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A Love to Last a Lifetime

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Story Title: A Love to Last a Lifetime
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Rachel, Hugh, Kim
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers:  No, 
Any warnings: Sexual content, V/D
Summary: Hugh is in love with someone but she with someone else. What happens when she finds out how he feels for her? Will she reliaze she have feeling for him? Will she love him to? Who is it Hugh likes?


Chapter 1
[Martha and Hugh are talking as they walk along the beach]
Martha: Hugh are you ok?
Hugh: To be honest, I’m not ok
Martha: Well do you want to tell me what wrong
Hugh: I have feeling for someone
Martha: Then tell whoever it is how you feel
Hugh: It not as simple as that
Martha: Why not 
Hugh: Because she with someone else 
Martha: Look you still should tell her
Hugh: She might hate me for it
Martha: Or she might realize she likes you to
Hugh: I doubt she would like me back
Martha: Well whoever it is would be the silly if they didn’t like you back
Hugh: Any how I go to go to work I talk to you later

[ At Hospital Hugh walks in to work and sees Juile at the nurse station]
Juile: Finally you’re here
Hugh: There lots of people on
Juile: No there isn’t five people called in sick 
Hugh: Is Dr Armstrong here
Juile: No she sick or at least she said she was she didn’t sound sick when she called in
Hugh: Maybe Kim sick and she looking after him
Juile: It seemed like more then that
Hugh: I will go and talk to her once I finshed 
Juile: Well I called in 25 doctors who start in a hour you can take a break when they here and go and see her
Hugh: I might just do that 

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Chapter 2

(Hugh is walking along the beach after work when he sees Rachel sitting on the sand )

Hugh : Rach Hey

(Rachel wipes her tears then looks up at Hugh)

Rachel: Hey

Hugh: Are you ok what wrong

Rachel: It doesn't matter no one cares anyway

Hugh: I care and Kim does to

(Hugh sits next to Rachel)

Rachel: Trust me right now Kim not even considering what I want

Hugh: Which is

Rachel:  A family

(Rachel and Hugh hug and Kim walks along the beach and sees then )

Hugh: I'm sure you guys will sort something out

Rachel: What if we can't 

(They stop hugging )

Hugh: Look you need to tell him how you feel about him not considering or wanting this 

Rachel: You know what I going to do that right now Thanks for listening to me Hugh


(Hugh walks home and Rachel walks to the pier and sees Kim)

(Rachel sits next to Kim)

Rachel: You know i want a family so why can't you give me a reason why you don't want one

Kim: Look I don't have a enough money to have kids and i don't get why you want kids now we haven't been married that long

Rachel: I love you and want to have a family so why can't i have both now

Kim: Because i not ready to have a family yet

Rachel: Fine

(Rachel kisses Kim and hides the fact she upset about not having a family)

(Hugh at Home he sitting on the couch he open his wallet which reveals a photo of him with the person he loves)

Hugh: Im love you Rachel Armstrong and I can give you everything you want 

(He looks at the photo before turning the light off and falling asleep on the couch)



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Chapter 3

(The next day Hugh sees Rachel at work)

Hugh: Rach how long do you have left on your shift 

Rachel:About 5 minutes 

Hugh:Well how about we go and get our stuff and catch up for dinner we haven't had dinner together in a while

(Rachel smiles)

Rachel: Yeah that sounds good way better then being with Kim right now

Hugh: I thought you told him how you felt

Rachel: I did but he still doesn't want kids so i decided to stop asking even if ir hurts me 

Hugh: You have a right to be happy to Rachel you deserve that

Rachel: Thanks I just go get changed

Hugh: Yep same

(They get changed and hugh walks out in a suit while waiting for Rachel then she walks out with a nice dress on)

Hugh: You look beautiful Rach 

Rachel: Really

Hugh: Yeah really

Rachel: Well it nice to hear someone say that to me

(They are walking to the car )

Hugh: Im sure Kim does everyday 

Rachel: He barely does anymore

(They get in the car and drives to dinner and then gets there and sits at a table)

Rachel: Thanks Hugh

Hugh: For what

Rachel: For just been the friend i need right now

Hugh:Anytime you need me I'm here 

Rachel: Thanks that goes both ways

(Waiter walks over and askes then what they would like to drink and eat )

Hugh: I will have a Raspberry to drink

Rachel: That was always your favourite 

Hugh: Yeah and yours

Rachel: I have the same and can i have the Chicken wrap for mains with some chips and we will share a garlic bread for entree

Hugh: I have a Beef and Oyster for main and we will share a Chocolate sundee for desert

Waiter: Ok

(The waiter walks away)

Hugh: Do you remember the time in Uni we sneeked away to have dinner together

Rachel: Yeah and my dad caught us

Hugh: I got in so much trouble 

Rachel: Truth be told he thought you had a crush on me

Hugh: Well maybe I did

(A hour later they finshed dinner Rachel at home and Hugh back at the flat he sees Martha walk in)

Martha: Are you ok

Hugh: I had dinner with Rachel tonight

Martha: How was it

Hugh: Good you know how i told you i liked someone but she was with someone else

Martha: Yeah Is it Rachel you like

Hugh: Yep please don't say anything to anyone that includes her or Jack 

Martha: It our secret 

Hugh: Anyhow over dinner it made me reliaze how much i love her 

Martha: You need to tell her

Hugh:I can't it will break up her marriage

Martha: Tell her she might like you to and she might choose you over him

Hugh: Ok I will tell her tommorow 

Martha: Good now i going to bed 

Hugh: Night 

Martha: Night 

(Martha walks away and Hugh looks at a photo he and Rachel took during dinner and smiles at it before going to sleep)


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Chapter 4

(Kim and Rachel are in the kitchen fighting unaware Hugh at the door)

Kim: Rach I don't want kids and we aren't having then 

Rachel: Well i want then

Hugh: Rach deserves to be happy not just you Kim

(Rachel and Kim turn and see Hugh at the door)

Kim: She can still be happy without kids

Hugh: But she might want kids to

Kim: We don't need kids

Hugh: Rachel should get a say to

Kim: Choice has already been made by me

Rachel : I can't take this anymore let's go for a walk

(Rachel and Hugh are walking along the beach)

Rachel: Thanks for defending me back there 

Hugh: All good but i meant what i said you should get what you want to

Rachel: But Maybe Kim right and maybe i wouldn't be a good mum

Hugh : You would be the best mum

Rachel: Are you alright 

Hugh: Look I know your with Kim but i have feeling for you

Rachel : Look we always going to have a tiny bit of feeling for each other

Hugh: So it not just me 

Rachel: No

Hugh: You need to be happy Rach so if your not with Kim you need to do something about that

Rachel: Yeah well i want kids so i going to have to anyhow i better go get ready for work i catch up with you later

(Rachel walks away and Hugh sees Martha watching Jack surf so he sits next to her)

Hugh: I told Rachel i had feeling for her

Martha: Does she have them back 

Hugh: She just thinks i have a crush because we went to uni together but i know it more then that

Martha: You need to find a way to show her you love her without breaking up her marriage 

Hugh: Well that might happen anyway i had to stand up for Rachel in a fight with Kim this moring

Martha: What were they fighting about

Hugh: He told her they are never having kids 

(Unware to Martha and Hugh Jack have come out of the water)

Jack: That sounds like world war 3 Kim not wanting kids i surprised 

Hugh: Why

Jack: It a long story and as for you I guessing you like Rach 

Hugh: How did you know

Jack: I heard you and Martha talk the other night 

Hugh: Right

Jack: Go and fight for the girl you love

Martha before it to late

Hugh: You know what i going to do that



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Chapter 5

(Hugh walks in and sees Rachel)

Hugh: Look Rach im not giving up

Rachel: On what

Hugh: The woman i love

Rachel: Look Hugh i do love you but what about Kim

Hugh: I can give you what you want 

Rachel: I know that Hugh and that why i choose you 

Hugh: Really

(Rachel kisses Hugh and Kim walks in)

Kim: What the hell Rach

Rachel: look i love Hugh

Kim: what so you never loved me

Rachel: No i think i always loved Hugh and just not realized it

Kim: Fine go to hell both of you

Hugh: We don't care about you im with the woman i love and that all what matter

(kim walks out and Rachel kisses Hugh)







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