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  1. Great two chapters Frank wasn’t excepting Bobby to move on that fast Ben is such A A-hole Ails and Grant uh-oh Update again soon
  2. Great chapter some Good news for Carly. Donovan and Roo again? Nice ending with that chapter Update again soon
  3. Great chapter Frank may not be welcomed the way he thinks. The Rev and Pippa I didn’t see that coming Update again soon
  4. Great chapter Carly finally figured out her life is a mess. Emma running away from David Frank returning to Australia for Bobby but is he really too late? Update again soon
  5. Great two chapters Maurice is changed but has he really? Ben still a Grade A A-hole Frank getting in to a fight with Brett Update again soon
  6. Great chapter Al is so nasty poor Sophie Sally giving Sophie sweets. Carly really needs to get away from Ben Update again soon
  7. Great chapter Carly finally figured out Ben is not good for her and asking Pippa for a family photo. Oh Terry is not very nice poor Frank Glad Bobby forgave Greg Update again soon
  8. Great chapter Carly finally seeing the light but it’s too late Emma being keen on David. Al is back in town Update again soon
  9. Great chapter Marilyn trying to help Carly Ben ugh... nasty piece of work Liked the flashbacks oh dear Frank Update again soon
  10. Great chapter Marilyn has a right to worry about Carly Bobby and Sam visiting Rev Jones Oh dear Frank Carly is still with Ben run run now Carly Update again soon
  11. Great chapters Emma going to the police about her step dad calling her and Ails supporting her Don thinking Bobby is just with Greg because of Sam poor Carly Liked the flashback of Marilyn telling Carly what Ben did to her. Update again soon
  12. Great chapters the date seemed to go well for Bobby and Greg. Alf and Ails seeming to get along now. Carly get away from Ben now! Uh-oh rebel Emma is back. Update again soon
  13. Great chapters Ailsa and Grant oh dear Carly telling Steve and Sandra to go downstairs to study Marilyn trying to support and confront Carly about Ben Update again soon
  14. Great one-shot poor Evie but I always wondering what could of happened when she did find out about Josh and would she leave him? It was heart-breaking. great writing though.
  15. Great chapters Alf and Ailsa going at it like a pair of wild cats Greg and Bobby going out on a date. Colleen sticking her nose in it and that Betty. Update again soon
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