Episode Spotlight (Mar - April)

This episode spotlight features Tony and Rachel's long awaited Wedding of the Year. The episode also includes Annie's forgiveness of Belle, Xavier's secret about Roman's accident, Hugo continues to give Xavier a hard time, Gina piecing together the truth about the accident, Hugo and Martha's chat, Aden and Belle's argument, Geoff unable to forgive Belle for becoming addicted to drugs and Belle collapsing during the reception.

Now that the truth about Belle's drug addiction is out in the open, she is very apprehensive about going to the wedding and having people judge her. Aden reassures her that he will be by her side and Martha wants the situation to be resolved between her, Geoff and Annie.

At the hospital Leah talks to Roman about the impending wedding, Rachel pops in to check up on Leah and mentions that she understands if she can't make it to the wedding. Leah says that she wouldn't miss the wedding of the year and insists that Rachel gets ready at her place.

At Martha's place, the wedding preparations are underway with Tony shining his shoes, Hugo looking for the iron and forgetting to polish his shoes. Gina, Xavier and Brendan arrive for the special occasion with Martha inviting Gina to Leah's place to help Rachel get ready. Gina feels that she's imposing but Martha reassures her that she's family. Xavier asks Tony about Roman's condition and there has been no change. Hugo looks for the boot polish and Tony points out that Brendan has gotten a hold of it. It is smeared all over his face which provides a comical interlude and puts a smile on the mens faces.

At Leah's place we see Leah, Martha and Gina in celebratory mode. Gina feels out of place and sorry to hear about the accident whereas Leah reassures her that she should have thought to invite her and that she wants to focus on making the day a special one for Rachel. Colleen, Martha, Leah and Gina are all on hand to help Rachel prepare for her big day.

At the Beach House, after Aden leaves Belle finds some pills in her bag but is disrupted when Annie comes in, so she replaces the pills back into her bag. Annie apologises for her horrible behaviour and also for Geoff's angry outburst. Belle gives Annie a loving hug and all is forgiven.

On Martha's farm, Gina has a battle between her crutches and a chair as Hugo laughs, Tony thinks that it was Jack laughing for a moment. Xavier and Brendan are happy and excited over the wedding and Geoff tells Claudia that he fears that Annie might not make it in time for the wedding but Claudia reassures him that she will be.

The Bridal cars arrive with Martha and Leah arriving first, Tony looks on happy, very proud and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Rachel. Leah gives Tony a hug, he is sorry that Roman couldn't be at the wedding and Leah understands though she encourages Tony to focus his special day. The most important person arrives in the next Bridal car his blushing bride to be. Martha holds onto Rachel's wedding train while she walks the red carpet. Tony is absolutely astonished and gushing with amazement at how gorgeous and beautiful Rachel looks in her wedding dress; they embrace, admire how each other looks and compliment each other while Tony rubs Rachel's baby bump.

Brendan sees Leah in her blue dress and starts to freak out. Gina is trying to piece together what Brendan is on about as she looks over to Leah; Xavier is concerned that Brendan will expose the secret. Colleen is overwhelmed with emotions for Tony, Rachel and Martha after all they have been through. Alf talks to Belle - he doesn't beat around the bush about her drug addiction and asks if she has it under control. Annie asks Xavier if his time away from Hugo was a good one, Gina asks Xavier more about what Brendan was saying earlier.

As the wedding commences, Tony and Rachel walk hand in hand down the aisle and the guests stand while watching the happy couple. The Celebrant welcomes everyone to join this wonderful couple in marriage and to witness Tony and Rachel's new commitment to each other. The simple vows of to have and to hold from this day forward; to love and care for you in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse; in times of joy and in times of sadness, in light or darkness, whatever the obstacles we will face, we will face them together; to honour and respect, to laugh with you and to cry with you, cherish you as long as we both shall live. The couple exchange rings with the following words, Tony: I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and devotion and a sign that wherever you go I go too then Rachel: "And in a symbol that all we have promised and all that we shall share and throughout the ceremony they look lovingly and longingly towards each other. Rachel makes a small speech, which takes Tony by complete surprise, she becomes so overwhelmed before she starts. Rachel mentions their first date with the shy little kiss on the cheek which she was swept away by and that she has never looked back, that she loves Tony and the baby that they have made together and the life that they will share together. Rachel has tears in her eyes once she finished the speech whereas Tony is caught off guard and has no speech prepared but isn't given the opportunity to say anything as the Celebrant pronounces them: Man and Wife before kissing, hugging and affectionately rubbing each other on the back while the guests applaud.

As wedding photos are made, Xavier makes a hasty exit with an unhappy Brendan in tow only to be thwarted by Hugo. Brendan wants some cake and Hugo wants them both there for family photos. Martha adjusts Hugo's tie as it is her job to keep him neat and tidy. Alf announces the arrival of Mr & Mrs Holden and says that it's a long awaited dream come true. Aden and Leah talk about not having to do the catering, VJ asks his Mum for a pen and Aden remarks that Belle would have one in her bag as she's a journalist. Aden discovers the pills in Belle's bag, Belle and Aden fight whilst Geoff glares at Belle as she guzzles down pills and champagne.

Back at Martha's place, Gina knows that Brendan and Xavier have been hiding something and she wants to know the truth.

Meanwhile at the Reception, Leah dances with VJ; Tony and Rachel dance with each other before Tony gives Rachel a big squeeze, kisses her on the neck while talking about being so blissfully happy before twirling her around again; Martha tells Hugo that it feels strange hearing Mr & Mrs Holden as it reminds her of Jack but as Hugo points out to her that Jack would be very proud of her buying the farm and that she helped Tony and Rachel get the wedding together; Geoff doesn't want to talk to Belle and Annie is convincing him to give her a second chance.

Martha calls out to Mrs Holden that it is time to throw the bouquet while Tony kisses her on the neck. The single women all gather round as Rachel throws the bouquet in the air, Belle collapse on the ground.

Here's what some of the members thought of this particular episode:

I think that episode could be the making of Annie in a small, subtle way. She showed herself to be a truly compassionate, open-minded and supportive friend to Belle, which is more than Geoff could be. (tw1057), the Tony and Hugo scene was lovely too, it was a nice way to incorporate Jack (suzannelgnz), Tony saying Hugo was like Jack was tacky. Sorry but the more they try to force down my throat Hugo is Jack's replacement the more I'll reject it. That was my only complaint about the episode. (Jamey-Maria), Well Gina obviously isn't an idiot, I like how she saw a connection with all of it (WillowsTara), Xavier is showing an incredibly vulnerable, honest and loyal side (angelstar1220), Nice of Alf to speak to Belle and say what he did (H&Alover), I liked Aden's interaction with Leah and VJ at the wedding (Slade), It was an enjoyable ep, but I wasn't too fond on the wedding itself. And the frills on the bridesmaid dresses looked terrible! (Traceve), An episode to remember (-holden-), The wedding was perfect (crazylady), I've waited a long time for HotDad's wedding day and it didn't disappoint! Just a shallow moment here but HotDad looked Hot!! I was taken aback as I expected Tony to do something like that so it was a good surprise that Rachel did. I loved the fact that she reminisced about their first date as so often events from the past and little touches like that get forgotten. (-Karen-), I thought it was great how they showed us a peek of the wrong dress on Friday! And she looked gorgeous in the pale gold gown" (Julez), I think it was really special how they walked down together as a family holding hands. I also liked how both Alf, Colleen and Leah touched on how much they've both been through as a couple and how long they've been waiting for this wedding (as have we!) as it made the ceremony even more special and reminded us how much they've had to go through to get to this point. (charmed60), Rachel and Tony's wedding was just a non event in my eyes, I see no point to either character. They don't bring anything to the show. (ter06), I liked the close ups of them saying their vows and exchanging rings. (KirstyEkua), Was a bit taken aback by Rachel's speech, didn't really think that fitted terribly well (JackWilkins), The interaction and rising panic between Xavier and Brendan was really well portrayed by both actors. Rachel and Tony's wedding was very well done and I thought that it warranted being played without interruption from other storylines. The way it was done with flashes blended together and close ups of faces and hands was really effective. It gave the impression that we were getting the whole wedding without actually playing it all. The link between storylines of Belle collapsing while the bouquet was falling was a great visual device. (john003au), Tony and Rachel's wedding was absolutely gorgeous and it was about time that a whole episode was devoted to them. Rachel's dress was stunningly handcrafted and intricate whilst Tony absolutely lived up to his "HotDad" status by being impeccably dressed in a stunning suit, simple tie and gorgeous open rose. The open rose to me signified that he has his eyes wide open when entering into this marriage. (QA)