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Fan told to Bec off

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Fan told to Bec off


A MENTALLY ill man obsessed with Rebecca Cartwright has been ordered to stay away from the TV soap star.

The Man appeared at Gosford Local Court yesterday to face charges of stalking and intimidating with the intent to cause fear, physical and mental harm to Rebecca .His solicitor applied to have his case heard under Section 32 of the Mental Health Criminal Procedures Act, on the basis that he was developmentally disabled.

Magistrate Gary Cocks granted his request and dropped the charges against him , but ordered him to stay away from Cartwright, despite not being charged with stalking her.

"Cartwright is not an alleged victim, also tried to make contact with her by sending presents to her," he said.

The Magistrate Gary Cocks also ordered the man to comply with a community treatment order to manage his paranoid schizophrenia and psychotic episodes, which triggered him to stalk Under the order, he will be required to have medical injections every two weeks, to control his mental illness.

Police found a "shrine" dedicated to Cartwright in one of ? bedrooms, after he was arrested on November 26 last year for stalking Cartwright .A police statement tendered in court stated the man had "cut-outs" of Cartwright positioned next to photographs of himself on the wall, in which they appeared to be "embracing".

Chief Police Prosecutor recommended that the man be forced to stay away from Cartwright.

Since his arrest,the man has been periodically admitted to Gosford's Mandala Psychiatric Clinic as an involuntary patient.

:o do you think the man on question got a bit carried away with the H&A Stalker story line ?. :ph34r: Poor Bec's

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