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  1. Thanks so much guys.... I'm still sick, and have more icons. But shall post tomorrow O_o
  2. After watching last night episode, it made me seriously outraged to have Indi is at the end of the day, still Romeo's wife, and he clearly still loves Indi and wants her back. This is beyond a joke, yes I can see that the storyline was good at portraying a young couple getting married and struggling with that lifestyle and seeing that love wasn't enough to keep a marriage going.... But Ruby's self ritious, its all about me, me, me attitude is seriously pissing me off! And then outright telling Indi was just downright selfish. But, to me, Romeo's feelings are not going to go away and he will find out what Ruby said to Indi and it wont end well on Ruby. Jokes on you, spoilt little brat!
  3. I'm unwell. I made icons. Icons. Comments
  4. Wow you have been busy. Lovely icons, beautiful cropping, and use of colors used, love the one you are using of Dex, the second Casy icon in the next post, the Sid one is beautifully done in the next post and the last Xavier/Sasha icon you posted are definitely my faves! Very well done
  5. Of course you can kristen, save as many as you like
  6. Beautiful Icons Beezzz. Lovely icons of Hart of Dixie, I am yet to watch the show but I love Rachel Bilson so I'm going to see it eventually Also love the Charlie and the Rebecca Breeds icons. Gorgeous!
  7. Thank you all so much for your amazing comments. It really means a lot to me, and Carina; I'm so glad you liked them I'm really not sure about the coloring for these, hence the reason I only made 20. But I'll let you guys be the judge Comments?
  8. Lovely icons. Definitely some amazing colorings and croppings there. Love the Sasha ones
  9. haha yes I did.... and I'm doing so again.... the above icons.... are def my favourite, love the cropping on the april one, and the coloring suits it just right, and the lottie/harvey/roo icon is cropped beautifully very nice!
  10. Lovely coloring, and very nice cropping as well
  11. Thank you all so much for your amazing, lovely comments, it means so much to me Sooooooo.... Carina made a request, for some Take That and One Direction icons So here they are hunni! I only made 12 though.... but I hope you like them comments?
  12. OMG... your in my thread I shall scream with excitement at yoour awesomeness being in here!!! Thank you!!!
  13. Skins Season 5 Cant wait for season 6
  14. Thank you Kristen and Shona means so much to me.
  15. NEW COLORING..... and I actually really like this coloring DEX TOO! comments mean love
  16. I'm reading this as well
  17. gorgeous icons. love #15,18,20,21 and 23. def my faves!
  18. Nawwww thank you so much Laura, Lesley and Shona your comments made me Sooooooo...... New coloring I made.... and I kinda went crazy.... Sasha, Sasha/Xavier, Indi, Indi/Romeo, Bianca, liam, Bianca/Liam's wedding, Bianca/April 50 icons all up comments mean so much
  19. So I found an old coloring... and along with the stress in my life atm these crappy icons emerged.... Total Indiana Evans icons comments?
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