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Hewitt in Court Battle

Guest Ryan

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Lleyton Hewitt has joined the growing list of top men struggling for fitness ahead of next week's Australian Open.

The Australian admitted he was close to quitting before battling past Vince Spadea in the first round of the Sydney International on Monday.

"I've obviously got some kind of bug," he said after a 2-6 7-5 6-3 win. "I actually thought it was getting a bit dangerous out there to keep playing on.

"I was probably only a couple of points away from having to walk off court."

With Andre Agassi already out of the year's first Grand Slam, Rafael Nadal and Marat Safin expected to follow and Roger Federer on the way back from serious injury, Hewitt had looked to be the best prepared of the leading contenders.

But after Monday's match, Hewitt said the only time he had ever felt worse on the court was during the 2002 Hopman Cup, when he was diagnosed with chicken pox.

"That was probably a little worse but today was right up there," he said. "My energy levels were just right down.

"There were stages when I was tossing up whether it was really worth it with Melbourne next week.

"But hopefully it's at its worst today. That's what I'm hoping. If it keeps getting better then I can put up with it."

He added: "Right at the moment I feel that my health is more important for Melbourne than getting matches under my belt.

"I feel that if I'm 100% my game will come together nicely. You don't get a lot of confidence from going out there and playing a match like that today."

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Wow, did we post at the same time or something? Great minds must think alike, assuming you are also a great mind.

If Bec doesn't "belong" to Woman's Day, the baby certainly does. I wonder if Ch 7 will be forced to blur her out of any possible shots? I wouldn't be surprised.

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I can't figure out if you're making fun of me or not,about the mind thing,lol. :D

They won't have to blurr her face out becourse they hide the por baby under plastic under the stand or some rubbish like that.I'd be surprised if she ever see's sunlight.Someone said letting her out in the tennis with the noise levels would be child abuse,but every other baby who goes puts up with it.I think what they're doing is worse.Also that it was ''Nice'' they let her sleep?Give me a break,it's what baby's do.

Anyway,sorry rant over,they just seriously get on my nerves. :)

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