Episode Spotlight - 4737 (Nov - Dec)

EpSpotlightBanner.jpgA A  tear-jerker of an episode, 4737 saw us say goodbye to newlyweds Morag and Ross as they sadly left the Bay for the city.

The episode started with some teens teasing Matthew, who had previously been filmed skinny dipping as part of Ruby's 'revenge plan'. When Charlie saw what was going on, she intervened and told them to break it up.

Aside from Morag and Ross leaving, the episode also centered on Aden. Having found out that he hadn't received the right wages, he headed to the devlopment site to find out what was going on. After explaining to the pay clerk that there had been an error with his pay, he returned later and saw an opportunity to steal plans of the development site while she wasn't looking. The maps had numbers, symbols and shaded areas that Aden hadn't seen before, causing him to become even more suspicious of what the developers were scheming.

The night before Ross left, Ruby became emotional and had a heart to heart with big sister Charlie. She explained that she felt guilty, as prior to her dad annoucing he was going to leave she had been thinking that it would be easier if he left.

The next day Morag and Aden had a tearful chat over breakfast. Aden told her of how even though he's not perfect, he's a lot better than he was - and that he owes it to Morag. After Aden said that she believed in him when no one else in Summer Bay would, Morag then told him that she always will.

After hearing the full story of why Aden had dropped by Irene's the night before, Belle begged Aden for a copy of the plans. "You what what, I don't have to do anything" was his next response.

It was then time for Morag and Ross to say their goodbyes at the Diner. After being told by Irene that the place wouldn't be the same without her, Morag then thanked Roman for being "a very very good flatmate and an even better friend". Ross could now see that Ruby was getting emotional, and took her for a stroll along the beach. There Ross praised Ruby for the way in which she had handled everything.

Ross: "In the face of all this mess, you've been nothing but brave and strong and I am so very, very proud of you".

It was then time for Ross and Morag to finally head off and after saying goodbye to Alf, Ruby and Charlie, they set off for Morag's apartment in the city.

Back at the development site and things were going from bad to worse, as Tim discovered that one of the five plans was missing. Aden having left just moments earlier, everything started to stack up.

At Irene's Belle got a suprise when she noticed a copy of the development plans on her bed. Aden had obviously had a change of heart.

The next day Aden was also in for a suprise, as Tim announced he was getting letting him go. Aden curious as to why he was getting the sack, Tim explained that they were overstaffed.

Let's see what our members had to say about this episode...

Would they have thought about adding that Aden and Morag scene 05-07? Most probably not, it's the sort of thing I would have complained about them missing out - but that was a great little scene - it feels as if the writers have found their way to balancing the more fast paced aspect the show took on from 2005 onwards, with the classic character emotional scenes the show used to revolve around - hope they keep it up!!!!

I'm disappointed the Morag and Ross storyline has been cut short, it's a cop out. I was impressed with the idea it was going to be this longer story-arch. Anyway, the departure seemed real definite, especially Morag, I hope it was just the writers giving the character a kinda kudos - but she will be back as usual, it did seem rather official though didn't it. I can't take away what the writers did with the storyline up to this point though!

I loved that scene between Morag and Aden and wished it was longer. I'm going to miss having Morag around. She just adds that something extra to the show. (Natasha)

I kind of thought I'd be a bit more upset to be honest. Sure,I cried a bit,when Morag spoke to Aden and loved the goodbye with her and Roman. But,I think what's stopping me,is that I can't and won't believe that we won't see Morag again. A corner-stone of that show,such as she is,deserves more than a few sandwiches and about four people in the diner to say goodbye to her - when (god forbid) she does leave. (JackWilkins)

I was expecting a bit more from Morag's departure from what people were saying about it, but it wasn't all that flashy. I liked her goodbye to Roman, but I think the scene with Aden was a bit over the top. He doesn't need to always be crying... and it's just weird for Morag to get so emotional at the drop of a hat. I think it would have been better for them to stick to their trademark sarcasm. It would have been more fun.