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  1. Kristen

    Support Group

    Thanks yes they are friends and we didn’t have a chance to talk to him however we are planning something a day after the party maybe just us and maybe his new gf.
  2. Kristen

    Support Group

    Hi Guys I am trying to be friends with a ex but the trouble is my brother lives with him and won't let us see each other it is my birthday party on weekend and I invited him however I am worried that if they both turn up to my party it will be awkward I am running out of time to warn my brother and one of my friends is saying I shouldn't be friends with the ex but lots of people/can be right?
  3. Great chapter poor Bobby Alf and Debra sneaking around no no. Update again soon
  4. Great chapter Liked the older and newer characters in this Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Has Nick found out the truth? Poor Emma Update again soon
  6. Great chapter Liked the chat between Bobby and Nick oh the Rev and Pippa Update again soon
  7. Great chapter lovely that Steve and Selina has a daughter Update again soon
  8. Great chapter Aww Selina and Steven are having a girl Update again soon
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