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  1. Hey, Bec! Welcome back! Those icons are amazing, but more importantly I'm going to need to know all your thoughts on Glee and who you ship and your favourite songs and how far into it are you? How many episodes have you seen? All of them? These are important questions we need to discuss. . Thanks Jen, great to be back... Ok.... I have over 100 icons so far coming plus more.... so be patient... Favourite character.... Definitely Kurt, followed by Quinn and Puck Favourite ship.... Kurt&Blaine, Quinn&Sam and Quinn&Puck so far.... Favourite songs.... well so far I've only seen season one and two but Kurts 'All the single ladies' when he was playing football was so funny ... I kissed a girl, cant fight this feeling, gold digger, halo/walking on sunshine. thats probably it for season 1 Season 2.... Billionaire, I'm a slave for you, baby one more time, toxic, lucky, time warp, teenage dream, dont cry for me argentina, Time of my life, thriller, tik tok, loser like me, born this way (definitely) I havent watched season 3 yet, but I'm getting it on dvd next week
  2. Indiana is still so gorgeous I seriously love her.... she is amazing.... and I would like to see the movie.... just coz Indiana is starring in it
  3. Omg I want that movie... And those caps I hate having prepaid Internet!!!!
  4. omg is that Indi Evans? omg so gorgeous..... where are those icons from? Lovely coloring as always Jen
  5. I don't mind at all guys Thanks so much!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. thank you so much everyone for all your amazing comments... sooooooooo.... guess what.... I have net now! so I'll be on more regularly also.... I have Glee icons coming..... I've been watching it and have decided I love it.... like seriously.... yes its taken me a while to finally sit down and watch it but.... OMG!. Also.... I wont be on all the time.... as its pre-paid internet, but I will be on maybe a couple of times a month.... Also... last bit..... this is dedicated to Shona because she asked me to make her lots of Romigo icons... so I did!!!! hehe Part 1/2
  8. Nawww thanks guys. If anyone knows where I can get some screencaps of their second wedding and stuff please PM me
  9. so... I have a few icons... I dont know how often I can get on here.... and Shona... there's only two Romigo icons I've found so far... Lotsa Romigo coming up... If I can find some good screencaps!!!!
  10. Bec's back.... with just a few icons to tease you I have many, many more coming your way as well... but just a few to start with hehe! P.S..... if anyone knows where I can please let me know enjoy
  11. LOVE! the Indi/Romeo icons such beautiful coloring, the april ones are amazing as well. Always a pleasure coming in here Jen
  12. *sigh* he is soooo cute Lovely icons once again, they are amazing, the coloring and cropping is fabulous well done
  13. OMG REECE! I love him so much... I got to see him live! Brilliant icons! Amazing coloring... and great cropping!
  14. Nawwww thanks so much guys Kristina's back in my thread... *does a little happy dance*
  15. Last lot and thats it. comments mean
  16. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. I have 5 icons. Coming in 3 batches. Some old characters, Dani, Jade, Dani/Scott. Some newer characters Charlie/Brax, Indi, Indi/Romeo, Lottie, Dex/Lottie, Dallas New coloring. I really dont like it... more coming...
  17. I always love your icons Jen. The coloring is always so gorgeous on all of them. Love the dex and April icons. And the indi/dex and ruby/casey and April icons
  18. You've caught my attention cant wait to read this one!
  19. yes of course, wwhat would you like?
  20. Icons. Most Recent Coloring. Bianca/Liam Wedding Coloring + Black n White Icons. Comments =
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