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Hey, Upon seeing the Holdens on Friday in the Uk i was immediately inspired to write this fic. This is my third and last until one gets finished. Let me know what you guys think.

Chapter One: Settling In...

"Seriously guys, I told dad i'd be back by 10:30. Its already 11." Lucas felt like a party pooper but didn't want his dad to think that his new friends were a bad influence on him.

"Relax man, just stay for truth and dare, then we'll thank Wazza and we can get going." Cassie tried to calm him down.

"Yeah babe, don't worry about it. Lighten up." Matilda kissed him. "I don't want you to go yet."

At this point Ric and Henry walked over carrying more drinks. Lucas had already had several vodkas and was beginning to feel more than a little tipsy.

"Ok lets start then." Ric looked around. "Matilda:truth or dare?"


"I dare you to Kiss Lucas."

"Like thats a dare." Matilda rolled her eyes, and pulled Lucas towards her. The kiss lasting a lot longer than necessary, and Lucas felt himself go red the longer it went on. Pulling away now Matilda turned to Wazza. "Truth or dare?"


"Do you have a middle name?"

Wazza went red. "Tell them," Ric laughed. "If you don't, i will."

"Francis." Wazza whispered. The room exploded with laughter.

Eager to take the attention off of himself wazza returned to the game. "Lucas, truth or dare?"

"Dare, and make it challenging."

An idea began to form in Wazzas head. He whispered into Lucas' ear.

"Easy." Lucas looked smug and began to stand up. However after only a initial wobble he feel back down into a giggling pile.

"Let's help him up." Matilda looked worried. "Tony's going to go mad."

Pulling Lucas to his feet everyone gasped as he steadied himself, and then promptly proceeded to remove his clothes.

As he took off his shirt he felt nervous. Worried about Matilda seeing him naked like this for the first time. But as he removed more and more of his clothes he began to relax. Not worrying about what people thought, he ran to the door and opened it.

As he ran outside, his bare buttocks showing for all the bay to see Cassie whispered to Matilda. "You have nothing to worry about. What a hottie." The girls began to giggle, losing sight of Lucas he turned a corner and ran home...


"Where is he?" Jack was panicking. "Dad, he said he'd be home by half ten. He's almost an hour later."

"He'll be here in a sec. Don't worry Jack. You worry about him too much. You know what your brothers like. We've only been here two weeks and he has a girl friend and a big group of friends already."

"What was that?" Jack had heard a bang at the door. Rushing to open it, he was amused to find a naked Lucas on the front step. "Thank god your alright." He managed some words between his laughs.

"What do you think your doing." Tony stood behind him, arms folded, clearly unimpressed.

"It was a dare." Lucas hicupped.

Sniffing his breath Tony's demeanor changed. "Have you been drinking?"

"Just a few small ones."

"Get in here, NOW!"

"What i have told you about drinking?" Tony began to shout. "Do you never listen to me. Either of you. Get into the kitchen and at that table now."

Lucas went and sat down, knowing what was about to happen but not wanting it to.

"You know how many glasses it takes to flush alcohol out of your system- EIGHT, and even then its not all gone. So you better get drinking." Tony placed a glass in front of Lucas.

Lucas began to cry. "I can't drink no more."

Jack went and sat next to him. "Just do it. It'll be fine. I know you don't like to but it will help." It hurt him to sit and watch his brother force glass after glass of water down his throat but he knew that their dad would not stop until he had.

After downing the last glass Lucas ran to the bathroom, and Tony and Jack could him him being sick.

"At least now its out of his system." Tony sighed. "NOW GET UPSTAIRS. BOTH OF YOU!"

Making sure his brother was alright, Jack helped him up the stairs. "Get into bed," he whispered, "i'll be in, in a second." He walked into his own room and grabbed a quilt. Back in Lucas's room now he saw lucas curled up on the bed, crying.

As he lay next to him he spoke softly. "Why did you do it Luc. You know what dad's like when we drink. I don't understand why but you know he goes crazy. Don't worry. You'll be fine. I'm always going to look after you. Nothing bad will happen. Im always here..."

However although he said the words, what Jack didn't know was that they wouldn't always be true...

Liam :) Please let me know what you think.

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