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Past, Love and Protection


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Chapter 11

Christian had a million things on his mind as him and Tori walked into the Morgan's after court. He was trying to work out what happened in her past and to connect all these things together but he couldn't and he knew at this point he couldn't push Tori on the subject.

Tori sat on the couch and Christian joined her. "I'm glad you were there today" Christian smiles at this before looking into her eyes "Was court the reason you broke up with me? Tori shakes her head as she grabs his hand "Partly but their others and they all still stand I wish they didn't but they do" Christian was broken but decided he wasn't about to give up. He kissed Tori with love and passion "Tell me you felt nothing and I will give up" Tori shakes her head "You know I can't" Christian smiles at Tori "Exactly cause you know we are meant to be together" 

Tori knows he have a point but the reasons still stand and she is struggling right now "Christian I need to be alone please" Christian looks upset but gets up and leaves.

As soon as Christian is gone Tori walks into Grace room and holds a picture of Robbo and her before breaking  down into tears "I miss you Robbo so much and I wish you were here with me" Tori keeps crying as she thinks about the time she had with her friends and the fact the people that killed Robbo and her brother were locked away for the rest of their lives which is what they deserved after what they had done to Tori.

That night Tori got zero sleep she just cried as she remembered the time she spent with Mason and Robbo and how much she loves then and misses then as well as thinking about what Christian said but that right now was the last thing she cared about as more then anything she needed to find a way that Robbo and Mason will be remembered in the bay forever


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Chapter 12

Tori walked out yawning as she spotted Leah and Justin alongside Jasmine who had came for a visit. She decided to ask then now " I want to do something so Robbo and Mason are here forever" Jasmine smiles at this "That sounds amazing but what?" Justin gets an idea "Mason he mentioned once how he and Robbo loved the gym so much that they would always work there" Tori smiles "We could perhaps get John to help and we could change the name of it to make it connected to then" The four agree on this as Leah calls John and the others head out to get it planned for tonight.


Tori walks in the diner to see Alf, Roo, Maz, Mackenzie, Dean, Bella, Colby and Lance all there. She fills then in on the plan and they all agree they will be there. Lance looks at Tori and asks for a word to which she nods as the others agree to fill people in and to tell then to be there at the surf Club tonight.

Lance and Tori are walking along the beach "Court made you think didn't it" Tori nods "I want then to be remembered forever. They are heroes Lance" Lance pulls Tori in for a hug "I know and we will do exactly that"

Mackenzie walks into Salt and sees Ziggy talking to Christian and she knows Ziggy needs to know as Mason was one of her best friend. Mackenzie walks over "Zig a word" Ziggy looks worried "I will be back Christian" He smiles as Ziggy and Mackenzie walk to the counter "Tori and Justin are doing something special for Mason and Robbo tonight at the gym they want you to be there" Ziggy tears up after all she knows Mason deserves this Robbo too. Christian sees this in the distance and walks towards the pair as Mackenzie hugs Ziggy "I know you miss then particularly Mason I do too" Ziggy looks at Mackenzie and then sees Christian there and walks back over to the table with him.

Christian looks at Ziggy once they sit back down "You ok Ziggy?" Ziggy looks at Christian "Yeah Mackenzie and I were talking about Mason who Tori brother and it bought back memories that all" Christian smiles understanding and says he will leave her to it.

Christian walks downstairs to see Alf and John standing outside the gym "Everything ok?" They smile "All good the name just changing and all" Christian smiles leaving the pair to it.

Back the Morgan's Tori and Justin are writing speeches for tonight just like Jasmine and Colby are and they asked Alf to speak as well. 

As they are writing they hear a knock on the door and Tori opens it to see that it Lance she smiles as she hands him her speech to read in case he wants to add something however Lance says it perfect.

Christian walks in the diner to hear Irene talking to Leah "I can't believe it happening tonight" Leah smiles "Its what Tori and Justin want" Christian hears this and is confused but decides not to ask as he knows or hopes Tori will tell him but between that and Ziggy at Salt he had a feeling something was happening tonight and he wanted to know what so he could be there for Tori

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Chapter 13

Tori knew as it is was getting closer how hard but also how much this she needed this how much the bay needed this to remember then.

Tori walked out to the lounge room in a Blue Lace dress to see Lance, Justin and Colby there in suits while Jasmine and Leah also wore dresses. Leah was holding Grace Justin and Colby walked over each supporting one side of Tori as she was struggling and upset after all these were two of the people she was closest too.

The group left the house and walked to the beach to see everyone holding candles. Tori took a look around first spotting Dean, Bella, Amber, Ziggy and Irene standing together next she saw Ari, Tane, Nikau and Mackenzie standing together then she saw Maz, Roo, John, Ryder, Martha and Alf standing together she couldn't believe that everyone who they invited came here to remember Robbo and Mason and for all of this. Justin pulls Tori closer to him as they walked to the front with Jasmine while Colby and Lance went and stood with Bella and Dean.

Justin looks around then at Tori before speaking "On behalf of Tori, Jasmine and myself we would like to thank you for coming to remember our brother and our friend also for Jasmine her husband. Mason and Robbo well they were and still are loved here. I know many of us think about then every time we see the hospital or the gym as those places were very dear to both of theirs heart and places they loved so very much.  Mason and Robbo please know that I all of us love and miss you so very much" With that Justin cried and stepped back taking a look at everyone around him in tears.

Christian was walking towards the surf club when he saw a group of people on the beach so he walked closer but to a distance and began to watch what was unfolding.

Colby took a step forward already in tears before he began to speak "When I first arrived here in the bay Mason was the one who I first met when we teamed up against some River Boys this quickly become friendship and I was and will always be so grateful for Mason friendship and for how many times he saved me and my family. As for Robbo we quickly become best mates and a team. Robbo was someone I knew I could always count on" With that Colby paused and began getting emotional causing Mackenzie to let go of Ari hand and going to stand beside Colby and holding his hand as he did this speech as she knew how much Robbo meant to Colby. Colby held onto Mackenzie hand and spoke again "Whenever something bad happened he was there and would give me the advice I needed or just to listen I don't know what i would of done without him and I miss him" Everyone was in tears and Colby he was broken. Mackenzie pulled him into a hug which helped before the pair walked back Mackenzie joining Colby as she knew he needed her.

Next Jasmine stepped forward she knew she needed to go next cause yes it will be hard for her but Tori will find this harder. "Robbo was my husband and will always remain a huge part of my life a huge part. Robbo he had three things that he loved more then anything me, his friends and family he loved you all so much particularly Tori and his daughter Grace and his gym that was Robbo's safe haven and I know how much the gym meant to him as for Mason he was one of my best friends we should be working alongside each other spending everyday joking together and hanging out but we aren't I miss you Mason and I miss you Robbo you were both taken from us way to soon" With that the waterworks began for Jasmine which caused Irene to step forward and hug Jasmine before going to stand with Lance and Justin.

Tori knew it was her turn as Alf was speaking inside. She wasn't saw if she was ready but then again she will never be ready after all this is Mason and Robbo the two most important men in her life. Tori looked at everyone as she stepped forward "This past year for me have been really hard for all of us me particularly the day I lost Mason and Robbo my world shattered and my life changed forever.  Mason my younger brother in a lot of ways was my hero he did whatever it took to make sure those around him were ok and he never gave up on what he loved which gave me so much courage. Mason I miss you like crazy and I wish you here. Robbo where do I even begin You are and forever will be my best friend and my protector as well as Grace father. All you ever did was support me and protect me as well as protect our family to that I'm forever grateful. I wish you were here with us cause me and your daughter we miss you and we need you but most of all we love you so so much and will be forever grateful to have had you in a small part of our lives." Tori was crying as she looked around at everyone else before feeling an arm around her and Lance pulling her in for a hug.

As for Christian he saw Tori go up and talk about something he didn't know what he he could see she was upset and that hurt him. He didn't know what was going on but he wanted to be there to support Tori. What he saw next made him emotional.

Amber, Nikau and Tane walked towards the water putting their lit candle in the ocean next Bella, Ryder and Ari did the same followed by Alf, Martha, John, Maz and Irene then Roo, Ziggy, Colby and Dean did that as they all cried and could see everyone else was too. Jasmine went next before Lance, Justin, Leah and Tori all did. The whole group looked at the ocean as the candles floated away and cried before looking up at the two shining stars in the sky.

Tori hugged Lance getting ready for the next part of the memorial and she knew she was going to cry even more

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Sorry for not updating in a while i had some personal stuff happening


Chapter 14

Everyone was now gathered in the surf club outside the gym and everyone was crying. Tori was that upset that her head was buried in Lance chest.

Christian had went to Salt to get takeout and when he was walking down the stairs he saw everyone gathered so sat there silent and still

Alf looked around as he grabbed the paper he had written his speech on and began to speak "I remember when i first met Mason and Robbo two very different meeting but both had an impact on me. Robbo and Mason were and will always be remembered as incredible guys who i can say made an impact on every single one of us here whether we knew then or not. They are both a huge part of this town and in particular the place behind us. It is my honor to announce in Mason and Robbo honor the new name for the gym The Mason and Robbo memorial gym. 

Everyone teared up at this. Christian looked from the stairs to see Jasmine hugging Colby and Tori head buried in Lance chest as he held her. He knew it was bad considering what was happening that he wished it was him holding Tori not Lance.

Jasmine and Tori stepped forward shortly after pulling the banner down with the new Gym name as Justin and Colby did with the one with beside the wall with a plank for Mason and Robbo. Everyone was a mess. Ziggy stepped forward seeing her boss a mess and hugged him tightly.


It was a few hours later when the Morgans arrived home with Lance, Ziggy, Jasmine, Colby, Irene, Maz and Alf they were having a small gathering of their own for the pair. It was a gathering for the ones that loved Mason and Robbo most

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Chapter 15

It was a few days later when Tori decided what she wanted to do who she wanted to be with for once and for all. She finally had peace with the past after the memorial she found piece with that.

She rang the person and spoke "Can you come over we need to talk" The male voice spoke "I will be right over" Tori hang up the phone she knew she had made the right choice and she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with this person.

It was ten minutes later when there was a knock at the door Tori opened it and smiled as the person came inside. The pair sat down "I wasn't expecting you to call" The voice spoke it was Christian "Yeah the last few days have been crazy" Christian nods knowing "I know i saw the speeches at the surf club for your brother and Robbo" Tori is shocked "Right" 

Christian then grabs Tori hand "I'm glad you called it killed me not seeing you, not falling asleep with you in my arms so just tell me is there any hope for us" Tori can see his heartfelt plea but had already made her mind up before he came "Yeah there is. I want to be with you Christian. I love you. I just needed to let go of my past for once and for all but now I am ready to move on and look into my future and i want you to be there with me" Christian smiles and moves closer kissing Tori before pulling away and looking at her "Of course I will be I love you Tori Morgan" Tori smiles "I love you Christian Green" With that the pair kiss and Tori knows she found her soulmate in Christian and that she should have never doubted that for a second


The end





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