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Now Or Never


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Story Title:  Now Or Never
Type of story: Short Fic 
Main Characters: Christian Green, Tori Morgan, Robbo, Jasmine Delaney, Colby Thorne, Dean Thompson, Mackenzie Booth, Ari Parata, Tane Parata, Ziggy Astoni, Mia Anderson &Logan Bennett
BTTB rating: T
Genre Drama, Romance
Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content, 
Summary: What if a bunch of Summer Bay residents met in high school. Which friendships would be formed? Which relationships would happen? Will high school bring the best or the worst out of these residents.

Chapter 1

It was the first day of a new school year which meant the first day of High School for best friends for Mackenzie Booth and Ziggy Astoni. Mackenzie was very excited to start high school and to hopefully met some new people however Ziggy was more nervous as she struggled making friends. Her and Mackenzie were two very different people in that regard. 

They were walking along the hallway when Mackenzie spotted her older brother Dean Thompson talking to a friend who she hadn't met and decided to walk over as Ziggy slowly followed behind. Mackenzie showed her confidence smile as her brother spotted her "Mac are you settling in alright?" Mackenzie showed a smile at her older brother "Yeah everything sorted. I will be fine." Dean looked at his sister "Well if anyone gives you a hard time, let me know and I will deal with then." Mackenzie nodded she did love her protective brother "I will." Mackenzie turned around to walk with Ziggy when she heard Dean friend voice "I'm guessing your Mackenzie, Dean's sister." Mackenzie turns around with her confident smile "I am and you are?" Ari showed a smile "Ari Parata." Mackenzie turned around to walk with Ziggy not before leaving a lasting impression on Ari.

Elsewhere year nine students Tori Morgan and Robbo were sitting in one of the spare classrooms to chat. Robbo hadn't seen Tori since they went on holidays and was worried about her "How was your dad?" Tori sat in silence for a minute before looking at Robbo "He is still taking drugs and I'm scared what if he hurts me or mum or my brothers." Seeing the fear in Tori's face Robbo gave his friend or hug "If you think he will hurt you or just need an out, you can always call me and I will come and get you." Tori shows Robbo a grateful smile "Thank you for being here, I couldn't get through any of this without you." Robbo showed Tori a smile "I will always be here." Tori was grateful for Robbo's friendship neither of then were close to anyone else. The pair just clicked straight away when in year seven and have been friends ever since.

Meanwhile another year seven student Jasmine Delaney was sitting alone outside listening to music when a guy walked towards her "First day?" Jasmine took her headphones off and showed the guy a smile "Yeah first day of year seven and on top of that I just moved to town." Colby soon realized why the female was sitting here alone "I could introduce you to Mackenzie, she is in your grade. She my friend sister." Jasmine shows the guy a smile "That would be great Thanks." Jasmine paused not knowing the guy name. Colby put his hand out for Jasmine to shake "Colby Thorne." Jasmine shook Colby's hand "Jasmine Delaney" Jasmine and Colby just looked into each other eyes for a minute before letting go and walking together to find Mackenzie.

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10 minutes ago, beachside said:

The Mackenzie and Ari meeting I loved. 

Awww Robbo telling Tori he will be there - I can't wait to see this friendship well more of it. 

Colby introducing himself to Jasmine and offering to introduce her to Mac so sweet.

Cant wait to read more.

So glad you liked Mac and Ari meeting.

So happy that you are already enjoying Robbo and Tori friendship.

Glad you like Colby and Jasmine meeting.

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Chapter 2

Dean and Ari were talking near  their lockers when Ari spotted an old friend of his from back in New Zealand gave her a small wave as she walked towards Ari and Dean "Well I'm glad to see a familiar face here." Ari shows a polite smile "Are you nervous?" Mia nods as she smiles at Dean and Ari "A little" Ari looks at Mia "I will be around if you need anything and I'm sure you will make friends quickly." Mia smiles at Ari knowing he would be around helped "I hope your right." Dean at that point decides to speak "Ari usually is." Ari looks at Dean and gives him a smile "Oh sorry, Dean this is Mia we met in New Zealand as kids Mia this is my best friend Dean." The pair smile at each other "How about you walk with us?" Mia smiled at Dean "That would be great as long as Ari is fine with it too." Ari nods immediately "Of course, I am let's go." The group grab their stuff and begin walking.

Meanwhile Ziggy and Mackenzie were walking in the hall when Mackenzie saw Colby walking towards then with someone "Colby" Mackenzie immediately runs to Colby and hugs him as Ziggy gives him a smile. Once Colby and Mackenzie pull away Mackenzie looks at her friend "How can we help?" Colby smiles "Mackenzie, Ziggy this is Jasmine, she is new to town and in your grade I thought perhaps you could show her around." Ziggy immediately steps forward "Of course we can. Jasmine I'm Ziggy." Jasmine smiles at Ziggy and then Mackenzie "Thank you guys." Mackenzie looks at Jasmine "No one should be alone on their first day." Colby looks at the group "I need to find Dean, see you later. Enjoy your first day Jasmine." Jasmine smiles at Colby as he starts to leave "I will." Colby then walks away and Jasmine focuses on him as he does which makes Ziggy step forward "I will admit he is hot." Jasmine smiles at Ziggy "Yeah he is."

Elsewhere Tori was walking in the hall in a mad rush to get to class after Robbo and her talked as he needed to go to his locker first and she didn't want to be late when she bumped into someone " Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." The guy looked up and showed Tori a huge smile "It is ok. I wasn't really paying attention either." Tori nods "I have to go to class but I'm sorry again." Tori starts walking when she hears the guy speak "I don't think I seem you around before I'm Christian." Tori turns around and smiles "I'm Tori". She then walks away but not before leaving an impression on Christian.

Year eight students Tane and Logan had just reunited after the break and were sitting waiting for their teacher to arrive when Logan turns around to speak to his friends "How things with you and Ari?" Tane shakes his head immediately "Please don't go there." Logan knew it wasn't good "Well I'm your best mate and I'm here whenever you need me." Tane immediately smiles at Logan "Thanks I'm lucky to have you as a friend." Logan nods "You too." The pair then just sit and talk waiting for their teacher to arrive. 

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13 hours ago, beachside said:

Oh wonder what will happen with Mia.

Ziggy and Mac showing Jas around.

Oh Jas has a crush on Colby. 

Tori and Chrstian meeting loved that meeting. 

Tane and Logan are mates ok. 

Wonder whats gone on between Tane and Ari.

Glad you liked these moments as for Ari and Tane you will soon find out

6 hours ago, RebeccaR said:

Loving the story so far

Tane and Logan as friends interesting. Was not expecting that lol thought it would have been Christian and Logan. 

Cant wait to read more 

Thank you. I hope you will enjoy this story

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  • 4 weeks later...

Note- So sorry for not updating sooner. I had my second covid vax three weeks ago and I'm been sick since

Chapter 3

Mackenzie and Ziggy had happily agreed to show Jasmine around and the three were now walking down the hallway when Jasmine looked at the girls "Thank you for showing me around and hanging out with me, You didn't have too just because Colby said so." Mackenzie looked at her new friend "It is fine, we don't mind showing you around besides Colby is like a brother to me and done so much for me that helping you the least I could do." Jasmine smiles grateful "So you and Colby are close?" Jasmine couldn't help that notice how long they hugged "Yeah we are, My brother Dean and Colby have been best friends since before Dean and I found out about each other." Jasmine nods at Mackenzie as Ziggy leads then to their home room for the year. Jasmine was relieved that Mackenzie and Ziggy were in the same class as her.

Soon enough recess had come around and Tori spotted Robbo waiting for her and walked over to him giving him a one armed hug while holding food in the other "How class?" Tori knew Robbo was focusing more on his grades now that he decided to become a cop when he finished school "So far so good. I'm enjoying my classes." Tori smiles glad that he was as Robbo looked at her "Come on let's go outside." Tori nods as Robbo grabs her hand and she grabs his back and they walk outside. What they didn't know however was the guy Tori ran into earlier Christian saw the whole thing and was slightly jealous of the guy with Tori.

Dean, Ari and Colby were sitting outside when Mackenzie walks over to then after having not a so good morning and was in tears. Ari was the one that could see her "Dean?" This made both Dean and Colby turn around and as soon as Dean saw that his sister was crying he stood up and hugged her as a concerned Colby and Ari watched on as Ziggy and Jasmine walked over and joined Colby and Ari. Colby turned around and looked at the girls beside him "What happened?" Jasmine was the one that answered "Some girl told Mac she doesn't belong at this school." Colby was surprised to say the least and looked at Ziggy this time "Do you know who it was?" Ziggy shakes her head immediately "No one I seen before. She said she went to primacy school with Mac before Mac moved to the bay." Colby processed that information as he saw Dean protective holding his sister. Ari looked on at the siblings and he was surprised to see how caring and protective Dean can get as Ari usually sees him as a tough guy and not letting his guard down.

Also at recess Logan and Tane were playing basketball when Logan looked at his friend "You know you could try again with Ari." Tane looks at his friend "It isn't worth it. We just don't see eye to eye on this one." Logan nodded giving up on the subject for now but he knew his friend needed to talk to his brother about this at somepoint.

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