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Through Thick and Thin (Part 3)


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Here is Part 3 of my Steven and Selina story.  I did start this a few months ago but have had writer's block.  I had the ideas but struggled with getting them on paper.  Hopefully starting to post this will help me to continue to write this.  Many thanks to @QUIET ACHIEVER for proofreading.


Story Title:   Through Thick and Thin
Type of story: Medium / Long Fiction (undecided)
Main Characters:  Steven, Selina, Irene, Rona, Kris, Matthew, Peter, Rosie, possibly other characters onscreen some mentioned
BTTB rating: A
Genre: Health, Struggles, Supporting Each Other, Romance, Bedroom Scenes
Does story include spoilers:  Comments included are spoilers for current non Aus and UK viewers

Any warnings:   
Summary: This is Part 3 of my first story, Till We Meet Again that I wrote.  Steven and Selina got married at the end of Part 2, Joining Our Lives Together.  Parts 1 and 2 are available in the archive.  In Part 3, we have moved on in time from August 1998 to Autumn 2003. Selina is working as a community nurse and Steven is still running his own business. Their friendship has grown with Rona and Kris who now have a baby boy named Matthew. They still keep in touch with their friends in Summer Bay.  As far as I know the main storyline of Part 3 has never been covered by a soap before. (The main storyline won't happen till a few chapters in.) 

(Steven and Selina do have disagreements from time to time. I'm afraid I can't write the argument scenes though.)



Chapter One

Selina couldn't get comfortable whichever way she lay. Steven was fast asleep next to her. She still loved him as much as the day she married him, possibly even more. She wished she could sleep as easily as him tonight. She usually fell asleep on her tummy but lately she couldn't get comfortable in that position.

She thought about making herself a hot coffee but she hadn't wanted coffee really lately. She went and started up her computer. Rona's status showed up as online on MSN.


Rona: Hi

Selina: Hi

Rona: I didn't wake you up did I? Sorry I was feeding Matthew.

Selina: That's ok. I couldn't sleep. Can't get comfortable tonight.

R: I used to get nights like that but at the moment I fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow. Have you tried a hot drink?

S: I would usually drink coffee but I don't really fancy a cup. Weird.

R: Fair enough.


R: That's ok. I'm not going anywhere.

S: Back. Sorry if tmi but I keep needing to pee. It's not helping me sleep.

R: Can I ask you a crazy question?


To be continued...


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Thanks for your lovely comment @Kristen  Here is the next chapter.


Chapter Two


A few weeks earlier...

Steven had arranged a surprise romantic long weekend away for him and Selina to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. He had booked a cottage for them. Selina thought they were just going out for a romantic meal on the Saturday night. Steven had planned the meal but it would be near the cottage and not locally as Selina thought.

- - - - - -

On the Friday morning, Selina had a rare Friday off. She had a lie in and woke to find Steven had gone to work. She went through to the kitchen to find a note for her.


Darling Selina,

Happy 5th wedding anniversary to my wonderful wife.

Surprise! I'm taking you for a romantic getaway this weekend. The romantic meal is all booked. I've popped out for a bit (but also have taken Friday and Monday off like you have.) I'll be back to pick you up soon. Please find my gift to you in the box next to this note.

Love Steven x


Selina was really touched by Steven's thoughtfulness. She opened up the box to find some sexy lingerie – she would enjoy wearing this!

- - - - - -

Thank you Steven for organising this. It's perfect!”

I wanted it to be perfect for my perfectly wonderful wife. I want to keep the romance alive in our marriage for many years to come.”

Same here. I look forward to a weekend just you and me.”

Exactly. That's why I chose a cottage in the middle of nowhere! I've stocked up on supplies but we will travel into town for the romantic meal tomorrow night. The landlady has popped in with some milk and kindly posted me the key. The landlady is the cousin of a client and has it on good authority that we can be trusted.”

- - - - - -

They arrived at the cottage and it was perfect. Steven put his arms around Selina.

So Steven do you want to depart to the bedroom?”

Not right now.”

Ok. I'd better sort out what supplies we have then.”

Actually what I meant was I don't think I can wait that long...”

- - - - - -

Afterwards, they checked out the rest of the cottage. Selina looked out of the window first to see the courtyard out there.

Oh my goodness! You're not going to believe this!”
“Why darling? What's wrong?”

Nothing's wrong! Darling, I have a feeling we will be returning here in the future.”

I wouldn't mind that. It's a lovely place and lovely soft carpets! What is on your mind though?”

Steven you know I have dreams of the future?”


Well I've had a dream before of watching our daughter and son through a window playing out in a courtyard. When I looked out of the window just now the view was exactly the same as out that window.”

Am I thinking what you're thinking? I don't want to pressure you.”

I think it might be time to start a family. I don't want to rush you into it.”

I would love to start a family with you Selina. I just didn't want to pressure you into it, just wait till you were ready.”


To be continued...

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Thanks @Kristen  I will try to update tomorrow.  I am on holiday from Saturday wit h not much internet access.  I might log into the board from my phone but I won't be able to post updates.  Here is the next chapter:


Chapter Three


Back to the present...


R: Could you be late?

S: Late? As in period?

R: Yeah.

S: I've just had the coil taken out. I haven't had a period for a long time.

R: Selina. I would go and take a test if I were you.

S: Yes miss.

R: I could be wrong but my hunch is usually right.

S: Thanks. You've given me a lot to think about. I'd better head to bed now. Night.

R: Night.


- - - - - -


Pregnant? Selina was happy at the thought of being pregnant with her and Steven's baby. They both wanted to start a family. Steven had known and understood that even though she had married him at a young age she wanted to qualify as a nurse first. He didn't pressure her at all. They had started trying when they were both ready. She was excited but a bit surprised it had happened so quickly!


- - - - - -


The next evening Selina greeted Steven at the door.

Hello Steven. Come and sit down. I need to tell you something.”

What's wrong? Did you go to the doctors about feeling under the weather?”

Nothing is wrong, Steven though I am going to make a doctors appointment tomorrow. I was waiting to tell you my news first.”

What news?!”

Steven we're going to have a baby!”

Wow! I'm going to be a Daddy! You're going to be a Mummy! This is amazing! I didn't expect it to happen so soon! Wait – is that why you've been feeling under the weather?”

Yes. I hadn't realised it until I chatted to Rona when I couldn't sleep last night. She told me to take a test. I waited to tell you first but I'm sure she's already guessed the result.”

Would you like me to come with you to see the midwife?”

That would be wonderful to have your support. We're going to be a family of three.”

I can't wait!”


To be continued...


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Thanks @Kristen.  Here is Chapter Four:


Chapter Four


Steven and Selina were cuddled up in bed together. It was the night before her 22 week scan.


Selina, do you still want to find out the gender tomorrow?”


Yes if you don't mind. I have an inkling it's a girl already but it's possible I'm wrong. I was convinced with Maddie that she was a girl last time and I don't know if I've just convinced myself this little one is a girl as well. I would like to know for definite if you don't mind.”


I'm happy on a surprise or finding out. Also with any further babies we have.”


Hang on! Let us get this one safely here before we think about any future babies please! Not that I would be against making any more babies with you Steven.”


I just am so amazed that you are carrying our child and going through all the good and bad bits of pregnancy. I will support you through it all and finding out the gender, type of birth etc. I'll support you through it all.”


Thank you darling. I've had a pretty straightforward pregnancy so far. I haven't had any morning sickness, just nausea when it comes to some aromas. Tea and coffee are still a no no! I can't wait to make you a Daddy Steven.”


I can't wait to make you a Mummy Selina. I love you so much.”


I love you so much Steven.”


They kissed each other goodnight and drifted off to sleep.


- - - - - -


Selina and Steven were called through for the scan the next day.


Would you like to find out the gender?”


Yes please. If it's possible and the baby isn't being shy!”


The sonographer brought up their little baby on the screen and checked the heartbeat and all the parts of the body were functioning. It was amazing to see their little baby on the screen.


It looks like you have a healthy little baby there. I am now going to check to see if your baby is a boy or girl.”


Steven and Selina held hands as the sonographer ran the ultrasound probe over Selina's belly. They looked at the screen. Rona had told them that they had spotted Matthew was a boy straightaway without being told! They couldn't spot the same telltale sign.


Congratulations to you both. I am pleased to tell you are having a little girl.”


Selina and Steven were so pleased and overwhelmed that everything was going so well.


To be continued...

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Thanks @Kristen  I am posting this before my holiday as it was a better place to leave the story.

Warning: The disclaimer mentions characters and a storyline shown already in Australia and the UK.


Chapter Five


In the middle of the night, Selina tried to wake Steven.

Darling we need to get to the hospital. It's time.”

Ok darling. Hope your night shift goes well. Bye darling.”

I mean our little girl is ready to make her entrance into the world. My contractions are every few minutes. I've rung the hospital.”

Now Steven was fully awake!

Ok, I'll get dressed. Sorry I didn't realise it would happen so quickly.”

Neither did I! My waters haven't broken yet but things are happening quite fast.”

I'll be as fast as I can.”


- - - - - -


Selina just made it into the delivery room in time.

Jasmine Delilah Matheson was born at 5:15 AM in the morning on Thursday 9th May 2004, weighing 7lb 9oz.

The midwife handed Selina her newborn daughter for the first cuddle. Selina and Steven gazed at their daughter in wonder. It was amazing to think that they had created this perfect little girl.

You did an amazing job Selina in bringing our daughter into the world. I am so proud of you.”

It was a lot of pain and hard work but it was worth it. Congratulations Daddy. I love you and Jasmine so much.”

Congratulations Mummy. I love you and Jasmine so much.”

Steven had a cuddle with Jasmine next. He handed Jasmine back to Selina for the first feed. The midwife assisted with the breastfeeding.


- - - - - -


After a few hours of bonding, Selina and Jasmine were wheeled to the ward. Steven and Selina dozed whilst Jasmine dozed.

The doctors came round to do the newborn checks.

Your daughter has passed her sight and hearing test. I am just going to check her over.”

Selina was still getting used to them saying she had a daughter! They were wonderful words to


Have you heard of talipes?”


To be continued...



The baby being named Jasmine is coincidental and is not connected to Jasmine Delaney. I waited for the wedding episode to check they did not have the same middle name.  I named this fanfic long before I discovered that Robbo and Jasmine were nicknamed Thick and Thin.


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