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Past, Love and Protection

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Story Title: * Past, Love and Protection.
Type of story: Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Justin, Leah, Colby, Jasmine and Bella
BTTB rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Drama, .
Does story include spoilers:  No,.
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence/death,
Summary: Tori had finally found the man of her dreams and was happy again but what happens when her past is bought up again and is now more present then it had been this past year. Will Tori be able to move on and also deal with her past? Will she tell Christian the truth about her past and if so will he stand by her?


Chapter 1

For the first time since Mason and Robbo had died Tori was happy. She had recently got together with Doctor Christian Green who is now living in the bay to be closer to her and Justin health had improved so much that he could go back to work and Jasmine was herself again for the first time since Robbo died.

Tori and Christian were laying on the couch Tori in Christian arms. Tori looks up at Christian and smiles. She can't believe that after everything she been through she gotten so lucky in fact she feels as those sometimes she doesn't deserve any of this cause of her past.  Christian on the other hand looks down at Tori and smiles he never fallen in love before at least not like this, he never felt as happy as he does with Tori and he knows nothing in this world will change that.

It is a few hours later when Christian decides to go and get dinner leaving Tori alone with Leah and Justin while he does so. As he walks to Salt he can't help that think of what happened between him and Tori and how he wouldn't change a single bit of it. 

Tori, Leah and Justin are chatting when there is a knock at the door, Tori answers it to see a worried Colby. Tori looks at her friend "What is it?" Colby looks at Justin then Tori "You guys need to sit down" Justin and Tori do this and Tori quickly realizes that her happiness might just be about to get ruined. Justin looks at Colby "What is going on?" Colby looks at Tori "I wish I didn't have to say this but the people that killed your brother and killed Robbo are out of lock up" Tori stands up and breaks down with Colby holding her in his arms as she cries. Tori looks at Leah and Justin " No one tells Christian" The pair nods agreeing to Tori request as she keeps crying in Colby arms she can't believe this is happening.

It ten minutes after when Colby leaves but not before telling Tori he here if she needs him. Leah looks at her boyfriend then at Tori and knows that this will be a long night and she is wondering if she doing the right thing lying to Christian. 

Tori heads out of the room to Grace room picking up her daughter as Leah and Justin walk in and watch on. Tori cradles Grace as she whispers "I promise I will protect you just like your dad protected us" Tori cradles her daughter and Justin walks over and hugs his sister before Leah joins in.

Shortly after Christian arrives home to discover no one in the lounge room "Tori, Leah, Justin dinner here" The three walk out from Grace room with Grace still in Tori arms "You guys eat I'm not hungry" Tori knows she should eat but she feels sick because of what happening. "I'm going to bed I don't feel well" The group nod and Leah and Justin hide their worry "I will be in shortly Tori" Tori smiles at her boyfriend before walking away.

After Tori puts Grace to bed she goes herself. She lays down as she scrolls through photos in her phones of her with her family and Robbo. She quietly cries as she misses then and now the people are free to Tori that is not justice for two of the best guys in her life

Christian comes in shortly after and he kisses his girlfriend check as Tori puts on a front as she doesn't want him to know. "Night Tori I love you." Tori kisses him back "I love you too" Tori kisses Christian as the pair cuddle and as Tori thinks about breaking up with him. She came to the conclusion that it is for his own good as her life well it is so messy.

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I have just read all the chapters of this story and I'm loving it so far I really hope that tori and Christian stay together looking forward to reading more.

great again poor christian

Just catching up on those story. It’s great so far. Hoping Tori and Christian stay together.

 Chapter 2

Tori woke up with a clear head and ready to break up with Christian. Tori walks out to see Colby waiting in the kitchen "Justin let me in I hope you don't mind " Tori smiles "Of course I don't I needed to see you" Colby hugs Tori tightly and she hugs back relieved that she got someone around that gets how hard it is like Justin does but Colby does more so. 

Tori looks at Colby "I'm going to break up with Christian" Colby can see this choice is hurting Tori but can see why she would be doing this "I get it. You want to protect him from this because you love him" Tori nods "That covers it" Colby once again hugs his friend as she looks up "I'm doing the right thing breaking up with him" Colby looks at Tori "Yep you are Tori" 

Unknown to Tori or Colby, Christian had heard the last bit in the hallway and it broke his heart. He just prayed Tori wouldn't go through with it. Christian then watched Tori and Colby hug in the distance before Colby left.

Christian walked out shortly after pretending he heard none of it and praying Tori wouldn't go through with it. Christian ran over to Tori and kissed her. Tori kissed him back but it wasn't like a normal kiss "You ok babe?" Tori looked at her boyfriend "Yeah I am all good I just need to go do something. " Christian looks worried but he also knows this will delay the breakup if she actually doing what she said to Colby she was.


Tori left the Morgan's and not long after she arrived at Robbo's grave. She lays on the ground next to it and breaks down as she begins to talking to him  "Hi Robbo, I'm sorry I haven't been here in  a while but I was busy I know that no excuse but I needed to come and see you. I miss you so much Robbo, your my best friend and the father of my daughter and I need you and miss you. I promise you I protecting her the same way you protected us and I will make sure she knows you. You are probably wondering how I'm doing well where do I start Colby he's been a rock to both Jasmine and I. Justin and Leah taken care of me as well. My life haven't been easy this year. I can't believe I'm a single parent It is so hard and I can't believe i'm doing this without you I never thought I would be and I wish you were here to help me and all, Then Justin had a tumor he ok now but there was a while when we thought he wouldn't be but the craziest thing is that I kissed Justin surgeon and were dating but I'm ending it with him everything happening all over again besides I don't want to date a guy you wouldn't like or approve off" Tori stopped talking after that and just laid by Robbo grave side for hours she needed to be close to him again

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Chapter 3

Tori is standing by Robbo grave when she hears a voice "You know Robbo would want you to be happy" Tori turns around and smiles it the sound of a guy voice then runs to him and hugs him "Lance i missed you so much" Lance holds Tori "I missed you too Tori" 


Lance then explains to Tori how he heard Scott on one of his calls so planned on faking his death and how he saw how much Tori and Jasmine were hurting from Robbo so he didn't come back as soon as it was safe. Tori smiled understanding why Lance did what he did


Tori and Lance walk out of the graveyard "You know they won't be getting out not if i can help it" Tori looks at Lance "Your testifying?" Lance nods to this as the pair get in the car and drive towards the bay


As they arrive in the bay Tori and Lance head to Jasmine's place well Robbo' s as she had been staying with Colby.


Tori knocks on the door and Jasmine answers she sees Tori and then who she with and runs in his arms hugging him "Lance" This gets Colby to turn around and he give a smile. He become close to Lance as well.


Lance then explains to Jasmine and Colby what happened as Tori texts Justin to head over and says she explain why when he gets here.


Jasmine, Colby, Tori and Lance sit on the couch all filling each other in on their lives when Justin comes in he spots Lance and Tori says she explains later. Lance looks at Tori "Are you sure you want to break up with him?" Tori nods as Justin looks surprised but gets it.


Leah and Christian are at the Morgan's with Grace. "Where Tori I mean you said Justin went to her?" Leah looks at Christian "I don't know he didn't tell me" Christian looks upset "I heard Tori tell Colby she going to break up with me"  Leah is surprised by this ,But at the same time she isn't after all she knows why Tori is doing this. "Christian she got a reason for this and it isn't because she doesn't love you she would be doing it because she does" Christian doesn't understand "If she does then why break up with me?" Leah looks at Christian "Cause she wants to protect you" Christian looks at Leah "I love her I don't need protection I need Tori" Leah can see Christian hurting even those Tori haven't even done this yet

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Chapter 4

A while after Tori, Lance and Justin decided to head to the Morgan's to give Jasmine some time alone and Lance and Tori needed to be able to talk about court and the whole case where there wasn't ears not to mention they wanted to catch up some more.

When they arrived Justin opened the door to see Leah on the couch and Christian next to her stopping in his tracks with Lance and Tori behind him.  Justin gave Leah the something big happened look which she sensed straight away "What is going on?" Justin looks behind him as Lance steps forward "That it comes with a story" Leah is surprised "Doesn't everything in this saga become one?" Tori looks at Leah "It does and Justin will fill you in Lance and I have stuff to do" Tori not even realizing Christian was there pulled Lance inside straight past Christian and back to the patio on the outside of the house.

Christian feels jealous at the pair connection then speaks "Is this why she wants to break up? Justin is shocked "You know about that" Christian looks at Justin " I heard her talk to Colby I just hope she doesn't go through with it" Justin feels bad for Christian he can see how much Christian loves Tori "She will. I wish i could fix this but I have crap I'm dealing with too" Christian couldn't believe his bestmate was struggling "Tell me what your stuff is and I can help" Justin shakes his head "I wish I could but it Tori's story to tell not mine" Christian looks at Justin "Is whatever this is why she breaking up with me?" Leah speaks this time "Yes" Christian doesn't care how huge this is he aren't giving up on the women he loves.

Lance and Tori are outside "You know I wouldn't have gotten through it without you Lance" Lance moves closer and hugs Tori "I know it goes both ways Tori" Tori smiles at the man she spent so many of the hardest days of her life with. They would always chat, play bored or cards games and that was their days it was weird for Tori to think she would ever miss those days but she did and it particularly hurt when Lance faked his death and she thought she would get those again. Lance was the one to speak "I missed those days you know" Tori smiles "Yeah so did I" The pair share a small moment and hug.

The next minute the door opens and it Justin. He got a look of worry on his face "Christian knows you want to end it" Tori is shocked "What? How?" Justin walks towards the pair "Apparently he heard you and Colby this morning" Tori feels bad "I didn't think he was up" Justin tells her she needs to talk to Christian so she gets up and heads inside ready to do that.

Tori walks in and sees Christian "We need to talk" Christian walks over and kisses his girlfriend "Yeah we do cause I'm not giving up on you, us. I get you and Justin are going through something but I wanna be here for you please don't push me away Tori, I love you" Tori can see this is hurting him it hurting her too but she knows she doing the right thing "I'm doing this Christian ok we just need to take a break" Christian shakes his head and walks over kissing Tori "You can't deny we are meant to be together and you can't push me away cause nothing will push me away from you cause I love you Tori Morgan" Tori is shocked she knows she can't end it tonight but she knows she needs too tomorrow. Tori knows it is selfish but she wants one last night of Christian holding her in his arms as she sleeps cause that is when she feels safe

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Chapter 5

Tori grabs Christian hand as the pair walk to her bedroom later that night with both immediately laying down and Christian moves Tori closer so he can hold her safely in his arms where he knows she is safe. Tori feels safe but also feels bad cause tomorrow she ending it for real because she wants to protect the man she fallen madly in love with.

Tori quickly falls asleep and Christian holds her tightly as he lays awake thinking what could have changed Tori mind to make her want to end the relationship and he could only come to one conclusion which was the guy from earlier. Was he Tori ex who she never got over after all he truly knew nothing about Tori past relationships other then that they hadn't ended well.

Christian fell asleep soon after that and woke up the next morning without Tori in his arms which made him worry straight away. He then walked out to the kitchen to see Leah and Justin there. "Tori is she around?" The pair give each other a look which worried Christian "Where is she?" Justin looked at Christian "With Lance" Christian was confused "Who's Lance" Leah looks at Christian "Lance was the guy from yesterday". Christian couldn't help but immediately feel jealous of the guy who seem to be getting more attention by his girlfriend then he was. 

Tori and Lance were walking along the beach which was something that they talked about doing in the safehouse "We finally get this walk" Tori smiles as Lance said that "You remembered?" Lance pulls Tori close and hugs her unknown to the pair Christian was watching all of this "Yeah I did of course I did." Tori hugs Lance back as they walk down the beach with their arms wrapped around each other.

Christian was seeing all this unfold and the more he saw the more hurt he felt, the more jealous he felt, the more he wanted to know what this guy could give Tori that she doesn't think he can. Christian knew he would have to fight for the woman he loves for the one he thinking of asking to marry him.


It was later that day when Christian saw Tori on her own so he walked over and kissed her. She was shocked but kissed back before pulling away "Christian we need to take a break" Christian shakes his head grabbing Tori hand and holds it "Whatever I did wrong I can fix" Tori looks at Christian "It is nothing you did it what I did in my past so you cannot fix this" With that Tori walked away holding back tears trying to not cry as this hurt him and hurt herself as well. As Christian saw her walk away he cried he was so hurt but also knew he will do whatever it takes to prove to her they are meant to be and that the past doesn't matter and that he will always loves her no matter what.

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