Episode Spotlight - 4701 (Sept - Oct)

EpisodeSpotlight-4701.jpgYou definitely couldn't call this episode boring. If it could win an award for most nail-biting and 'on the edge of your seat' viewing, it would.

The episode opened with Martha holding her baby girl, but unbeknownst to viewers at the time, this was actually a dream. Shortly after we retuned back to reality, Martha was awake following her traumatic experience and undergoing an ultrasound. It wasn't good news, though, and she was told that she had lost the baby.

Hanging from a cliff with Elliot more than ready to test his patience, his mental stamina and his sheer ability to survive was Roman - who was about to endure big time.

Geoff's ability to survive and protect was also about to be tested as he and Nicole found themselves washed up on an island after the terrifying ordeal they faced earlier.

Back at the cliff, Roman was just about able to pull himself up and untie the rope from which he was precariously dangling from, before he found a series of challenges set by Elliot. While he was following the clues Elliot shot an arrow at him, leaving Roman in agony. He managed to pull the arrow out, however, and carried on following the red ribbons that were tied to the trees. Suddenly, Roman heard Nicole crying for help. Rushing to where the noise was coming from, he discovered a tape recorder playing Nicole's voice. With the realization that his daughter was missing, Roman effortlessly smashed the recorder. While walking towards a tree with a white ribbon surrounding it, Roman looked down and found his leg touching a trip wire. One move and it would all be over.

From Roman dangling tentatively from a cliff to Geoff and Nicole fighting for survival on a secluded island, this episode was a hit with BTTB members:

'That was NOT h&a. I couldn't stop my mouth from hanging open when it ended because I was expecting it to go movie length. It was movie material. Conrad is a true attribute to that cast. Elliot is truly vicious and it's so gripping to watch.' (Jamey-Maria)

'Great episode! The Roman/Elliot stuff was amazing, like a action film not a soap. Geoff and Nicole were cute. I really like how Nicole has developed as a character, she's proved that she's not completely selfish, she really does love Roman.' (adelle)

'He really looked and acted like Action Man out there. Elliot really gives me the creeps, but kudos to the writers and directors for those scenes. They were extremely intense. The aerial shots of the bush and the island were amazing. Geoff and Nicole were pretty good. I was more interested in them than Jack and Martha. They have done the will she/won't she die thing so many times it is getting rather repetitive. Still, Roman totally rocked tonight. I really wished the whole episode was about him! (Jen)

'Marvellous episode, more so for cinematography, make-up and score purposes than the storyline, which is a bit far-fetched. It should win some awards!' (Mistified)

'Wow! I feel like I should have been watching that with some popcorn! - I can feel an AWGIE coming on for this episode! I didn't think I would find myself saying this,but,I actually feel really very sorry for Elliot. For someone to have hero-worshipped and loved a loved one like he did and then be SO controlled, consumed and possessed for want of a better word, by grief and loss is both shocking and devastating.' (JackWilkins)

'The Nicole/Geoff stuff was definitely the best, and Roman and Elliott was good too, for the first time on H&A I actually had to look away .

Jack and Martha... I'm sorry, but that wasn't good. Every scene with them just annoyed me, not the best written JM scenes I've seen, and not the best acting either. The scenes just felt forced, and despite this having potential do be moving and sad and all, it didn't do anything for me.' (Eli)

'Wow. That episode was amazing. I hope this standard continues for the rest of the year because it's amazing. I'm not a Roman fan but the scenes were incredible, from hanging upside down to the blood. Geoff/Nicole were adorable together. It was only the JM scenes I disliked.' (Cerise)

'That really was so different from what we have come to expect from Home and Away and was exceptional in terms of its ability to hold your attention. I didn't even move during the ad breaks, I think I was holding my breath. The direction, the writing, the acting, the camera work, the stunts etc... all were superb.

Conrad Coleby was outstanding and he and Paul P were absolutely incredible in those scenes, and we have more to come. The whole thing was brilliantly paced and the tension was building up at just the right level, leaving us all wanting more. Elliott is sheer genius, and the game he is playing with Roman is so much sophisticated than some of the stalker type revenge games we have seen in the past.I want to know a lot more about what really happened to his brother, and how Elliott developed such a psychotic plan for revenge.

Well done to all concerned, and what a way to start off the post Olympic run. I have a feeling that the rest of this year is going to be quite a roller coaster. Bring it on.' (Bareenfan)