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This fic picks up exactly where the 2005 finale leaves things. Initially, you might think I've made huge continuity errors, but things will become apparent the further you read.......

Any questions about the continutiy of stuff, let me know - oh, and any feedback would be most appreciated! :D


Zoe finishes attending to her female patient, when she hears a buzzer going off – a patient in the hospital needs help. She dashes through to the private room that the patient is lying in, to find the bed already surrounded by other doctors. One of them instructs her to contact the patient’s husband – she is finally coming out of her coma.

Sally is horrified by Flynn’s proposal. She begs him to change his mind, as she wants to spend as much time as possible with him before he dies, but he is adamant. He is going to end his life by taking the morphine – and what’s more, he’s going to do it in the city, as he can’t bear to put Sally through the pain of watching die. Sally is devastated, and pleads with him to stay. Flynn tells her he’s leaving in the morning.

Tasha stands at the entrance to The Believers commune, and takes a deep breath, before walking defiantly in, heading directly for Mama Rose’s tent. She enters cautiously, and Mama Rose is extremely pleased to see her. Tasha begins crying and Mama Rose comforts her, and asks her what’s wrong. Tasha tells her she’s ready to commit herself fully to The Believers but she’s lost Robbie in the process. Mama Rose, smiling to herself, tells Tasha she feels her pain, but her destiny is a greater force than love. Tasha tells Mama Rose she wants to move into the commune as soon as possible and Mama Rose tells her there’s no time like the present and that for this evening she can share a tent with Jonah as his is the only one with any space – after all, she feels that Tasha will be getting to know Jonah extremely well in time…

Following Scott’s leaving party, Alf and Kim are helping Irene tidy up the house. The phone rings and Irene answers it. She tells the person on the other end to calm down before passing the phone over to Alf – it’s Ric. Irene asks Kim if he wants her to babysit tomorrow, and he says that would be great. Alf drops the phone, which startles Irene and Kim – Irene asks Alf if he’s OK. He says he’s over the moon, Ailsa has finally woken from her coma and he needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Kim says he’ll drive, but Irene warns him against it as he’s been drinking. Dani comes out of her bedroom and offers Alf a lift, which he accepts. She kisses Kim goodbye, and her and Alf leave the beach house to get in her car.

Tony is hugging Beth on her sofa. She is a little distraught that her eldest son has left the family home and has a large glass of red wine in front of him. Robbie mopes in and she switches into Mum mode and asks what’s up. He tells her bluntly – Tasha’s left him, and he’s going to stay with Kit in the city. Beth forbids it – she’s already lost one child tonight, she’s not prepared to lose another. Robbie fights back, and tells her he’s 18 and can do whatever he likes. Tony, feeling a little awkward, tries to leave, but Beth tells him to stay exactly where he is. Robbie thunders into his room, and starts throwing clothes into a holdall. Beth follows him, and tries to pull the clothes out of his bag. Robbie starts shouting, and lunging at the clothes that Beth is sprawling across the floor. Tony appears at the door and tries to calm both of them down, but fails miserably. The clothes throwing frenzy continues, until Robbie screams that Beth can’t stop him living his life just because she’s afraid of being alone. Beth slaps him. Hard. Hard enough to leave a big red mark. She tells him to leave and never come back.

Alf and Dani burst through a pair of double doors at the hospital. Alf immediately spots Zoe and demands to be taken straight to Ailsa’s room, and Zoe leads the way. Just before he enters, a doctor tells Alf to accompany him to his office and he has something of vital importance to tell him before he can see Ailsa. Alf reluctantly follows him and tells Dani to come too. When in the office, the doctor begins to explain what’s been going on. Ailsa has been in a coma for the last five years, but can talk vividly about the events that have occurred in the bay during this time. This is likely a result of her head building images of the facts that visitors have told her, and since most of the bay have visited her frequently it is unsurprising that she can talk so vividly about people she has never met. For example, Ailsa already knows that Flynn has terminal cancer, and that Dr Free died in a car crash. Alf argues that surely it’s a good thing – after all, its not like she’s missed anything and she should be able to integrate well into society. The doctor explains that things aren’t that simple – Ailsa has also created a few false memories – she can accurately describe a funeral held for her that never took place. He warns Alf that the recovery process could take a long time. Alf asks if he can see her now, but suddenly the door bursts open and Zoe in with blood running down both sides of her face – she tells the doctor that Ailsa has just attacked her.

Sally cannot deal with Flynn’s decision. She can hear his movements upstairs, walking swiftly around their bedroom. She glances over at her wedding picture, and slowly starts climbing the stairs. She reaches her bedroom door, and stares at the key in the lock. She turns it. Flynn calls out to her and she tells him she’s sorry, but she can’t say goodbye like this – it’s for his own good. A tear rolls down her face and she turns away from the door, down the stairs, and out of the house.

Beth is staring at nothingness on her sofa, and Tony comes over from the kitchen with two large cups of coffee. Beth can’t believe what’s happened – two kids gone in one night. And one of them left on bad terms. Tony tries to re-assure Beth that everything will work out, but Beth isn’t convinced at all. She’s sure that she’s ruined her relationship with Robbie for good. Tony tries putting a new slant on things – perhaps now Beth can start living her life, and be more than just a mum. Beth is outraged – doesn’t Tony realise that her kids are her life and always will be? She throws him out of the apartment, assuming that his plan all along was to get the kids out of the way – after all, why he didn’t he try and calm the situation between her and Robbie. Tony argues that he tried his best, but didn’t want to get too involved. Beth doesn’t care, and slams the door in Tony’s face.

Tasha creeps into Jonah’s tent with her bags, sure that he’s asleep. Instead she finds him lying wide awake and naked, and feeling embarrassed, she apologises and tries to make a swift exit. Jonah tells her she must stay, pulling a sheet over his modesty. Tasha turns a deep shade of red, and Jonah tells her that if she is to fully commit to The Believers she must learn to release her inhibitions at night without embarrassment, as the scriptures decree. Tasha mis-reads this, and Jonah re-assures her that he doesn’t want to have sex with her. Tasha feels relieved and removes all of her clothing very quickly. Jonah seems impressed, and tells her that most new followers find this to be the most difficult transition. Tasha tells him that while living in the secluded bush, clothing wasn’t always a necessity. Jonah asks why she was initially embarrassed, and she tells him its Robbie’s fault – lack of clothing generally meant sex. The look on Tasha’s face says that she doesn’t really blame Robbie for this, and also that she’s not amazingly comfortable with the lack of clothing. But she’ll do everything in her power to be a true Believer.

Alf enters Ailsa’s hospital room, and her apprehensive looks turns to a beaming smile. Alf hugs her, and they linger for longer than the average hug. They break away from each other, and a certain awkwardness fills the room. Neither have spoken to each other for five years, and speech isn’t coming easily. Alf breaks the ice by asking why Ailsa attacked Zoe. Ailsa’s attitude changes and she becomes very matter-of-fact. How can Alf be asking such a question? Ailsa tells him that everyone knows that Zoe was the stalker! Alf looks stunned, but remembers the doctors’ explanation of false memories. Alf explains that the stalker was never caught and has been causing problems for a almost a year now, although the past three months have been relatively trouble free. Ailsa demands that Alf listen to her – Zoe is the stalker, taking revenge for what the town did to Sarah Lewis. Alf looks incredibly uneasy. Ailsa asks if they discovered the stalkers storage facility, booked under the name Wal Harrisse – Alf is shocked. The police have discovered no such thing, but tells Ailsa he wants to tell the police. Ailsa asks if Alf was also aware that Zoe switched Hayley’s paternity results. Alf’s renewed sense of dedication to the stalker hunt is broken, after hearing Hayley’s name. He gently tells Ailsa that Hayley is dead. She was shot by Sarah Lewis the night of the siege. Ailsa tries to argue that it was Noah, but Alf tells her that her mind has created a false memory – it was Hayley who died, though Noah did leave town a couple of weeks later, unable to cope. Ailsa can’t believe it. Silence lingers. Alf quietly says he’ll go and alert the police to Ailsa’s memories of the stalkers storage facility, leaving Ailsa to reflect on the shock she’s undergone, and wondering what else isn’t what she thinks….

A reunited Jack and Martha are lounging in Jack’s room at the Holden household. They are talking about the evenings events, concerned for Flynn’s health. Jack hears the front door slams, and goes out to check on who it is – it is Tony, returning from Beth’s. He tells Jack he’s had enough of being messed about, and that things between he and Beth are going no where. Martha stays in Jack’s room, and when his phone rings, she answers it. She hears a girl’s voice on the other end that she doesn’t recognise. Thinking she’s addressing Jack, the woman greets him affectionately – Martha gets the distinct impression that she is very much more than a friend. She tells the woman she’s got the wrong number before hanging up. Martha is deeply confused.

Beth walks defiantly down to the darkened beach, clearly distraught. She stumbles on the sand in her high heels, before giving in and sitting down upon the warm sand. A dazed Sally walks past her, thinking long and hard about what she’s just done. Her almost hypnotic thought causes her not to realise Beth’s presence, and Beth is comfortable with this. Out of the corner of her eye, she glances at another figure, sitting to her left. It is Dan. He too has tears rolling down his cheeks. Beth asks if he’s OK, only talking loud enough to make herself heard. He looks round her, and tells her he’s not – he’s ruined everything with Leah, he’s lost his family, and his home. Beth tries to fee sorry for him, but can’t escape her own problems. She tells him her own problems – she’s lost her love interest, and her family is gradually migrating away. Dan say’s he is sorry to hear that. Silence. Beth tells Dan that he’s more than welcome to stay – after all, she now has plenty of room going spare. He tells her he wouldn’t want to impose. Beth asks where else he’s going to go. He doesn’t answer. Instinctively, the pair both get up, and start walking back towards Beth’s.

Sally walks through the door of her house. She calls out to Flynn but gets no answer. As she ascends the stairs, she tells him she’s sorry and she realises how stupid she’s being. Suddenly she notices her bedroom door – its been flung open, the lock broken. It appears to have been kicked open. She rushes into the room, to find only a note on the bed that says “I’m Sorryâ€. Sally begins to dissolve into tears, but notices the wardrobe doors are open – all of Flynn’s clothing has gone. Thoughts race through Sally’s head. If Flynn’s gone away to die, why has taken his entire wardrobe with him?

Alf and Dani are now sitting in with Ailsa. Ailsa is still trying to gauge the horror of the siege, and asks Dani how she managed to cope with it all, especially in the wake of everything that happened with Felix. Dani begins to explain the whole ordeal, from the beginning, when the door is flung open, and Zoe launches herself in. She begs Ailsa to consider what she’s saying, she is hysterical. She isn’t the stalker, so why would anyone want to think that. The police appear at the doorway to the room. Zoe screams at Ailsa, demanding to know why she’s doing this to her. Ailsa tells her it’s justice – Zoe tells her it’s a load of crap. The police restrain Zoe and read her rights to her. She is dragged from the hospital room, leaving Ailsa shaking. Alf says he hopes she gets everything she deserves. Ailsa wants to forget the whole thing and try and sustain some sort of normality. She begins to tell Dani about her mental constructions, in that Dani left after her issues with Scott. Dani explains that her relationship with Scott became extremely strained, but she never had an affair with Stafford – not until Scott had dumped her. The liaison with Stafford ended when he found another bright young thing in the city and Dani was left heartbroken. She had a fling with Scott, but eventually got back with Scott – unfortunately she was pregnant with Kim’s baby and the relationship became doomed. Ailsa says she’s sorry to hear, but Dani says she’s over it – she’s now engaged to Kim and couldn’t be happier. Ailsa remembers they had been talking about the siege, and questions Dani once again about how she survived. Dani begins to say that if it hadn’t been for Josie…….but stops abruptly, and glances at Alf. Ailsa says that Josie wasn’t at the siege, and a flustered Dani says she wasn’t, she’d got confused. She blushes, and excuses herself to get a drink. Ailsa questions Alf, but he too says Dani was just confused, he doesn’t know what’s come over her – he excuses himself to go and check up on her. If they’re trying to hide something, it’s too late – Ailsa’s mind is in overdrive.

Jack is telling Martha about his father’s issues, and that he hopes it doesn’t have an effect on Matilda and Lucas. Martha is cold with him, haunted by the phone call earlier. Should she ask him about it? Should she ignore it in the belief it was an accidental mistake? She has made her decision. She asks Jack to go and get her sandwich. He thinks this a little odd, but obliges. When he’s left the room, Martha listens for his footsteps getting further away, before grabbing his phone. She finds the girls number and calls her back. She answers and before she can speak, Martha demands to know who she is, and why she’s calling this phone. The other girl replies that she’s calling Jack Holden’s mobile. Jack Holden her boyfriend. Martha tells her she must be mistaken – she’s Jack’s girlfriend. The pair are horrified that Jack could be two timing them. The girl on the end of the phone asks where Martha lives – she tells her Summer Bay. This notion seems to excite the other girl – she tells Martha she’s coming down as soon as she can, so that the pair can confront Jack.

A small fire is lit in Mama Rose’s tent, and she is sat in contemplation by it, eyes closed. She is startled by her tent flap, and opens her eyes to see Jonah walk in, in a dressing gown. She smiles and asks how Tasha’s settling in. He tells her she seems to be fine. Mama Rose asks if Tasha is adhering to all the requests they’ve asked of her – Jonah says yes. This delights Mama Rose, as she glares at the sketch of the chosen one. She tells Jonah that if Tasha will do that, she’ll do anything – which means the prophecy can finally be fulfilled. She asks if there’s any danger that Tasha will return to problem. Jonah tells her not to worry – he’s ancient history.

Alf finds Dani sitting in the hospital corridor, shaken and tearful clutching a cup of water. As he approaches she begins to apologise vehemently. Alf tells her to calm down. He tells her that Ailsa is still all over the place at the moment, so they can cover the mistake – but under no circumstances must Ailsa ever find out what really happened at the siege.

In the darkness, at the edge of the bush, Robbie walks along with a large backpack on. A voice calls his name from behind. He stops and slowly turns around. An immense pain strikes his head – he’s been hit. He falls to the floor, leaving him unconscious.

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Part Deux.......some of it was written in a hurry, which I think shows. But either way, here's the second installment.



Things are extremely frosty in the Stewart household. The walls are spattered with banners, some saying “Welcome Home” and some saying “Happy 19th Birthday”. Today is the day that Ailsa is coming back from the hospital, as well as Ric’s 19th birthday. A small gathering of bags are placed by the door, and Morag is at the table filling in some paperwork. Martha charges through the door, closely followed by Alf. He tells her she’s being unreasonable, and that she should ask Jack the facts before gallivanting off to the city. Martha tells him she’s going, no matter what anyone says. Alf looks at Morag, hoping for some support, but she gives him an icy stare. She asks what he’s looking at her for, as her voice seems to count for nothing in this household anymore. Alf despairingly tells her it’s not like that whilst trying to stall Martha from leaving, hoping she won’t realise that her keys are hung up by the door. Morag retains a dignified silence, designed to make Alf feel the greatest possible guilt. Alf tries to explain – he only suggested she move out temporarily to make Ailsa’s transition back to normality as easy as possible, as he knows they don’t generally see eye to eye. Morag launches into a tyrannical rant. Has he forgotten who’s been there for him almost since the day Ailsa fell into the coma? Has he forgotten who was there to drag him through his own life threatening illness? Amidst the argument, Martha finds her keys, calls out goodbye, and launches herself out of the flat. Alf groans at this fact, and simultaneously struggles to find an answer for Morag. Silence. She tells him not to worry; she’ll be out of his way just as soon as she’s finished her paperwork.

“You’ve got the wrong person” echoes around the police station. Zoe has been held for the past week, but Jack and his team are still struggling to find evidence to bring a conviction. Aside from a few of Zoe’s belongings found at the warehouse, there are no prints or DNA to prove she’s been there. Jack is talk to his superior, who wants to know just how long he thinks he can keep her there. Jack argues that Ailsa is certain the stalker is Zoe, he just needs a few more days to find conclusive proof. Jack’s superior tells him that dreams are not evidence. Jack has until the end of the day to find proof, or Zoe is released.

Beth is on her sofa, her phone pressed to her ear. She looks disheartened as she places it back down on her receiver. Dan emerges from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, and another draped over his shoulders. He asks Beth is she had any luck. She says no, and she can’t understand it – she realises Robbie was upset with her but it’s been a week, and she hasn’t heard from him, or been able to get through to Kit. Dan tells her he’s sure it’ll all turn out fine, and if there’s anything he can do for he’s only too happy to help – her putting him up like this has been a big help. Beth stares at him for a moment, noticing things about him she has never realised before. She quickly snaps out of it, and says thanks. Dan makes his way into his room, Robbie’s old room, and Beth can’t help but stare after him.

Dani is cooking in the kitchen of the beach house. Irene’s raised voice can be heard from the living room, and Dani sighs. Kim walks into the kitchen, and asks if she’s OK. Dani half smiles, and tells Kim she’s not sure Irene is doing the right thing. Kim tells her that if anyone can get through to Tasha it’ll be Josie. Dani tells him that seeing Josie is one stress she doesn’t need right now. Kim questions this, and Dani realises that she shouldn’t have said anything. Baby Patrick can be heard crying, and Dani goes to tend to him. Kim is confused. He has no time to dwell on this, as an exhausted looking Irene comes into the kitchen. After an extremely intense apology from Irene, Josie has finally agreed to return to the bay, even though she isn’t entirely convinced that Tasha is in any kind of danger.

Mama Rose greets Jonah as he enters her tent. She asks how Tasha is, and Jonah tells her she’s settled, and is becoming more comfortable with the nudity decreed by the scriptures. Mama Rose laughs to herself. Mama Rose asks Jonah if he thinks that Tasha is ready. Ominously, Jonah replies that Tasha will never be ready. Mama Rose tells him she wants it to happen this afternoon, her eyes fixed on the portrait of the Chosen One. Jonah is a little taken aback, but agrees. It had to happen sometime.

Sally’s eyelids are pressed tightly together. Images of Flynn haunt her memory, their first meeting, their wedding, the birth of Pippa……Noise from upstairs interrupts her, and her eyes flash open. She is by the phone, and it still hasn’t rung. She has nothing from Flynn. The noise from upstairs becomes louder, as Ric and Cassie make their way down, the pair are at loggerheads. Their argument is petty, and Sally closes her eyes sharply again, trying to shut out what is happening. The racket continues, and Sally cannot take anymore. She jumps up from her seat and launches a tirade at Ric and Cassie – the pair are taken aback. Sally cannot control her anger, and she breaks down into tears, before storming up the stairs. She slams her bedroom door, and begins to feel shameful – what she is really angry at is Flynn. Back in the living room, Ric bitterly accuses Cassie of causing the furore, and leaves.

Everyone assembles for the party. Ailsa enters, and everyone can see she is tense, despite trying to appear happy. When she gets a moment alone with Dani, she tries to ask more questions about Josie being at the siege but Alf interrupts, just as Dani is about to buckle under the pressure. Ailsa frostily receives him and remarks that she wants to look over the books for the Diner. Alf has to tell her he’s sold it to Irene. Ailsa is exasperated, and lays into Irene for buying it whilst there was every chance she would wake. Ailsa promises she’ll get the business back, whatever the cost. Ailsa storms into the bedroom.

At the commune, Jonah viciously assaults Tasha.

Jack gets a phonecall from Martha, and leaves the party. Beth finds herself flirting with Dan, despite Leah’s presence and tries to stop herself. This is made considerably harder by the fact that Dan is flirting back. Ailsa emerges from the bedroom with a packed suitcase, and thanks everyone for welcoming her home – but from this point onwards, the flat is no longer her home. She leaves. Ric and Cassie still aren’t speaking much and Ric receives a text message which cheers him up considerably. The sender calls him “sexy” and says they can’t wait to see him soon.

On the beach, Jack is confronted by Martha and Anya, the woman Martha has brought from the city. Anya demands to know why Martha is calling herself Jack’s girlfriend, and Jack says he has no idea. Martha is astonished by this, but Jack insists Anya is his girlfriend, and that he’s never been out with Martha. Martha begs to know why he’s lying, but he firmly tells her he’s not. She leaves the beach, sobbing. Jack tells Anya he’s just going to pop back to the party to get his things and then they can spend the rest of the evening together. By this time, people are dispersing from the party, and Anya spots Leah and Sally. She takes out her mobile, and calls someone, telling them they’ll never guess who she’s just seen….

Irene arrives home to find Tasha hysterical on the front door, bleeding. She takes her inside, and asks what’s wrong. Tasha tries to reply but can’t. Nothing will come from her lips. Irene begs her to say something, but Tasha physically can’t. The attack has left her mute….

Ailsa arrives at Morag’s door. She says they haven’t got on in the past, but something is being hidden from her, and she demands to know the truth. Morag tells her that whatever is being kept from Ailsa is also being kept from herself. She notices the suitcase, and tells Ailsa she can stay as long as she pays rent. Ailsa tells her she doesn’t expect the pair to become best of friends, but now they have a common goal…..

Beth and Dan arrive home, and things are a little awkward. The pair say goodnight, but neither go to bed, they both know what the other is thinking. Dan kisses Beth…and she doesn’t resist. Until however, she notices a letter on her table. A letter with reads “I’ve got them both……Tick Tock Tick Tock”…..


Tasha has a violent reaction to Josie…

Martha fears she’s losing her mind….

…..and what alarming information does Morag find in her quest for the truth?

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