Episode Spotlight - 4650 (July - August)


Episode 4650 was the first in months (if not years) to feature Irene so heavily and with the recent re-appearance of Kane Phillips, it was no surprise that members had quite a bit to say about it.

The episode centred around Kane and Kirsty Phillips' son, Ollie. Ollie was in need of a stable home and when you need someone to help you in a crisis, Irene is usually pretty good at helping you. So, Kane asked her if she would take Ollie and look after him for good. Surely, she couldn't refuse. After all, this is Irene we're talking about. But she wasn't so sure and told Kane that she needed to see Kirsty before they all made such a life-changing decision.

Other parts of the episode included Jack telling Martha that he couldn't wait to be a dad and Ross telling Morag that he was going to tell her the truth about his wife.

So, what did some of our members make of this episode?...

'It is kinda selfless that they want Ollie to have a normal life but I would question what it would do to him to have his parents disappear from his life... especially when KK are the only people he has ever had in his life. In time he would be OK with Irene but I would question what it would do to him in the short term. Ollie has clearly been the sole focus of Kirsty and Kane ever since they left and you have to wonder what leaving him behind forever would do to them too. What would be the point of their lives if he wasn't with them anymore? They may go crazy.

If they handed themselves into the police then at least they would give themselves a chance of being his parents again. Kirsty probably wouldn't get too much of a punishment and there is always the chance of an appeal for Kane. Get Morag on the case! She seems pretty poor at preventing people being sent to jail but pretty good at getting them out again!' (Karen)

'I think the point is though that his life would be very disrupted by going to live with Irene, so he would need some 1-on-1 f/t love and care from her at the start to make it work in the long run. You know, he'd need to form an attachment to Irene as his 'mother figure' or else he'd just go off the rails emotionally, and he couldn't do that if she was working f/t. F/t working mums with 3yrlds have more than likely had that time with their newborn before leaving them at their grandparents or whatever.' (Julez)

'How is Irene supposed to look after Oliver? She works full time and has to consider the teens living there. Kane really should give himself up and let Oliver live a normal life with his Mum instead of KK being so selfish.' (Natasha)

'I think giving up a child you love because you know someone can give them a much better life is one of the most selfless things anyone can do.' (I love music)