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**Ghosts From The Past **

Guest WYN100

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(Soz if any1's used that title b4 - I did check and couldn't see it, but I'm happy :) to change it !!)

Kane propelled himself into a stretch of the longest and most luxurious variety, culminating in an ear-splitting yawn, much to the amusement of Irene sitting across from him. “Careful dahl, you’ll crack a flamin’ rib if you’re not careful !†Kane smiled contentedly back and snuggled further into the chair –he’d never known an item of furniture to feel so thoroughly comfortable and accommodating , and during the six weeks or so since he’d been back, it had grown even more inviting to his eyes

It had been that length of time since Gus was ensnared at the far-flung school two states away where he’d been working – he and Kirst had returned and though they’d faced some initial fury from Morag for absconding – her usual slick work before the court meant they’d escaped with only a technical warning each.

Flynn had organized an aggressive course of treatment that had seen his health flare-up totally subdued , and life – dare he say it – was looking PRETTY good….! He was about to embark on another rib-bursting stretch when he flinched sharply as an envelope hurled at some force glanced off the side of his head . Kim Hyde had collected the mail from the door just behind him and grinned as the cry of “ Oy – you MONGREL !!†burst from the chair in front of him “My pleasure, your Lordship !†grinned Kim “ I just had to check – was looking like you’d become glued to that chair !†Kane went through a routine of mock laughter as the wholly unrepentant Kim slid into a chair at the main table.

Kane was fingering the envelope curiously. It was one of those where the address had been scribbled out a number of times and replaced by others saying “TRY….†And a different location below. Eventually Kane inserted his thumb and pulled out the letter to read. The breakfast rush at the Beach House meant no-one was closely observing Kane’s reactions – but if there had been, they’d have registered initial bewilderment dissolve into apprehension and finally real shock. He crumpled the letter in the palm of his hand – only just registering Irene’s “You fancy some toast love ?†He stared blankly at and through her before responding hesitantly “Yes – um --- no – I mean, I’ve got to go out…..†And he did – rising quickly from the chair to which he’d become so attached and leaving behind him two rather more than puzzled faces behind him.

“You don’t have to do this you know†he said, leaning over her face which was propped happily on the pillow with a “ I’m the one that doesn’t have to go to work today†smile on it.

“But Clare, you worked SO hard to get that promotion – I can’t just tear you away from that “ Her eyes twinkled with genuine contentment . Wiping away some croissant crumbs from the top of the quilt, she insisted “I did it – I’ve done it – and you know what ? It left me completely cold – going through the motions, And I got to thinking. After all that Zoe – Eve – whatever – stuff that we went through, it hit me good and hard what the important things in life are. A job – yes – but if doesn’t always have to be chasing bigger and bigger rainbows, now does it ? And – someone to SHARE both the job and life in general with is – what could POSSIBLY be better ?â€

She jabbed her finger once again at the banner advertizment in their “Police Journal†that boomed “BOUNDARY CHANGES – NEW REGIONAL STATION FOR THE COASTAL STRIP – LOCATED YABBIE CREEK // SUMMER BAY. TWO POSTS OFFERED – CHIEF INSPECTOR , SERGEANT . SALARY……â€

Peter smiled “OK , OK I agree I agree !! It’s perfect – rather – like- YOUâ€

He spaced every word with a kiss on both cheeks then her lips – “But NOW – I have to go sort out crime on OUR new patch ! Then we’ll get busy applying tonight !!â€

As he left, her face clouded –tapping the rolled up magazine with rhythmical unease on the side of the bed and biting her lip said to herself “…and there’s certainly something YOU have to sort out, isn’t there, girl…..!….â€

The lunchtime trade at Noah’s Bar was beginning to filter in. There was generally a good turnover at that time of day – tourists, some of the beach crowd – some newly dried and towelled surfers – many enjoying non-alcoholic cocktails and some sampling the “healthier option†style snacks so amicably introduced in the end after the conflict between Irene and Beth had been settled.

Martha passed a tray of 4 Pineapple Sunlight drinks and matching individual slices of watermelon across the bar , exchanged some smiling smalltalk with the girl taking it back to her friends, and instinctively cast a sudden sharp look down along the bar. What she saw and heard was Kim attempting to persuade a short, appealing looking girl with jet-black hair to come with him to a gig in the city at the weekend.

Her brow narrowed as their words began to merge and solving the problem gnawing within her mind became a top priority. For some weeks now she’d suspected Kim was taking money from the till. At least twice when she’d cashed up, the numbers hadn’t tallied – and on those occasions Kim had also been working a shift. She’d also heard the others – Alf, Hayley etc express puzzlement at amounts not adding up – not BIG amounts, but all just in that area where management WOULD think twice, but probably NOT 3 times about getting the police involved.

And all this at a time where people had actively remarked on how cheerful Kim seemed – “Haven’t seen him like this since all that baby stuff….†Was a frequent comment heard round and about the area. Something within her favoured an immediate confrontation with him – this guy could be ripping off her grandfather, her friends…. – but having counted to an internal 10 she again resolved to ONE more time just keep watching and observing Kim…. but if he gave her ONE firm shred of proof…..the gale of laughter coming from further down the bar indicated Kim may well have scored himself a partner for the gig….

Josie smiled as she lifted her coffee cup from a postcard labelled “Ariel View of the Bay†and balanced it a little precariously on the only two inches not thickly strewn with travel magazines, press releases and advice sheets.

She smiled because she was enjoying her job.

It was a new job – a friendly job and one she felt at home in . She was – to give it it’s full title – Head of Liaison at the Summer Bay Tourist Centre. The facility was a new one to the town and was created under the same regional council boundary initiatives as the proposed new area police station. Josie found herself entertaining visiting trade groups, organizing food fayres , and persuading industry magazines to run features on the Bay.

It had given her a whole new dimension on the Bay- she’d spent so much of her time in the Bay on the defensive- the villain – the troublemaker – being able to do her job and live her life picking up smiles not scowls , friendship not frowns was very special indeed.

She thought better of the wobbling coffee – created a space closer by and leant across to Kelly, one of trainees at the Centre and asked “Remind me…….IS it today for those catering guys are doing the tour…..??â€

Kelly turned from her computer screen, laughed and said “YES – and you said we should tell them Colleen looks like Madonna and is a shy, quiet recluse..!!â€

“Ah yes – NOW I remember !†laughed Josie and turned back to her desk – to see a man with short, neatly cut brown hair - in his late 30s and wearing an off-the-peg Italian silk suit standing in front of it. She smiled – partly in routine – partly through a genuine instinctive sparkle on seeing the guy..

“Hi – how may I help you today..?â€

Bypassing that, the man cut straight to his own chosen chase. Ignoring the small plastic nameplate on the front of her desk that would have answered his question , he asked directly “Are you Josie Russell ?â€

She gave a slightly puzzled frown - “Yes, but,,,,,??â€

“My name’s Brendan McCall Miss Russell. I’m a solicitor and I’m obliged to inform you that my client intends to press a range of charges against you and possibly other person or persons locally – these may range from slander to attempted murder- you’ll receive full details in due course…… “

As McCall strode economically out of the office, Josie’s chin was left at risk of thudding into the desktop – to her right a mask of shocked amazement had settled on the face of an astonished Kelly…..

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*** Thanks for the nice comments, glad somebody liked it anyway, lol :wink: ***


“That’s top stuff – very much obliged “ The attendant behind the counter at “Surf Patrol†on Yabbie Creek was displaying a wide smile as he signed off two documents, passing one back to Kim Hyde and adding – now with a light-hearted edge to his voice “NOT that we thought you were going to skip town or anything of course, mate !â€

“But didn’t you know ?…†replied Kim in mock surprise, “I come from a long line of highwaymen in my family – in fact I’m sure I’m distantly related to Ned Kelly somewhere !â€

He tucked back in this wallet a fairly sizeable wad of banknotes he’d used to clear his account , and stooped to pick up the carrier bag he’d set down in front of the counter . It hadn’t just been a debt-settling visit to the shop for Kim, he’d also bought two 70 dollar surf t-shirts from a rack topped by a picture of a frowning wave pointing an unfashionably attired surfer away from the beach and to the nearest High Street “NEW SEASON -YOUR PASSPORT TO COOL !†screamed the sign above. He’d also snapped up a pair of board shorts reduced from 150 to 100 dollars and smiled his thanks to the attendant as he moved on to deal with another customer.

What neither of them noticed was at the far end of the counter , where another attendant, a girl of around 22 or so wearing the name badge “ Nikki†had been watching their exchange very carefully. As Kim eventually began to peel away through the various racks to the door, she slipped into the small rear office, punched some numbers into the phone, and after a short pause, spoke in low, cautious tones “Yes – it’s me – YES – he did, and BIG-style too ! No, not any more, just a few minutes back… ok, will do, but REMEMBER what we said, right ? OK, cool – thanks !†She hung the phone up and stood for a number of minutes staring out through the tangle of display stands and racks out at the door through which Kim had exited just previously. A gathering frown clouded her usually sunny features……

Kane had directed his car to the area just along from the Surf Club designated for vehicles to park. It was a relatively small bite of concrete into the sandy shoreline, allowing space for just five or six drivers at most to pull in. It was generally full to capacity – Maybe families seeking a temporary picnic stop – young couples so happy just with each other’s company that it could have been a building site sprawled out in front of them – or maybe an older retired lady and gentleman, happy to pull in and include the stunning view as part of their unhurried daily routine.

Mow though – the area was empty – and that sealed Kane’s decision to pull in there. He needed clear, quality thinking time, and only his own company would suffice.

He pulled the handbrake , emitted a mournful sigh and rested his chin on top of the steering wheel.

“Why NOW ??!!†he thought, with emotions that began as frustration, but hopped quickly up the scale to savage.

H’d got through ILLNESS, got through unfair arrest and conviction, and now THIS !! He began to ask himself with mounting apprehension what Kirsty would say if – or when – SHE found out , but the question was futile – he KNEW what she’d say, and the very breath seemed to catch in his throat as he imagined it. Life was GOOD just at the moment – home great, health improving, and job prospects Back alongside Scott seeming to promise a lot. But THIS – well, it had the potential to blow everything sky-high. He drummed his fingers restlessly on the dashboard for a prolonged and tense period – their echo seemed to head straight back into his head forming a loud and intrusive cacophony of sound….but from somewhere he unearthed the genuine focus to chase this problem down and hopefully conquer it. He threw the car firstly into reverse then turned right along the coast-road and towards a small and rather shabby suburb of Yabbie Creek.

Squinting at the screwed –up letter to confirm the address, he pulled up opposite a tatty looking block of what appeared to be small or even one-bedroomed flats. Once again, minute after minute slipped by as he remained rooted to the driver’s seat. This situation had SO not been in the script… eventually after what was only 20 minutes but seemed like hours he crossed the road an entered the apartment block. Checking the flat number once again

He ascended the stair with heavy tread, reached the door with a crooked plastic “8†attached to its damp and blistering woodwork, and raised his hand to knock – but this day of suffocating tension and upheaval was about to deal him yet another shock….

Sally stood by the kitchen table, mouthing her lines in silent rehearsal of the event later that afternoon. Ric was separating and piling up campaign leaflets while a newly scrubbed Pippa resplendent in a cherry pink bonnet sat quietly in her cot awaiting the arrival of Colleen – her guardian for the afternoon.

Sally had decided to run for a seat on the local council in the aftermath of the whole Diesel affair – that had left her outraged and indignant at the lack of support offered to teachers in such situations, and she was now looking to press for changes in that via a seat on the local authority.

One had fallen vacant after the decision by an old sparring partner of Alf’s – Ernie Jacobs – to retire and leave the area, and Sally had been electioneering with great vigour ever since.

Ric had been assisting her loyally, but as the weeks had worn on towards the close of nominations, he in common with most others in the Bay had been picking up on rumbles of growing opposition to her candidature. Some believed it was down to the “old boys’ network†consisting mainly of men of advancing years who’d shared the available seats rotatingly between them for as long as anyone could remember. Others feared a more sinister motive ----Sally – at least outwardly – seemed to remained calm and unflappable. “The law needs changing†, she’d insisted on several occasions “Why shouldn’t someone like me have across-the-board anonymity from the Department, the newspapers, everyone - until there’s a conclusive final outcome ?â€

Those around her who loved her agreed with her one hundred per cent, but couldn’t help being troubled by increasingly cold and nagging doubts about the wisdom of her involvement. As Sally finished the silent full rehearsal of her address, the relative peace that reigned in the kitchen was diluted by the inevitable shriek of “Coo-ee – ONLY me !†which all recognized as the arrival of the babysitter. As Ric looked up from the leaflets and Sally began to gather her files and documents away from Colleen’s disruptive presence, the dilution of the peace by her arrival was obliterated by comparison.

As Colleen began her latest pledge of allegiance to Sally’s cause and Ric headed to get his coat , the calm ambience was comprehensively butchered as a split half- brick sailed through the window, heading shards of glass to all corners. The three had little or no time to duck, but after crouching for a stunned 90 seconds or so , they arose slowly, eyes clamped firmly on each other – eventually Ric broke the numb silence with the obvious but mutually shared question “WHAT in the heck was THAT ??â€

Sally was brushing herself down and asked “Are WE all OK ?†They were – but after a second frozen in delayed horror , her head swivelled to the window area from where the brick had come and she rent the air with a jagged scream of “PIPPA !!!!†…

Josie had remained shellshocked for some long while after the visit of Brendan McCall to the tourist office. For some man she’d never heard of to invade her life- her workplace – her newly-restored peace of mind – and to fling around talk of charges – attempted MURDER ?? What was all THAT about ?? Kelly had been the perfect guardian angel, providing her with two cups of hot black coffee and insisting she eat the other half of her unfinished Snickers bar. “Sugar’s good for shock – and if you WON’T have it in your coffee !! She said with the reproving air of someone at least three times as old as her nineteen years.

Josie thanked her and, while finishing the second coffee, gazed with increasing interest at the business card McCall had thrown down on her desk before disappearing like a thief in the night – if such a comparison should ever be made to describe a lawyer.

Suddenly , but very decisively, thoughts distilled into rapid action. Josie was on the phone, demanding to meet the legal man. She learnt he was out of his office, but was given another address in Yabbie Creek where he’d apparently be able to see her for a short time. Becoming furiously inquisitive as events progressed, she left Kelly in temporary charge of the office, and drove the 15 minute or so journey to the area she’d been told. Having parked the car and gathered the slip of paper with the address on, she went slowly along the pavement looking up at the numbers to check she was on the right path. As she homed in on the property she needed, her attention was taken by a noise to one side of her, and switching her gaze to a car that had just pulled up a few spaces ahead , her blood instantly ran iceberg cold. Rooted to the spot she looked a second time – and a third, heart pumping wildly. As she frowningly twisted her gaze to get a better view, the voice inside her mind whispered urgently “It COULDN’T be…??†– but as she looked yet again the voice continued worryingly and ominously “Or COULD it……..??â€

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:) Thanks for the comments Ashirr-Leigh that was awesome of u ! :)

**PART 3 **

Robbie was taking a shortcut back from Yabbie Creek where he'd been spending an engrossing afternoon at the new computer superstore that had just opened. Given that he currently didn't have any money - or any imminent prospect of accquiring some the trip had been more in the way of window shopping. The trouble was that Robbie's brand of windowshopping sadly didn't tend to involve any actual windows Instead he'd made his way methodically down a bank of at least 12 computers playing games, accessing the internet and making the fullest use of every conceivable extra such as Word, Office, Photoshop and more until, having stood up from the 12th pc he found himself looking upwards-a long way upwards - at a store detective whose family tree had clearly included both a giraffe and a gorilla at some stage. Their discussion had been brief and to the point, including a suggestion from the towering one that Robbie and the Exit door should become closely accquainted. He left, aflame with mock ighteous indignation, and now found himself on the flat top of the hill that linked the shops and the Caravan Park area. He glanced across to his left at a flattened-out portion of scrubland where a posse of inevitably bearded and leather-clad bikers were seemingly looking to plough enough brown slime to construct an entire continent of mud huts. Eyes fixed admiringly on the collective tons of throbbing metal over high-friction rubber, Robbie skidded down the semi-steep incline to the side of the field He continued to gaze as the riders grew increasingly daring and the cacophany of engine noise escalated still higher.

After a while, Robbie noticed one other spectator, also in leathers, a girl of maybe 22 or so with long brown hair straked with red -leaning against another bike. Robbie stepped across and started chatting eagerly to her, about the bikes, the manoeuvres...the weather....he noticed her lack of response other than the odd semi-sneering look - at roughly the same time it dawned on him the bike noise had stopped completey. leaving behind it an almost equally deafening silence. As he turned his head a heavy shadow fell across it and he realized he was feet away from a ring of bikers closing around him. The nearest, broadest and candidate for the most unpleasant looking - prodded him in the chest and - from a face that was clearly a total stranger to contradiction of all varieties, came a guttral "She -- is MY girl --- and you DON'T talk to MY Girl...." Suddenly the attraction of the bikes was fading at breakneck speed for Robbie...

"Well, did you hand them in ?? " Claire's eyes danced with eager anticipation of the answer . She'd enjoyed her second day off to the full. The Madonna CD, the sofa, the kitchen, and shopping channel TV had figured large in it, as she'd resolved to again postpone tackling that ghost in the back of her mind that had re-arisen the previous morning. Looking up from her sofa base-camp , she noticed clouds of disquiet hovering over Peter's features. He tossed his jacket over the back of the chair, squatted down and said "Yess....but .?"

"But - WHAT -- !?" demanded Claire , now sitting straight upright.

"Well, I handed them in to Chief Inspector Norman - and he just kinda hummed and aahd, muttered something about "needing to have a chat about this", ducked his head down -and was off like a scalded cat ! What do you make of that ?"

She looked just as taken aback as he had when confronted by Norman's behaviour earlier on. "But we were never told NOT to apply, were we ?" she said, in a voice rising with indignation. "No ,2 he agreed, slowly shaking his head - " and you say they took it ok in the city, right ?"

"Absolutely" came the reply " sorry to lose you blah blah but best wishes for the future etc etc..." Peter said he'd been going over all his recent cases in his mind but was yet to find anything that could be a link, and , his own frustration levels rising by the minute, he banged the back of the chair and said "Damn it, those jos are MADE for us...."

Claire had headed for the kettle - "Pete can you think of anything or anyone that might be able to keep us out of those jobs ?"

"No, " he replied, snatching up his jacket and preparing to head out again "...but I mean to find out....."

""We're getting there just as fast as we can, Madam insisted the paramedic in the rear of the ambulance as it sliced through the minor roads en route for the hospital. He'd been having to contend with an unbroken stream of questions, huge, tearing sobs and demands for fater progress by Sally, who'd insisted on travelling in the back of the vehicle.

Less than 20 minutes pereviously it had been Ric who'd made the emergency call after Sally and Colleen had both sped to the side of Pippa's cot - and found it showered in the sharp shards of glass tossed crazily around by the mystery brick as it hurtled inwards. Worse still, Pippa's tiny hand was held to her eye -

"If her eyes are damaged...or...or..." another huge sob again engulfed her, but even as it reached full flood , the ambulance arrowed into the hospital car park, and within seconds Sally was following mere inches behind the two green jump-suited figures as the stretcher bearing Pippa swept through the swing doors. Flynn had been going off duty when the emergency paty arrived, but his dream of getting a 17 hour shift out of his system were immediately swept away. As Pippa was swpt into the assessment theatre Sally waited with breath halting and blood surging in the corridor outside. It was a scenario she'd seen played out endless times in the distance while waiting there in the past - now it was real - agonizingly, chokingly real - and the low urgent tone being employed by Flynn as he instructed the others DIDN'T bode well....

Josie remained rooted to the pavement - mouth gaping open, people tutting irritably as they had to veer their steps to get round her - but it would have taken an impetus of cataclysmic proportions to move her at that moment. Then- the person on whom her eyes had been rooted for the past several minutes rose from his car, locked the door and strode confidently into the building she'd been told to arrive at.

"What the HELL...." she panted and with a forced, uncertain tread, entered the building. In the distance she noticed the object of her astounded disappearing into an office set well back from the imposing reception desk at the centre of the bright, high, airy foyer.

"I'm expected...er, um...Russell...." she blurted, wholly astounded by the situation. After being smilingly nodded through, she lept in alarm as , almost totally unheralded , an arm was placed on her shoulder "Oh- Oh - I ...i WHAT..." It was Brendan McCall, the solicitor who guided Josie through to the office walkway, volunteerin nothing and standing back as if to usher her in He pointed - and her push on the door with genuine trepidatio.

She could see him, sitting in the leather-backed chair with a handfdul of papers - haltingly, almost unwillingly, she volunteered softly "Mark....???" The chair eased round, and her eyes again at first began to boggle - it was a man ln his late 50s - who certainly posessed economy of approach and directness. He also possessed quite stunningly identical features to somfeone whose face was etched permanently on her mind.

"Miss Russell, thank you for coming. - I'm Paul Edwards - I'm one of Australia's top businessmen and I've been away clinching some highly lucrative deals . I've come back to find my only son is dead. Mark Edwards was a bright, determined and talented young man- but now he's dead. And I'm here to , as you might say - "even the score" with all those in Summer Bay who made this happen-I'll do whatever it takes"Hefinished what had been like the cold, unemotional reading of a press release - looked up- and added with just the merest hint of wholly businesslike smile " And you, Miss Russell , would appear to do very nicely as the first...."

The plush office carpet seemed to lurch beneath Josie's feet...this couldn't be happening....

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**PART 4 **

She'd taken quite some persuading - huge and concerted efforts both from Flynn and Ric - - - but Sally HAD gone to deliver her vital election campaign speech that afternoon - and she'd gone down a storm .

"If you DON'T, it'll be JUST what they want !" urged Ric

"Pippa'll have quite some assessment from the ocular specialist, and whatever he says, some more time again before anything else happens. I PROMISE I'll call you with the verdict" was the reassurance from Flynn

After several more minutes of similar doubts and persuasions, she hurried off to the large common grass area across from the surf club where rows of seats and a podium had been set up. Striving as hard as was realistic to numb her gnawing anguish over Pippa, she went methodically through her notes over and over and over before being called as the last but one speaker - and then virtually threw them away.

Pumped by high-octane adrenaline, she tore into the authorities over the Diesel situation "Oh yes, it was fine to have MY name known by parents, pupils, colleagues and friends - fine to have ME mentioned in newspapers and local radio - but if, Heaven forbid it had gone to court - would HIS name have been mentioned - OH no - all kinds of LEGAL protection in place for the ACCUSER - HOW fair is that, I ask you - HOW FAIR ??"

But she reserved her greatest scorn for those who'd attacked the house just hours previously "So I DON'T think it's acceptable for self-serving bullies to try and silence an independent voice by cowardly acts of vandalism - one of which.." there was a catch in her voice..."..one of which has put my baby daughter's sight at risk..." she hit a final flourish "So if you think that MY voice is going to be silenced - then THINK AGAIN !" As she sat down to a tumult of applause , two phone calls followed. One was made by a man in a dark suit leaning on a Mercedes sports model parked with the other cars behind the audience. It was brief and to the point "Oh YES, - she was here alright- very much so."

And the applause was still thundering across the seated area then drifting out to sea when Sally's cellphone rang. She looked down at the screen - it was Flynn from the hospital....

Across at the Surf Club gym , Jesse's eyes narrowed with suspicion and displeasure as the burly form of Sergeant Harper came into view at the door . Hayley was currently conducting a New Member session , and Jesse never considered it good PR for people hopefully about to sign up to a full subscription to be greeted by seeing the long arm of the law - WHATEVER they were there for. As Harper reached the counter where Jesse was standing , he queried "Got a minute Mr McGregor ? Something I think we need to talk about " The officer had made no attempt to lower his voice, and the odd head in Hayley's group was already starting to turn.

Jesse elaborately lowered his own tones in a hint to the officer that was like a leaf off an elephant's back. "Is this REALLY neccessary, constable , can't it WAIT at all ?" Harper's thick skin was again very much in evidence as he shook his head and responded " No - has to be now - or I could ALWAYS take you down the station for a little chat ?" Jesse groaned inwardly, rolled his eyes , and - grabbing Harper's shoulders propelled him into the back office where whispering wasn't quite as essential. Harper began "Well you remember how you were warned a few years back over the possession and supply of steroids from this venue Mr McGregor ?"

Jesse bridled angrily "Yes I do, and that was a complete CROCK - it was all to do with Alex Poulos and the football injury - I had NOTHING to do with it - I was set up..."

Harper waved down the protests.

"Yes yes well be that as it may - we've had a report that this gym is again being used for storing and concealing such materials. "

"You HAVE to be kidding..." exploded Jesse

"I'm afraid not MrMcGregor - we're going to have to conduct a search - and as you'll understand, given the nature of these allegations, I'll have to conduct the search NOW..."

The smoke of anger was rising within Jesse - but he was in a no-win situation.

A cheerful laugh drifted into the the tension-laden back room as Hayley continud her sales pitch to the newcomers..

As Robbie's heart rate thundered upwards, he found himself dearly wishing he'd read the life-story of Harry Houdini as he'd frequently planned to -some extremely skillful escape routines were required right now - and he was more than aware of that. The biker standing the short and intimidating distance away from him was apparently called "Revo" - and Revo was not at all happy.

He drew a further inch closer and Robbie became aware of an unpleasant-smelling mix of perspiration and engine oil.

"So what happens when some geek speaks to MY girl without me saying so guys ?"

The apparent trainee caveman gazed round at the rest of the throng, while the girl -whose possession of he power of speech Robbie was seriously beginning to question - continued to lean on the bike dispensing her supercilious gaze.

"All four corners !" guffawed a lanky specimen with a large gap in his teeth and only a faint smattering of ginger stubble adorning the top of his head.Revo laughed in a mechanical, tribal fashion then swivelled quickly back round to Robbie, who now decided bad breath was without doubt a part of this scenario. He struggled manfully not to breathe in Revo's twisted smile was a thoroughly unappealing one as he spat "Yes - we generally tear them apart and leave one small part in each of the 4 corners of whatever field we're on "

A gulp headed downwards behind Robbie's pale, set features He now bitterly regretted scrambling down the bank to the field which was blocked from view of the main path, but he was being badly let down by the "how to get out of tight situations -fast" department of his brain. Revo looked unusually lost in thought for a moment, then - consulting his colleagues by way of a collective glance, intoned slowly "I guess there may be ONE alternative though...."

Unlikely as it was, Robbie's hope for the "one alternative" to be quick, painless and end with him leaving very quickly burned as bright as the highest Christmas tree...

"So why the hell NOW " asked Kane gruffly as the girl busied herself around the kettle. He hadn't particularly wanted any coffee, but had wondered whether the caffeine of a straight black might possibly limit the trapeze-walk of emotions and foreboding churning around inside him.

"Dunno - as good as any ?" shrugged Francesca as she poured out the boiling water " but you were sure hard to find !! My letters came back so many times I almost gave up..." she eyed Kane..."maybe you'd have liked that though ...?"

He didn't respond, just took the mug from her and squatted down at the small table which seemed to dominate the small but largely tidy apartment "I've had a lot of stuff going on.." he volunteered , still seemingly unwilling to allow himself to be drawn into a full-scale conversation - and anyway, he wasn't about to give her every scrap of information on his current life situation untill or unless he had to.

"Yes I heard about Scottie getting his fingers burned more than once" said Francesca, sliding herself into a small, soft chair in the corner of the room.

"Hm, yes" said Kane, " there's been other stuff too..." he trailed off into a silence that extended and reigned for the next few minutes without interruption. Like any such period though, the breaking point inevitably arrived, with Kane - almost in spite of himself, broaching the subject he'd been dreading.

"So - ah -what about....uh..."

Francesca smiled, hopped up, and grabbed a small photo album from the shelf next to her and placed it down next to him - she turned a few pages, talking as she did "..at kindy now of course, but..." another turned page- and a finger jabbed at a photo of a sunny looking girl in a red dress - maybe 5 or 6 years old " there you go - that's her - Lois - your daughter !"

Kane gazed down at the snap from a face which had suddenly become a mask of stone....

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