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Kyle Returns


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Title: Kyle Returns 

Type of fic: Short/Medium fiction

Main Characters: Kyle/Matt/Baby Casey and Present H&A cast. 

Genre: Drama. 

BTTB Rating: G

Does it contain spoilers: No

Warnings: No 

Summary: Kyle returns to Summer Bay with Baby Casey after being released from jail. 



Summer Bay House

Alf  "Bloody Palmer, he makes me miss the days when I just had to deal with Colleen and her town gossip". 

Ruth "Oh dad, he is your best mate".  

Alf "Okay he is a mate but not my best mate". 

There was a bang on the door and it was Kyle and Little Casey holding Kyle's hand. 

Ruth "Kyle!".

Alf got up and shook Kyle's hand. 

Ruth "So happy to see you  back in town and out of jail". 

Kyle  "Well I had to come back to thank you all for writing positive character references and I've already called Matt and Evie to thank them. 

Ruth  "I wish you had told us about your being in trouble with the law as we were all really upset we didn't get to say goodbye or even help you with your court case". 

Kyle  "I am surprised you cared about me being sent to jail after that time I tried to kiss Maddy. 

Ruth  "You said sorry almost at once and I believe that you would never have gone further than the kiss and you were messed up after Phoebe lost your baby. We know how much becoming a father means to you. . 

Kyle  "Isla owned up to it and I realised I was stupid playing hero. Isla may seem like a sweet girl but she will never change unless she faces up to her crime. She is now in jail and we decided to part ways". 


Alf  "So Kyle, how long are you back in town for?". 

Kyle  "I am back for good. I need to live in a quieter area even though there’s  never a dull moment in this town.  After almost two years of  being in Jail living in Western Sydney was way too close where my Jail was.  In fact I bought  my old house in Saxon Ave and bought back  Salt. Brax gave me all the money when he sold Angelos and a prison guard I saved gave me some money after saving his life. He was a father of four and I think his family were forever grateful". 

Alf  "So is Casey  in your care now?". 

Kyle  "No No just while Ricky and Brax are on holidays in Perth. He seems to be more connected with me than Heath and so Brax thought he would be better off staying with me than Heath. 

Ruth  "I'd better get to school as I am a teacher now". 

Kyle  "Well I'll be coming with you as I never once went to school in my four years living here". 

Alf  "I can take Casey for a little while as I think Marilyn would love to see Casey again"   . 

Kyle  "Okay thanks Alf, I'll meet up with you guys at the diner in a half-hour". 

Kyle and Ruth are walking towards school

Kyle  "I came back  a couple of days ago but wanted to get my house sorted first before I let people know I was back. I thought everyone hated me until you guys gave me a good reference at my hearing . 

Ruth  "I actually thought you were the Braxton brother everyone liked most". 


Kyle walks into the school and sees VJ and Hunter. 

VJ gives Kyle a hug and a soft punch and says "That’s for leaving without saying  goodbye".

Kyle  "I know I getting that a lot which is why I decided to return as I feel I didn't make enough effort with people outside of family". 

Hunter  "Hey Kyle we hardly ever talked but you had a fling with my Mum for while". 

Kyle  "Yes,"  looking embarrassed   "I always was a soft touch when it came to troubled girls and at least you didn't walk in on us like you did with Matt. 

Hunter  "Ah well I guess I am not one to judge". 

Kyle  "I'd better get going. I don’t really have much business to be here. I just wanted a quick at the place since I was about the only Summer Bay resident to never set foot in this place". 


Kyle walks into the diner and Marilyn is being all mother duck over Casey. 

Marilyn  "If you ever need babysitting I am more than happy to do it". 

Kyle  "Thanks so much for the offer but I'll be dropping him back home tomorrow. Ricky and Brax will be back home". 

Kyle  "I'd better go to Irene’s to say to hi Ash". 

Then Brody appears. 

Brody says to Kyle, "Alf told me you have bought Salt". 

Kyle "Yes I have!". 

Brody explains  to Kyle how he used to own Salt. 

Kyle  "We’ll would you like to come back as manager as I really could do with someone who knows about Salt as I really can’t be bothered  to changed it  back to Angelos.  

Brody  "Thanks Kyle I will".

Kyle  "I'll get in touch with you  tomorrow". 

Irenes House

Irene  "So good to see you two, Kyle and little Casey. 

Kyle "Well this is the first time I've ever been in your house". 

Irene  "I didn't realise, I thought you had been here before".

Ash walks in with baby Luc and  greets Kyle and little  Casey. 

Kyle holds Luc and says, "I am sorry for the tough start to life you had but if you're anything like your mother you are one strong girl".

Next day at Kyle house the phone rings. 

Kyle "Hello Matt""

Matt  "Hey Kyle can you please  pick me up from Airport tomorrow as me and Evie have parted ways. My sister has already gone back to live with Aunt May and I want to come back and live in Summer Bay. I never really wanted to leave in first place". 


Kyle  "Okay I'll pick you up after I drop off Casey at Brax and Ricky's place.  On one condition  you can come work with me again. I'll give you  the manager position and I am also having  Brody Morgan as manager too" 

Matt "That sounds good with me and can come live in flat where Brax and Ricky were living". 

Kyle-of course you can. 

The End 

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Due to popular demand I decided to make one more chapter. 


Kyle's House

Kyle- I thought your sister hated living with your Aunt May?.

Matt-Aunt May felt so bad about the way she treated my sister that she came out to see us and begged my sister to give her a second chance. After a while, my sister agreed to give Aunt May another go. I've been in touch since, and things are working out fine between them now.  I think she knew well before we did that we weren't going to last much longer.

Kyle-So what happened with Evie?

Matt-I guess after the honeymoon was over things just started going downhill... and I really didn't want to leave Summer Bay in the first place and... I guess after a while we just realized we were heading in different directions. 

Summer Bay House

Leah-It's so nice to have you back Matt!

Matt-I'm glad you and Zac stayed friends.

Leah-Yeah we stayed in contact through email but he didn't tell me that Evie and  you were having problems 

Matt-Well we actually more just drifted apart but we never really had a fight... We just realized we hardly ever hung out or talked, and just realized we're not meant to be. 

Irene's House 

Irene-Ash we need get to hospital! It's Luc! She has a cut!. 


Kyles House-

There's a bang on door and Kyle goes to see who it is. It's none other than Phoebe!  


Phoebe-Shut up Kyle!

She grabs him and kisses him 


Phoebe-I've bee so stupid over the last two years and it's you I should be with. I've always regretted not saying yes... and its my fault you were sent to jail. If I hadn't been so stupid! So scared of getting married, then you would never have gotten mixed up with that Isla. 

Kyle-Its not your fault! I made lots of stupid choices.

Phoebe-Will you take me back Kyle?.

Kyle-Of course! I never stopped loving you! ...And I always knew deep down that we'd find our back to each other.

Phoebe-But I better speak to Justin Morgan first and explain to him why I'm back in town.

Kyle-Yeah, Brody told me this morning that you dated his brother for a while.

Phoebe-I'll go find him now.

Kyle-Want me come with you?

Phoebe-No, its my dirty work. I need do this on my own. LA has taught me to be more brave at facing things!.


Tori-I need to talk to you guys in my office.

Ash-Just tell me please, is Luc going be alright?

Tori-Yes I can tell you, Luc is going to be fine... but I have some sad news for you Irene... I'm sorry, but Luc is not your granddaughter.


Tori-I looked at Luc's blood test again and Luc doesn't share same blood with Mick... so she can't be Mick's daughter.

Ash-So VJ's the dad then?

Tori-No VJ isn't the dad either... but I looked at other people's blood tests and I found match!


Tori-Kyle Braxton has same blood type as Luc ...It looks like Kyle is Luc's father!

Kyle House

Ash-Did you guys ever sleep together again, like before you were sent to jail?..

Kyle-Okay... uh... me and Billie did sleep together ... but it was in my prison cell.

Ash-What?! Explain?!

Kyle-Billie somehow snuck into my cell ...I had a cell to myself... Don't ask me how she did it but she did... and I could see she was upset about something that happened... She said something happened while she was working at the gym the day before but she didn't tell me what...  and I guess we got talking.... and then we just slept together.  She managed to escape without being caught as well. 

Ash-But why didn't she ever tell me?!

Kyle-Well I don't have an answer for that either but if I'd known that that's why she was upset I would never have slept with her that day!  I give you  permission to punch me if you want, Ash . 

Ash-I am not angry... because I mean I would much rather you be Luc's dad than someone like Mick! 

Kyle-If I'd known that Billie was pregnant, and there was a chance I could be Luc's dad I would have come clean in a heartbeat about Isla being the true person behind the hold up. I would have returned home much sooner ...but sadly it took me almost being killed to wake up to myself and come home. 

Kyle-When can I go for test to find out?

Ash-In morning at 10:00 ?.

Kyle okay sure sya then at hospital.

Kyle's house

Kyle-Phoebe, how do you feel about Luc being my daughter?.

Phoebe-It wont be easy but I'm willing to give it a go.

Kyle-Are you sure now Phoebe?.

Phoebe-Look I'm willing to make things work, if I can, and that's even if we do now have a little one in our lives.

Kyle-We'll know for sure tomorrow. How did things go with Justin?.

Phoebe-He fine with it. I think he's been with another girl since. 

Tori's Office

Tori-Kyle your test matches... so you are indeed Luc's father.

Kyle smiles as he realizes he's getting everything he ever wanted in becoming a dad.

Outside of Tori's office 

Kyle-Now VJ and Ash, I want you to know, you are still a part of Luc's life. So feel free to come round as much as you like... and that goes for Irene and Leah too. 

Kyle's House

Phoebe-Its not going be easy but I know it'll be easier than it was for Bianca with Harley. Heath cheated on her, whereas Kyle slept with Billie after we'd already broken up. I know Kyle would never cheat on me.

Matt-And I am here to help!. 


Leah-Are you sure you're alright VJ?

VJ-I'm fine. At least I know someone decent is Luc's father, even if she does have Braxton blood in her. Kyle is a good guy and he'll make sure we all remain a part of Luc's life.

Ash-I am actually glad Kyle is the dad. At least Luc has a parent who's still alive and a parent that's a decent person... Most of all, it means Luc is not a product of rape. 

Irene-You hit nail on the head there... and Luc is still my granddaughter by heart, just like Leah.

Mic Hotel Room

Kyle-Mic I am sorry about you mental Health problems as i had issues my self once and I am here to tell you that i am Luc  father and if you don’t believe me here my and Luc blood results and i am here tell you not to come near Luc or try contact Luc ever again as i am her father and Luc under my care and I am now her legal guardian and i have custody of her and also i would love to rip you apart after want you did to Billie  and since you leaving town i won’t but if you do come to visit Irene you are not to contact us you got it?. 

Mic-Just take good care of her and I won’t come to visit Mum as she said visit me in City. 

Kyle-I dont need you telling me to take care of my daughter and I love Billie unlike you and i really hope you get second chance to change your life around goodbye Mic. 

6 weeks later.

Kyle and Phoebe are in a hot air balloon 

Kyle-Will you marry me Phoebe?.

Phoebe-Nah, I'm going back to being stupid and scared of marriage. 


Phoebe-Haha nah of course I'll marry you! I will just wanted to get a bite out of you again!.

Kyle-I love you

Phoebe- I love you too.

They both kiss and promise to be with each until death parts them.


The End.





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