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Sudden Family

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Thanks for the comments, Helena and Kristen, I hope you like this!


Ziggy was watching as Coco packed up her bags, surprised at how the sight made her feel.“I can’t believe you’re going,”she remarked,“And I can’t believe I’m going to miss you!”

  Coco gave a rather theatrical sigh.“I do have a life of my own, you know.”

  “Do you?I hadn’t noticed.”

  “Especially since I’m not going to be a single mother anymore.”

  Ziggy managed a slight smile.“I am glad that things are working out for you.”

  “Hey, they will for you too.”Coco stopped and gave her a hug.“I’m glad I’ve got a big sister I can count on.”

  Ziggy sighed.“Yeah, I guess it’s taken us a while to get here.I’m sorry I wasn’t always there for you growing up.”

  Coco laughed.“Well, I could be a bit annoying at times.”

  “You said it.”

  Coco took Ziggy’s hand and placed it over her bump.“But I think this baby’s going to be lucky to have you as their auntie.”

  “I reckon they’ve got pretty lucky in the mum department too,”Ziggy noted,“And the dad department! Speaking of which…”

  Coco hoisted the bag onto her shoulder and nodded.“Let’s go.”


A similar scenario was playing out at the Morgan house, as Leah watched VJ do his packing.“Are you sure you don’t want to stay?”she asked,“It kind of feels like you’ve finally got the option of sticking around and instead you’re going anyway.”

  “I’m sorry, Mum,”VJ sighed,“But Coco’s got her course she needs to get back to and I need to support her.It’s not so bad.We’re only going to be in Queensland this time, you can come and visit us whenever you want.We might even get to come back here more often.”

  “Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it,”Leah noted drily,“Once you’re gone, you’ll never come back here.”

  “I guess at least I can this time.But…”

  “But you have your own family now,”Leah concluded,“I guess that’s what being a grown-up means. You and Coco and Luc and the baby, that’s what you’ve got to concentrate on.”

  “Yeah, basically,”VJ confirmed,“Sorry.”

  “No, don’t be sorry.”Leah gave him a hug.“I’m sorry that I haven’t told you often enough how proud I am of the man you’ve become.”

  Justin came in.“Sorry, am I spoiling a moment here?”

  Leah smiled.“No, we’re done.”

  “Good.You need a hand with anything?”

  “We’ve got a taxi meeting us at the Diner,”VJ explained.

  “Right.Better head down there then.”


A crowd had gathered near the Diner to farewell VJ, Coco and Luc.As well as Leah, Justin and Ziggy, there was Irene, Marilyn, John, Alf, Ryder and Bella all there.VJ shook hands with Alf and John and got a hug from Marilyn before stopping in front of Irene.“I guess this is all mixed feelings for you, huh?”

  Irene sighed.“I don’t expect you to feel sorry about Mick, love.I had trouble doing that myself at times. But I did like to think that maybe he was finally going to make something of his life, that he was becoming a better person.In the end, it was all such a waste.”

  “Well, Luc got a fairly decent nana out of it.”

  “Nice of you to say so, love.”Irene bent down and pinched Luc’s cheek, with the girl smiling at her. “You be good, okay?”She turned her attention back to VJ.“I gave Livvy a call earlier.She and Tabby are in Paris, she’s got a show on there.I might fly over and see them.”

  “I’m sure she’d appreciate that.Give her my love and tell her I’ll call her soon.”

  “Will do, love.”

  Nearby, Coco was giving Ryder and Bella a hug.“You two have been the best friends ever.”

  “Should I tell Raffy you said that?”Ryder joked.

  “No!Tell her I’ll call her as soon as I can.”

  Bella nodded towards VJ.“Do I have to threaten him to treat you right?”

  “I think it’ll be okay,”Coco answered her.

  “Okay.Well, the offer’s there if you want it.”Bella caught Ryder’s look.“What?I’m being supportive!”

  “In the way only you can be,”Ryder agreed.

  VJ was by the taxi, holding Luc’s hand.“You ready?”he called over.

  “Coming!”Coco took Luc’s other hand and they climbed into the car together.

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Thank you for the comments, Helena, Kristen and Zig! Last, short chapter, hope you enjoy!


“Luc!”VJ called, looking around the house for his oldest daughter.He eventually found her sat in her room, drawing.“What are you up to?”

  “Drawing us,”Luc answered simply.

  VJ came to crouch by her.He was still getting used to seeing two other people in their family drawings. “That’s great,”he told her.

  “Do you think Molly will like me when she’s big?”

  “Course she will.A big sister like you?She’ll think you’re amazing.”

  “I can tell that you’re an only child,”Coco commented as she appeared in the doorway, before indicating her watch,“Nearly time for the call.”

  “Coming,”VJ agreed.He guided Luc to her feet.Coco held out her hand and the girl ran to her.VJ continued to be relieved at how quickly the two of them had taken to each other.

  They headed through into the front room where Molly, their new daughter, was resting in her basket.VJ scooped her up, while Coco sat down in front of the laptop, lifting Luc up into her lap.VJ sat down next to them.

  A moment later, the screen displayed video calls from Ben and Maggie on one half and Leah on the other, all of them waving.“Hi, Mum!Hi, Dad!”Coco called.

  “Hi, Mum,”VJ echoed.

  Maggie put a hand over her mouth.“Oh my god, is that her?”

  “She looks gorgeous!”Leah agreed.

  VJ smiled down at Molly.“Looks like you’re the centre of attention.That’s your grandma and grandpa, that’s your yia-yia.Hopefully you’ll get to meet them in person soon.”

  “As soon as we can find a flight,”Ben agreed,“Then we can have an overdue talk.”

  “Can’t wait,”VJ managed to say.

  “Dad!”Coco protested.

  “Only joking, love.I can’t complain about this now, can I?”

  “It’s not like it’s anything we didn’t do,”Maggie agreed.

  Leah gestured to someone out of view.“Justin, come and have a look at this!”

  “What?”Justin came into view next to her.“Oh, right, yeah.Hey, VJ.Hey, Luc.Hey, Coco.What’s the other one called again?”

  “Molly!”chorused everyone.

  “Hey, Molly!”

  “Listen, we can’t talk long,”Coco continued.

  “But we’ll call you all as soon as possible,”VJ added.There was another round of waves and then the connection was cut off.

  VJ kissed Coco softly, both of them marvelling at how well things had gone.“Well, we did it,”VJ remarked.

  “We did,”Coco agreed.She leaned over and gave Molly a light kiss on the forehead.“Welcome to our family.”






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