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Bec Cartwright's final moments in H&A

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Home and Away

By Jim Schembri

August 18, 2005

Channel Seven, 7pm

Man, was I looking forward to this.

How were the final moments of Bec Cartwright's role on Australia's second soap going to play out?

Was she going to die in childbirth? Would she run away to a new life?

Would she be abducted by those aliens who are abducting people all over television at the moment?

My money was on Bec being diagnosed with some unforeseen medical complication - Seagull's Syndrome or something - that wouldn't kill her but would sideline her indefinitely.

But, as I watched the crucial final scene in which Bec is alone in her hospital bed anguishing over life, I thought: "Is that it?"

It just didn't seem like a sufficiently dramatic ending for Bec. How was this her last moment on the show?

I demanded answers, made phone calls. Turns out I was acting on an incorrect assumption.

What threw me was the title on the preview disc, "Bec Leaves the Bay".

Well, she does. Bec leaves the bay, but Hayley, her character, doesn't.

She stays right where she is. Another actress, Ella Scott Lynch, will step into Hayley's tank top while Bec Cartwright goes off to continue life with that tennis guy she married.

Switcheroos like this happen occasionally on long-running shows.

Doubtless the most famous example is when Darrin on Bewitched went from Dick York to the vastly inferior Dick Sargent.

In the most notorious local instance, we saw Abigail replaced by Vicki Raymond in the role of Bev Houghton on Number 96, a move that upset the adolescent rhythm of teenage boys everywhere.

But that was in 1973 and I'm just waxing nostalgic. You don't want to hear about that.

All you want to know is: what happens to Bec Cartwright now?

Here's the schedule.

She'll have babies, become a supermarket magazine staple until the charge on her minor celebrity hits the red, then she'll guest-host some wildlife or lifestyle TV specials before attempting a comeback, which can take any form it likes as long as it doesn't involve the recording and public dissemination of her singing.

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C'mon! Last chance to see Lleyton's missus

Illawarra Mercury

18 August 2005

channel surfing

Home and Away

7pm, Prime

The action is really heading up a notch for Hayley as her pregnancy takes a dangerous turn.

Last night Hayley landed in hospital and tonight her heart condition means she is given an ultimatum as her life hangs by a thread.

In the real world this is Rebecca Cartwright's (pictured left) last week as Hayley, a character she's played for the past seven years.

Later this month a new actress - Ella Scott Lynch - will take over the popular character and introduce to viewers a new red-haired Hayley.

It will be a challenge for Lynch, who is taking on a character who is pregnant and in a relationship with Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth).

On top of that, Hayley has seen the death of her husband and the break-up with Scott Hunter (Kip Gamblin).

So this week is your last chance to see Mrs Hewitt on Home and Away.

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Bye bye Bec

The Gold Coast Bulletin

18 August 2005

Free to air


Weekdays, 7pm

Seven, Prime

BEC Cartwright says goodbye to Summer Bay tomorrow night in her final episode of Home and Away.

The newly married wife of tennis ace Lleyton Hewitt is leaving the show after almost seven years.

Cartwright says she has mixed feelings about leaving and will miss her fellow cast members.

"I'll miss the whole routine of turning up everyday, learning lines and all the rest of it.

"Some days you wish you didn't have to get out of bed or you didn't have to go home and learn lines but I'm sure I'll wake up somedays and say `I wish I could go and do a scene!"

"Everything is definitely positive in my life and I sort of see the finishing of Home and Away as the end of one chapter and the start of another," says Cartwright.

"I'll always remember Home and Away as the best days of my life but I'm excited about what's ahead."

The role of Hayley on Home and Away will be played by newcomer Ella Scott-Lynch.

Bec says she is happy with the decision.

"I've met Ella - she's just such a lovely person so I'm really pleased that they've gone with her," she says.

"I have absolute faith in her because I'm sure she'll do a great job.

"She's got a great energy and the audience will just believe her and forget that she's even replacing me.

"Hayley has had such an amazing journey and I'm glad that the Hayley storyline will continue."

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19 August 2005

Home and Away

(Channel 7, 7pm)

THE thespian community won't exactly mourn Bec Cartwright leaving Home and Away. Tonight is her final episode, after leaving the Bay for a world of tennis, money and bad poetry.

She does some of her finest overacting as her bedridden character Hayley has pregnancy complications. Will she have a natural birth or will she decide she's too posh to push, and have a caesarean?

Watch for: Hayley's hospital bed visions and a strangely uneventful exit.

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