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First Becomes Friendship Then Becomes Love


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Story Title-First Becomes Friendship Then Becomes Love

Type Of Story-Short-Med maybe long depends on how popular it is

Main Characters-VJ,Coco,Ben,Maggie,Leah,Hunter,Olivia,Alf,Raffy

BTTB Rating-PG


Any Warning- Some Sex Scenes 

Summary- The Fanfic begins with VJ and Coco meeting then they develop a friendship and later a romance see what hurdles these 2 have to go through to get to that point.


Chapter 1

Coco was standing at the beach trying to take a selfie which was failing when VJ came up and offered to take a photo for her with her in it.

"I can take one with you in it if you would like". VJ asks standing behind her.

"That would be great thank you Coco Astoni by the way". Coco says to VJ

"Sure VJ Patterson. Did you just move here?". VJ said introducing himself and asking her.

"Nice to meet you and yes we did my Mum's the new principal at Summer Bay High and I will be going to school there". Coco then went on to tell VJ.

"Oh we be at school together. What Year are you in?". VJ then told her and asked her.

"Oh awesome at least I will have a friend there and year 10". Coco then told VJ.

"Yeah you will Im more then happy for you to come and hangout with me at school and even now if you want well after we take this photo that is". VJ then said to Coco.

"Sure sounds like fun but instead of just me in the pic lets take a selfie". Coco then said to VJ.

"Why not ready". VJ said taking the selfie on his phone as Coco took it on hers.

"So where can we get a good feed from around here". Coco asked VJ.

"Lets go to The Diner I get a discount there". VJ went on to tell Coco.

"Ok". Coco says.



-VJ and Coco go to The Diner

-VJ and Coco do some sight seeing

-Coco looks at photos her and VJ take on her phone and Ben Busts Her

-VJ looks at the photo him and Coco take on his phone and Leah busts him and says its time to move on from Billie's Death

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VJ and Coco walk into The Diner and grabbed at table and began looking at menus.

"So what do you recommend to eat". Coco asked VJ.

"Well the Mosuakka is good". VJ told Coco.

"Ok Mosuakka it is". Coco told him as Leah came over.

'Hey VJ what can I get you". 

"I will have a Mosukka and Vanilla Milkshake thanks Mum". VJ then told his Mum.

"What about you". Leah then asked Coco. 

"I will  have the same as VJ thanks". Coco told Leah as she walked away.

" After this I can take you sightseeing if you want". VJ told Coco.

"That would be great". Coco replied back as Leah walked over with their Vanilla Milkshakes and Mosukka.

"Thank you". They Both said.


Soon they had finshed their Mosukka and began to go sightseeing.

"Ok so where are we going first". Coco asked VJ excitely.

"The Surf Club because its the closest to here". VJ said as they began walking to the Surf Club.

"Great". Coco said as they got there.

"OK I bet I can beat you at pool". VJ said to Coco as they entered.

"OK game on". Coco said to VJ. 

"OK lets take a photo for before and after". VJ said to Coco.

"Photographic evidence huh". Coco said as they both got their phones out and took a few snaps.

"Exactly". VJ said to her.

They soon had played a game of pool which ended in a tie and they shot a few more snaps.

"OK lets get a juice then head to the Lighthouse and The Clifftops". VJ said to Coco.

"Sure my shout". Coco said to VJ.

"No I will pay". VJ said to Coco.

"You sure". Coco asked him.

"Yeah what would you like". VJ asked her.

"Mango Smoothie thanks". Coco said to VJ. 


VJ soon came back with their mango smoothies and they began their walk to the clifftops.

"So you looking forward to school." VJ asked Coco.

"Well Yes and No like I mean yes because I get to hangout with you and No because my mum is the principal be warned shes like a drill segant". Coco then went onto to reply and explain.

"Dont worry I will protect you". VJ said as they put their arms around each other and got to the clifftops.

They soon had taken like 40 snaps on each of their phones and headed to the light house.

When they got there Coco started to admire the view and the lighthouse.

"This place is spectular and the view is fantastic". Coco told VJ as they took lots of snaps.

"My thoughts exactly". VJ said as they started to head back to the bay.


It was 10pm at night and Coco couldnt sleep so she went out to the couch and looked at the photos her and VJ had taken on her phone that day.  When she was looking at one they had taken of them both at the lighthouse Ben came behind her without her realising. 

"Whos that guy this explains why I havent seen you today". Ben said sneaking up on Coco. 

"Its VJ and he took me sightseeing thats all". Coco then told Ben.

"Oh ok do you reckon you will see him again". Ben asked her.

"Yeah we are having brunch tomorrow and I will see him at school tomorrow also". She then told her father.


It was 10:30pm and VJ couldnt sleep so he went down to the loungeroom grabbed his phone and began looking at the photos he and Coco had taken that day. 

"Hey I saw the light on so I decided to come down". Leah said to her son.

"Yeah I couldnt sleep so I decided to come down here". VJ told his mother as he continued to flick through the pictures.

"Isnt that the girl you were with at the Diner this morning". Leah asked VJ.

"Yeah Coco and she has made me realise that its time to move on from Billie's Death I think Im ready". He then went on to explain to his mother



-Coco's first day at school

-VJ ditches Hunter to have brunch with Coco





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