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  1. Great Chapter Liked how it was other way around and Shane was struggling Wow Alex asking Shannon to move to Italy. Update again soon
  2. Great chapters Not very nice of Casey inviting Cheryl to the bbq. Poor Kyle having a seizure Update again soon
  3. Great chapter great Kyle is remembered things Casey wasn't excepting that so quick huh? great that Sasha is thinking Casey is up to something and Kyle met a few more people. Update again soon
  4. great chapter great little scene with Mr Stewart and Marilyn glad Kyle is starting to remember Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Kyle seems to be okay but wonder if something might happen when Brax isn't looking It was a good idea for Kyle to get some fresh air Update again soon
  6. Nothing at the moment I had coffee before though.
  7. Great chapter oh rebellious Kyle was fun for a minute Glad he will be going back to his old self Update again soon
  8. First sight by Danielle Steele
  9. Great Chapter oh no Marilyn opened the door to Ben Carly blaming Grant for ruining her relationship with Ben. Update again soon
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