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  1. Great chapter So Pippa finally met Sam. Glad Frank woke up. Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Ash caught Phoebe with Dom! Glad Ash is going to find Billie. Glad Bianca set Phoebe straight and slapped her for saying mean things about Darcy. Update again soon
  3. Great chapter I really hope Ash finds Billie. Glad Darcy’s family knows about what happened with Phoebe cute moment between Kyle,Darcy and Rocco Phoebe and Dom? Interested to see what happens there. Update again soon
  4. Great chapter phew Kyle is okay thank goodness! Glad Kyle apologised to Nate for not listening in the first place Update again soon
  5. Before by Anna Todd
  6. Great chapter poor Kyle really should of listened to Nate and his family/friends I hope Kyle will be okay and someone finds him Update again soon
  7. Great chapter Whoa Kyle punched Ash Phoebe almsot slapping Darcy poor girl Phoebe lost her baby can't say I feel sorry for her after everything she has done. Update again soon
  8. Great chapter What is up with Bobby? poor Carly run run as fast as you can Michael almost exposing Alf to his wife Celia Update again soon
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