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  1. Mattie!!!!!!!!! and Luc!!!!!! and Mattie and Luc!!!!!!!!! you've just made my week girl! I also love the Aden/Justin ones, and the Dex! your coloring is always so gorgeous!
  2. such a sad chapter... Marilyn dying was so sad... Poor Sid! Indi calling Romeo was.... possibly the best thing she could have done... The brother sister dynamic you have created with Indi and Dex is amazing.... and even in sad moments Dex cant help but talk about Animal mating rituals, even if its just to give his sister some sense! The Romeo being attacked by vulturs bit was just a little funny! Just amazing Jen... Update soon!
  3. The Roommate! Gossip Girls Leighton Meester is OMG AWESOME!
  4. Part 3 annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd....... I made this as a birthday present for Carina.... the second wallpaper is coming thats it
  5. wow... went over board in the icon making department tonight.... will come in a couple of parts I think.... old + new colorings Part 1 part 2 coming...
  6. ^^^^ It's funny in saying that.... because I havent seen much of the show this year... so I dont know how much interaction Dexter and Xavier actually have had.... But I can actually see where your coming from... As I said.... I dont like Xavier... never have.... dont go much on April... so dont really care what happens.... but I cant judge on the situation because I can honestly say I have done that myself.... gone after someone who's taken! declaring my feelings.... but what ever happens, happens!
  7. It's alright RR1... We all know you hate pairings that have little to no contact until feelings start to appear in the situation or you like someone before hand, and you have every right.... from the little I've seen, Dex hasn't done anything wrong.... YET.... but you can hardly say they are best friends, I've barely seen them interact at all, apart from when it comes to April.... I dont like Xavier, never have, probably never will, he does not act like he is 18 years old.... more like he's 2! but I also dont go much on April.... her character never interested me when she first came in... so I dont care what happens either way! P.S.... I dont want you to think that was me having a go! I can just see where your coming from.... thats all
  8. that whole chapter made me laugh... and Dex... the gestation period of an elephant really...? and a dolphins fin... omg.... funny boy! Indi really needs to let Romeo be there.... its a shame that this has happened. Marilyn seems to be great with this whole thing.... and Sid seems to have gotten used to it.... which is nice to see! Loved the quirky brother/sister thing you have going on there Jen! seriously well done! Update soon!
  9. hehe.... oh I am sorry I had you worried.... but come on.... anything with Indi/Romeo.... I've gotta read.... and anything from you I knew I'd definitely like
  10. Just caught up with this.... and.... I LOVE IT..... was you worried? was you Amazing fic, and when I saw it was about Indi/Romeo... I definitly had to give it a read... and you've definitely proven your amazing-ness in this fic.... Indi's hormonal emotions are pretty much spot on... and Dex is just... just... DEX! Atleast Romeo is trying to step up and do the right thing... even if Indi doesn't show it.... seriously amazing... update soon.... Can I just say... for the record.... I'm loving Dex... just putting that out there hehe!
  11. Definitely agree with you there Laura!!!!! no one, and I mean no one has caught my interest since Adelle, not even Indi/Romeo.... and I love Romigo!... but no one will ever be like Adelle.... they should never have killed Belle off! To me... They were... so much more then EPIC!
  12. gorgeous icons Barbara I love the Nic/Angelo ones, but especially the Dex ones, they just make me LOL. and brilliant coloring as well
  13. THank you Carina, lesley, Zetti and its fine to save and use what you would like more coming soon!
  14. nawwww hunni... I usede to try and aspire to everyone else, coz they were so amazing... but it just didn't work... as soon as I started my own thing.... I found what worked and what didn't... and yeah I get what you mean about not getting on here much.... I've been dealing/is dealing with some stuff atm thats why I havent been on much

  15. nawwwwww you have an amazing talent also! dont underestimate yourself =]

    and I muchly love you too! xoxox

  16. nawwwww thank you so much Laura...... it really has been ages... I checked! LOL. and Amy of course you can save them all!.... again thank you for posting the caps on here more will be coming.... but for now its 3 am and im off to bed
  17. hehe thank you...SO MUCH for your amazing comment in my graphics thread..... it meant so much to me! =D

  18. thanks everyone.... it feels like forever since I updated.... been going through some stuff.... but just something small for now Nicole/Angelo Icons thanks to Amy for posting the caps. more will be made soon! comments?
  19. I stopped the other day, I've had nothing to do with him for a few days now... now its just his gf harrassing me... I got to the point where if he didn't get it, what he had done, I wasn't going to explain it to him... and I'm not going to... I went out and bought a new phone this week, and I'm also getting my hair done, because I want him to see that I'm not going to cry over him, I'm going be strong, and HOT in the way I know how... I've got this thing that if he's going to see me, it'll be looking my best and not worrying about him and his pathetic life, not looking my worst! thanks for all the advice guys!
  20. thanks guys, it doesn't really help when I have to play darts with him every week haha.... I told him when he was messaging me to stop it coz he has a gf and to never say that to me again while he does;.... but he doesn't get the jist of what he's done... and I'm sick of trying to tell him.
  21. The funny thing is though when we got together he said he'd had a thing for me since the first time he met me and when we got together we were so happy. He was messaging me all day Saturday saying he missed me and wanted me back and he wished he'd moved in here when he was asked and that be missed the fun we had but if he did why go back to her so soon. It hurts because inlet myself fall for him even though it hadn't been that long since she left him. They were together 5 years and she has treated him so badly it's not funny. I'm trying to move on but every time I think I'm starting to he messages me saying all this stuff and it just makes me even more upset and confused or i hear his name mentioned and it makes menjust want to cry =(
  22. so... I've had a thing for this guy for 2 years.... but met him 3 years ago through darts.... anyways.... 2 years ago I flirted with him at our darts dinner, even though he had a gf, I didn't take it further because I'm not like that.... but I flirted, and surprisingly he flirted back with me... then nothing ever happened but I've thought about him over the 2 years.... then this year him and his gf broke up, she left him, saying she didn't love him and never had, but we got into contact and after a couple of weeks got together.... I was exstatic... so happy.... because finally I was with the guy I'd liked for a long time.... when his ex found out he was with me, well lets just say we've had nothing but trouble through the time we were together.... but he kept living with her and her mother.... then 5 weeks after we got together he became distant, saying he was confused about how he felt about both me and her, I'd been worried with him living there that she would have an influence over him, but he refused to move out, I was worried enough to ask him if he was sleeping with her still, but he promised me he wasn't.... then on a friday he broke up with me, saying he needed to be single for a while to figure himself out.... it hurt but I agreed to be his friend until he figured out what he wanted... but then the tuesday after he messaged me saying he was going to try and sort things out with her (the ex) and I've had people telling me he was indeed sleeping with me at my house as well as her, thats why he kept going home so often.... and that he was just using me to make her jealous.... now the girl he's back with keeps ringing me, not saying anything but just hanging up, harrassing me and stuff.... and he wont believe me, she even went as far to hack his facebook and tell him it was me doing it.... I dont know what to do.... how to handle this.... it hurts that he didn't even wait a week to get back with his ex, it hurts even more that he doesn't believe what she is doing.... and what hurts the most is I dont know whether or not to believe him or not... I thought I knew him.... and I thought he new me.... but he's believing everything she is saying.... what I dont get is why he'd go back to her when all she did was cheat on him, he said he never wanted to go back to that kind of relationship.... I'm so confused! :\
  23. Is Romeo still being an ass? I've stopped watching it these days

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