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Love and Protection


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Story Title:  Love and Protection
Type of story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Colby , Jasmine, Bella ,Justin, Leah, Dean & Ziggy
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary:  When Tori and Justin find out that Ranae is out and after then yet again and that they must run. Will they tell their loved ones or leave then behind in hopes they will be safe? Will Tori tell Christian about her past or will she hurt him?


Chapter 1

Tori couldn't be happier everything with Christian was going well, Justin was fully recovered and him and Leah were loved up more then ever however what Tori didn't know was that was all about to change.

Tori, Leah and Justin were at home when their was a knock at the door. Justin opened it to see a worried looking Colby. "Guys I have some bad news" This makes the trio look at Colby "Ranae she escaped and from what her inmates said she is after the two of you" Tori gets up and starting walking around "This can't be true. This can't be happening" Justin can see Tori is stressing and he feels a hand on his it Leah's reassuring him she is here "I feel sick" Colby feels bad he knows they have been through enough "The only option is witness protection. I know you have done this before but you need too again" Tori and Justin nod as Tori speaks "Grace can come right?" Colby nods "Grace and Leah both can. We got people to let Brody and Raffy know what happening but we don't think they are in danger" The pair nod as Colby speaks again "I'm coming with you" This makes Tori smile she knows they will be protected if they have Colby there. She runs over and hugs him "Thank you so much" Colby smiles "As if i would let you go through this alone" Tori then remembers "What about Bella and Jasmine? They need you" Colby looks at Tori and Justin "I gave then the option to come with us and they are. Dean and Ziggy are too" Tori smiles at this and so does Justin then Tori speaks "Good everyone we care about we don't have to leave" Justin looks at Tori "What about Christian?" Tori looks at the group "He doesn't know about my past and he can't so he is staying here" Leah speaks "So your going to leave him without an explanation " Tori nods "I have to. When do we leave?" Colby speaks "Tomorrow so get packing" The group nod as Colby leaves and Justin walks over to Tori hugging her tightly.

It is shortly after Tori finishes packing when she hears the bedroom door opens and sees Christian she can't help that smile and she also knows she needs to make the last night with him special as she doesn't know when she will see him again. Tori walks over to Christian and kisses him full of passion and love "Please remember that I will always love you" Christian looks at his fiance "I will always love you too" Tori smiles and kisses him again, It killed her that this was her last night with Christian but she was glad that he didn't know that it was or the reason why it was. "Can you hold me?" Christian smiles at Tori "Always" Christian and Tori lay on the bed as Christian holds Tori in his arms. She feels completely safe in this moment and she feel loved and right now even with everything that happening she was happy.

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Chapter 2

It is later that night when Tori wakes up and walks out to the kitchen to see her brother "I can't believe we are leaving this place tomorrow" Justin nods "I can't believe we are going through again and that I am bailing on Christian and that your lying to him" Unaware to the pair Christian walks out of the bedroom and is walking along the hallway when he hears voices he couldn't hear what they were saying until he walked closer there was a silence as he did that before he heard his fiancé voice "I'm doing this to protect Christian from this" Justin nods "He will be heartbroken" Tori nods "I know and that kills me but it is bad enough for us. If Leah didn't know already would you have told her?" Justin shakes his head "No i would want to protect her ok i get your point. Your protecting him " At this point Christian walks out "I don't need protection, What is going on guys?" The pair remain silent just looking at each other not saying a word when Tori and Justin both get a text alerting then that Ryder was coming too as Bella wanted a friend and they knew that was fair enough.

Justin decides to leave Tori and Christian to it at this point. Tori walks over to Christian and kisses him "You are everything to me" Christian smiles at this "You are everything to me. I never ever want to lose you" Tori smiles as she kisses him before looking at him "You won't I promise" Tori couldn't believe the promise she just made she was going to break in a matter of hours. However she knew she was doing the right thing he deserved better then been on the run with her his whole life. He have a career and he lived a life without her before and can do that again. Tori grabs Christian hand and leads him to the bedroom as the pair hold each other and fall asleep

Meanwhile at Bella and Colby place the pair are sitting in the lounge room "Thank you for letting Ryder come too. I need someone my own age too" Colby smiles "Of course kiddo and besides we could use his bar skills" Bella laughs at that "Yeah that will come in handy, selfishly I glad this happened cause it means I can just leave with no explanation and not have to stay and dump Nikau" Colby nods "I know things haven't been easy recently I didn't realize it had come to that" Bella hugs her brother tightly "Well he didn't get that you come first to me and that you are all i have" Colby smiles hugging Bella back "You come first to me as well kiddo forever and always"

At Dean and Ziggy place the pair are having one last look around "Thanks Zig for coming and understanding why I need to go" Ziggy smiles as she wraps her arms around Dean "Of course I get it Bella and Colby are your family and you don't want to leave then just like i don't want to leave you, Tori and Justin" Dean smiles as Ziggy kisses him "I really going to miss this place" Ziggy nods "Me too we have such great memories here" Dean nods "Yeah we do but it is time to make new ones" With that the pair smile as they hold each other

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Chapter 3

It is the next morning when Tori walks out to the kitchen spotting Leah and Justin "Are you guys ready for this?" Justin looks at Tori "We should be asking you that. Are you ready to leave Christian behind?" Tori shakes her head "I never will be but I know I'm doing the right thing" Leah cuts Tori off "If Justin did this it to me it would kill me, I get that you want to keep him safe but isn't it his call what he risks just like is my call" Tori shakes her head "No because he doesn't know about any of it or who I really am and I can't I won't tell him" Leah goes to speak but Tori cuts her off "His last memories of me need to be happy ones Leah" Leah nods sure she doesn't agree but she knows Tori got a point. The three grab their and Grace's stuff so they can head to Colby and before Tori leaves she puts a letter on the table for Christian.

Meanwhile at Colby's place Bella and Ryder are saying farewell to Alf who knew what was happening due to Ryder going and Tori and Justin wanting him to know. "I will miss you gramps" Alf nods "You too. All three of you now look after him Bella" Bella smiles "Always I promise" Colby looks at Alf "We will keep in touch with Irene and you we promise you both that" Colby smiles as he shakes Alf hand as Irene walks in the door with Jasmine behind her carrying her stuff. Bella walks over hugging Irene "Thank you for everything" Irene smiles "Of course. I am always here for all of you"  The group smile at that as Irene gives everyone hugs.

Leah, Justin and Tori take one last look at the bay as they see Ziggy and Dean who smile "Ready for a new adventure boss" Justin smiles "You bet. I am so glad you are coming" Ziggy smiles "Me too" With that the group start walking towards the apartment.

When they arrive they immediately spot Irene and Alf, Leah runs over and hugs Irene while Tori walks over to Alf "Thank you for everything you have done for my family" Alf smiles "And you for mine" Tori smiles "Look Christian he doesn't know about any of this. Can you look after him for me?" Alf nods "Of course I will,. When I call i will let you know how he is going" Tori smiles "That would be great" Justin walked over to Alf so Tori knew to leave oftening him one last smile.

Tori then walked over to Colby and hugged him "Ready for a crazy life Colbs" Colby nods "As ready as I will ever be " The duo smile as Jasmine walks over "You guys will be the dream team" They nod to this as Jasmine looks around "Here it all goes again" Tori nods "Yeah I guess so."

The group walk out the apartment and all give Alf and Irene one last hug before getting into a van and driving away from the bay,

Meanwhile at the Morgan's Christian wakes up surprised to not see Tori by his side. He gets up and walks to the kitchen spotting a letter on the table with Tori writing he picks it and opens it unaware that what he is about to read will change his life forever 

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Chapter 4

Christian sat down on the table and unfolded the letter as he began to read it

"To Christian

I'm sorry I'm doing this as a letter but there was no other way. I have to go away for a while so do Justin and Leah. We have taken Grace with us. I can't begin to explain to why as it is just too hard and I know you won't understand why I am doing this or why I didn't ask you to come and I don't expect you too

I know you were wondering what Justin and I were talking about when we said about protecting you and truth is me going away for a bit is to not only protect you but is to make sure it is safe for you and us

I don't know how long I will be gone but I know I cannot let you wait for me as that isn't fair on you or on me. You need to go back to a life without me. I am sorry for everything I am putting you through Christian. I know you won't get any of this and I am sorry but it is better for you if you don't have me in your life.

Please remember I will always love you. You will always be in my heart

Love Tori"

Christian held the letter he couldn't believe what he read and Tori was right about one thing he didn't get any of this and why she why all three of then suddenly left. Christian knew there was more to this then a trip away and he also knew even those Tori wanted him to move on he couldn't as she was everything to him.

Christian got his phone out and called Tori however it went straight to voicemail so he decided to leave a message

"Tori it is me look I don't know what that letter was about but I love you and i'm worried about you. I need to know that you are ok that Grace is ok. " Christian takes a breath before speaking "The letter it gives me the impression there to this then a trip away Tori I don't know what the deal is or why you think I need protecting because I don't all I need is you. I don't know where you have gone or what the deal is but I love you Tori and I am not giving up on you on us"

With that Christian ends the call and grabs his keys deciding he needs to go for a walk, clear his head and figure out what the hell was going on

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Chapter 5

Christian was walking along the beach when Alf spots him and walks over "How are you?" Christian looks at Alf "Honestly I would be alot better if i knew where my fiance is" Alf realizes he read Tori letter "You read the letter. Tori mentioned it, asked me to make sure you were ok" Christian was surprised that Alf knew and why he would and Christian didn't "You knew she was going away" Alf nods "I saw her as she was leaving" Alf knew it wasn't entirely true but Tori wanted Christian to be protected "I tried calling her but she didn't answer" Alf nods " She will call you mate" Christian nods "I hope you are right I really do"

The group arrived at the safehouse a few hours earlier and had just finished unpacking. Tori walked in her room and put her phone on the charge however it flashed and Tori could see there was a voicemail from Christian. She knew she needed to listen to it after all she already missed him. Tori unplugged the phone typed in the password and played the voicemail. As Tori listened to what Christian said it made her realize how much she loved him and that even those this was killing her and him that she was doing the right thing in protecting him and keeping him safe.

Tori knew she needed a minute before going back out. She heard the door to her room open then close as Colby walked in and sat beside her "I never thought I would leave him" Colby moves closer and hugs Tori "I know you didn't. Do you regret not telling him?" Tori shakes her head " No I don't I know I am doing the right thing not telling him after all I am protecting him" Colby looks at her "But you miss him" Tori nods " Every minute of everyday. I love him" Colby nods as Tori speaks again "He left me a message and he said how much he loved me and truth is i love him more then anything" Colby nods "That is why your doing this leaving him it is to protect him :" Tori nods "Yeah I know. I just need a hug" Colby nods as he pulls Tori into a hug and holds her

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Chapter 6

It is now the day two at the safehouse and Tori have just woken up, She grabs her phone and immediately go to the gallery and looks at the photos of her and Christian. She misses him like crazy and she knows she probably won't ever see him again but she also knows she can't stop loving him.

Shortly after Tori walks out to see Jasmine sitting alone so she walks over "No one else up" Jasmine shakes her head "No so tell me how are you doing not having Christian here" Tori sits next to Jasmine "Honestly I miss him like crazy but I know I'm doing the right thing protecting him " Jasmine nods "I get it I do after all we have both done it before and Robbo did it for us to" Tori nods "I wish he was here Jas" Jasmine smiles as she pulls Tori into a hug "I know me too" 

Dean meanwhile have just woken up and as he can see a sleeping Ziggy lay beside him he decides to go and chat to Bella. He knocks on the teenage door before hearing her voice "Come in?" Dean opens the door and walks in to see Bella laying in bed. Dean goes over laying beside her "Colby been so worried about Tori i figured he haven't checked in with you and I wanted to check in see how your doing?" Bella smiles as she rests her head on Dean chest "I have you, Colby and Ryder and everyone is safe so that all I need" . Dean knows there something else "Bella what is it?" Bella looks at Dean before speaking "Nikau won't stop calling I told him we are done and I left but he won't stop even after I blocked his number" Dean can see this is making the teenage upset "I will call Ari and get him to sort it out" Bella smiles "Thanks Dean" Dean smiles as Bella rests on him and hugs him "Always I'm glad i have you" Dean smiles "I'm glad i have you too"

Meanwhile in Justin room him and Leah had just woken up. "How do you think Tori coping without Christian?" The question Justin asked didn't surprise Leah "I don't think she is. It is clear she misses him" Justin nods as Leah speaks again "I don't get why she didn't tell him" Justin however gets it "She wants to protect him the same way I want to protect you. She didn't tell him cause she wants him to be safe and not waste his life running away with her" Leah gets it a bit more "I get that but shouldn't she given him the option "She scared of losing him it to riskly" Leah looks at Justin "But she lost him now anyway"


Back in the bay Christian had woken up after his first night without Tori. He was missing her and Grace like crazy and right now would do anything he could to get her back. Christian was really struggling without Tori and the fact she wasn't by his side was killing him. At this point he knew he was going to do whatever it took to have her come back here and be with him.  He knows Tori said to not wait for her but he was going to he loved her. He in fact had decided he was going to find her

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Chapter 7

It was later that day when Ziggy saw Justin sitting alone outside and walked out and sat beside him "You ok?" Justin shakes his head "I can't believe this is happening again" Ziggy nods "I am so sorry that you guys have to handle this" Justin nods "It is harder for Tori" Ziggy looks at Justin "I'm surprised Christian isn't here" Justin gets why as everyone knows how loved up they are "Tori didn't tell him what going on she left him a letter" Ziggy is shocked "He must be heartbroken" Justin nods at this as Ziggy pulls him into a hug "I'm glad your here Zig" Ziggy smiles "I am glad to be here boss"

Tori walked in her bedroom grabbing her phone out and dialing Alf number. She is grateful when he answers straight away "How is he?" Alf can hear in her voice that she is worried "He is a mess Tori. All he wants is you" Tori nods "I miss him I do just look after him for me" Alf smiles as he replies "Of course Tori You got it just stay safe all of you and look after my grandson" Tori smiles "Of course" With that the call ends and the pair hang up

Meanwhile Bella and Ryder are sitting in her room "You know this is crazy right" Bella nods at her friend "Yeah but in a weird way i like it" Ryder nods "Yeah me too I mean we are safe for now. " Bella looks at him " You miss Alf and Roo" Ryder nods "Yeah but they are a phone call away and i have you here with me" Bella smiles at this as she wraps her arms around him and hugs him "You will always have me "

Jasmine walks in the kitchen to see Colby. She smiles at him "How are you Colby?" Colby smiles "I'm ok we are all safe that the main thing" Jasmine nods "I feel bad for Tori, she misses him so much" Colby looks at Jasmine "I know but she did the right thing she is protecting him" Jasmine nods "I just wish she could have both Christian with her and knowing he was safe" Colby smiles agreeing "Yeah me too"

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Chapter 8

Christian is shocked when he arrives at work to not only discover Tori resigned by Jasmine did too. He knew something was going on with Tori and that why they left but the fact was now he discovered Jasmine had gone too he was getting a bad feeling about this whole thing. He knew he couldn't stay at work when all he would be doing is worrying about his fiancé and not focusing on his patients.

Jasmine is folding washing at the safehouse when she hears her phone rings she gets it out of her pocket and is surprised to see that Christian is calling her. She presses answer as she walks to her room to take the call somewhere more private. Jasmine shuts the door then speaks "Christian hi" Christian is relived to hear Jasmine voice "Hey are you ok? I heard you left" Jasmine can hear his worry "My family just need me that all" Christian wonders if he means Tori "By that you mean my fiance right" Jasmine knows she should say no but she can hear the hurt in his voice "Yes I mean Tori. She is ok I promise you" Christian even those relieved to hear she is ok is still worried like crazy "Tell me where you guys are" Jasmine wishes she could but she knows I can't "I wish I could but I can't" Christian didn't understand what she meant "Why not?" Jasmine decides to give a simple answer "Because things are complicated but look I have to go bye Christian" With that Jasmine hangs up which leaves Christian even more confused and worried. Christian knew there was more to this. He knew he needed to find Tori and fast.

Jasmine walks out to see Tori sitting with Justin in one of the lounge rooms and walks in. This makes the siblings look up "Christian called me" This was the last thing Tori expected Jasmine to say "What? Why?" Tori was so confused as they don't usually talk "He found out we both resigned wanted to hear why i did" Justin can see there is more "There more?" Jasmine takes a breath "He figured out I'm with you guys" Tori knew this wasn't good as she knew he knew she was lying to him even more now but she also hoped this meant he would give up. "He asked where we were" Tori and Justin look worried as Jasmine replies "He doesn't know don't worry but he loves you Tori he needs you" Tori nods "I know he loves me and I love him. That is exactly why i am doing this" With that Tori gets up and leaves the room wanting to be alone

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Chapter 9

Tori was sitting in her room watching a video of her and Christian it was one Leah had filmed. Hearing his voice made her tear up she was missing him so much and she loved him more then words, she kept replaying the video as she wanted to hold onto that memory and the happiness she have with Christian for as long as she can.

Meanwhile Justin walks outside to see Leah he immediately wraps his arms her and kisses her to which she returns however she quickly realizes something up "What is it?" Justin looks at Leah "He knows Jasmine with us" Leah guessing he means Christian "Christian? How?" Justin knew she would ask that "Because he called Jasmine and he wants to know where we are" Leah isn't surprise "If it was me I would too. This would be killing him not knowing where Tori is after changing his life for her" Justin realizes Leah right "Your right this would have shattered him this is shattering him" Justin feels bad for Christian he knows how much he loves Tori and the fact he doesn't know why Tori left him must be killing him.

Colby and Ziggy were sitting on the chairs out the front when Ziggy decides to ask the question "What happens if she finds us?" Colby takes a breath "I hope it won't be the case but if that happens we keep running so she doesn't get to us or kill Tori and Justin" Ziggy nods "I would not want to be you if that happened having to go back and tell Christian" Colby nods "Yeah let's hope Tori can get back to him after all she loves him" This killed Colby to say and Ziggy knew that "But you love her too don't deny it" Colby smiles "Yeah I do but please don't tell anyone" Ziggy nods " I won't but I don't know how long we could be here but I think you should go for it" Colby is surprised "Really" Ziggy nods "Really"

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Chapter 10

Tori and Justin are sitting outside and the door is a tiny bit open as Colby cooks in the kitchen unaware to the pair he can hear everything they are saying "You miss him? " Tori nods "He is the love of my life so yeah I do. I can't see my life with anyone else and now i ruined it with Christian" Justin shakes his head "I don't think you have Tori he loves you and would give you a second chance in a heartbeat" Tori nods she knows this is true "Yeah but i don't deserve it"  Justin shakes his head "Yes Tori you do he will understand once this is all over and he knows the truth" Tori knows he got a point. Inside Colby was hiding his sadness he knew there was no way he was even going to tell Tori now it was clear but Christian was the only guy she wanted to spend her life with

Colby decides to ditch cooking and spend some time with his sister as he needed it. He knocked on Bella's door and opened it to see Bella and Ryder hanging out. The pair looked up and Bella could see her brother was upset "Ryder give us ten" Ryder nods immediately leaving as Colby walks in and sits beside Bella who rests her head on his shoulder "You ok?" Colby looks at his sister "Never leave me" Bella can see he is serious and nods "I never plan on it. What going on?" Colby takes a breath "I just never found the one and I like someone" Bella is confused "So go for it" Colby shakes his head "I can't she is with someone else and she loves him" Bella can see her brother hurt and grabs his hand and holds it "It is her loss Colby" Colby shows Bella a smile "I love you kiddo" Bella smiles "I love you too"

Ryder walks out to see Dean sitting down in  the lounge room and walks over "Is Colby ok?" This makes Dean look up "He came in the room looking for Bella and he was upset" Dean nods "It is Colby he will be fine I'm sure but i will check in" Ryder smiles at this "Thank you" Dean nods "Always beside Colby needs to be ok because he is meant to be looking out for us" Ryder nods "True but we all have each other backs" Dean agrees with the statement "Yeah we do after all we are all each other have left" The pair smile at each other as they sit down and play a video game

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