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Keeping The Past Where It Belongs...

Guest ~Natasha~

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Title: Keeping the past where it belongs

Part: 1

Rating: 12+

Author: Me (Natasha)

Authors notes: Peter and Clareness. :wub: It is set when they were about fourteen, and some of the people I have made up because I have no idea. :blink:

"Mine" Clare insisted as she stole the last lemon sherbet off him and giggled. "Hey" Peter replied as he tickled her until she dropped it and laughed. "Oi that wasn’tfair, I could have fallen over the edge" She said as she turned around and poured her bottle of water all over him.

"That’s it" He joked and carried on tickling her and bent over and kissed her lightly on her lips and pulled her up by her hand. "We’ll be late for lessons" Peter told her and put his arm around her and walked on along the side of the beach.

"Why don’t we just skip lessons today? There all boring anyway" Clare explained as she started to walk in the other direction and shouting along the beach, "Come on" as he then reluctantly followed her. "We’re going to get into trouble" He explained as Clare grabbed hold of his hand and pulled him along as she started running.

"So what?" She said not really caring. "Let’s go to yours" She said as he just smiled slightly and nodded. "Would anyone be in?" She asked curiously. "No I don’t think so, there shouldn’t be anyway" He said still not wanting to go anyway. "Do we have to go to mine?" He asked sighing.

"Yep we do, it'll be fun trust me" She said not sounding to sure but confident enough anyway. "We can't go to mine anyway, my stupid sister will be there with her dopey boyfriend" Clare replyed.

"Great then we have no choice, what if Dan is there?" Peter asks.

"Dan is easy to get around, and anyway hasn't he heard of going to school?" She says to him as they arive at his house.

"If he's anything like you then nope he hasn't" Peter laughs and they walk in. "Yep I don't think anyone is in"

"See, told you" She giggled as she slammed the door shut and kissed him repeatedly and they fell onto the leather sofa. And eventually he lead her into his bedroom and slammed the door shut.

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Title: Keeping the past where it belongs

Part: 2

Rating: 12+

Ten minutes later someone walked through the door, hearing it slam Peter ran out the bedroom to see who it was. "Dan what the hell are you doing back so soon?" Peter asked his younger brother curiously.

"I was bored at school, but nevermind me. What about you?" Dan replyed as he climbed onto the sofa. Then suddenly they heard a scream from Peter's bedroom.

"Clare your dressed?" Peter said as Clare had already got her school dress back on. "Anyway what were you screaming about?" Peter asked as Dan just stood in the corner giggling.

"There was a massive spider, over there" Clare explained running out of the room. "It was huge" she said as Peter sighed relieved and fllowed her. "Dan what you doing here" She asked as she had only just noticed him.

"Having so much fun" He smirked. "So what have you two been up to? Anyway I'll leave you to it" He laughed out loud and skipped through the door still laughing as he shut the door.

Clare and Peter awkwardly smiled at each other before Clare left without saying anything to him.


They hadn't seen each other in over a week, they hadn't called one another or anything. It was half way through the school holidays when they finally saw each other wen they accidentally met at the beach.

"Er hiya" Peter said as he saw Clare sunbathing on her sunbed. "I've got something to tell you and I really don't want to and it so wasn't my idea and I'm so sorry" He said worriedly.

"What is it?" Clare said as she removed her sunglasses and staring at him. "Cause I've got something to tell you too" She explained.

"Actually I'll tell you later at that party because I've got to go now" He said, running away as fast as he could.


Later that day, well at night time Peter was standing in the corner already drinking the bar dry, he couldn't find Clare anywhere, not that he was looking. He was trying to avoid her, he couldn't tell her.

"Boo" A voive from behind him said as he jumped up startled. "Its only me" Clare said as he stared at her in her very short, black and silky dress.

"Wow you look.. Wow" He said speachless.

"Its not like you to have nothing to say Pete" She smiled. "Come and dance" She pulled him over to the dance floor and they were dancing. "So what did you want to tell me before?" She asked him still smiling.

"Er..Er.. I.. I'm.. I'm moving away" He blurted out as Clare frooze on the spot looking shocked and ran off. He couldn't find her for about half an hour, after that it was impossible to miss her.

She was dancing and coming on to all the guys in the bar. She was obviously drunk. He walked over to her and pulled her and sat her down. "What are you doing? This isn't like you, okay maybe it is" He shrugged.

"I'm having fun, more fun than I had with you. Practicing for when you leave here, leave me on my own" She said, nearly falling off her chair as Peter kept her upright. "And why you doing this anyway? Why you leaving? Don't you care about me anymore?" She asked him.

"Of course I care about you, I have and I always will. Its my family, they want to move to the city" She explained.

"But why? I can't believe your doing this, oh and that thing I was going to tell you before. It doesn't matter, if I don't matter to you then our baby won't either"

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