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Kip in UK Show

Guest JamieLee

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"Home and Away's Kip Gamlin's swapping Summer Bay for Blighty! Kip,

who is Scott Hunter in the Aussie soap, joins BBC1 drama Casualty in

June and paramedic Greg.

"I'm thrilled to be working on a British show," smiles Kip."

-Obtained from 'TV Mag'

I'll scan soon ^_^

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Wow, that's almost as weird as the rumour about Beau Brady in Eastenders! It's always good when we get to see more of H&A actors after they leave, but having never liked Scott or thought much to Kip's acting I think I'll reserve my judgement on this one...

Oh ... I would love to see Beau in Eastenders. Beau and Dawn Swan would make an awesome couple I think.

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That's because there wouldn't be. they never post anything like that. It is true though, I trust this site 1000%! He's playing a paramedic. Which only re-enforces my claims that paramedics are the only decent characters that show produces!!


It's frickin' AWESOME news! I used to love this show but can't really be bothered with it now! But Kip rocks, I will definately start watching again.

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