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  1. Great chapter oh so Craig killed himself Karen feeling bad well she should but will anyone tell Don who the bully is. Michael confronting Alf. Update again soon
  2. Kristen

    Fuller House

    I remember watching Full House as a kid after school and I have seen the first 4 seasons of Fuller House need to watch the first few episodes of 5A.
  3. Great chapter Oh a bit awkward between Bob and Debra. Jonathon visiting Craig to break up/take a break. whoa at the last part. Update again soon
  4. Great chapter hmm Carly is on edge with Ben. Steve seemed a bit off. Celia asking Michael if he is having an affair that was close he could of ruined it all for Alf. Update again soon
  5. Great chapter oh plot twist there Celia thinking Michael is having a affair with Pippa. A bit awkward Nick running in to Julie while with Lucinda. Update again soon
  6. Great chapter Karen is still pulling tricks Ben what are you up too does Carly know something is wrong? Update again soon
  7. Great chapter Ben is still a grade A a-hope still leading Carly on Oh no Michael has caught Alf and Debra update again soon
  8. Great chapter I hope Grant does tell Carly Ben is a two timing A hole Karen is acting like a Grade A bitch. Update again soon
  9. jeans, black top with stars on it And a jean jacket
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