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A Forgotten Love

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Story Title: A Forgotten Love
Type of story: Small/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Geoff, Ruby, Derek (made up character)
BTTB rating: G 
Genre: Romance, Drama, 
Does story include spoilers:  No
Any warnings: Sexual content, V/D 
Summary: When former lovers Ruby Buckton and Geoff Campbell are reunited what will happen. How do they feel about each other? Do they still love each other? Who will Ruby choose? 


Chapter 1

(Ruby kissing her boyfriend Derek when the door bell rang)

Derek: Why now

Ruby: Just chill i get it

(Ruby walks to the door and sees Geoff)

Ruby: Geoff Hey

Geoff Hey Ruby long time no see

Ruby: Yeah a bit to long

Geoff: Yeah can i have a hug 

Ruby: Of Course

(Geoff lifts Ruby up and hugs her as Derek walks out but Ruby doesn't see him)

Ruby: What are you doing here?

Geoff: Well Irene called me and she said she spoke to you last night and that you were upset so she booked me flights to Sydney to come and see if you were ok

Ruby: Well Irene can see though me

Geoff: She can see though everyone 

(Geoff puts her down 

Derek: I don't know who you are but leave

Ruby: Derek that not nice

Geoff: Look Ruby i just wanted to let you know that i was here how about we catch up tommorow after all it getting late 

Ruby: Ok meet me at Waves cafe at Lunch time

Geoff Yeah I will see you tommorow Ruby

Ruby: Yeah see you then

(Geoff walks out of the driveway and Derek slams the door)

Derek: Who was that guy

Ruby: Derek chill that Geoff we just friends

Derek: Is he from that place

Ruby : What Summer bay ? 

Derek : Yeah that place

Ruby: Yeah he is

Derek: Why he here after all this time 

Ruby: To catch up

Derek: Well your not catching up with him tomorrow unless im there

Ruby: Derek i catching up with him alone whether you like it or not because i want to spend some time with my friend alone

(Derek pushes Ruby into the wall)

Derek: Your not going to catch up with him unless im there

Ruby: Yes I am it my choice not yours

(Derek hits Ruby)

Derek: Your not going anywhere with him alone

Ruby: It my choice not yours

(Derek hits her again so Ruby stays quiet)

Derek: It not your choice it mine.

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Chapter 2

(It the morning Ruby have brusies on her face but she in the bathroom covering with fountain when Derek comes in)

Derek: Look im sorry for hitting you but your not going to meet with him

Ruby: Yes I am he my friend

Derek: And i your boyfriend and boyfriend comes before friends

Ruby: Look i haven't seem Geoff in a few years so i going to catch up with him i don't care what you say

(Derek slaps Ruby and Ruby starts walking out the door)

Ruby: Don't you dare follow me

(Ruby walks away and to Waves and sees Geoff)

Geoff: It good to see you

Ruby: Yeah you too, Im sorry about what Derek said last night

(Derek runs to Waves and watches Ruby and Geoff behind a bush

Geoff: It all good What happend to your face 

Ruby: Oh I ran in to a door

Geoff: So what been happening the last couple of years

Ruby: Not much what about you 

Geoff: Well as you know i left the church and now I live in Melbourne but considering moving back to Sydney

Ruby: Well you should we could see each other a bit more often

Geoff: Yeah two years have been too long 

Ruby: Lets go inside 

Geoff: Yep sounds good

(They walk inside and sit down )

Ruby: So how things with you anyhow

Geoff: Um not good 

Ruby: Why what happend 

Geoff: Annie got in an accident a few months back and die

Ruby: Im So sorry

(Ruby hugs Geoff)

Geoff: It hurts so much that i can't grieve

Ruby: Look losing people you never grieve for property as your always grieving for then

Geoff: Really

Ruby: Yeah i still haven't got over Charlie death or Romeo 

Geoff: So it not just me

Ruby: No it isn't 

(Derek moves inside unware to Ruby and watching then)

Geoff: You know what we should do for old time sake

Ruby: Yeah what

Geoff: Have chocolate milkshakes and icecream then go for a swim

Ruby: Omg Yes let's do that

(Derek watches then as they order then eat and talk and gets annoyed then Ruby and Geoff walk to beach and Derek follows)

Ruby: Lets do this 

Geoff: Yep

(They take there tops of to reveal binki or shirtless body and runs in water and Derek sits on Geoff towel and watches then )

Geoff: This is great

Ruby: Yeah the best

Geoff: Nothing beats swimming with you Ruby Buckton 

Ruby: Or you Geoff Campbell 

Geoff: We been though alot of good times and bad times haven't we

Ruby: Yeah

(She looks and sees Derek)

Ruby: Derek here  i should go 

Geoff: Ok we will talk tommorow 

Ruby: Yep

(Ruby runs to Derek and derek grabs her arm and pulls her of the beach and Geoff sees this and gets worry)




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Chapter 3

(Derek and Ruby at home and he holds up againest a wall )

Derek: I thought i made myself clear

Ruby: I old enough to make my own choices 

Derek: If two people love each other they shouldn't be seeing others guys 

Ruby: They also shouldn't be hurting the people they love

Derek: Well that not what im doing

(Derek dad Tim walks in)

Tim: You shouldn't be spending time with anyone but Derek 

Ruby: I can spend time with who i want to

Derek: Yeah you can spend time with people but not him

Ruby: His name Geoff and he my friend 

Tim: You love Derek so do what he says 

Ruby: I can make my own choices

Tim: You can't 

(Tim walks out and goes and finds Geoff and he knows what he looks like because Derek showed him a pic of him)

Tim: It Geoff isn't it

Geoff: Depends who asking

Tim: Stay away from Ruby Buckton she with Derek and there happy

Geoff: Look i don't know who you are but Ruby and I are just friends

Tim: Well it didn't look that way to Derek this morning

Geoff: What, How do you know Ruby and Derek

Tim: Im Derek father and my son isn't losing the person he loves because of you so stay away from Ruby 

Geoff: No can do she my friend and I wanna spend time with her

(Tim punches Geoff)

Tim: Stay away from her

Geoff: No

(Tim punches him again and walks away)

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Chapter 4

(Ruby sees Geoff)

Ruby: What happened

Geoff: Your boyfriend dad punched me on the face

Ruby: Ok that it i had it with him and his family hurting people im breaking up with him and moving out

Geoff: when will you move out

Ruby : I going to now

(Ruby walks off and goes and starts packing)

Derek: Where are you going

Ruby:We are done im leaving

Derek : no your not

Ruby: I am

Derek: Fine but not come back when you need a proper man 

Ruby: Don't worry you never see me again come near or Geoff and you will regret it 

(Ruby walks out with her bags and meets Geoff )

Ruby : Geoff thanks for this

Geoff : Don't mention it

Ruby: I still love you

Geoff: I love you to

(Ruby and Geoff kiss)







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