Magazine - Episode Spotlights

Episode Spotlight (Mar - April)

This edition we focus on Episode 4831 - The Tachel wedding

Episode Spotlight: Episode 4772 (Jan - Feb)

Episode 4772Inthe previous episode, we saw events at the school formal take a turnfor the worst as a drugged-up Melody shut the doors and wandered intothe middle of the road, with Kane's car swerving into the hall to avoidhitting her. Whilst at the development site, Tony was inconsolable ashe found his son Jack's body lying lifeless on the ground after havingbeen shot.4772 was a highly emotional episode, with tears themain order of the day. One of the first scenes was a 'dream sequence'in which we saw Martha laying next to Jack at the hospital and himresponding as though he was...

Episode Spotlight - 4737 (Nov - Dec)

We take a look at Morag and Ross's final episode and get the lowdown on what our members thought of their exit.

Episode Spotlight - 4738 (Nov - Dec)

A summary of events from episode 4738 along with comments from members.

Episode Spotlight - 4701 (Sept - Oct)

From Roman dangling tentatively from a cliff to Geoff and Nicole fighting for survival on a secluded island, Episode 4701 was a hit with BTTB members. We discuss it.

Episode Spotlight - 4650 (July - August)

We take a look at Episode 4650, which mainly focussed on Kane and Kirsty's son, Ollie, who was in need of a stable home. Of course, Kirsty and Kane knew Irene would be the perfect source.

Episode Spotlight - 4606 (March - June)

We take a look at the episode where we found out Aden's dark secret.

Episode Spotlight - 4576 (Mar - June)

We review an episode that caused more debate than any episode since the stalkers reveal.. Sally's supernatural experience.