Episode Spotlight - 4738 (Nov - Dec)

EpSpotlightBanner2.jpgThis episode largely centered around the early evening of the Emergency Services Hospital Conference Ball. Rachel had a call from Nurse Julie Cooper offering her two tickets to the event. Reluctant to go Rachel was persuaded by Tony that it would be good for her to get out and have some fun. She agreed and then went to see Leah who agreed with Tony and then offered to lend her a dress.

Tony and Rachel, both in the Diner before leaving for the Ball saw Dane walk in, clearly upset He told rachel that Jope had died and Rachel almost fainted. She started to blame herself for allowing Dane to care for Joe, instead of her. Angry and upset, she lashed out at Tony before going off in search of Dane to find some answers as to what happened to Joe.

Tony gave Leah the tickets for the Ball.

Finding Dane in Noah's Bar, Rachel discovered that Joes mother Lee had left a week before Joe and Dane had arrived to meet her,leaving Rachel feeling they'd gone there for nothing.

Dane was adamant that he'd cared properly for Joe, never letting him miss his medication but had noticed Joe's symptoms worsening when he developed a fever. Dane took him to the hospital where he remained by his bedside but was told in the middle of the night by the Doctor that the infection of the fever had overwhelmed Joe. Dane told Rachel that it had happened so quickly.

Both he and Rachel broke down as Dane relayed the terrible news telling Rachel he'd loved Joe as if he were his own son. The two of them held hands as they cried.

Here are the thoughts of some of our members...

All I can say is THANK GOD they didn't make Joe's death out to be Dane's fault or I would have been screaming. Even the fact that the actor was painfully bad didn't stop me from feeling for Dane. I'm not un sympathetic to the outbursts people have when they're in shock so I'm not going to condemn Rachel but gosh I can feel the rants coming.... and it didn't make her any less irritating. At least she realised by the end. & Joe dying is horrible, he and Ollie could have been friends.

Anyway the only thing that was shocking was that Joe died, but then the promo impled it anyway. Rachel's reaction was as expected, lashing out at everyone (poor Tony ). I actually don't mind that, as everyone has flaws, but I hate how she never gets called on it. No-one ever tells her she's in the wrong when she has her moments, yet she's the first to blame others or put people in their places when their doing something wrong. Amy's acting when Dane told her about Joe and thereafter was top notch, but then there's nothing new there. I'm glad that she listened to Dane in the end. (Anaya)

Dane was finally able to communicate to her that actually he loved Joe too, but it was an awful way for that to happen. Her treatment of Tony was dreadful, when he has been nothing but supportive. People do lash out and say hurtful things when they are upset but Tony has been the epitome of support and understanding and deserves a lot more acknowledgment from her on this score. Dane's grief and sadness was acted very well. (BareenFan)

With thanks to JackWilkins.