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Becoming A Family


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Story Title: Becoming A Family
Type of story: Long Fic 
Main Characters: Sally Fletcher, Flynn Saunders, Cassie Turner & Ric Dalby
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content, 
Summary: When two young kids Ric Dalby and Cassie Turner turn up in Summer Bay together it clear there more to their story. When Sally and Flynn discover the kids are living in the bay and alone they take then in. As relationships form and the group become a family they are ready for where ever lives take then as a family


Chapter One

Ric Dalby was carrying two bags walking with his foster sibling Cassie Turner. They had a major fight with  Cassie's uncle who they were living with after Cassie revealed to Ric what her uncle was doing. To say Ric was mad about what happened was an understatement. He looked beside him to see a scared Cassie grabbing his hand. He gave  her a smile and spotted a sign saying Diner. Both agreeing they needed food and having the money they took from Cassie uncle they knew they could afford a meal and a cheap place to stay for a few days.

The pair walked in the diner and they heard a lady speak "Hi what can I get for you?" Ric and Cassie both smiled at the lady as Ric spoke "Can we both have two burgers and fries with chocolate milkshake please?" The lady nods "Of course you can. I haven't seen guys around. Are you on holiday?" This time Cassie smiled and spoke "Yeah something like that. I'm Cassie and this is Ric" Leah smiles at the teenagers "I'm Leah I hope you enjoy the bay and I will be out with your meal shortly" The pair smiled and spoke in union "Thank you" Cassie and Ric headed for a spare table and sat down.

Irene looked at Leah as she handed her Ric and Cassie order "What the story with those kids?" Leah was annoyed at Irene like she didn't even know the story and knew it wasn't their business "They are on holiday"  Irene crosses her arms "Alone, I don't buy it. I bet they are runaways" Leah looks at Irene "Even if they are they would have a good reason." Leah walks out of the kitchen and back to the counter.

Cassie looks at Ric "What the plan? Where will we stay tonight?" Ric looks at a scared Cassie "I'm not sure but we are both away from him and I will make sure he doesn't find us Cass" Cassie holds Ric hand "But if he does" Ric grabs onto her hand "This is a small town he will have no idea where to look for us and a small town is the last place he would think too" Cassie nods knowing Ric is right as Leah comes over with their food "I hope you enjoy your meal" They smile as Ric speaks "We will thank you" Leah gives the teenagers a smile before walking back to the counter. 

After they finish their meal and pay for it they leave the diner. They are walking around when Cassie speaks "I think we should stay on the beach tonight and save our money for when we really need it" Ric nods agreeing knowing they need to use their money when it is more needed. The pair walk around until it dark before finding a spot on the beach to sleep. Ric grabs a blanket and wraps it around the pair so they are warm.  Soon after the pair drift off with a million thoughts in their heads

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Chapter 2

It was now the next when Cassie woke up on the beach to see Ric asleep beside her. She decides to wake him up because truth was she is scared of been found and needs him. "Ric" Ric hears his name and wakes up then sits up hugging Cassie "It is ok Cass" Cassie smiles "Only because I have you protecting me from him" Ric looks at Cassie and knowing how scared she is holds her "I promise I will always protect you" Cassie smiles. She is so grateful to have Ric in her life

Leah is making a coffee in the diner when Sally and Flynn walk in hand in hand. Leah was curious if the two kids she saw yesterday turned up to stay at the caravan park. Truth was she was starting to think Irene was right and was worried about the kids. "Hi guys" Sally smiles "Hey" Flynn can see something is the matter "You ok?" Leah can see his concern and decides to ask the question "Did two young kids come to look for a place to stay last night?" Flynn and Sally look at each other and shake their heads "Why do you ask?" The question Leah asked made Flynn curious as he had helped runaway locals lots in the past "Nothing don't worry about it" Sally and Flynn nod as Sally looks at her friend "Are you sure?" Leah hands the pair a coffee as she knew their usual order before speaking "Yeah I am sure" Sally and Flynn walk out of the diner after thanking Leah

As the pair walk hand in hand they can't help that wonder why Leah asked about these kids "You reckon whoever the kids are Leah talked about are runaways?" Sally looks at her husband waiting for an answer "I'm not sure but if they are, I wish I knew who they were or at least could do something to help then" Sally kisses Flynn hearing him say that makes her love him even more "Yeah I wish we could too"

It is shortly after when Ric and Cassie walked in the diner to see Leah who noticed they were still carrying the bags they were yesterday. Leah walks over to the pair "I was worried about you both are you ok?" The pair see the woman concern and smiles "Yeah we will be fine" Ric smiles at what Cassie says before adding "We have each other and right now that is all that matters" Leah smiles at the pair. She can tell they are close and protective of each other but she couldn't help but worry about the young teenagers "Well this meal is on me" Cassie looks at the waitress "You don't have to do that" Leah nods "I know that I don't have too but I want too, so tell me what would you guys like" Ric looks at Leah "Thank you for giving us a free meal. I will have the Big Breakfast and an Apple Juice" Leah nods "And what about you Cassie." Cassie smiles "I will have a Egg and Bacon muffin please" Leah smiles "Of course. I will get then made and out to you as soon as I can" The pair smile as Cassie looks at Leah "Thank you Leah" Leah walks away leaving the pair to it

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Chapter 3

It was about a hour later when Flynn spotted a young girl sitting on the beach alone while he was on his jog. Flynn could tell that she had been crying so he decided to go and see if she was ok. Flynn walked towards her and as she saw him she showed him a smile. "I saw you sitting alone and I just wanted to check if you were alright". Cassie looked up and immediately and straight away Flynn spotted the bruise on her face but decided against saying anything as Cassie spoke "I'm fine. I am just waiting for a friend" Flynn smiles and nods at the young girl "I will leave you to it then. Have a nice day" Cassie smiled at the older man "Yeah you too" Flynn then walked away as Ric towards her "Who was that?" Cassie looks at Ric as he sits beside her "Just a local seeing if I was ok. He seems like a nice guy too" Ric smiles and nods as he holds Cassie and they admire the view.

Flynn had just walked in the door from his jog and he knew that Sally was speaking to him however he wasn't listening to what she was saying as he was distracted thinking about the young girl who he saw earlier. He was worried about her and he knew that someone had hurt her which he didn't want to happen again after all he could see she was a nice girl. "Flynn" This time Sally voice made him realize she had been talking to him "Sorry what did you say?" Sally could tell something else was on his mind "I said how was the jog" Flynn smiled at Sally "Yeah it was fine" Sally could tell something was worrying her husband "Are you sure everything is ok?" Flynn nods "Yeah it is fine. I'm going to get us a coffee from the diner. I will see you soon" Sally smiled as Flynn walked over and kissed her before walking out the door.

Flynn was walking to the diner thinking about the young girl and was wondering if it was the same one Leah was talking about which is why he wanted to go to the diner so he could ask Leah. Flynn arrived shortly after, he walked in the diner and saw Leah at the counter with Irene "Leah can I talk to you for a minute alone?" Leah nods as she takes off her apron then walks towards a table and sits down as Flynn does the same. Leah looks at Flynn "So what is going on?" Flynn takes a breath "You said you think you had a female runaway in here?" Leah nods as Flynn continues "Was the girl tall, with tan skin and a bruise on her eye" Leah nods again "Cassie yeah". Flynn knows her name now and he knew that was a start as Leah looks at him "Your worried about her?" Flynn nods "Look can we keep this between us for now?" Leah smiles "Yeah of course we can" The pair see Dan walking towards then as Leah looks at Flynn "Keep me updated" Flynn gets up and walks away as Dan sits down next to his wife. "What was that about?" Leah looks at him and kisses him "Nothing you need to worry about" Dan isn't convinced but decides to let it go for now.


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Chapter 4

Flynn was glad that he knew Cassie name now at least if he could find her he would know her name. Flynn didn't know what it was but after seeing the young girl he knew all he wanted to do was help her. He just hoped she hadn't already skipped town so he could do exactly that. Flynn had now arrived home and saw Sally playing with their daughter Pippa and he couldn't help that smile. Flynn knew this was a family home and wanted that to be the case with Sally, Pippa and him as well as Cassie if he could find her and if she was willing to let him help her. Sally looked up to see Flynn watching her and Pippa. "Got me a coffee?" Flynn nods and walks over handing it to her before kissing her on the forehead. Sally knows he said he was ok before but knew something was up "Are you really ok?" Flynn can see his wife concern and kisses her again "I'm fine I promise. I just have other things on my mind that all." Sally looked concerned "Anything that I can help with?" Flynn shakes his head "No, not yet anyway" Sally gets up with Pippa in her arms and kisses her husband before looking at him "Well when I can help or you want to talk about it I'm here" Flynn smiles he knows how lucky both him and Pippa are to have Sally "I know and I love you" Sally blushes as he says this "I love you too"

Ric and Cassie are walking along the beach smiling they were starting to fall in love with this small seaside town. Ric looks at Cassie "You know we can only stay here a few more days. We can't risk him finding us." Cassie understands where Ric is coming from but a huge part of her thinks this place is one worth staying in "I know but this is a small town. I don't think he would even look here." Ric can tell how much she wants to stay but he can't nor won't risk her getting hurt "I'm sorry Cass, I can't risk it I just can't risk him finding us and him hurting you" Cassie nods but deep down she wishes they could stay. She didn't know why but she had a feeling the people in this town were different to where her and Ric came from.

It is later that night when Cassie decides to pick up dinner for her and Ric from the diner which he agrees too handing her some of the money they took from her uncle before she started walking towards the diner. When she walked in she could see Leah at the counter with the guy from earlier and someone else. Leah spots the teenage "Cassie what can I get you?" This makes Flynn turn around "Cassie hi, I'm Flynn we met earlier" Cassie smiles at the older guy "Hi. I remember you were jogging right." Flynn nods as Dan watches on confused. Flynn looks at Cassie "I'm waiting for my order too. Would you like to sit with me while we both wait?" Cassie smiles she does like the idea of that after all she would feel safer if her uncle randomly showed up "Sure sounds good. Leah can Ric and I have a Seafood basket and two Ham and Cheese toasties". Leah smiles and nods.

Flynn and Cassie walk towards a table before sitting down. "Look you can tell me to stay out of it but I guess it the doctor part of me. Can I ask what happened to your eye?" Cassie hadn't told anyone apart from Ric what happened but for some reason she felt like she could at least be honest about what happened without feel judged. "My uncle he hit me hard. Truth is we have some major issues" Flynn can see the young girl hurt "Well even those you guys are having issues he doesn't have a right to do that Cassie" Cassie nods "I know and that why we ran." Flynn was confused "We?" Cassie knows she would said more then she should have but she didn't care as unlike most guys she felt like she could trust Flynn "Ric my foster brother and I. His dad hit him for years and when my mum found out she took him in. Then when my mum died we had no choice but to live with my uncle and when Ric found out what he was doing to me, all he cared about was getting me out of there." Flynn nods in understanding "I don't blame him." Flynn knew this girl was someone that needed him and although he barely knew her he wasn't going to leave her to runoff and be scared with a fifteen year old to look after her. "Look after we get dinner. Let's find Ric and have a chat." Cassie looks at Flynn "Just us three please?" Flynn smiles he can tell Cassie doesn't trust many people "Of course". Cassie then remembers he was ordering dinner "Don't you have someone waiting for you at home." Flynn nods but looks at Cassie "It is fine. They won't mind waiting" Cassie smiles at Flynn as Leah walks over with both their dinners and the pair leave the diner to go and find Ric.

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Chapter 5

Flynn and Cassie walk down to the beach when Cassie spots Ric in the distance "Ric" Ric turns around and once he sees a stranger with Cassie he runs towards her before looking at her with a worried expression "Are you ok?" Cassie smiles and nods "I'm fine this is Flynn Saunders he is a local here". Ric looks at Flynn and goes into protective mode "We are ok" before Ric can say anymore Cassie cuts him off "I told him everything." Ric is now even more worried "We need to go before he calls the cops and your uncle finds us". Flynn looks at the young teenager "I'm not going to be calling the police. I don't want to see Cassie anymore hurt then you do" Ric nods wondering while he is there then "So why are you here?" Cassie looks at Flynn then at Ric "Flynn is giving us a place to stay and I said we will stay there" Ric is shocked still unsure if they can trust the guy. "Cass and I need a minute" Flynn nods as he walks a bit into the distance.

Once Flynn is out of earshot Ric looks at Cassie "Are you insane? We don't know the guy he could be just like your uncle". Cassie shakes her head she believes in her heart that Flynn is nothing like her uncle and perhaps could be a real father to her "He wouldn't be a doctor if he hurt people, he told me I could talk to him and have a place to stay. It nice to have that and to have someone else I can trust so please Ric let's stay with Flynn for a few days at least" Ric looks at Cassie and can tell she won't give up "A few days, then we regroup" Cassie nods in agreement as she walks towards where Flynn is standing.

"Flynn" The doctor turns around and smiles as Cassie continues "We would love to stay if you will still have us". Flynn nods happy that he will be given a chance to help Cassie and giving her a loving home and Ric too "Of course I will still have you both". Cassie smiles she is grateful for Flynn's help and gives him a hug which he returns as Ric watches on still worrying that they will end up hurt yet again." Flynn and Cassie walk towards Ric before heading towards the caravan park.

It had now been forty five minutes and Sally was past worried. She hoped nothing bad had happened to him as she couldn't bare the thought of losing him and that he would walk in the door at any moment. At exactly that moment the door opened and Flynn walked in with dinner and two strangers behind him. Sally looked confused as Flynn looked at Ric and Cassie "Cassie, Ric this is Sally my wife. Sally this is Cassie and Ric they will be staying with us for a few days". Sally smiles as Flynn looks at the pair "Your rooms are the first two on the left upstairs set up your stuff then come down and we will eat dinner together" Cassie gives Flynn a smile and nudges Ric as he does the same a little more forced "Sounds good we will be down shortly" Flynn smiled as Cassie and Ric as they walked up the stairs. Cassie was excited for a fresh start hoping Flynn would invite then to stay longer while Ric still didn't trust him

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Chapter 6

When Ric and Cassie are out of earshot Sally looks at Flynn "What is the story?" Flynn knows his wife have questions but he also knew he wasn't giving up on Cassie or Ric "They are the runaway kids Leah was talking about." Sally looks at her husband "What their story? Why run?" Flynn knows he needs to tell her the truth "Cassie uncle was abusive too her and Ric and her wanted to get out so they ran". Sally smiles "So they are siblings" Flynn shakes his head "No they aren't Cassie mum took Ric in and when she died they were forced to live with her uncle then Cassie told Ric the truth and they ran". Sally takes in the information " You want to take then in don't you". Flynn nods "I want to protect then both particularly Cassie no kids their age should be alone going through this. So what do you say" Sally smiles knowing what her husband is asking "I'm saying they can stay. This house have a traditional of taking kids in and that isn't going to change." Flynn smiles glad to know he wouldn't have to give up on these kids.

Ric and Cassie walk downstairs to see Sally and Flynn smiling as Sally looks at the pair "Ready for dinner" Cassie smiles "Of course and I'm sorry if having us here is hard for you. I know you were put on  the spot". Sally looks at the teenagers "Guys in this house we help kids that need us and you do" The pair smile grateful. Ric even is realizing maybe Sally and Flynn are good people maybe Cassie was right and they could find a home here. Cassie looks at Flynn "Does she know why we ran?" Flynn nods "I hope that is ok" Cassie nods as Sally looks at the pair "You guys are welcome to stay as long as you like. Flynn and I are here for you and to help you whenever you need it" Ric smiles at Sally "Thank you we both appreciate that".

After dinner Flynn and Cassie walked outside deciding to have a chat just the two of then. Flynn looked at the teenager as they both took a seat "You sure you didn't mind me telling Sally." Cassie smiles "Of course not besides if he finds me, it is better she knows about him". Flynn can see Cassie fear "Cassie even if he does find you, I will not let him hurt you."  Cassie "No one will stop him Flynn" Flynn can see how upset she is and gets up and hugs her "The difference is now you have Ric and I to protect you. I know I won't let you get hurt and he won't even he cares about you" Cassie returns the hug and whispers "Thank you". Cassie was beyond grateful that she had met Flynn.

Ric and Sally were sitting in the lounge room when Ric looks at the older female "I am sorry we put you were put on the spot but Cassie was determined to stay here" Sally shows Ric a smile "Flynn was pretty determined to have you both here". Ric knows that Cassie is something who never gives up and what she wants "Well Cass never gives up when she wants something". Sally nods "Neither does Flynn but Ric please if your struggling come to us or particularly me, I do want to be here for you and to help you" Ric smiles "Of course I will thank you Sally". The pair smile at each other as they watch tv. 


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Chapter 7

It was 3am in the morning when Cassie walked down the stairs towards the lounge room after having a nightmare. She didn't want to wake anyone else so decided on keep the lights off. She knew that these nightmares wouldn't stop but she also didn't want to talk about as it meant going over what happened to her again and telling Ric well that was hard enough for her she wasn't sure she could tell anyone else without having a breakdown. Cassie had finally made herself comfortable on the couch when she heard footsteps, she immediately felt bad that she had woken someone up as that is exactly what she didn't want to do. The next minute she heard the light switch been pressed and it coming on before hearing a voice "Cassie" Cassie looks up and sees Flynn who immediately knew something was wrong "I didn't mean to wake you". Flynn walks towards Cassie and sits beside her "You didn't I wasn't asleep anyway, So what going on? Cause I can tell your not ok". Cassie can see Flynn concern but didn't want to burden him with this "It is nothing I just couldn't sleep that all" Flynn didn't buy that for a second "Tell me what is going on maybe I can help" Cassie gives Flynn a smile before showing a serious expression of her face "No one can help me not remembering this and before you say counselling I tried it". Flynn can see how much Cassie is struggling "How about we sit out here and watch a movie then in the morning we figure something out" Cassie smiles she likes the sound of that "That would be great." Flynn reaches for the remote and turns a movie on.

When Sally walks down stairs the next morning she spots a sleeping Flynn and Cassie on the couch. Cassie head is resting on Flynn shoulder and Sally can't help that smile she knew her husband was a great father with Pippa but she was starting to realize how much  he wanted to be that for Ric and Cassie too and that makes her happy as truth is she does like the idea of taking the two teenagers in even more since seeing Cassie and Flynn together and talking to Ric the previous night. Sally hears footsteps and then sees Ric "What going on Sally?" Sally points at Cassie and Flynn as Ric nods "How long have they been like that?" Ric was curious "I'm guessing all night" Ric smiles at that "I didn't even hear Cassie wake up I usually do and I calm her down after she have the nightmares". Sally looks at Ric "About what happened with her uncle?" Ric nods as the pair watch Flynn and Cassie.

It is a hour later when Flynn and Cassie wake up. Ric immediately grabbing Cassie hand and leading her outside "You could of came to me" Cassie can see his worry "I didn't want to wake anyone not even Flynn I sneak down and then he came to get a drink and knew something was up so I told him and he stayed with me." Ric is upset but hides however Cassie can read him like a book "Your always my number one supporter Ric. That won't change." Ric looks at Cassie "You promise?" Cassie nods as she walks over and hugs him "Of course I do. You have done so much for me" The pair smile as Ric holds Cassie in his arms.

As Cassie and Ric talk outside Sally sits  beside Flynn on the couch "Ric told me about the nightmares" Flynn nods "I figured. I seem kids struggle and need help but I have never seen someone as scared as Cassie she needs us Sally" Sally smiles and grabs his hand "So does Ric, which is why I think we should talk to then about fostering see if they want to live with us." Flynn smiles and kisses his wife "That sounds like a great idea".


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Chapter 8

When Cassie and Ric walked inside Flynn looked at the pair "Do you guys have a minute there is just something we would like to discuss with you guys?" Ric looks worried but nods "Sure". The four walk to the lounge room and all sit down. Ric wanting to know what this was about look at the pair "So are you going to tell us what this is about?" Before Sally gets the chance to say anything Cassie cuts in "Do we have to leave?" Cassie was hoping the answer was no as she felt safe here and it was the first time in a long time that she did, it is Flynn who decides to set Cassie mind at ease "No Cassie you don't it actually the opposite " Ric and Cassie are both confused and both at the same time ask the question "What do you mean?" Sally jumps in before Flynn can speak "We would like to foster you guys?". Within a second of Sally saying this Ric was up and out the door, Cassie got up to follow him but Sally looked at her "I'll will go" With that Sally grabbed her bag and wished out the door to find Ric.

Flynn wondered what Cassie thought of the idea he hoped she would agree to it as Flynn had grown fond and protective of her in a very short period of time but decided against saying anything instead showing Cassie a smile which she returns "Your wondering what I'm thinking of the idea right?" Flynn nods in response as Cassie continues "I love the sound of it. I don't know why but I feel safe here with you and Sally and kind of love which is the first since my mum died" Flynn can see Cassie sadness at the mention of her mum so gets up from where he is sitting and goes and sits beside Cassie "You will always be safe here Cassie, You are not alone and you are loved" Cassie smiles at Flynn "Thank you for listening to me at 3am, for putting up with Ric and I, for taking us in , well for everything" Flynn smiles at the teenager and hugs her "Of course. I wouldn't change any of it for the world".

Sally spotted Ric sitting on the sand and walked towards him before sitting beside him "So you don't want us to foster you out?" Ric shakes his head "No it isn't that. I worried if you foster us out Cassie won't need me anymore". Sally knew he cared about Cassie but never knew how much she meant to him.  She looked at Ric "Cassie will always need you Ric. You guys have gone through so much together and that brings you closer. No one else can imagine what you guys went through she will always count you as her number one and her main support" Ric looks at Sally "You really think so?" Sally smiles as she stands up "I know so now how about we go and tell Flynn and Cassie you will be staying with us" Ric smiles and gets up now reassured about Cassie "Yeah let's do it" The two walk off the beach and towards the house. Ric knows a whole new chapter of his and Cassie lives were about to begin.

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Chapter 9

Ric and Sally walked in the house and the moment Cassie spots Ric she gets up and runs into his arms and hugs him tightly to which he return as a smiling Sally and nervous Flynn watch on. Cassie looks at Ric wanting to know what they are doing. Cassie really hoped they were staying as she didn't want to leave the bay or Flynn but also knew Ric came first so she would do anything for him even leave the one place that felt like home to her for the first time in a long time. Ric smiles at Cassie "We are staying" Cassie hugs Ric again "Thank you" Ric gives Cassie a looking and knows he wants to give an explanation nods before following him outside.

The pair walk outside and Cassie shuts the door before sitting on the chair with her arms cross "So are you going to tell me why you ran off cause if you needed time all you had to do was say" Ric nods "It wasn't that I needed time it was" Ric stops himself from speaking worried he would say too much and upset Cassie. Cassie looks at Ric confused "Then what was it?" Ric goes quiet not wanting to admit the truth. When he didn't speak Cassie knew she needed to ask again "Ric tell me what it was" Ric looks at her "You want the truth?" Cassie nods as Ric continues "I was scared of losing you, I thought us living here meant you didn't need me anymore as you would have other people". Cassie looks at Ric she feels bad as she had no idea Ric felt like this. She stands up and walks towards Ric grabbing his hand "We have been through so much together Ric and I will always need you cause you are the one person I know I can go to for anything and not be judged. You are my person Ric". Ric smiles at this feeling reassured "And you are mine" The pair smile before hugging each other.

As Cassie and Ric talked outside Sally and Flynn were doing the exact same thing inside "So are you going to tell me why Ric ran off?" Sally shakes her head at her husband "It is Ric story to tell and only if he wants too Flynn". Flynn looks at his wife "I want to understand maybe even help" Sally understands but he wants to do that but Ric asked  her to keep it quiet "Look how about you focus on Cassie and I will on Ric as it seems like Cassie trusts you more and Ric does me just until we get to know then more and they trust us both". Flynn nods knowing his wife is always right and besides he knew how much Cassie needed him.

It was half a hour later when Flynn and Cassie were walking to the diner to get coffee when Flynn asked the question "Are you and Ric ok?" Cassie nods "We are now that I understand what was going on. It is kind of a long story actually" Flynn nods in understanding as he hears someone calling his name and stops in his tracks "Dan hi" Cassie waits in silence not wanting to interrupt but it isn't long before Dan notices her "Who this?" Cassie not trusting many guys rested her head on Flynn shoulder "This is Cassie, Sally and I are fostering her out". Dan nods surprised at this as he thought their focus would be Pippa "Did Cassie have anything to do with yours and Leah private chats recently? The chats she refuses to tell me about" Cassie is getting more nervous by the minute and before Flynn can even say a word he sees Cassie lifting her head on his shoulder and running towards the beach. Flynn is now following suit hoping that among the people at the beach Cassie would be easy to find and that he would be able to fix whatever just happened or at least help Cassie through it.

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Chapter 10

Flynn walks along the beach and can't find Cassie anywhere until he spots a figure under the pier as he walks closer he realizes it Cassie and breathes a sigh of relief knowing he can worry a little less now. Flynn walked towards her "Is this a private gathering or can anyone join?" Cassie looks up at the sound of his voice "It a private event but you are welcome to join". Flynn smiles before walking closer and sitting beside Cassie on the sand "So I'm guessing your wondering why I ran off?" Flynn nods "I am but if you don't want to talk about it that is fine but Cassie remember I'm always here for you" Cassie rests her head on Flynn shoulder "I know you are and it wasn't you, your not the reason I ran off." Flynn looks at the teenager "That much I figured out". Cassie takes a breath "That guy reminds me so much of my uncle pushing for answers not stopping until he knows the truth hell he even looks like my uncle did when I was younger, I was standing there scared Flynn" Cassie completely broke down as she spoke and Flynn pulled her into his arms and just held her as she cried. Cassie looked up "Thank you for listening and letting me become a complete mess" Flynn nudges her and she does the same back "Always Cassie." Cassie needs to ask Flynn one more thing before they head back "This can it stay between us, I don't want Ric worrying about me again". Flynn nods in agreement

Meanwhile Dan walked in the diner and smiles at his wife before eagerly waiting for her to focus on him so he could ask the question he wanted an answer too and soon enough her attention on him "What on your mind?" Dan hopes now he might get an answer "I saw a girl with Flynn earlier and I was wondering who she is" Leah knowing exactly who it is but doesn't get why Dan wants to know "Why would it even matter?" Dan now knows Leah knows something "Tell me Leah?" Leah agrees not that she is happy about telling him but she figures just her name won't hurt "Her name is Cassie and that all I'm saying about her" Dan doesn't understand why his own wife was keeping something from him "Why won't you tell me more?" Leah is getting cross and she is fired up "Her life is none of your business or mine and why she is with Flynn is none of yours if either Cassie or Flynn want to tell you anything they will but if they don't you won't be pushing then on the matter are we clear?" Dan nods he hates it when his wife gets fired up so decides to leave it for now anyway

Sally and Ric were sitting on the couch and Sally had one question she wanted to know so decided to ask Ric while the house was less crowded "Can I ask you something?" Ric nods "How did you and Cassie meet?" Ric knew that question would be asked at somepoint and he also knew it meant revealing what happened to him which scared him "Cassie and I went to school together well when I could actually go, you see my dad used to hit me pretty badly so I had to skip school allot cause of the pain I was in. Cassie and I were in the same classes but we weren't close however one day after my dad hit me she spotted the bruise on me and convinced me to talk her and for some reason I agree and we have been like glue ever since then when her mum found out why we become close and what happened to me she took us in about a year later she died and Cassie's uncle took us in and you know the rest". Sally nods seeing how hard it was for Ric to talk about and hugged him "Just know Flynn and I won't ever hurt you guys" Ric nods "I know it something I figured out the first moment I met you guys. I know your good people" Sally smiles at Ric and he returns one.

Ric and Sally were waiting patiently for the pair at home and when Flynn and Cassie walked in the door they breathe a sigh of relief "You two took a while?" Cassie looks at a worried Ric before back at Flynn "We just went for a walk and talked about life that all" Sally and Ric both nod after all that what they had been doing while Flynn and Cassie were out. Sally then heard the oven go off and walked over to serve dinner for the family. It was their first dinner as a proper family

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