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  1. Great chapter Nice that Frank called pity Steve still feels guilty and Sally and Bobby won't talk to him. Oh Al you turned Alf in how could you? Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Nice that Marilyn popped in for a visit Oh no what are you doing Al? Update again soon
  3. Great chapter Lucinda catching Grant and Bobby hugging Poor Sophie. Update again soon
  4. Great chapter Ben scaring Carly I feel for her. Al and Sophie staying in a caravan not a good idea. Update again soon.
  5. Great chapter Bobby and Grant hmm... Poor Carly I hope she will be alright Update again soon.
  6. Great chapter uh-oh what is Ben up to? Why is Al back? Update again soon.
  7. The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
  8. Great chapter Kyle getting caught by Brax also Casey has a big mouth. Update again soon
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