his way back, he was again distracted by his thoughts and he bumped into a stewardess.

“Sorry..” He said, looking up at the stewardess. ‘It’s the same one that’s been looking at me.’ Jack thought. He looked at her. She had a very pretty smile, and big wide eyes.

“Hey” She smiled. “It’s okay.” Jack didn’t know what to say, so he just smiled. “My name is Alice.” She said, putting out her hand, smiling.

“Jack.” He shook her hand.

“So do you live in Sydney?” She asked, making friendly conversation.

“Erm, no, I’m going on business. How about you?”

“Nah, I’m going on business too!” She laughed. “It’s kinda my job. So what do you do?” She enquired.

“I’m a cop.” He said. Fortunately, their conversation had to be drawn to an end due to Alice’s duties.

“I’m sorry, I know this may seem weird, and I honestly don’t normally do this, but can I give you my number?” Jack looked shocked. He hadn’t been given a number in, ages! He hadn’t normally let a girl get this far. When he noticed someone checking him out, which was quite regularly due to obvious reasons, he would normally find an excuse to leave the situation, or hint majorly that he wasn’t interested in the most polite way, but this time he found himself smiling, ready to accept the number.

Jack sat down next to Peter, feeling guilty about the woman’s number in his pocket. He wasn’t going to ring her, so why had he accepted the number? He knew that he should move on from Martha, after all he wasn’t even sure if she’d felt the same way, but having Alice’s number in his pocket made him feel guilty. Jack decided that it was best to make conversation with Peter, as he didn’t want these thoughts continuing to round his mind.

“So, what’s going on with this investigation?” Jack asked.

“Well, we’re not completely sure.” Peter explained. “We’ve had some reports that some people are being kidnapped and held against their will at a large house in Sydney. The person who reported this lived in the house, helping out with the controlling of the guests. We didn’t have chance to ask the man a lot of questions, as he was murdered a few days after he came to the police station. So you better watch out, the leader, Trevor, could be a very dangerous man.” Jack nodded.

“So, what do you want me to do, just find out stuff?” Jack asked.

“Yes, your first priority is to find out why he does this, and then to make sure that the guests are okay. According to the witness, they don’t usually plan to harm them, however Trevor has recently talked about taking different actions towards their newest guest.” Jack nodded as he listened to his schedule for the next few weeks.

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Okayyyyyyyyyyy. Isn't that chapter from your first fic.

Lol! Sorry! I copied and pasted wrong! My Bad! :P

Chapter 10

“Hey. Name’s Jack Phillips, and I heard that you rent out rooms?” Jack stood there with his hand out and his suitcase by his feet at the door of a large house, about a mile from the busy roads of Sydney. Trevor looked Jack up and down.

“Come in.” He said, walking back into the house, leaving Jack’s hand in mid-air. Jack sighed. ‘Look’s like this is going to be a bit harder than the first then’ he thought as he picked his suitcase up and went in, shutting the door behind him.

“Wow!” Jack exclaimed. “Nice house.” His voice echoed around the massive entrance, up the two wooden staircases that lead to the equally grand landing. He walked around in amazement as he took in the beautiful décor. It was all very traditional, the oak floor, cabinets, stairs, doors there was definitely a theme going on there.

“So, I’ll show you to your room them.” Trevor said, walking Jack up the stairs and down one of the many corridors. Jack tried to take note of how many doors his was passing. ‘4 maybe 5?’ he thought. Trevor unlocked the door at the end, Jack’s new room. It was huge! There was everything you could imagine that would be in a bedroom, and more! But the main thing that Jack was focussing on right now, was his bed. The king-size bed, fully equipped with 4 fluffy, feather pillows that was just dying to be jumped on, or so Jack thought.

“Well, the room will cost you $200 a week.” Jack’s jaw dropped. “But, this price can be lowered to.. $100, if you help me out that is.” Trevor grinned at his irresistible offer. ‘Ahh, so that’s how he gets people to work for him.’ Jack thought. ‘No one can possibly afford to pay $200 a week if they don’t have enough to buy their own home’

“What do you want helping with?” Jack asked. Trevor smiled at this question.

“Walk this way.” Trevor started to walk back down the corridor. Jack turned around to look at the luxurious bed once more, and moaned as he was forced to walk away from it.

On the way, Jack made small talk, searching for something that he could use to bond with Trevor, but with no luck. Trevor wasn’t the friendliest of guys, and certainly didn’t appreciate Jack’s attempt to form a friendship. Trevor liked silence, good, pure silence, and didn’t want that to be interrupted unless it was completely necessary. They eventually got to the metal door, which Trevor slowly unlocked. Jack looked around. This was the first metal door he’d seen in the house, it broke the pattern of oak doors that were on all surrounding walls. ‘This room must be pretty special.’ Jack thought, as he anxiously waited to see what was inside. Trevor opened the door wide, to reveal a shockingly white room. Jack walked in. He hadn’t been here before, he knew that, but it did seem very familiar. There was a grey sofa that faced a large, rectangular window on the opposite side. Jack looked closely through the window. It wasn’t like normal windows, there were no picturesque scenery on the other side, as he’d expected too see as he remembered the lovely land that the house was situated in. There was just another room, an empty, white room. Jack looked bemused. ‘What is it?’ He thought. Trevor walked over to a metal plaque, mounted on the wall beside the large window. He flicked a switch, which started a large mechanical noise to purr over Jack’s head. He moved from his spot, just dodging a large, flat screen television that was now hanging from the ceiling. Trevor picked up a remote from beside the sofa and started to flick through the channels. There weren’t any of his usual programmes on though, just images of empty rooms, that was until he’d flicked stations about 5 times, when he got to a room with many beds, and four people inside, talking to one another. Jack stood in amazement. ‘That’s them’ he thought, but he was distracted when Trevor started to talk to them.

“As you may have guessed, they aren’t aware that we’re watching, and they haven’t really asked to be guests here. I’m not out to hurt them, well most of them. That’s why I need your help.” He explained.

“What do you want me to do?” Jack asked.

“Well, I need you to monitor this room, ensure that nothing sneaky is going on, especially with the pretty woman with dark hair, she’s a trouble causer, the newest angel.” Jack nodded, trying to take this all in and make sense of it. If she was the newest, then that must mean that she’s the one that Trevor is contemplating taking physical action against, perhaps because she’s a trouble causer. Jack’s thoughts were interrupted.

“This is also why I want you to slip in to their room, at night, and inject her with a drug, it will calm her down. If this doesn’t work then my only other option is..” Trevor stopped talking. “Well, let’s just see if this works.” He said, starting to leave the room. “They will be in next doors room very shortly, if you have any problems or see anything suspicious, let me know.” He said, pointing to the phone. Jack nodded as Trevor shut the door. He thought back in his head what he had been told. “So Trevor wanted someone to keep an eye on them, especially the last angel-” Jack paused. “Angel? Maybe it’s just a pet name.” He mumbled to himself. “After all, he is pretty damn crazy..” He watched as the door slowly opened, and the four prisoners walked in and sat down on the beanbags.

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Chapter 11

Jack got up and drew the roller chair closer to the window and the speakers that were picking up the sound from their conversations. He looked at the four. ‘No visible injuries or abuse.’ He thought, looking around for the “trouble causer”, he then realised that she was the one with her back facing him. They were all wearing the same colour clothes. White. They then began to speak.

“Are you okay?” Christie asked Martha, who was now laid down on her beanbag, clearly upset. She shook her head. “Want to talk about it?” She asked. Callum then gently hit Christie on the shoulder.

“She probably doesn’t” Callum said, answering Martha’s question. Martha than sat up straight, looking at her 3 new friends.

“You know what, I’m going to.” They all looked surprised. They’d asked her many times before, but she had refused to tell. “I think that I’ve tried to avoid this conversation for long enough, and keeping it bottled up inside isn’t doing me much good.” She explained. Callum, Christie and Ryan sat around her, all eagerly awaiting her next sentence. “As you know, I didn’t jump off the cliff, I was pushed.” All three nodded in unison. “Well, I was pushed by an evil woman, called Jenny. She’s crazy, like... a delusional psychopath! She’d convinced herself that she was together with this guy, and seeing us together drove her insane with jealousy. She abducted me and took me to the cliff, where he arrived shortly after, and tried to help me. I’d just run away from my wedding, from a man who I’d only agreed to marry because of the mixed feelings I’d been feeling at that moment. I know, it was a horrible thing to do, but he wasn’t a nice man. He’d beat me regularly, and that only stopped because my old boyfriend, Jack, arrived. Jack was also the one up on the cliff with me, the one that Jenny was madly in love with.” Martha sighed, putting her hand to her head. “Sorry about this, thinking about him 24/7 is a lot to handle, but I didn’t realise talking about him would be worse.” Callum put a comforting arm around her.

“So, why did you say yes to the guys proposal?” Ryan asked.

“His name’s Dave, and I did because, I was jealous. Jack hadn’t come home after his date with Jenny, and I was very upset and angry. When Dave bent down on one knee, it was like… he was the only person who cared for me. So I accepted, thinking that no one else would ever do this, certainly not Jack, as he was too busy with Jenny.” She sighed, fiddling with the frayed edge of her white top. “When I told Dave, the day of our wedding, that I couldn’t marry him, he lashed out again. But Jack wasn’t there, he wasn’t there to protect me, nor was he there to comfort me and to assure me that everything was alright, because of the way I’d treated him.” Martha took a deep breath. “When Jenny took me to the cliff, I thought my life was over, but when she said that Jack was coming, half of me was pleased that he would be there, as I knew he could save me, but half of me was worried that he may get hurt. When he got there, he’d forgotten how badly I treated him, and just tried to protect me. Jenny tried to shoot me, but Jack dived in front of me, taking the bullet, and along with it… his life. He then lay there, bleeding to death in my arms as he told me he loved me. I couldn’t believe it. How stupid I’d been for not telling him my feelings earlier, we could have spared it all, but no, stubborn Martha said nothing. He then continued to save my life, by shooting Jenny when she attempted to kill me. He hadn’t killed her or anything, just made sure that she wasn’t going to hurt me, when he wasn’t there to protect me.” Martha stood up and walked towards the back wall and leant against it. Her eyes started to fill with tears. “I begged him not to go, I told him I loved him and pleaded with him to stay awake, but before I knew it, he was gone.” Tears started to stream down her cheeks. “I was furious at Jenny, what she’d done. You couldn’t have found a nicer guy than Jack in this whole universe. Funny, smart, caring, a great cop and so many other things. I couldn’t wait until she got what she deserved for taking such a perfect man out of the world. I stormed over to her, shouting at her for what she’d done, but she acted upset, as if she’d lost something as dear as I’d lost. Before I knew it, an evil look came on her face, and her legs swung into mine, knocking me off the cliff. I hadn’t realised I was so close to the edge… I guess it was because I couldn’t stop thinking about Jack… but I had been very close, and was easily knocked off. I then remember just waking up in the house, and then being pushed into here.” She explained. “The worst thing isn’t coming in here, it’s not being able to lock Jenny up for what she did. I can’t stop the nightmares of Jack dying in my arms, the look on his face, the pain and the agony. I wanted to make it all go away, but I couldn’t. I was forced to watch him die; because of me.” She slid down the wall, bursting into tears. “I loved him so much! I never stopped loving him since I met him, and when I finally told him... he had to go.” Martha’s voice faded away into her sobs. Callum, Christie and Ryan sat in shock for a moment, before running over and comforting her.

Meanwhile, Jack was in the other room, gazing through the window. He was feeling a mixture of feelings, disbelief, joy and bewilderment. How was she alive? He could have danced right there in his seat with happiness! “She’s alive!!!” He shouted. But his happy mood started to fade as he watched the tears run down her cheeks.

“She thinks I’m dead..” He muttered. He was right, she did think he was dead, and she was feeling just as bad as he’d done, before he made his discovery a few minutes ago. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, he’d never thought in a million years that he’d see her walking, talking, and breathing again. He kept repeating her sentence in his head. “I loved him so much!” Every time it rang around his brain, a little smile sneaked out onto his face. “She hadn’t just said it because of the situation,” he said, “she really meant it!!”

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