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Baby On The Doorstep

Guest Tamxxx

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Irene was sleeping and she heard a noise outside 'gawd had a long sleep whats that noise tash. tasha: looks like its coming from outside i will go and check reenie. Tasha went outside and in a little white blanket was a baby, ah irene its a baby on our doorstep. Irene: what the flaming heck!!! whos is it. Irene looked at the baby it had light brownhair, and had the most beautifulest eyes ever looked liken a few days old. I wonder whos baby it is? Tasha Oh look irene there is a little note here it oh my gosh its from..................

ok guys what do you think ? ill carry on with the story tomorrow :)

Coming next.......

find out whos baby it is........ :o

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ok 3rd chapter guys enjoy.................

"what shall we do?" said irene.she still could't come to the terms that they had abondened there own baby!!!!!

"i don't think we should go to the police Renie,it would only make matters worse!"said tasha

irene thought about it for a moment,then said:

"ok,lets take her inside" she softly picked her up and carried her inside.

"i guess we can't call her the baby all the time so lets think of a name" said tasha thoughtfully.

"they always said they want to follow on the k tradition so how does katherine sound?"

"sounds beatiful" said tasha with a beaming smile.


kirsty couldn't stop crying,she didn't know if what she'd just was right or wrong.

"kane do you think we did the wrong thing?" she said between tears.

"babe,what else could we do? we can't bring up a kid on the run we'll always love her in our hearts"

"but babe........."

"kirst,it would be wrong to bring up a baby in this type of lifestyle she needs to be in a home where she can be well lookafterd for ,and with irene she's in good hands"

kirsty smiled and they shared a kiss.

continue tommorow!

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