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  1. Great chapters whoa at the endings. what has Carly got in to with Ben being miss snotty? Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Poor Frank. Alan telling Julie what he saw bad idea. Don helping Alf out after he was in a dark place drunk. Poor Carly. Update again soon
  3. Great chapter Poor Ailsa so much going on at the Fletcher house. Oh dear at the ending Update again soon
  4. Great chapter Whoa lots going on there. Carly bad idea marrying Ben uh-oh. Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Poor Julie Ben is a creepy A-hole Uh-oh was Haydn the one who told the whole town about Alf and Ailsa? Pippa leaving New York Update again soon
  6. Great chapter oh liked that Ziggy met Dean’s son. I look forward to more
  7. Great chapter Okay so I haven’t watched in months but like I can only guess and I laughed out loud at that. Lovely interactions between Ben and Ziggy. Update again soon
  8. Great chapter. Lovely that Ziggy is talking to a drawer but in her mind it's Dean Wonder what Dean would be saying to her Update again soon
  9. Lovely ending glad the wedding went well. Yeah me too @Chair
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