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Butt out, Tammin

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Butt out, Tammin

From Sydney Confidential

July 11, 2005

BALMAIN girl Tammin Sursok is having some trouble with the New South Wales Government's new smoking laws.

The tiny pop tart was fagging away on Saturday night at the newly re-opened Exchange Hotel in Balmain despite being surrounded by no smoking signs.

After being asked to butt out, Sursok continued to puff away until one of the barman took action and refused to serve her a drink, Confidential hears.

Or maybe he just didn't like her music

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I was going to say I had no idea she smoked, but just because she was seen smoking doesn't mean she is a regular smoker - she could be a social smoker.

You have to wonder what really happened though. Of course she is going to deny it because it is bad for her image. Then again, Sydney Confidential isn't exactly the most reliable source. I assume we will see a follow-up story in tomorrows paper either aplogising to Tammin or saying that she is lying by denying it. If it's the latter then we have to assume they have a good and reliable source - They wouldn't risk getting sued for defamation unless they had a good source.

Oh and I had no idea she had a forum either :lol:

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I love Tammin's music!

As Nick said, Tammin posted on her forum that she doesn't smoke... she also told Cleo in an interview tht she doesn't smoke..... but today there is another article...

STAFF at Balmain's Exchange hotel may have refused to serve popette Tammin Sursok a drink because she wouldn't put out her ciggie while there on Saturday night, but Confidential hears she simply moved on to the nearby Town Hall hotel and lit up again, this time with impunity.

So untrue....


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