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  1. Great chapter Go Charlie convincing Jessica to let her and Ruby stay with Irene while Ross and Elise are away on holiday Something dangerous is outside hope Elise and Ross will be okay. Update again soon
  2. Great chapter so heartbreaking. great to see old characters back Update again soon
  3. Great chapter Bella and Ryder supporting Coco Ryder knows VJ? I didn't think they ever met in the show Ziggy handling the news fairly well about VJ being the father Update again soon
  4. Great chapter Yeah he can and that is a good thing in a way. I look forward to more Update again soon
  5. Great ending Cassie officially becoming a Saunders. sad this story is over. thanks for sharing @Zig
  6. Great chapter Cassie changing her name seems fast with the paperwork but Flynn wants to do it asap for Cassie. Ric and Sally chatting like mother and son so sweet! Update again soon
  7. still this but will watch After We Fell this weekend
  8. Grey t-shirt, green jacket and blue jeans
  9. Great chapter Ric supporting Cassie poor Cass having the flashbacks. Flynn helping Cassie. Update again soon
  10. Great chapter Dan giving Cassie her mum’s necklace nice touch. Cassie wanting to change her name from Turner to Saunders so sweet! Update again soon
  11. Great chapter I agree with this 1000% Update again soon
  12. Great chapter Loved the cliffhanger how will Flynn react? Update again soon
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