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Sudden Family

Red Ranger 1

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It's been a while since my last fiction but I had another idea busting to be told.I hope you enjoy!

Story Title: Sudden Family
Type of story: Medium fic
Main Characters: Coco, Ziggy, Justin, Leah, Ryder, Bella, Irene and others
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Mild sexual content
Summary: Coco returns to town for a visit, with a surprise in store for her friends and family.


Ziggy tried very hard not to let the tension she felt show as she entered Salt.Not least because she wasn’t entirely sure why she felt tense.There were, at times, downsides to being the last Astoni left in Summer Bay.This was one of them.

  Any attempt she’d made to disguise her feelings obviously failed, since as she approached the bar, Mackenzie fixed her with a piercing if sympathetic glare.“Something on your mind?”

  “My sister’s coming to visit,”Ziggy explained.

  Mackenzie nodded and poured her friend a large drink.“Coco, right?I don’t think I’ve ever met her.”

  Ziggy managed to shake her head at the same time as taking a large gulp of the drink.“I think she was last in town just before you moved here.She’s been at college in Queensland the last few years.”

  “So, what’s the problem?Is she a troublemaker or something?”

  “She’s had her moments,”Ziggy noted,“But mostly she’s always been a Grade A student.Which is probably one of the many reasons why we didn’t really get on until we moved here.Just too different. Now, we’re still too different but somehow we’ve managed to find a way to ignore that.”

  Mackenzie nodded in understanding.“Well, if Dean and I can find common ground, I guess anyone can. So why do you look like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders?”

  It was the question Ziggy had been asking herself ever since she got the news.Because the thing was she didn’t actually have any reason to be anxious and worried.It was just that niggling sensation at the back of her mind that this visit meant some sort of trouble.“She hasn’t been back here in over two years, right?So why now?Because as much as we might have managed to get on better these last few years, I still don’t think she’d walk out of college just to come and see me.”She sighed.“And I really really wish Mum and Dad were here to deal with this.”

  “Just play it by ear, I guess.”

  “I guess so.”Ziggy drained her glass and put it back down on the bar.

  “Another?”Mackenzie asked wryly.



Ziggy heard the taxi pulling up outside and took a few deep breaths.Nothing to worry about.Just her annoying little sister coming to stay for a few days.Or possibly weeks.They hadn’t actually discussed that bit.But it didn’t matter.All that mattered was that there was nothing to worry about.

  “Just leave them there,”Coco told the driver, as he deposited her cases in the hallway.She handed him the money and he headed off back to his car.

  “So…you made it here then,”Ziggy commented.

  Coco nodded.“Got intimately acquainted with every train station in the last 2000 miles but yep, I made it.”

  Ziggy was still waiting for the other shoe to drop.“So, what have you been doing?”

  “Er, well, college has been fine.I’ve joined quite a few environmental pressure groups up there.Made a few new friends, something which I thought was impossible once.”Coco shrugged off her jacket and Ziggy got her first proper look at her sister’s figure.Ziggy’s eyes widened as Coco added,“Oh, yeah, and I got pregnant.”

  That, Ziggy realised, was exactly the sort of thing she’d been afraid of.

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Thank you for the comments, Kristen, Zig and beachside! I meant to post this yesterday but time got away. Hope you enjoy!


Ziggy eyed her sister, trying to formulate a response.“How did that happen?”she asked at last.She saw Coco open her mouth to respond and pointed a warning finger at her.“Do not give me a clever response, okay?I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!”

  Coco looked rueful.“I don’t.”

  Ziggy took this in, her mind racing as she tried to think of alternatives.“So…what?Are we talking a one night stand here?”

  Coco seemed to consider the question.“More of a…holiday romance?There was a guy…”

  “There usually is,”Ziggy agreed.

  “He was in Queensland for a couple of weeks,”Coco continued,“And we met up and we…well, got on well.More than once.And after he went home, I found out I was pregnant.”

  Ziggy thought about this, trying to work out what questions she should be asking.“Have you got no way of contacting him?Tracking him down?”

  Coco shook her head.“It’s best I don’t.I decided I can do this on my own.”

  “Which is why you came here?”Ziggy asked wryly.She saw Coco’s awkward look and softened her expression.“You’re not on your own.”Another thought occurred to her.“I take it you haven’t told Mum and Dad about this?”

  “No,”Coco admitted, biting her lip nervously,“Can we wait before telling them?”

  Ziggy dug deep into her reserves to try and work out what a supportive big sister would do at this point. “Okay, we can wait,”she agreed,“But, you know, they’re going to notice they’ve got a grandchild eventually.”

  “I know.”Coco looked at her gratefully.“Thank you.”

  “No problem,”Ziggy replied…even though it felt like that was exactly what it was.


Coco had found a table in the Diner and looked around her.It all looked familiar…almost depressingly so. The place didn’t seem to have had so much as a menu holder moved in the last two years, and of course Irene and Marilyn were still behind the counter, greeting her like an old friend and cooing over the prospect of her being a mother.They hadn’t asked too many questions, thankfully, and she hoped they weren’t closely in touch with her parents enough to let anything slip.

  She had fond memories of her time in Summer Bay, but she really thought she’d moved on from them.

  Her mood brightened when she saw two people her own age enter.Despite the awkward questions it was going to provoke, she was pleased to see them.

  Ryder withdrew his arm from round Bella’s waist and favoured Coco with a large grin.“Hey, long time no see!How are you..?”He paused as Coco stood up and he noticed the curve of her abdomen.“Woah.”

  “Well, you’ve been busy,”Bella noted drily,“Or is it just that you’ve been eating more than you used to?”

  “No, no, I’m pregnant,”Coco confirmed as the three of them sat down.She looked across at Ryder, who seemed to be staring into space.“What?”

  “No, no, just trying to picture you as a mother,”Ryder mused,“It looks weird.”

  “For me as well,”Coco admitted,“But here we are.”She hurried to change the subject.“So, I kind of noticed you two have changed your relationship status.”

  Ryder put his hand over Bella’s.“She couldn’t resist me,”he agreed conspiratorially.

  “I could too,”Bella insisted.She turned back to Coco.“I just happened to point out to him that, since we were both single and spent most of our time with each other, a friends with benefits arrangement could be to both our advantage.”She sighed.“And, as it turned out, we both liked it a lot more than we expected.” She looked accusingly at Ryder.“So, of course, he insisted we had to make it official.”

  “I don’t see you complaining much, girlfriend,”Ryder responded.

  “I complain a lot,”Bella retorted,“But not about dating you.”

  “Well, I’m pleased for you,”Coco replied.

  Ryder gestured to her.“So are you..?”

  “Going it alone,”Coco completed for him.

  Ryder nodded.“Well, the kid will always have Uncle Ryder and…”

  “Do not call me Auntie Bella,”his girlfriend warned him,“I am no-one’s auntie.”

  Coco smiled in spite of herself.Suddenly, she didn’t feel alone at all.

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I really enjoyed this chapter of the story.  Ziggy seemed to take the news of Coco being pregnant well and agreed to keep it from their parents.  I also enjoyed the interactions with Irene and Marilyn and Ryder and Bella in the diner.  Looking forward to reading more.

SPAG and capital letters for people's names!
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Loved this chapter

I loved Ziggy supporting her sister

Loved Coco reunion with Bella and Ryder

The fact Bella and Ryder is a couple makes me so happy. I always wanted these two to get together.

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17 hours ago, Helena said:

Ziggy seemed to take the news of Coco being pregnant well and agreed to keep it from their parents.  I also enjoyed the interactions with Irene and Marilyn and Ryder and Bella in the diner. 


11 hours ago, Kristen said:

Ziggy seemed to take the news well.

I liked the mention of Irene and Marilyn.


7 hours ago, Zig said:

I loved Ziggy supporting her sister

Loved Coco reunion with Bella and Ryder


6 hours ago, beachside said:

Glad Ziggy is supporting her sister.

Loved seeing Coco reunite with Bella and Ryder.

Glad you all liked that interaction. I think Ziggy and Coco did develop a close sisterly bond during the whole cancer storyline, and they've probably both grown up since their early days, so it was nice to write that new dynamic.We didn't get to see Coco and Bella for long, but it felt like they could have had a good friendship.

11 hours ago, Kristen said:

Bella and Ryder dating interesting twist 


7 hours ago, Zig said:

The fact Bella and Ryder is a couple makes me so happy. I always wanted these two to get together.

Yes, I wanted them together too. Benefits of getting to write your own version!

6 hours ago, beachside said:

I feel like Ben and Maggie should know sooner than later. 

Ben and Maggie should probably be told, but Coco's not ready to deal with that at the moment, so everyone's respecting her wishes.

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