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  1. I've been good... got a new job... not long ago moved... so things were pretty hectic but were settled now so we got the internet put on... so I'm back =)

  2. hiiiiiiiiii how are you... its been so long.... but im back for a long time this time haha.... how've you been? I've missed talking to everyone on here =)

  3. DEXTER! COWBOY! SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I'm drooling in icons, sexy dexter cowboy icons at that.... you know.... I was randomly watching dance academy today and saw the very first Dex.... and then you ngo and post this aawesomeness!!!!! my day has been made! :heart:
  4. Sasha + Sasha/Stu Ruby/Casey Nicole & Angelo comments?
  5. Thanks so much for all the beautiful comments, it means the world to me and makes me so happy to see you guys using my icons. sooooooooooooo... an update!!!!!!! Heath/Bianca Romeo/Indi + Indi more coming...
  6. Gorgeous graphics loving the different colours used
  7. I have more April/Heath Icons (made mainly for ~lynd~)
  8. I've just made a few.... was quite bored! I hope you like them
  9. continued... Done comments mean the world
  10. so I come baring more icons..... It's been raining all day so this was my productive work..... Rebecca Breeds Icons continued...............
  11. I come back.... and see all this.... and just.... I'M GOBSMACKED! Jen!!!! OMG.... SERIOUSLY.... Freaking gorgeous icons, edits, everything..... just.... amazing!
  12. the rest........... Sasha Icons Sasha + Stu Icons Hope you like... comments appreciated
  13. Helloooooooooooooooooooo! Yes I'm back.... I've been a bit MIA lately.... but I moved from Tassie to QLD.... and work and no internet..... but I'm back for a long time now on the upside I didn't stop making icons while I was gone, didn't do a lot of it but I did a bit, and this is my crappy work to show for it.... please be nice! I lost my mojo.... majorly! Indiana/Rhys Icons Casey/Ruby + Casey + Ruby Icons
  14. Thanks for the bday inbox =]

  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. complete.utter.gorgeousness please do spoil me more casey,dex,xav,romeo,indi! just.... *drools*
  17. more icons Coloring originally Kristinas but I edited it to make it my own Bianca, Bianca/Liam, Indi, Indi/Romeo, Leah, Dex/April icons Comments?
  18. SPEECHLESS.... that is me.... such a hard topic to write about, but I reward you for the fantastic way you have bought the emotion so brilliantly together. Abortion is just so hard to come to terms with, and only those who have been through it can understand and fully know what it is like having to make that decision so well done on writing such an amazing story about such a sensative topic!
  19. I'm back! and I come with icons as a peace offering haha! I'm so sorry guys, I have been so busy with work and other stuff going on in my life that I just havent had time to do much else! but it hasn't all been bad, I found out yesterday when I got weighed that I have lost 18 kilo's since May I'm so proud, and I did no diets or anything of the sort, just changed my eating habbits! I'm also moving to Queensland! So... yes... icons... I hope you guys like, I'm a bit rusty! Jess Tovey's new movie 'Panic at Rock Island Icons Comments would mean the world
  20. hiiiiiiiiiii omg its been so long ^_^ I am doing well, things have been so busy... and thank you, my av is actually Jess Tovey from her new Movie 'Panic at Rock Island' =] xxx

  21. GORGEOUS.... look what happens..... I go away for a while, come back and you've made fabulous, gorgeous, stunning, freakin awesome breath taking icons! talk about spoiling me! Mattie/Luc, Adelle, Indi, Romeo! WOW.... amazing.... as always Jen!
  22. Gorgeous coloring barbara! I especially love the coloring and cropping on icons 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15 and 16
  23. I'm glad I'm not the onyl one obsessed with them still.... they are just.... the most.... cute couple ever! kinda makes me wish those two lasted! Gorgeous icons.... so much Mattie and Luc love! Definitely loving the ones from the play days!
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