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  1. What was the last Movie you watched?

    Star Wars The Last Jedi
  2. Homecoming

    Great chapter Oh no Bobby and Frank I hope Danny won't hurt them but it's not looking good Update again soon
  3. Life At Summer Bay (Repost)

    Great chapter yay Kyle’s home so Phoebe’s really gone? Liked the brotherly chat Update again soon
  4. If Love Is All Their Is

    Great chapter Liked the brotherly bond hmm Maddy going to a river boys party might not be a good idea Update again soon
  5. What's The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Windy and very hot 36°c
  6. Homecoming

    Great chapter Danny is so unhinged. I wonder what he will do now that Bobby is alive just leave her alone Danny Update again soon
  7. Levels Of Tragedy

    Great chapter I hope all four do come back from Melbourne! Bianca do you have superpowers? Update again soon
  8. What was the last Movie you watched?

    Love Simon very well done movie about being gay and coming out to family and friends
  9. What were the last 3 things you purchased?

    Lunch Mineral Water Pods with snickers and chupa chups lollipops
  10. Life At Summer Bay (Repost)

    Great chapter Good Phoebe was civil to Ruby and thanked her. Yes Kyle’s awake what a relief. Update again soon
  11. Life At Summer Bay (Repost)

    Great chapter I understand what Phoebe is going through Ruby was only trying to help comfort Phoebe. Update again soon
  12. Forbidden love

    Great chapter I hope Colby can help Mason find Zara Poor Zara I hope she's alright evil Tori and Fiona Update again soon
  13. If Love Is All Their Is

    Great chapter aww Casey called Maddy his girlfriend and they had a popcorn war super cute Great idea that a old character is a river boy. Update again soon
  14. Forbidden love

    Great chapter Whoa evil Tori and Fiona Hopefully Zara will be found in time Update again soon

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