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Becoming A Family

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Note- I would like to say thank you for all reading and commenting. This fanfiction has four more chapters left so you will find out what happens. I have also started a second fanfiction as I'm overlapping then a bit it is called Is he really the love of my life? If you guys had the chance and would like to read and give feedback on this story too I would be grateful.


Chapter 21

Cassie hadn't slept a wink that night truth was she was scared of seeing her uncle but at the same time she knew she had to end all of this for good and she had came up with a plan to do that. She just hoped it worked so it could all be over.

It was a few hours later when she walked downstairs to see Sally and Flynn talking with Dan which made her relived as it meant she could talk to Dan about her plan and get hopefully his and Peter help to make sure it is over for good. Cassie smiles at the group "Dan do you have a few minutes?" Dan nods and is straight away worry as he known Cassie long enough to tell when she was planning something and for some reason he had a feeling it might not end well and that something he didn't want to happen as Cassie had been through enough recently.

Once Dan and Cassie were outside she closed the door so Sally and Flynn wouldn't hear. Dan was worried "What is going on?" Cassie takes a breath "I have a plan to get rid of my uncle for good but I need yours and Peter help and please don't tell Flynn or Sally about this." Dan was curious but worried at the same time "What is the plan?" Cassie smiles glad he asked the question "I wear a wire which records it and get him to admit it with Peter and you hiding in the distance to make sure I'm safe and so Peter can arrest him" Dan knows that if Peter and him are around to see what going on it could be a good idea "I will call Peter and make it happen". Dan quickly got his phone out and dialed Peter number. Once off the phone call he gives Cassie a nod and she knows what to do straight away.

It is a hour later when Cassie walks down to the beach wearing a wire while Peter and Dan hide nearby. Cassie was nervous to confront her uncle alone but she knew it would be over for good and soon she would never have to see him again "Cassie" she hears her uncle voice and turns around "I heard you have been looking for me" Her uncle nods "You shouldn't ran off" Cassie can see her uncle cross "You shouldn't hurt me" Cassie is getting very fired up now "You never loved me or mum you hurt us your own family we didn't deserve that". Peter had heard enough and ran out with Dan following. Peter tackled her uncle to the ground " I'm  Peter Baker and Your under arrest for hurting two miners and your sister" Peter cuffs him as Cassie immediately runs into Dan's arms. "I didn't admit anything to you" Cassie sees her uncle looking snug "Yes you did we heard you admit it. Cassie was wearing a wire" Her uncle looked crossed "How could you do it?" Dan held Cassie as he looked at her uncle "How could you hurt then?" Peter dragged her uncle away as Dan holds a crying Cassie "It over Cassie you will never get hurt again" Cassie nods as Dan holds her tightly "Your safe Cass" Cassie smiles at Dan "I know it is all finally over" Dan nods as the pair hug both relieved to see her uncle getting put away for good.

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Chapter 22

Sally and Flynn were talking in the kitchen when Ric came down "Did Cassie say where her and Dan were going?" Flynn shakes his head "No but they do have lots to catch up on" Ric nods knowing Flynn is right but can't shake the feeling there is something else too "I just think there is more to it"  Flynn looks at the worried teenager as the phone rings. Sally walks over and answers it "Summer Bay caravan park Sally speaking" Sally pauses as she listens the reply "We are on our way" She then hangs up as Ric and Flynn look at her "Ric was right there was more too this" Flynn is confused "Why what happened?" Sally takes a breath "Cassie's uncle is arrested. She is making a statement now we need to go" Without a second to process anything Ric runs outside towards the car as Flynn grabs the keys then follows him with Sally close behind him.

Meanwhile at the police station Cassie is sitting in the interview room with Dan sitting beside her and Peter on the other side. Peter can see Cassie is nervous so wants to get it over with as quickly as he can for her "So when did it start Cassie?" Cassie takes a breath "When I was about seven but he hurt my mum pretty much her whole life she admitted it too me the day before she died" Peter can see this is hard but needs to ask this question to make sure he is locked away "Cassie I need to know but how did he hurt you" Cassie grabs Dan hand for support and he holds her too "At first he punched me all the time then the verbal abuse came in and as I become older he tried to force me to sleep with him and he kissed me" Cassie was now crying as Dan reached over and hugged her which she return "I think that is enough for now. You sign this statement and then you can go. Your uncle will be charged for everything he have done to you" Cassie nods as she tries to calm herself down with some help from Dan.

Flynn, Ric and Sally ran into the police station and saw an officer at the counter as Flynn speaks "We got a call about Cassie Turner" The cop nods "She is making a statement to Peter she shouldn't be too much longer" They all nod as Sally asks the question "So do you have any clue what her uncle will be charged with?" The officer shakes her head "Peter will fill you in when him and Cassie come out here" The three all nod as they sit on the chairs waiting for Cassie.

It is shortly after when Cassie comes out of the office with Peter and Dan both behind her and the minute Ric spots her he runs towards her picking her up and holding her in his arms. "I'm fine now" Ric smiles "I know I just wished you had told me" Cassie hugs Ric tightly "I know and I'm sorry but it will be over soon" Sally and Flynn then walk over and Cassie lets go of Ric giving Sally a hug before running into Flynn arms and buries her head in his chest as Flynn holds her. Sally looks at Peter "What will he be charged with?" Peter looks at the group "Both physical and verbal abuse as well as attempt to sexuality assault a miner." Peter pauses as the group take in the information before he looks at Ric "Dan told me he hurt you a few times if you make a statement it will help in court" Ric nods "Anything to help Cassie and get him locked away" Peter looks at Sally and Flynn this time "One of you need to go in with him" Sally looks at Flynn and knows he won't leave Cassie "I will go. You and Dan take Cassie home" Flynn nods as he looks at Cassie who nods at Ric as Flynn hands Sally the keys and walks out of the station with Dan and an upset Cassie.


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Chapter 23

Flynn and Dan arrived home with an emotional  Cassie in Flynn arms "What he doesn't get put away? Flynn hears the fear in Cassie's voice "He will I will make sure he does" Dan then jumps in "Peter is pretty confidence he will be getting some sort of time". Cassie lets go of Flynn and looks at both men "But what if he doesn't he will come after me" Dan sits down and feels guilty for ever leaving Cassie behind "Either way You will have an avo set against him so he isn't allow near you" Cassie stands up and is crying "That won't stop him nothing will" Dan and Flynn both know Cassie won't calm down until she knows her uncle is put away but still wants to give her reassurance  "No matter what happens Dan and I will be here for you and to protect you" Cassie smiles at Flynn "Yeah Flynn right and that won't change" Cassie walks over to the men and wraps one arm around both of then "Thank you for everything" The men speak in union "Always".

It is a hour later when Dan, Flynn and Cassie are sitting on the couch anxiously waiting for Ric and Sally to return when the door finally opens and Ric appears. Cassie immediately gets up and runs into his arms not letting go and he holds her tightly "How did your statement go?" Ric knew Cassie would ask that quickly "Yeah good Peter said he will let us know what is happening by the end of the day". Cassie smiles "Good cause I couldn't wait much longer then that" Ric and Cassie pull out of the hug as Ric looks at Cassie "I know me neither".

The hours that followed were slow as Ric, Sally, Flynn and Dan were trying to tell Cassie that it would all be ok even those they weren't quite sure that was entirely true but they all hoped that it would be. "I just want to know" Everybody looks at Cassie as she speaks. Ric immediately grab her hand as she rests her head on Flynn shoulder. Flynn gets why Cassie wants to know he does too and if he was honest he wanted to punch the guy "I know you do Cassie and we will soon" Cassie felt better hearing that from Flynn and she hoped it was soon they found out and not hours.

It was a hour later when there was a knock at the door. Dan got up and opened it to see his brother and breathed a sigh of relief "Finally come in" Peter can see Dan relieved "Yeah well I wanted to make sure it was sorted first". Cassie looks at the cop as he walks towards her "And is it" Peter nods "From both your and Ric statement we have enough to charge him and we have him locked up however he can apply for bail but even if it does he can't come near you" Cassie takes in every word Peter says "And if he does get it and comes near me" Peter looks at the worried teenager "If he does he will be in lockup and not allowed bail". Cassie nods as Peter looks at Sally and Flynn "I will leave you guys to it and I will update you more once I know more". Peter then walks out the door as Cassie walks in a different direction.

Flynn walks outside to see Cassie sitting on a chair with her legs crossed. He grabs the other chair and sits beside her "Want to talk about it?" Cassie finally realizes Flynn is there and looks up "Is it awful that all I want is for it to be over?" Flynn shakes his head "Of course not and I promise you it will very soon" Cassie nods "I hope so I will feel allot better once he is locked up" Flynn smiles at Cassie "I think we all would." Cassie gets up and sits on the arm of Flynn chair as she leans over and hugs him "Thank you for being here for me" Flynn smiles as he hugs Cassie back "Always Cassie and I will be no matter what happens. Cassie and Flynn both smile as they hug. Cassie also knows that she finally got a dad. She knew Flynn wasn't her real dad but right now she wished he was.

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Chapter 24

It is later that afternoon while Sally, Flynn, Cassie and Ric are talking when they hear a knock on the door. Ric gets up and opens it and breathes a sigh of relief as he sees Peter "Hey come in" Ric moves up of the way going and sitting beside Cassie as Peter walks in. Straight away Cassie is concerned "Is everything ok?" Peter walks towards the family and smiles "Yeah for once I come with good news". Cassie now wants to know if that means she won't have to deal with her uncle again "Well what is it?" Peter focuses his eyes on Cassie "It's over Cassie your uncle confessed" Peter watched Cassie reaction and could tell she was shocked before looking at Ric who had the same expression on his face as Cassie. However he did find the words to actually ask Peter "What made him confess?" Peter knew that question was coming "Some girl named Gabby came to the station and convinced him I don't know how" Cassie looked at Peter "Thank you and that explains why he confessed I mean he loves Gabby so if doing that means he had a chance with her of course he would do it" Peter looks back at Cassie again and Cassie knows there is something else "What is it?" Peter handed her a letter "He said he is going to stay away from both of you but he wants you to read this" Cassie nods and smiles "Thank you Peter for everything" Peter smiles "Of course Cassie anytime" Peter smiles at the four "I will leave you guys to it" Peter walks towards the door and as he is about to leave Flynn stops him "Peter thanks for everything" Peter smiles at the doctor "Of course" before walking out.

It is twenty minutes later when Ric shuts the door to the house and walks outside to see Cassie  reading the letter "Can I ask what he said?" Cassie nods but hands Ric the letter so he can read it for himself "Do you believe he means what he says?" Cassie thought about the question Ric asked and to be honest she knew the answer would surprise him "Yeah for once I do. He never been honest before to me and in this letter he completely honest" Ric nods in agreement "Yeah it did seem sincere but I will admit I'm glad that part of our lives is over" Cassie smiles at Ric "Yeah so am I". Ric walks closer to Cassie who stands up and wraps her arms around him which he does the same "I couldn't gotten through this without you" Ric smiles at what Cassie says as he holds her "Yeah well I will always be here for you" Cassie knew that he would be "Yeah and I will be for you always".

Inside Flynn looks at Sally "I think now this bad stuff is over we should talk to then about what we were talking about before her uncle came" Sally smiles and nods in agreement "Yeah me too. Going through that with Cassie and Ric made me realize how much I love then and how much they mean to me. I don't want to lose then Flynn" Flynn walks over to his wife and kisses her "Neither do I" The pair then hug and wait for Cassie and Ric to come inside so they can discuss things with then.

When Cassie and Ric come inside Sally immediately wants to check on Cassie "Are you ok? Did reading the letter help?" Cassie nods "I know that part of my life over and can't wait to start a new chapter of my life" Flynn smiles at the teenagers "I'm glad to hear that because Sally and I had an idea we would like to run by you". Ric and Cassie both nod as Ric looks at the adults "Sure what is it?" Sally smiles "How would you feel about staying here for good and Flynn and I adopting you both" The teenagers immediately smile as Cassie hugs Flynn and Ric hugs Sally. Cassie then looks over at Sally "That would be amazing" Ric then jumps in "Yeah we couldn't ask for better parents then you two" This makes Sally and Flynn both smile as Ric and Cassie finally pull out of the hug "And we couldn't ask for better kids." Sally smiles as she looks at Cassie and Ric "We will get this adoption stuff sorted as soon as we can cause we can't bear to lose you guys" Cassie smiles at Sally "And we can't bear to lose you guys" The group then get into a hug all smiling and happy.

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Chapter 25

It was now a month later and today was the day that Cassie was going to find out the verdict about her uncle and that all four of then were going to find out if Sally and Flynn application to adopt Cassie and Ric was going to be approved which was something all four of then were nervous and anxious to find out as they didn't want to lose each other after growing closer in the past month.

Cassie was pacing in the lounge room as Flynn, Ric and Sally watched on. Flynn stood up and walked towards the teenager "How about you sit down for a bit?" Cassie shakes her head truth was she was nervous "I can't. I just wish Peter would come and tell us a verdict already". Sally looked at the teenager "Regretting not going to court?" Cassie immediately shakes her head "Testifying and seeing him was hard enough I couldn't go through any of it again." Sally, Flynn and Ric all nodded in understanding knowing how much court sucked "It will all be over soon Cass" She looked at Ric "Yeah well I really hope you are right". Cassie walks to the couch and finally sits down with Flynn sits beside her. She was still nervous those.

It was a hour later when they heard a knock at the door. Sally got up and opened it to see both Dan and Peter there "Peter, Dan please come in" The pair walk in as Ric looks at then "Please tell us it is over. I mean Cassie freaking out over here". Dan laughs as he knows exactly what that would be like "Yeah that would be right". Both Dan and Peter stand infront of the four and Peter looks at Cassie "It is over. He is sentenced to five years in prison with a non parole period of three years" As soon as Cassie hears that she gets a huge smile on her face for the first time in a long time she felt happy. She immediately gets up and hugs Peter and Dan "Thank you both for everything" The brothers respond in union "Of course Cassie" Peter and Dan decide they should leave the family to it as they it should just be the four of then when they hear the other news no matter what the outcome "We will leave you to it" They nod at Dan statement as him and Peter walk out the door all four saying "Thank you for everything "before they leave. 

When they are gone Cassie sits back down beside Flynn who looks at her "How do you feel?" Cassie smiles "Happy it is over. I just hope our other news will be just as good as this one." Sally smiles at Cassie then Ric "I'm sure it will be". As soon as Sally says that the phone rings and Sally smiles at the group going and answering it knowing that this call could be the ones that makes then a family.

Sally picks up the phone "Hello" She then listens to what the caller is saying and smiles "That is amazing thank you" The others listen into the call hoping it is the call they are all waiting for and that it is the good news. "Thank you so much this means so much to all of us" With that the call is ended and Sally hangs up the phone.

Sally walks towards Cassie, Ric and Flynn who are waiting anxiously "Please tell us that was the call we were waiting for" Sally could hear the worry in Ric voice "Yeah it was". The three look at Sally eager for an answer and speak in union "So?" Sally immediately smiles "The application been improved. You are both officially ours". Cassie, Ric and Flynn smiles are all just as big as Sally now and Ric gets up and hugs Sally as Cassie hugs Flynn before Ric goes and man hugs Flynn and Sally and Cassie hug. Ric is the one that says it "We are officially a proper family now". Flynn looks at him and smiles "Yeah we are and nothing is going to change that". The group then get into a group hug ready for the next chapter of their lives to begin as a family.

The end

Note- Thank you everyone for reading Becoming A Family. I have appreciated everyone support whether you read the story or read and commented. In a couple of days the squeal to Becoming A Family will have It first chapter uploaded and that story will be called Now A Family so keep an eye out for fanfiction if you want to find out what happens next for Sally, Flynn, Cassie and Ric.






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