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CD Review: Tammin's Album

Guest Andy

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26 May 2005


Whatever Will Be (Sony BMG)

HOME & Away's soap-star-to-pop-star track record isn't great: see Bec Cartwright's music career.

Tammin Sursok reads from the same old script: she's always wanted to make music, yada yada.

She looks the part and has an OK voice. Her people (she thanks Team Sursok here) pitch her somewhere between Hilary Duff and Natalie Imbruglia: soft rockin' polite pop.

And the large number of mid-tempo songs and ballads is surely a nod to Delta Goodrem's success.

Buying songs from so-hot-right-now overseas pop producers, Sursok gets a nice, very "now" debut.

Tender is a medium-strength power ballad, Almost Here (one of the few tracks Sursok co-wrote) reeks of Ashlee Simpson, and Backwards Again has a hint of R&B. The new Delta or the next Holly Valance? Time will tell.

The verdict: ** 1/2

In a word: inoffensive

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I've been playing the album all day... it's fresh, uplifting, catchy.... just great


Me too! I love Backwards Again, Around the World and Beautiful Thing. As well as WWB and PR of course. Tender hasn't really grown on me yet.

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I got the album yesterday and I love it! I have been playing it over and over. I have to say my favourite song on it is Whatever will be, but I like the many different styles Tammin has.

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