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Torian Love Story


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Story Title:  Torian Love Story
Type of story: S/M Fic
Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Robbo, Jasmine, Justin, Leah
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary: What if Robbo was still alive when Christian came to the bay. What would happen between Tori and Christian? How would Robbo feel about it? Will Christian be jealous of Robbo friendship with Tori?




Chapter 1

It was the day of Justin surgery and to say Tori was nervous for her brother would be an understatement. She was like full on freaking out after all this was her brother life and she needed him to be ok. She lost one brother already and another isn't in the bay so she can't lose the one she have got here. Tori hears a knock on the door and opens it to see Robbo who she immediately hugs. Robbo had been her rock for as long as she had known him and he helped her so much when Mason died. Robbo, Jasmine, Tori and Grace along with Justin and Leah were all like a mini family so they were all very worried about him.

Shortly after Justin and Leah walk out. Tori and Robbo both smiled but could tell Justin was nervous. Robbo stepped forward and wished Justin luck before looking down at Grace who was playing on the floor. Robbo was on babysitting duty today just like any day Tori was at work. They had a system which seem to work. Justin was freaking out Tori could tell that much so she looked at her brother and gave him  a smile hoping that would to a degree help.

Leah looked at the clock and noticed what the time was. "Tori, Justin we need to go" Tori and Justin gave Robbo a smile before saying goodbye to Grace and heading to the hospital. 

When they arrived twenty minutes late the group saw that Doctor Green was in the room already. "I was starting to think you chose not to do this Justin" the doctor voice said as he started unpacking his stuff. "We were running late" Tori spoke up so Christian knew it wasn't Justin fault well not entirely. Justin sat on the bed as the nurses come to give him his pre med. Before taking the med he gave Leah a kiss and hugged his sister tightly after all he knew that Tori was scared too particularly after losing Mason in this very hospital almost a year ago. The nurses start to take Justin away as Christian looks at Tori and Leah and says that he have got this. The two woman smile at the doctor as he walks out and follows the nurses taking Justin to the Theatre.


Shortly after Jasmine walks in the room asking if they heard anything. Tori shook her head as Leah sat in silence. Tori looks at Jasmine i actually, can we talk?. Jasmine looks at Tori and can tell something on her mind so she nods. She can take a break from work. Jasmine and Tori walk out of the room. "What on your mind Tori?" Tori give the nurse a smile "I just wanted to thank you" Jasmine looks confused "What for?" Tori felt bad that Jasmine barely had time with Robbo recently so needed to thank her for been so good about it "It just ever since Mason died Robbo been focusing on me and then with Justin as well. I can imagine that is taking a toll on you" Jasmine shakes her head "No it fine. You and Grace are important to Robbo as well, this year sucked for all of you so i get why Robbo spending time with you guys besides. You, me, Robbo, Grace we are family Tori" Jasmine pulls the doctor in her arms and hugs her tightly.

A nurse quickly towards the pair and says Tori needed in theatre. This causes Tori to worry and she asks Jasmine to stay with Leah to which she agrees. Tori runs to the scrub room and puts a pair on before going to theatre. She sees Justin on the table and hides how scared she is as she hears Christian speak "The tumor bigger then expected, if i keep going he might not walk again but if i don't it might grow back." Tori looks at the surgeon before responding "You want me to decide?" Christian nods "Close him up I won't be the reason my brother can't walk." With that Tori walks out of theatre.


A few hours later Justin is back in his room. Tori, Leah, Jasmine and Christian are there too in fact Christian just finished up his tests and he passed all of then. At this point Christian decides to leave the family to it and walks out of the room. Tori smiles at her brother knowing she made a good call before quickly leaving the room. She sees Christian in the lift and can see it about to shut. "Hold it" She yells as Tori runs to the lift and gets inside "That was a bit daring" Christian smiles as he speaks. "I just wanted to thank you for today saving my brother and all, he is going to be ok and that all because of you so thank you". The pair move closer to each other and suddenly their lips are on each other and they are kissing. It lasts 10 seconds that it before Christian presses the button and they act like nothing happened. 


After the kiss Tori decides to go home spend time with Grace and Robbo. She sends Leah a text to let her know. When she arrives home she sees the father and daughter playing on the floor and can't help but smile. Robbo sees Tori and looks up "How Justin?" Tori smiles " He will be ok" Robbo can see something up "And you? Are you ok? Toru shakes her head as she picks Grace up and grabs Robbo hand leading the pair out the door.

The trio are walking along the beach towards the diner when Robbo speaks "So what going on Tori" Tori looks down " I made a huge mistake" Robbo looked confused so Tori responds " I kissed Justin surgeon it was stupid and the heat of the moment but I kissed him" Robbo pulls Tori closer into a hug as she hugs Robbo and holds her daughter tightly as Robbo tells Tori "It gonna be ok"


Christian was walking towards the diner when he sees Tori but as he goes to speak to her. He sees a guy and kid with her then sees her hug then. Christian was broken. He felt something when they kissed and thought perhaps they had a chance but after seeing what just unfolded he realizes he doesn't and knew someone as good as her will already be taken.

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Chapter 2

For Christian ever since he kissed Tori well Tori kissed him he couldn't get her out of his mind and when he went to talk to her and saw her with that guy and kid he knew he had zero chance which hurt him to the max but he had to hide it after all he didn't want Tori or her family to know he felt something.

Christian walked towards Justin room to see Jasmine with him in her work uniform. Christian was surprised as Jasmine didn't start for a while and he didn't think they knew each other that well. Christian stood silent at the door. Jasmine looked at Justin "How are you doing?" Justin smiles at Jasmine "No pain which is good but I'm worried about Tori. I mean last time one of us was in a bed they died" Jasmine tears up she knows how Justin feels after all she is struggling not having Mason around too he was her best friend. "I know Tori and you miss him, I do too but I promise you, You will be fine and if your not..." At that point Christian decided to cut in "Which you will be, I didn't think you started work for another hour" Jasmine shakes her head "I don't" Before Justin adds "Jasmine a friend well family of mine we are just catching up" Christian smiles but inside he is confused how are they related. He decides not to ask instead he is checking on Justin.


Tori and Robbo are at Robbo and Jasmine flat with Grace they had decided last night to stay there instead of Tori's place. She didn't want to be there without Justin. Robbo had finished getting ready and was now getting Grace ready while waiting for Tori. Tori walked out in jeans and a hoodie which was unlike her and Robbo knew that. "What up Tori? Tori looks at Robbo of course she knew he could read her like a book "I just hope I don't see Justin surgeon that all cause I will then have to be in an awkward chat I'm not ready for" Robbo walks over and hugs Tori "Tori I won't leave you it will be fine" Tori smiles " They didn't get it all" Robbo looks confused  "I had to decide whether to risk my brother not walking again by not getting it out or getting it out and i chose not to get it out so he could walk" Robbo can tell Tori feels guilty and hugs her tightly.


Shortly after Robbo, Tori and Grace arrive to the hospital and walk in the room to see only Justin and Leah there which makes Tori breath a sigh of relief knowing Christian isn't around so she can focus on Justin and not dealing with yesterday. Robbo then walks closer to Justin "How are you feeling mate?" Justin smiles "Not to be painful how Tori doing" Robbo and Tori give each other a look so he knows not to say anything "Yeah she is ok" The group chat for a while before Jasmine walks in the room she gives Robbo and Tori a hug and smiles at Grace who playing on Justin lap. Jasmine is glad this is her family and knows the others are as well.

Christian is looking for Jasmine as he needs her help when he sees Tori and the guy from last night walking out of Justin's room with the kid talking and laughing which hurts him but he hides it. Tori spots Christian and puts her head in Robbo shoulder as Robbo asks if that the guy. Tori nods as Robbo gives Christian the look over before walking with Tori towards the lift. Christian couldn't help that feel jealous and in that moment he knew he needed to do whatever it took to spend time with Tori and get to know her. He didn't care that she had a partner and kid Christian felt a spark and he never feels that with anyone so he can't let this chance get away from him

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Chapter 3
It was later in the day and Christian was on his lunch break when he sees Tori alone so decides to go and talk to her however as Tori sees him she starts walking the other way “Tori morning: This causes Tori to stop what she was doing and wait for Christian.

Christian walked towards her and breathed a sigh of relief that she didn’t walk away. Tori is the first one to speak “Look I’m sorry about yesterday not about the part when you saved my brother but the kiss I don’t know what I was thinking” Christian looks hurt he didn’t realize it was that bad but then remembered Tori had a husband that why she was saying sorry “I didn’t realize it was that  bad” Tori can see the hurt in his eyes “I just meant that it was wrong and it won’t happen again” Christian hides his hurt and replies “I’m sorry to hear that” before walking away.

Tori arrived back in the flat to see Jasmine and a worried Robbo there with Grace. Robbo immediately looks at Tori “Should I ask?” Tori shakes her head “please don’t I just” As Tori says that she feels arms around her Robbo hugs her tightly as Jasmine watches on. Jasmine can tell something wrong but knows to not push Tori or her husband on the matter. Jasmine looks at the pair “I will leave you to it” Tori feels bad straight away “I have interrupted your lunch I will go” Jasmine shakes her head and so does Robbo “I have to get back to work and you need Robbo it fine” Tori and Robbo smile as they both speak in union “Thank you” With that Jasmine walks away.

As Jasmine walks down the stairs she sees Doctor Green and calls out “Doctor Green” This causes Christian to stop and wait for the blonde nurse. The pair smile at each other as Christian takes a sip of his coffee. “Are you going back to work Doctor Green?” Christian smiles at Jasmine “Yes I am and please call me Christian” Jasmine nods “Well I just wanted to say thank you for saving Justin life it means so much to Leah, Tori well all of us” Christian gives Jasmine a smile “Of course Jasmine I  would rather not lose patients now how about you walk with me” Jasmine follows Christian as they begin walking.

Christian thinks Jasmine might be the person to ask, “Can I ask you something?” Jasmine nods “Yep sure” Christian takes a breath “It about Tori” Jasmine is confused but decides to let him continue and in that moment Christian decides to ask a different question one he still wants to know the answer too “ The baby I saw Tori with is that her daughter” Jasmine nods “Yeah Grace is her daughter but I have a feeling that not what you wanted to ask” Christian looks at the nurse “No it wasn’t. Tori and I kissed after Justin surgery and then I saw her at the beach today and she said sorry for it that it wouldn’t happen again” Jasmine starts putting the pieces together and Christian can see that “What is it?” Jasmine replies “It was ten minutes ago right?” Christian nods.  “She came to mine to talk to my partner about it well something I got out of there I learnt to leave then to it when they need to talk” Christian looks at Jasmine unaware the same guy he seen Tori with is Jasmine partner “ Are they each other person or something?” Jasmine nods “Yeah something like that” Jasmine knew there was more to it but couldn’t tell Christian that. “You like her don’t you?” Christian smiles “Yeah I do a lot but I have no chance with her. Jasmine shakes her head “ You don’t know that Christian” The rest of the way Christian was deep in thought.

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Chapter 4

Ever since Christian chat with Jasmine he had become even more sure about him and Tori. He knew if Jasmine was saying he had a chance then it meant he probably did but after her saying this it also made Christian confused like who is the guy Tori always with and who is Grace dad it didn't make sense like was the dad even in the picture.

Christian was thankful that he was working with Jasmine this afternoon perhaps then he could find out some more information before he went and spoke with Tori. He was about to speak to her when he realized she wasn't beside him anymore instead with Tori and that mystery guy who right now she was hugging.

Tori spotted Christian and ran into Justin room with Robbo and Jasmine following her. Justin smiles as his sister walks in who gives him a hug. Tori decides she discharging him even if Christian doesn't agree. She needs her brother around and saves her from running into Christian again cause after all he didn't know where she lived. "Jasmine get Justin discharge papers" Jasmine nods she knows why this is so agrees and walks out of the room while Leah looks at Tori "Did Doctor Green ok this? Tori shakes her head "No but right now I need my brother at home with me" Justin looked at Robbo who knew this was so she could not see Christian. Robbo smiled and Justin nodded relieved to be going home.

Jasmine was at the counter looking for something when Christian walked over "Jasmine is Tori ok? I saw you guys running to Justin's room" Jasmine smiles "She fine and she will be better when i get these papers to her" Christian is confused "What papers?" Jasmine knew Tori hadn't ran this by Christian so lied " Just a old patient of her that all" Christian nods as Jasmine walked away .

When in Justin room Tori filled out all the paperwork handing it to a different nurse while Jasmine and Robbo sneak out of the hospital without Christian seeing. 

Leah and Tori however walked out the front way so Christian wouldn't get suss. Leah looked at Tori "What really going on?" Tori shakes her head "It's nothing honestly lets go" With that they walked pass without Christian seeing and leaves the hospital.

It a little while after when Christian decides to go check on Justin. However when he arrives is shocked to see the room empty. He walks out and sees Justin nurse "Justin Morgan where is he?" Christian asked he had a bad feeling about this. The nurse looked at Christian "He discharged" Christian can't believe anyone would do that "Well he shouldn't be" The nurse looks at Christian "Doctor Green after everything that family had to deal with I get why he discharged, He is going to be in next week for a follow up" Christian walks away annoyed.

It is later that night when Tori and Justin are sitting on the couch when Tori spills the beans about Christian. Justin is shocked at first but is relieved cause it was the reason Tori discharged him. Justin hugs his sister as a knock at the door is heard.

Robbo and Jasmine come out of the guest room and Robbo walks over to answer the door when he opens it he comes face to face with Christian 

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Chapter 5

Robbo wasn't expecting to come face to face with the guy who kissed Tori not yet anyway. "Doctor Green what are you doing here?" Christian shocked this guy knows who he is "My patient discharged himself now who are you" Justin, Tori, Jasmine and Leah are watching to see what unfolding next/ "He didn't leave alone or discharge himself a doctor did that" Robbo was protective of his family and he didn't trust Christian with Tori not yet.

Justin decides the only way this will be sorted is if Christian sees he ok "Come in you will see I'm fine" Robbo moves next to Tori who hugs him as Christian walks in. "Look Doc I'm fine but i do need to say thanks" Christian smiles as he looks at Tori and Robbo and feels hurt which Jasmine can see so she decides to introduce the pair "Robbo this is Christian." Robbo holds Tori as he gives Christian the once over "Christian this is my husband Robbo" Christian smiles at least now he knows this guy isn't Tori boyfriend but is still so confused.

Leah looks at the group knowing it awkward decides to fix that not realizing what happened "Want to stay for a beer it the least we can do right guys?" Christian smiles "That would be great " Christian figures this might give him a chance to spend some time with Tori and suss out what her connection to Jasmine husband is. Christian sits next to Justin as Leah hands him a beer.

He is about to ask Tori something when he hears Robbo say "Tori and I are going outside for a bit we will be back soon" Tori and Robbo walk out as the rest of the group nod in agreement.

Robbo and Tori walk outside "Well one thing clear he likes you and is using Justin as an excuse but we can't trust anyone Tori not after what happened" Tori looks at Robbo " I know and besides I don't even like him. Justin and you are the only two guys who ever gonna be close to me" Robbo smiles wishing Tori could have happiness but after Scott turned on then it hard for Tori and him to trust anyone.

Christian looks at Jasmine "So the guy I saw her with was your husband" Jasmine looks at the doctor "Yes but It wasn't my place to say" Justin looks at Christian "Tori told me what happened and i would say go for it but Tori won't let anyone in not after" Justin stopped talking knowing it family business "After what?" Justin shakes his head "Nothing" The group hear Grace cry before Jasmine gets up to go to her.

This leads Robbo and Tori to walk in "Jasmine got her guys" They looked at Justin and calm down. Christian decides he needs to talk to Robbo his approval would ,mean so much to Tori. "Sorry Robbo can I talk to you?" Robbo looks confused " Sure" Robbo was curious what this was about. Robbo walked towards outside and Christian followed suit. Here goes nothing Christian thought to himself

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Chapter 6

Once Robbo and Christian get outside Robbo decides to cut to the chase "So why do you want to speak to me" Christian can already tell Robbo protective of Tori and that he is important to her "Because you mean allot to Tori so it would mean allot to me if you would perhaps approve" Robbo is starting to see it Christian likes Tori that kiss meant more to him then Tori "This is because of the kiss right?" Christian isn't surprised "So you know about that" Robbo nods "Of course Tori and I are best friends she tells me everything and look I can't give my approval to someone I barely know besides Tori and I we don't let new people into our lives we just don't" With that Robbo walks back inside leaving a shocked Christian.

Tori sees Robbo come back in and walks over and hugs him as the pair see Jasmine walking towards outside. Justin and Leah had both gone to bed so Tori and Robbo take a seat on the couch as Robbo looks at Tori "He likes you that kiss he felt something" Tori is shocked "Your joking right? You know I both of us we don't let people in" Robbo nods "I know he wanted my approval and that exactly what I told him that we don't let people in" Tori smiles as she reaches over and hugs Robbo thankful thinking perhaps Christian would now give up before he really even started.

Jasmine walks out and sits next to Christian "Are you ok? Christian shakes his head "No not really, he really protective of her isn't he" Jasmine can tell Christian figured out Robbo the key to getting close to Tori "Yeah he is but they have been through so much together so I get it" Christian looks at Jasmine wondering what she meant but didn't ask "Look when it comes to Tori he would do anything and Tori would do the same for him" Christian could see this affected Jasmine "I can see it hard on you" Jasmine nods "It sucks when he bails on me or dates for Tori." Christian reaches over and hugs his co worker "Look you barely know me but if you need someone i'm here" Jasmine smiles "That goes both ways and I will help you with getting to know more about Tori" Christian smiles "Really, Thanks" The co workers smile at each other before Christian leaves

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Chapter 7

It was the next day when Tori was finally back at work for the first time since Justin surgery and to say she knew today would suck was an understatement. She knew she would be worrying about Justin or Robbo or Grace the whole time and that she will have to face Christian alone and that was something she wasn't ready for.

It was half a hour through the shift and so far Tori managed to avoid Christian which she was thankful for. She then heard her name been called and turned around she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that it was her friend and local police officer Colby Thorne. The pair had become closer then ever these past few months and even faked been a couple a few times to get each other of sticky issues and this was something Tori thought about doing again after all she liked hanging out with Colby and this would get Christian off her back.

Tori walked over to Colby and the pair immediately hugged unknown to Tori or Colby, Christian witnessed all this and seeing Tori with yet another guy made him jealous he wished she would be like that with him and he wished he knew what Robbo meant when he said that Tori and him don't let people into their lives. 

Tori and Colby then walk towards Tori's office as it was Tori's break and that hadn't caught up in a while as Tori was busy with Justin and Colby was with Bella. The pair both took a seat before giving each other a huge smile. Tori could tell something was up "Colby what going on" Colby knew he couldn't hide it from Tori "Willow betrayed me " Tori knew this was about Ross "The cops know?" Colby nods "But they don't have enough evidence that isn't enough and no one else knows so hopefully it will be over soon" Tori got up and hugged Colby tightly she had known the Ross issue for a while and understood hell she would do it if it meant protecting those she loved. Tori and Colby talked for another half a hour before they both had to go back to work Colby as a cop and Tori as a doctor. Tori and Colby both hugged again and walked out of the office.

Christian sees that Tori is alone finally and decides to go over "Tori hi" Tori shows a smile but truthfully she doesn't want to deal with this right now as she got enough to worry about with her brother and now one of her closest friends as well. "Christian I'm busy so it will have to wait" With that Tori walked away leaving Christian very upset.

It was shortly after when Christian spotted Jasmine arriving he didn't say anything however the blonde spotted him and could see that he was upset "You ok?" Christian smiles " I don't get why Tori won't even have one chat with me but let other people in" Jasmine can see this is affecting him " Look don't take that to heart she does that with everyone even me she will come chat to you. You just need to give her time" Christian can see Jasmine got a point but isn't ready to give up on her just yet " I really like her Jasmine I know we only kissed once but I felt something and I want to know more about her" Jasmine can see how much Christian cares already "Then don't give up on her" Christian smiles at the blonde.


It a few hours later and Tori is now in the diner with Grace, Robbo and Colby trying to figure out how to fix what going on with Ross then Robbo came to the conclusion to call the feds as they could stop the case if Robbo explained it. Robbo left the table to make the call as Tori and Colby prayed this would work "I don't want to lose you Colby" Colby looks at Tori " You won't just like I won't lose you.

It shortly after when Jasmine  walks in the diner and spot the pair with Robbo near by and walk over. As soon as Jasmine sees Tori and Colby she can tell something happened "What is it?" Colby says "Ross" Jasmine starts putting pieces "How?" Tori says the one word "Willow" Jasmine can't believe Willow would do this but know Robbo would be sorting it out so she sits with Colby and Tori as they wait to hear what Robbo got to say. Robbo comes back after ten minutes and tells Colby it over to which he is relived as he hugs Tori and Jasmine before shaking Robbo hand.

It is a bit later that night when Colby and Jasmine farewell Tori and let her spend time with Robbo and Grace in the diner. Tori have something on her mind that she needs to ask Robbo about " When Mason died I wanted the killers to rot and I just want to know are they?" Robbo looks at Tori  "They are I promise I even checked with Lance when I talked to him" Tori and Robbo both decide it time to head home. Robbo heads upstairs to the flat as Tori leaves the diner.

Christian sees Tori walk out of the diner alone and decides to do what Jasmine says and not give up "Tori" Tori stops after all Christian did save her brother life and she owes him for that "Doctor Green how are you?" Christian smiles "I'm ok  what about you" Tori covered she wasn't going to tell him she wasn't ok "I'm good just heading home." Christian looks at Tori "Well before you do I just really need to do something" Tori is confused and then feels Christian lips on her as Christian kisses her again. Christian pulls away sooner then he would like but knows he have to before walking away leaving a very shocked Tori standing there alone

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Before I start writing I would like to thank everyone who read this story in particular the people who gave feedback I really appreciate it


Chapter 8

Tori was shocked she can't believe he did that, like she knew he liked her but she didn't feel anything back. Tori ran back towards the diner leaving Grace with Irene who said she would take her home to Justin ,then up the stairs to Robbo flat. Tori knocked at the door praying Robbo would answer.

Robbo heard the knock and opened the door to see an upset Tori who he immediately pulled in his arms. "Whatever it is we will sort it out" This calmed Tori down a bit and the pair went out to the desk so they didn't wake Jasmine nor Colby.

Robbo looks at Tori with worry. "Christian kissed me again" Robbo is surprised at this "When?" Tori looks at Robbo "Just before i came here he said he needed to do something and kissed me. I get he likes me and all but" Robbo looks at Tori "You don't like letting people in" Tori nods "Besides I don't feel the same way and I don't know him" Robbo could see Tori felt something why else would she be in a spin "Are you sure?" Tori nods and Robbo knows she sure and besides he also knows they don't just allow new people into their lives.

It had been hours since Robbo left to answer the door and hadn't came back to bed. Jasmine walks in the lounge to see Robbo asleep on the couch with Tori laying on his knee. It was times like this when Jasmine did feel jealous of the bond her husband shared with Tori.

Jasmine went back to her bedroom and even those she barely knew Christian she needed someone to talk to and felt as those he was that person so she dialed Christian number.

Christian had been smiling ear to ear since he kissed Tori he just hoped she felt something too. He was laying in bed when he heard his phone ring and saw Jasmine name so he answered it.

"Jasmine hey" Jasmine was relieved the doctor answered " I know it late but I need someone to talk to" This concerned Christian had something happened "No it all good I wasn't asleep anyway" Jasmine breathe a sigh of relief knowing she didn't wake the doctor up "I'm jealous " Christian was slightly confused "Of what?" Jasmine hoped what she was about to say wouldn't hurt Christian "We had a knock on our door a few hours ago and Robbo went to get it. A few hours later he wasn't back to bed and I went out there to see him sleeping on the couch with Tori on his knee. I get they have something Robbo and I will never share" Christian can see the nurse is upset "I get it I do. I wish I had Tori too wish I had a chance with her but she so focused on Robbo" Jasmine can see that Christian understands something no one else would "Yeah exactly" They chatted for a few more minutes before planning to go to breakfast in the morning and hanging out.

Once Christian got of the call to Jasmine he started to wish that it was his knee Tori was laying on. He never usually fell for anyone but knew he was falling hard and fast for Tori

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Chapter 9

It was the next morning when Tori woke up to Jasmine grabbing her keys "You don't need to go on my account Jas" Tori was worried she had upset the young nurse "I'm not I have breakfast with Doctor Green" This woke Robbo up and Tori she was surprised "Jasmine you know we can't let people in" Robbo knew this needed to be said but this caused Jasmine to be mad "We can't let it hold us back from making friends" With that Jasmine stormed off. Robbo and Tori gave each other a look agreeing that Tori would go


Jasmine ran into the diner glad that Christian was already there. Christian smiled at the young nurse but could sense something up "You ok?" Jasmine nods but Christian isn't quite buying it however when he sees Tori walk in even those she doesn't see him he cannot help but smile. 

Tori walks in the diner on a mission to talk to Jasmine and as soon as she spots her she decides to go over and say what she needs too "Jasmine I get you don't get it" Jasmine snaps back "You and Robbo you guys need too" Christian looks on confused with Tori not even seeing him "We let new people in we trust then but in the end we shouldn't cause they take away everyone we care about from us I thought you would get that" Tori is barely holding it together as she sees Christian there and is about to walk away when Jasmine speaks again "Tori i do get that but you can't not let people in you need to move forward" With that Tori walks out she can't believe after everything the blonde wouldn't understand.

Tori walks out and bumps into Colby who immediately can  tell something up and grabs the doctor hand leading her to the pier where they sit down "Jasmine expects us to trust everyone let everyone in  but how can I after doing that killed my brother and almost killed Robbo" Colby can hear the sadness in Tori voice "You can't and I get that after what happened Jasmine should as well" With that Colby pulls Tori in his arms and the pair hug.

Christian decided that after what he witnessed he should check on Tori he also knew he needed to figure out what was meant by what they were fighting about. When he goes out of the diner he sees Tori with the cop from the other day hugging and feels hurt and jealous once again wishing it was him helping Tori and makes her feel better. He just needed to figure out how to do that.

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Chapter 10


It was that afternoon and Christian was at the hospital filling in paperwork while trying to figure out what Tori meant by not letting people in earlier after all he was no where near ready to give up on her.

He glanced up when he saw the female in question heading towards him "I'm sorry you had to witness that this morning" Christian shows the doctor a smile "Yeah that fine but I confused why don't you let new people in?" Christian knew asking the question could be a risk but if she answered it perhaps he would have a clue on how to get into her life. Tori could tell the doctor was confused about this morning "Look it personal I just hope you know that it not just you ok I push everyone away" With that Tori walked away leaving Christian wondering why she went out of her way to tell him that. 

Christian already knew before that he wasn't going to give up but he knew even more he wasn't now he just had to think of a way to spend time with her.

As Tori walked away from Christian she had gotten a call from Bella who is Colby sister saying that something had happened and that she was needed at flat. This worried Tori as she wasn't sure if it was Colby stuff or her stuff. Bella also told her to get Jasmine so she headed back to where she was previously.

Tori saw Jasmine talking to Christian "Jasmine we need to go now " Jasmine could sense the panic in Tori voice and so could Christian the pair speaking in union "Tori what is it?" Tori looked at Jasmine " I don't know but Bella called and said we need to go so let's go" With that Jasmine nodded as the pair gave Christian a smile before walking towards the lift as Christian looked on worried.

The pair raced up to the flat to see Robbo, Colby, Justin, Leah and Bella all there. Justin couldn't take it "They are released the people who killed Mason" Tori and Jasmine both teared up as Robbo and Colby hugged one person each. Bella knew everyone in the bay would be on edge now considering what they did. Leah looks at Tori and Jasmine "We already told Alf, Maz, Mackenzie, Dean, Ziggy, Ari and everyone else as they need to know. The nurse and doctor both nodded and agreed they needed time off work to get their head around this so Tori ensured this happened.

A hour after Tori and Jasmine left Christian heard whispers that the pair had taken the week off and become worried and decided after he went to the diner and grabbed a coffee he would call Jasmine see if all is ok.

Christian walked in the diner to see Irene and Mackenzie in there the pair both looked stressed the same stress Tori and Jasmine looked earlier. Knowing Irene and that she lived with Jasmine he decided to walk over and ask if she was ok. "Irene, Mac you ok" Mackenzie was the one to look at Christian "We could be better but no doubt we are doing better then the Morgan's and Jasmine and Robbo" Christian tried to hide his worry "Why what happened?" Mackenzie and Irene felt sorry for the doctor he was probably the only person in the bay that didn't know. Mackenzie looked at Christian "You should talk to Jasmine."

Christian didn't even get his coffee and just ran upstairs as he knew Jasmine lived there from the time she stopped him in the way to work. Christian knocked at the door and when Bella opened it he could see both Jasmine and Tori with tears in their eyes. Seeing Tori so upset broke Christian was he really falling this fast for her

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