Episode Spotlight - 4606 (March - June)


Aden had been on screens off and on for a while and there had been hints of a troubled past but few of us were expecting the depth and heart created by the revelation of Aden's past.

Woah...that was powerful. Todd is awesome. (Dean) OMG. No words. That is hands down my new favourite scene this year. Todd is amazing. The darkness of the entire thing is just astounding and the acting was phenomenal. (Jamey-Maria) Wow, that was an explosive episode. The acting was great! Aden's scenes with his father were so convincing and raw...it was just a fantastic episode. (Kristen00)

I wanted to cry, but I didn't. I think I was too sick, scared, and tense to cry. Todd, awesome obviously. I thought the guy who played his dad did really well too. That's a fine line to tread - defending his own father against a son who he doesn't trust... with such serious and despicable allegations... jeez, as much as I love Aden, and as much as I hate his dad for not believing him and being a complete jerk by trying to strangle him and then throwing him out... I really don't envy the guy. Interesting that Aden kept saying "us." At first I thought he meant that it had happened to his father too, but then I realised he was talking about his brother. Puts a whole new spin on his brother wanting them to stick together through the whole Ric thing... I'm so glad it was Roman that saved him. May he continue to do so. I loved how Aden just picked up the photo of Roman in the army, and then dropped it again without saying anything. I'm wondering if he thinks that Roman would try to hurt him? Or if it's just a general mistrust of the army. Not sure on that one, but either way I like that it didn't really need to be explained that he couldn't stay there. Jack and Sam, far from taking anything away from Aden's storyline (which I thought was a risk), they really added to the tension and the general horror that that episode dealt with. The whole way, I didn't know who to side with. I'd talk about the episode more, but I'm still kind of numb from the whole thing. I don't think H&A has shaken me up this badly since Dom was torturing Ric at the garage... Oh, some of the jail episodes, but that was just one storyline.... this episode had two... there was nowhere to take a break. It took me a couple of minutes to uncurl myself from the tight little ball I'd managed to get myself into - it was the only way to stop my stomach from being queasy... I certainly couldn't eat dinner, and I still haven't attempted it... In case anyone is unclear, I really loved the episode - it was absolutely flawless. But... yeah, if I was the kind to throw up, I might be doing that right now. Actually there was one minor detail... why didn't Roman let Aden have a beer? He's 18... I told myself it was a school night...? (Emmasi)

Great episode. Todd did a great job. I was blown away. (tamminmad)

The Aden/Sexual abuse storyline is being handled much better than I thought it would be. Yeah, Todd was great in that scene, because really before this all we saw of him was being a grump and yelling at girls. I hope they delve into this more, because it will give insight into why he treats girls like crap (like Tam Armstrong, Cassie when he dated her, and his social interactions with Annie and Matilda) Also, I hope they delve into the sexuality side of it. If you remember when Cassie (who was sexually abused by her uncle) first had sex with Ric, buried feelings of sex being wrong or her being dirty surfaced, which is true reaction and side-affect of being abused in such a way. With guys, especially if their abuser was a male, they wonder if they are gay by default, or cant handle social relationships with older men, such as father figures or authority. Not saying Aden is gay, but yeah, if down the track he has a girlfriend and things go to "the next level", these feelings of sex being used on him like a weapon by his grandfather, are brought up, it would really bring some weight and depth to the storyline. I know I'm asking way too much but you know, if they're going to tackle sexual abuse, whether it's a guy or girl, they have to really go with it and give it justice to real life victims/survivors of abuse (lomg-lost-son)

Wow. Just wow. I'm speechless. For two reasons; One, because of the fact that Sam has proved to me, tonight and the other night, just how mentally screwed up she really is. She leaves me speechless for all the wrong reasons. And two because of Todd. He is mindblowing, the way he was yelling at his father, my gosh. AMAZING! And Sam's line to Martha 'you'll have to kill me first' is a clear cut indication that [the writers not knowing we know] Sam's going to wash up. She'll probably frame Martha for her murder/suicide... (flyingwithoutwings).Todd at his best, Paul at his best, Cornelia at her best, Jessica at her best, Jodi at her best, Conrad at his best, Lyn at her most annoying. Colleen 's storyline was totally out of place, however entertaining it might have been in other circumstances. (Formerly Known as Josh) What a great storyline. I didn't actually think they would go there. Sexually abused boys are (at least in Europe) even more of a taboo than sexually abused girls, and I think it is great that they are doing this. The acting was excellent. I could feel Aden's pain when he was screaming to his dad. The way his dad reacted, I'm thinking maybe he was the first victim. Suprisingly often sexually abused people let the abuser watch their kids, they supress their memories, think they have stopped doing it and so on. I think he reacted beyond disbelief, in my opinion he reacted more along the lines of someone who desperately want not to remember. (vibsen)

That was an absolutely stunning episode. I was completely "in" it; nothing could have distracted me. Usually there are bits of an episode I want to skip, but that one was perfect all the way through. Aden was bloody amazing, and I swear in his scenes my heart was going double the normal rate - they should put health warnings in these episodes! I agree that his father is probably in denial himself, having had the same treatment as a child. I didn't mind the Colleen scenes. They were only very short, and didn't take away from the drama at all. Sam is a sociopath and a physchopath. Crazy woman, the way she thinks that she can turn it around on Jack. No way missus! All in all, I think one of the best. If not the best episode I've ever seen! (ezaz8)