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I Can't Live Without You

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Story Title: ** I Cant Live Without You
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Angelo, Charlie.
BTTB rating: PG
Genre: General
Does story include spoilers: No.
Any warnings: Sexual content, 
Summary:  Angelo is worried that Charlie is keeping something from him and that something happened to her but she wont tell him. All Angelo wants to do is be there for her and for her to be able to trust him as he loves her and cant live without her. Will Angelo find out the truth? What is Charlie hiding? What does the future hold for Angelo and Charlie?

Chapter 1

[Charlie sits on the pier and Ruby walks over]

Ruby: You need to tell someone what he did to you

Charlie: No I don’t

Ruby: Tell the cops

Charlie: No

Ruby: At least tell Angelo he is your boyfriend

Charlie: No way he cant know

Ruby: But Charlie

Charlie: This is my choice don’t say a word

Ruby: Fine but I think your making a huge mistake

[Ruby walks away]


[Angelo is at the station when Charlie walks in so Angelo walks over and kisses her and she pulls away]

Angelo: Everything ok

Charlie: Why wouldn’t it be

Angelo: You pulled away

Charlie: Cause we are at work and have lots of paperwork to go through

Angelo: I will see you tonight right

[Charlie looks down]

Charlie: Yeah sure

Angelo: You sure your ok

Charlie: Im fine don’t worry about me

[Charlie walks in to her office]


[Ruby walks in to Irene house and sees Geoff]

Geoff: Hey

[Ruby sounds upset]

Ruby: Hi

[Geoff looks up]

Geoff: Is everything ok?

Ruby: No it isn’t

Geoff: Do you want to talk about it

Ruby: A guy tried to rape Charlie last night while we were in to city and he hit her and she covering it up

Geoff: What

Ruby: And the worst part is she not telling anyone

Geoff: What she not reporting it to the cops

Ruby: No

Geoff: Does Angelo know

Ruby: She refusing to tell him

Geoff: Is she crazy

Ruby: I don’t know but I needed to tell someone

Geoff: Well im here whenever you need me

Ruby: Could you talk to her

Geoff: Yeah I will go and try

Ruby: Thanks

[Geoff walks out]


[Geoff arrives at the station and sees Angelo at the counter and walks over]

Geoff: Angelo is Charlie in

Angelo: Doing paperwork in her office why what up

Geoff: I need to talk to her

Angelo: Anything I can help you with

Geoff: No it a personal matter not a cop one

Angelo: Something to do with Ruby

Geoff: No

Angelo: Then what going on

Geoff: I cant say I just need to talk to Charlie

Angelo: Ok go straight though

Geoff: Thanks


[Geoff walks across the station and opens the door to Charlie office as Angelo watches on]

Charlie: Geoff hi

Geoff: We need to talk

[Angelo hears then as the door open]

Charlie: You know don’t you

Geoff: About what happened last night yeah I know

[Angelo hears this and worries]

Charlie: Right close the door I don’t want Angelo or anyone else knowing

[Angelo watches on worried as Geoff closes the door]

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Great chapter 

I hope Charlie will open up about what happened 

Update again soon :)


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Chapter 2

[Geoff is standing in Charlie office]

Geoff: Ruby doesn't get why you don't want to tell Angelo

Charlie: He would do something stupid

Geoff: You don't know that

Charlie: But I do

Geoff: How

Charlie: Cause I do

Geoff: Look he is your boyfriend and all he going to want to do is be there for you

Charlie: No all he will do is want to find who did this to me

Geoff: And you don't 

Charlie: There no point it was Evan

Geoff: Grant brother

Charlie: I think it was payback for Grant

Geoff: I get why you don't want to tell Angelo but you need to tell Ruby the full story now

Charlie: Ok I will

Geoff: Good

[Geoff smiles]


[Geoff and Charlie walk out of the office and Angelo sees then]

Angelo: Babe hey

Charlie: Hey

Angelo: You ok

Charlie: I going to take the day off im not feeling well

Angelo: That fine 

Charlie: And also cancel tonight I just not feeling well

Angelo: I will come to yours and look after you

Charlie: Geoff and Ruby will be there so I will be fine 

Angelo: Charlie im your boyfriend and I want to look after you

Charlie: I don't want you to see me sick I will see you tommrow 

Angelo: Ok

[Angelo kisses Charlie]

Geoff: I will look after her mate

Angelo: You better

[Charlie and Geoff walk out of the station]


[Ruby sees Charlie and Geoff walk in the door]

Ruby: Please tell me Angelo knows

Charlie: He doesn't 

Geoff: And it staying that way

Ruby: I thought you were on my side

Geoff: I was until I found out who it was

Ruby: What

Charlie: it was Evan

Ruby: Grant brother

Charlie: Yep'

Ruby: You need to tell Angelo

Charlie: I going after him myself will you guys help me

Geoff: Yeah im in

Ruby: You don't even have to ask

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Thanks for the update.  At least Charlie is opening up more. I hope she opens up to Angelo soon.

Please also let me know what you think of the rest of Part 2 of my story.

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Great chapter 

I really hope Charlie opens up to Angelo.

Update again soon :)

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Great start. Charlie needs to open up to Angelo so he can help her. Great chapter well done 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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10 hours ago, matticus01 said:

Great start. Charlie needs to open up to Angelo so he can help her. Great chapter well done 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Thanks so much. Looks like im not the only Tassie gurl on backtothebay. Hope to read some fanfics from you at somepoint

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Chapter 2

[Ruby, Charlie and Geoff are in the city]

Ruby: What the plan 

Charlie: To get him to confess

Geoff: Are we going to tell Angelo

Ruby: No we cant 

Charlie: It my call and I say no


[Leah walks in the station to see Angelo]

Angelo: Leah hey

Leah: Did you know Charlie and Ruby went to the city

Angelo: No I didn't when did they go

Leah: Today and after everything that happened in the last 24 hours they will do something stupid

Angelo: Hold on what happened

Leah: You don't know ]

Angelo: No what going on

Leah: You need to talk to Charlie

[Leah walks out of the station]


[Angelo walks in office and calls Charlie phone and it goes to voicemail]

Angelo: Charlie it me. Leah told me you have gone to the city and that she worried about you. I don't know what happened but im worried too. Please call me and tell me what going on I can help you Charlie. I love you so much and I need you to know that im here for you no matter what so please call me and let me know your alright because I cant live without you.

[Angelo looks sad as he hangs up]


[Charlie just listened to Angelo voicemail and are sitting at a café with Ruby and Geoff]

Geoff: What did he say

Charlie: That he wants to know if im alright and he loves me

Ruby: You should call him

Charlie: No cause he also wants to know what going on

Ruby: He could help

Charlie: I love him and this is a huge mess that why he cant be involved he wouldn't love me anything

Ruby: Charlie he would he heads in heals in love with you

Charlie: No and If you guys say anything

Geoff: We wont 

Ruby: We promise

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