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Fan Fic (yet to be named)

Guest Liz

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Part 1 - a small intro.

The wind was whipping at his face, his skin as weathered as the beaten stone of the Surf Club wall, against which he stood. His hands were worn, brittle and sore, his body once a temple, now an empty shell. Yet none of this mattered, nothing registered in his mind, but the one simple urge for what he needed the most.

Years had passed since he had last stood in this spot, years since he had stayed here long enough to remember the life he left behind. Sure, he’d been back, to see old friends, visit family and browse the old haunts, but never had he confided in anybody what a sad shamble his life had become.

He clung tightly to the stone of the wall; trying desperately to cling to the hope that somebody would help him… anybody would listen long enough to understand and give him what he needed. Yet he knew deep inside himself, that only he could make the change; revert to his old ways.

He had left the Bay, a happy, healthy young man with a small family to care for, to cherish and to be there for. But the truth hit him hard: Will Smith was broken, alone and addicted.

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This sounds like a really good fic. I can't wait to read more. You are great at using descriptive language to create the scene, which I really like. I hope you write more. I'd love to see where you take this story.

Great work, Jen

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I will do, as soon as I get the chance and real inspiration!

I might let it slip onto the previous pages for a while and update as soon as possible. :)

Thanks for the kind words! :D

ETA: Here's the second installment...

Part 2

Will knew that Irene would be disappointed in him, but he really did have nobody else to turn to - and besides, she was never the kind of woman to turn away her family. Then again, he hadn’t made much effort to stay in touch for a while, so he was well prepared for what could be frosty hostility from the only woman he had ever wanted and truly loved as a mother. Hayley had gallivanted off into the sunset with Scott Hunter and nobody seemed to know where Nick was, so Irene really was his only lifeline. Natalie and Joel had hardly been eager to welcome him into their home, not that he was surprised, after what he’d done…

He hated himself for it, of course he did, but that wouldn’t turn back the clock and right all of his wrongs; action had always spoken louder than words for Will, but now, how he wished that that wasn’t the case. Ironically, this was the one time that Will wanted to talk things through, resolve matters calmly, but talk is cheap… Gypsy had made that much clear.

The thought of her name echoing in his head prompted a sharp pain in his chest; the image of her beautiful, yet defeated face sent a surge of anger so strong through Will’s body that he fell to the ground, collapsing in a heap outside The Beach House, disgusted with himself for the pain he had caused to the only woman he had ever loved. The love they shared was so powerful, so binding and so strong, he had always believed it to be unbreakable, but he had found out the hard way that even such a powerful bond as true love could not hold together a relationship that was falling apart at the very seams.

This is it, he thought, his hand trembling as he heaved himself from the sodden grass and reached towards the door of his foster mother’s house, for the first time dreading what lay in store for him inside those walls.

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Irene will take him in, she always does.  :)

I'm really curious though as to what Will did. But yeah, this is really good, I'm enjoying it.


To be honest, I'm not quite sure myself yet. :lol:

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