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Tales From The Bermuda

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Title: Tales From The Bermuda

Type of Fic: Short/Medium Fiction

Main Characters: Zac Leah VJ Luc Brody Scarlett Raffy Alf Nate Tori John Jett.

Genre: Comedy Horror and a tad of Romance

BTTB Rating:  A

Does it contain spoilers: No for Australia (maybe for UK pace?)

Warnings: ADULT THEMES!, V/D. 

(I will give additional warnings at the start of each chapter if necessary)

Summary: Zac's written his first book and now its VJ's job to make it through the night reading the stories to Luc.

These are short stories that I sent away to magizines publishers but feedback I was told they were abit to dark So I have adpated them so I can share them with you instead :lol:



1 Introduction

Zac's Return

2 The Ragdoll Man

3 Shark Bait

4 Bee's Wax

5 The Killer Goat

6 Reality Check

7 Epilogue

Tales From The Bermuda


Zac's return


Leah couldn’t help herself as she flung her arms around Zac despite the coldness and clammy feel of his touch against her skin. Zac had returned and that was all that mattered. The horror and sickened feeling of dread that Leah had felt at the pt of her stomach, as she reported him missing all but a year ago washed away only to be replaced by a overwhelming feeling of now knowing this was where she belonged wrapped in Zac’s arms. Why she hadn’t told him that she loved him and this was how she felt when Zac had rushed back to tell her he would always love her and that he didn’t really have make this his final goodbye.


It was down to Leah that Zac felt the need to rush back Leah had guilt tripped him into missing his plane, and instead Zac had boarded a old rickety flimsy not fit to fly aircraft that would even with the best run up end with nothing more than the most spectacular  nose dive back to the ground or maybe it wouldn’t even get that far Maybe it would just end up dropping out of the sky when it was hit with gale force winds and violent downpours of whiplashing fleets of rainwater. It was the crash and of blast from a thunderclap that caused Zac’s very unsteady plane to vanish into deep cloud cover. When Zac had glanced out the window all he could see were wisps of mist and what followed those wisps of mist Zac couldn’t have told you.


He remembered vaguely of a island where he drank from coconuts and slept underneath palm trees. The plane that had crashed was nowhere to be seen it was like it never existed. Within the days that followed Zac was rescued by a large ship called The Flying Dutchman.  Zac had heard stories of this being the long lost ghost ship of the deepest seas and here he found himself within the company of pirates. The pirates offered him the chance of improving their treasure map when he let slip that he was a school teacher while in a very drunken state of having consumed too much rum one night. The captain of the ship was a Jack Sparrow type character always to merry to force Zac to walk the plank, when Zac got the location of the treasure wrong Instead Zac was invited to join the crew to sail the waters of the dead or so the captain liked to claim that was a good name for their voyage. The claims of monsters and creatures of the deep didn’t seem to worry Zac, he was far to taken with his cosy cabin below deck to worry of such things. It was in this cosy little cabin that Zac had written his book by candlelight The Tales From the Bermuda was the title. He had chosen that title because that was where he was between the plains of reality Not quite of this world but of another dimension The Bermuda Triangle. Zac had written these stories wild ideas that he had no clue of where and why they had come to him but he was overjoyed that he was becoming the novelist that he always wanted to be.


Kat a very toffee nosed big shot cop tilted her cap slightly and coughed to break the embrace that was happening between Leah and Zac. Didn’t they realise that she was now a  detective and it was down to her finding Zac that had happened, she was proud of that yes but enough of the lovey dovey stuff already she had to be getting along. Not to mention that he boyfriend was banging on at her that they really should be getting a early night given the fact that they were to take Leah’s son VJ’s daughter home tomorrow given they had won custody of the little girl.


VJ stood watching his Mum sob into Zac’s muscled chest and felt like crying himself. Everything just seemed so overwhelming ever since his girlfriend Billie had died Billie the Mother to his daughter Luc who was at this moment tucked up in bed awaiting VJ to find her favourite bedtime storybook The Hungry Caterpillar. VJ differed in the doorway to the lounge he had read The Hungary Caterpillar countless times and now he just wanted something new and fresh to read. Harry Potter maybe or was Luc too young? Zac spotted VJ and stepped forward taking from his back pocket of his jeans the book of Tales From The Bermuda


“Here VJ I don’t know why but I feel the need to give this to you. “Go read it to Luc” Zac said. VJ slowly took the hard brown worn covered book with its golden clasp latched seal  from Zac and noted the knowing mysterious look that passed between them.


“Look inside I feel I have to tell you to do that as well” Zac said nodding.


VJ looked down clicked the catches of the golden latch to pull the seal of the book so it was free to open the heavy feeling thick cover of the book opened and as it did a big cloud of dust arose into the air. For such a small looking book it sure did have some weight to it.


“Look on the left page” Zac said


VJ looked there in black smudged ink were the words “dedicated to Billie Ashford I had you in mind”


“That’s my book VJ and…”


“And you dedicated to Billie wow Zac thank you” VJ said feeling he needed to fight  to hold back his tears.  


Zac nodded and smiled and then said quite seriously but with a sense of calm to his voice…


“I think you should go read the book now VJ” Zac then gave VJ that look of knowing again like he was trying to will a hidden secret across to him.


“Ok I will” VJ said turning to head back upstairs.


“Oh and VJ once you start you have to read to the end no matter how scary the stories may get. I don’t know why I feel you should know this its important. Oh and you can only read it to Luc nobody else.”


Zac then went to sit down on the sofa looking very tired out and pale. VJ watched as Kat left this was it this was the final night he would get to spend with his daughter.



VJ opened the book as he sat by Luc’s cot. The small girl gazed back at him.


“Hungry Caterpillar Dada?” she asked.


“No tonight Luc I have a collection of short tales to read to you. They were written by your uncle Zac so here we go,, are you ready?”


Luc nodded VJ passed Luc her doll over and she hugged it tightly.


VJ glanced down at the dedication to Billie one last time before he turned the title page Tales From  he Bermuda and began to read…



The Ragdoll Man

Today was Ava’s birthday and her daddy Justin was looking forward to her visit….







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Thank You Ludub and Kristen for the comments hope you like this..

Chapter 2

The Ragdoll Man

Today was Ava’s birthday and her daddy Justin was looking forward to her visit.. Brightly colourful banners hung from pretty drapes of glittery tinsel with the words written in huge lettering….




The presents were piled high in the middle of the living room and the smell of baking waffled throughout the Morgan’s family home. Justin rushed breathlessly around in a somewhat tiswas  of panic much to the annoyance of his brother Brody.


Brody was in charge of baking Ava’s birthday cake and this year she had requested the cake to be a Smarties themed chocolate cake. Smarties were Ava’s favourite sweets, and as the progress of preparing the cake was reaching its all important finishing stage, Brody took it upon himself to do a quick taste test. With one quick swipe of a finger his taste buds were awoke from the dryness of worry as the chocolate lapped itself over the folds of his tongue.


Brody couldn’t deny to himself at least that he found Justin’s daughter Ava rather freaky, or to put it a better way it was more to do with that creepy doll that she carried everywhere. Her creepy doll called Raffy, with that straw like blonde hair that glassy wide green eyed stare. Those painted red rose lips. Something just seemed off about her to Brody, but of course he dare not share these fears with Justin. What was he meant to say? Oh I think that doll your daughter has may just be alive? Justin would of thought him crazy. It probably didn’t help Brody’s case either that each time Ava came around she also had with her a tube of Smarties and without fail she always offered Brody the blue one, and blue Smartie had a affect on Brody that spent him as high as a kite. Up to the point of him bouncing off the walls and often had him laughing like some high pitch hyena. These were often the times where he thought he heard Raffy speaking to him, or to put it a better way times where she would threaten him For some reason she seemed hell bent on giving his facial hair a good old trimming Only thing was the treatment that Raffy had in mind would involve a lot of blood.


Brody shuddered as he heard the front door open. He could hear Ava’s tiny sweet mousey shy voice speak to Justin and then he heard Justin tell her to go look in the kitchen because Brody had made her a special birthday surprise. The sounds of small feet pattering along excitedly soon followed, and here was Ava stood smiling ear to ear at the sight of her Smarites birthday cake


“Oooooooooooooooooooh is that for me?” she asked. Brody nodded quite happily for the moment Raffy hadn’t made her normal styled spooky entrance. Maybe.. Ava hadn’t brought her? Maybe the spooky doll had been forgotten and left behind at home? Hopefully she had slipped down the corner of Ava’s bed where she would stay lost and alone in the dank darkness where the monsters that lived beneath Ava’s bed lived.


“Awww thank you Brody my cake is lovely but its…missing something no blue Smarties are on it”


“Oh I am sorry Ava I didn’t have any”


“Never mind here’s one Ava said as she popped a blue Smartie into Brody’s mouth it  he gulped he knew what was coming next.


 Ava then laughed as she pulled something out from the back of her dress. Brody stopped slow chewing his smartie and stared gaped mouthed as he came face to face with Raffy. The doll slowly winked at him or so he thought. The effect of the blue smartie must have worked already or maybe Brody’s eyes were just playing tricks on him.


The party was in fill swing and Brody was rushing around blowing as much puff into party balloons as he could manage, as Justin’s girlfriend Phoebe sang the worse ever version of the Happy Birthday song known to man. That even from high above at the top of his ladder it made Brody cringe so much. Buddy the family dog must have agreed because he was howling his little doggy head off.


Brody was high on the party excitement though and the effects of that fateful blue  smartie had taken fill effect. Brody was stood at the top of a very wobbly step ladder and he was giggling like a schoolgirl. His vision had doubled and the balloon he was attempting to pin up was waving around and hitting him in the face. To make Brody laugh even more uncontrollably were the sounds of his other brother Mason who was grunting as he got a large pin wedged up his bottom as Ava mistook him for a back end of the donkey while she played the game pin the tail on the donkey. The drunkenness of the high made Brody sway back and forth on the ladder.


Everyone was having great fun and it was because of that as to the reason that nobody had noticed that the spot where Ava had sat Raffy was now empty.  Now the little doll stood beneath Brody’s ladder and Raffy had her little cotton arms out and she was viciously shaking that ladder like it was a winning lottery ticket. Brody tried to keep his balance but it was no good he was feeling that out of it, he didn’t even feel the carpet burn as his face hit the floor. He caught a quick flashing glimpse of Raffy’s little doll feet running back to the sofa. She was too small to make her own way back up to the sofa cushion so instead she just plonked herself nearby making it look as though she had fallen onto the floor. Justin, Phoebe and Mason leaped up to untangle Brody from the ladder and Buddy helped out in the only way he knew how by licking his face. Ava rushed over to Brody and held her hand out in it was the offer to take Raffy as a sort of comfort for what looked to be a strained ankle.



Brody lay in the darkness of the bedroom he wanted to sleep to close his eyes and await the dreaded blue smartie high hangover. He was tired felt totally wacked actually. But if he closed his eyes she would move he knew she was just waiting to catch him off guard. Ava had made a very sweet caring gesture of giving Brody Raffy to sleep with. Gee thanks very much just what he wanted really to sleep with a demon ragdoll that could torment him throughout the night, Sounded just dreamy.  The scratching sounds on the floor were the first noises he heard, could that be mice or was it her sharpening her meat cleaver? The curtains in the bedroom billowed lightly as the breeze blew them slightly that was up until the window came crashing down with a almightily bang. Brody stared around the room wide eyed. Maybe the screws of the windowsill were abit rusty maybe just maybe?


Buddy who slept at the foot of Brody’s bed looked up. The poor dog didn’t notice much these days given his old age His doggy ears were worn out, especially after listening to Phoebe’s so called attempts at singing.


“We alone Bud?” Brody asked looking to the dog for reassurance. Buddy licked his lips yawned and put his head on his front paws where he fell into a quick dozed state.


Brody lay back down and as he did he thought he felt something crawl underneath the bedcovers. Brody’s eyes darted towards the slight small lump that was advancing upwards towards him. Brody shut his eyes tight thinking and hoping that when he opened them again the ghostly bedroom lump would have vanished from sight. But that didn’t stop Raffy’s rain of terror oh no she was now tickling the back of Brody’s neck. Laying there tensed up glancing at the slivery moonshine as it cast itself against the walls of the moon Brody caught sight of Raffy as she ran around the bed and came to a stop where she stood grinning down at him.


“I’m going to relieve you of your hairy brushy beard”  Raffy sweetly whispered. Brody was now shaking as Raffy lifted her sliver sharpen meat cleaver from behind her back The cleaver glistened in the moonlight as it came down to slash Brody across the cheek. Brody screamed he could hear Justin and Phoebe in the other room but they were having too much of a good time by the sounds of the grunting moans to come help him. Mason would be far too busy with his obsession over this Olivia girl that he had just started dating to come to his aid and Ava would be listening to her IPod but pretending to be asleep.


Brody quickly lobbed a pillow across the face of Raffy knocking her from off the bed. He heard the light thump as she hit the floor. Brody felt the bedcovers being pulled and then Raffy was back on the bed having just used the bedcovers as a rope to aid her up again to this smooth bouncy cliff face. Now the little doll came running thrashing and ripping at the sheets with her cleaver. Brody started to sweat and jumped out the way with rapid speed as the cleaver was inches from scaring his precious manhood for life. Now upon his feet Brody had the prefect chance to arm himself, and deep beneath his bed was his weapon of choice, his well trusted sturdy frying pan. If the pan was able to make the prefect fried egg Brody was sure it could scramble the cotton wool stuffing of a doll’s head.. Raffy jumped from the bed meat cleaver raised and Brody took a pretty hefty swing at the oncoming onslaught of the crazed doll. Brody heard her head clonk off the surface of the pan and then watched as Raffy slumped against the head broad of the bed. Justin and Phoebe’s sounds of pleasurably thrusting action paused slightly for a second, Brody then heard the breathy shout of glee from his brother.


“Wooo whooooo go on Brody it’s not just me that’s making the sweet sounds of music tonight then…. Get in there.”


“Hey that’s my job surely I’m the queen of making a good tune?” Phoebe quickly answered back


Brody gave the paper thin wall a flustered glance and then went back to fighting off Raffy, who seemed hell bent on playing her knife stabbing skills game. If she wasn’t too murderous and less a doll and more human Brody would have loved to have her chopping skills as part of his meal preparation team in his kitchen. Raffy seemed a dab hand at wielding sharp objects.


Raffy leapt again and Brody miss timed his pan swing but the sheer force of wind caused by the shot nudged Raffy onward to slice at Buddy’s doggy tail. The dog yelped and howled from the sudden searing pain and he brought his snapping jaws around to grab at what had attacked his tail.


Raffy’s eyes shot back and forth as she wondered what was happening as Buddy lifted her up. when the dog was facing forwards he began thrashing his head violently  opened his jaws and sent Raffy sailing through the air. Her poor body was near ripped to shreds’ Buddy then lay back down feeling proud he was a very good guard dog


Brody ran to the window Raffy stood from below shaking her tiny little fist she had landed in a puddle and she was…………….flattened by a oncoming rubbish truck.


Brody fist pumped the air she was gone maybe now he could get some sleep.



Alfred was a very talented fisherman and he could repair things with the aid of some fish hooks and abit of fishing line.


“Good job I flaming found you wasn’t it? I have a granddaughter who would just love to have you.”


Raffy stared glassy eyed up at the old man she wasn’t finished yet not by a long shot.


The End


VJ finished the first story and caught sight of the doll Luc was hugging, was that Raffy? Had Alf gave the doll to her as a gift?


“Errr Luc why don’t we swap your dolly for maybe Mr Shark instead Dolly’s tired”


“Ok daddy” the little baby girl said


As VJ took Raffy from Luc and as he kicked her underneath the bed something suddenly dawned on VJ. Since when had Luc been able to talk she was far to young to form proper words but here she was asking him to read her the next story.


“Luc since when have you been able to talk?” VJ asked


“I don’t know daddy I is clever I guess”


VJ accepted this with a meh sound and shrug of the shoulders and then said


“Next story then?”

Luc nodded


“Here we go” VJ said turning the page and resting the book on his lap as he settled down to read he thought he heard the rustle of branches come from outside..


Shark Bait

One simple hello was all that the blonde bombshell needed to say to send Alf’s heart into a flutter of butterflies.     





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Thank You Ludub Yes you are rightt Zac's a very good writer isn't he? What a great collection of stories his written here haha Thanks Kristen I thought of blue Smarties because they used to send me hyper when I was young I think the blue smartie was banned for awhile :lol: Thanks Sarah as well Thanks Chair welcome to the maddness of my mind haha Thanks JT I leave Raffy alone in this story haha

Chapter 3


One simple hello was all that the blonde bombshell needed to say to send Alf’s heart into a flutter of butterflies. It took the old man by surprise to have been suddenly  pounced upon by this wanted interaction with another human being. Very rarely he came across anybody maybe the odd jogger who often didn’t notice him, too caught up in their very tiring exercise routine with only their motivational running music for any source of company. Alf was thankful for such small mercies he didn’t just seek these quiet little fishing spots out willy nilly and to be truthfully bluntly honest he knew in his own mind he was a right grumpy farty pants kind of person. Who wanted company when fishing anyways? The slight murmur or cough could see the fish dart away for miles and miles then you are left holding your tackle in you hands looking the right numpty.  


“I said hello, aren’t you going to say it back? I won’t bite you know Good idea to leave that job to the fish” the blonde woman said smiling.


Alf eyed her warily as he lowered his straw hat, was he about to greet this fellow fisherman or should that be fisherwoman In a nice polite gentlemanly gestured way?


The blonde looked to the old man expecting maybe abit too much but the hat was indeed raised, soon he would follow through with a hello madam or maybe a good morning, or a……………..No none of that Alf’s hat became extra padding for his flabby bottom, as he settled himself down on the grassy sandy marsh land of this subdued piece of highland.


The blonde turned and gazed out at the crystal blue waters with slight huffed up shoulders. Fine she had made the effot, she had tried to be friendly. How was it possible that she kept on managing to go about her life meeting the oddballs of this world, otherwise known as twats. Only last week she had been applying her lip gloss while sitting at traffic lights. Mid pout she had been All lips pushed out in a kissy, kissy gesture out or resembling that of a huge balloon. It wasn’t the most flattering way to be caught just before getting car jacked but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes she guessed. Yes Scarlet Snow was a woman who had a nack of finding the twats of the world. The latest twat to present and grace himself into her obit of existence was sat to the side of her grumbling about getting himself tied  in a right old prickle with his very own fishing line.


Alf eyed the blonde sat to his left quickly. He knew he should have said hello to her or at least sent a grunt her way. He also knew his fingers had gone to pot he was acting the right butterfingered fool here and why was that? he after all did this everyday, This was like second natural to him he could do this in his sleep for goodness sake.  Take his fish rod from the very long zipped fisherman sports bag, make sure the line was smooth and straight and then next came attaching his chosen bait to the end of the rod. He would then happily cast out into the fishy paradise waters and bob’s your uncle he was away. But nooo not today of course How could it have gone to plan with a pretty blonde sitting to the side of him angling for his attention? Alf felt like this is how the young ones would describe maybe having that unease of a very awkward date.


Scarlet watched from the corner of her eye to witness the redness of frustration in Alf’s face as he tried to compose his fishing line into some sort of working flexible order. he was really botching this whole thing up spectacularly.


“Would you like some help with your tackle there? My name’s Scarlett by the way.”


Alf stopped grumbling and looked to this blonde fisherwoman in such a comedic way, red faced tied in slight knots of fishing line that Scarlet just let out a whole heartily girly wail of laughter.


“Shhhhh the flaming fish, the fish will hear you, you silly…..”


“Oh I’m sorry I’m silly have you seen yourself lately? You look like a red blushing kind of lobster caught within his own tackle.” Scarlet carried on laughing as Alf gazed at  his  laughing stocked fuelled reflection in the water Oh flaming great I’m sat next to a flaming giggling manic now can things get any worse? Alf thought to himself.


“Here untie yourself and come and use mine instead.” Scarlet said holding her own fully equipped fishing rod out for the old man to take.


“Its pink I can’t flaming fish with that” Alf said looking shell shocked at being presented with this outrageous sort of offer.  


“Oh why’s that, scared you will be spotted and end up on the front cover of queer fisherman’s weekly you already look the right tit take the rod you stubborn… Scarlett managed to stop herself from cursing she was here to relax and take in the view and of course fish.


Alf threw his line to the side and snatched the rod away from Scarlet. Slightly rude but Scarlet couldn’t deny she did find his bumbling oaf of a man very amusing, and behind his frowned expression she could see he was enjoying himself too.


“What bait do you use?”  Alf asked


“Oh a quick flutter of the eyelashes often works wonders. How about you is it oh don’t tell me your sparkling winning personality?”


I use maggots or sometimes the crusts from my sandwiches Alf said plainly as he threw the pink very manly fishing line out the little worm he attached to the end wiggled around very friskily.  

“Your crusts from you sandwiches I see. Oh so that’s why you don’t have curly hair then Scarlett said she was having fun at least entertaining herself  never mind Alf.


“Oh course not I’m flaming bald as coot” Alf answered rolling his eyes was this woman stupid or something he thought.


Scarlett laughed once more. As it would seem it can be very, very hazardous to go laughing to much and too loudly while sitting out in the wildness, Especially when one chooses to sit by open waters. Laughter can vibrate and a single ripple can cause a everlasting butterfly effect of yet more ripples. Ripples can then attract and encourage to bring to the waters surface, whatever lurks beneath. Deep and at its deepest depths water can hide away monsters. Monsters that are awakening from their slumber can awake very grumpy and then before you know it they have you trapped within their unbreakable hold.


“Oh my flaming Galahs I have one I have a fish or I have something oh my…..”


Scarlett laughed again if she didn’t know any better it was as if Alf hadn’t caught a single fish in his life before this day. The excitement plastered on his face was like a surge of electric. Hopefully he hadn’t caught them a electric eel Scarlett thought.


“Hold it steady don’t let it get away..”


“Its flaming a strong one I can tell you that I…..”


“STOP WAIT JUST STOP”… Scarlet screamed she had seen the huge fin poking up out of the water it was moving towards them in fact Alf was reeling it in.


“Drop the line throw the line away Mister..”


“Throughout the murkiness the shark could see its prey. A fat juicy meal oh and what do we have here, A rather tasty looking piece of sexy meat? Yes maybe the fat flabby one would be to chewy Yes but how would oh no never mind here she comes she a coming over stalk the prey don’t just pounce not right way the shark thought licking his razor sharp jaw.


“Move, move out of the way” Scarlett ran to Alf’s side he was motionless dumbfounded. A shark a flaming shark hook line and sinker on the end of a fishing hook who would have ever thought that could happen?


“Mister MOVE!!!” Scarlett stomped down hard with the end of her high heeled shoe she felt it pierce right through the top of Alf’s slipper, and how he yelped and yelled The man hopped away to safety swearing blue murder. Scarlett though she had turned to go at least but within seconds of her turning the shark had leapt high into the air like a dolphin. Jaws open wide and then they snapped tight around the top of Scarlett’s head, the rest of her body fell limply back against the sharks pink tongue. There Scarlett was encased in darkness as she vanished from sight as the shark’s mouth became her tomb. The shark then seemed to grin at Alf as he sank below the surface of the water once more.


Alf never forgot that fishing exercitation He guessed it was true to what people said Some people come fleetly into your life and then they are gone. We  don’t always know why.  They come and go so quickly But with Scarlett Alf knew the reason and that was so she could be shark’s bait for the sole reason so he didn’t have to be, and for that he was grateful. The prospect of being some kind of fish food is never a nice thought.


The End


VJ closed the book with a large snapping bang wow that story was a dark one he said quickly grabbing at Luc’s toy shark and chucking it beneath the bed  to join Raffy the ragdoll


“Wow Luc that wasn’t a very nice one was it?” VJ looked to the little girl expecting some sort of witty answer, but instead she just clapped her hands lightly and gazed around the room like she was really taking it in for the very first time. Why wasn’t she talking?


There was a knock at the door and Zac entered carrying a tray of biscuits and juices.


“VJ open the book you have to give on reading don’t stop” Zac said looking alarmed at the sudden pause in proceedings.


 VJ was taken back as Zac took the book quickly from him and opened it quickly just before the last golden latch could click back into its place if that happened the book would become locked.


“Read it VJ or you won’t discover the mystery that lays ahead”


VJ smirked.


“Man Zac really does think his a world class writer doesn’t he Luc?”


“Yes daddy he is very good I is enjoying it aren’t you daddy?”


VJ looked to his daughter again fully alert and she was talking like a real small clever clogs very odd very odd indeed


“Ok soo next story?” VJ asked and as Luc nodded for him to start the ghostly whispers of the wind had started to gather outside the bedroom window. VJ shivered as he started….


The Bearded Wonder


Nate Copper felt the wheel of his motorbike spin dangerous out of control.. The sand dust cloud it caused was very impressive though….   








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Thank you for the nice comments everyone

Chapter 4

The Bearded Wonder

Nate Copper felt the wheel of his motorbike spin dangerously out of control. The sand dust cloud it caused was very impressive though. The deep smell of burning rubber immersed itself around Nate as the bike’s fast possession of screeching wheel spins of noise fuelled the surrounding countryside with clouds of pollution as the bike’s tyres skidded across the tarmac.


The soon to be employed doctor of Northern district hospital tried desperately to avoid from being impaled by the long slivered searing pole as it swung jerkily back and fourth towards him from the back of the truck. The large bulking monster of the truck was also trying to gain back control. The sheer shock of witnessing a fully sized kangaroo come jumping from out of the brush had scared the driver beyond his wits, Given that and the sudden bang from  the blow out of one of his back tyres had nearly come close to him wetting his pants from fright.  


Part of the truck’s cargo contents had spilled down into the road. The large vehicle’s cargo bay’s holder had skidded unevenly away off from the rest of the truck and now towered a darken shadow of menace. If this had been a Hollywood blockbuster Nate could have kicked his bike on to its side and just slid underneath the huge holding bay of large poles. Instead though the glass of his bike’s helmet was shattered as a javelin styled pole flew back into his eye line and smashed its way through the front of the helmet.  Blood spurted from inside Nate’s helmet and the good doctor was thrown backwards from his bike. The bike’s fuel tanks were the next things to be seared by the long sharpen poles and as they flew back like a collection of well timed thrown darts. Fuel started to leak in long black oily trails across the road towards the truck.


In a pretty banged up way Nate somehow managed to stagger to his feet, but as soon as he had  he was blown backwards by the almighty explosion engulfing the page three modelled doctor in a  exploding inferno of fire.


Nate screamed as his skin burned away from his face and started to bubble and pop like micro waved popcorn, His gorgeous face had been well and truly barbequed. Droplets of tar and burning mounts of soot sizzled away the last of his good looks. The biking leathered clothing that he was wearing. Now had huge gapping holes imbedded into them. his reddish burnt skin blistered as soon as the sun’s heat hit its surface.  


Tori Morgan bit into her slice of toast, she wasn’t one of those people who often eat breakfast on the go, but today she was excited. The hospital was going to be joined by some big shot city super doctor, and she just couldn’t wait to meet him. Tori had heard that he was quite dishy too so that was a bonus. The other doctors gazed up at the sudden loud crunch as she bit into her toast. and some of  these goodie two shoes actually dared to tut. Tori didn’t care though she was head of emergency, she was allowed to have buttery and jam flaky crumbles on her paperwork if she so wished The rest of these doctors were beyond useless.


The TV screens out in the waiting areas of hospital suddenly blared into life startling  some of the injured and sick waiting patients and nearly causing them to topple from there plastic seating.Reports of a fiery inferno of a road accident had hit the headlines.


Tori and several other white coated doctors dashed forwards like a excited flock of swans. The automatic doors to the hospital slid open and all the doctors became hushed from their overexcited shouts of gossip. The sight that greeted the doctors was something resembling the nightmarish monster of Freddy Krueger.  


Nate gazed around as the large group of fascinated doctors gawked at him with sheer looks of pure horror on their faces Nate had never felt so worried in his life. The doctors just looked so confused and baffled as each of them in turn lowered their heads to peer down at their clipboards they were holding in their hands.


Tori looked to her own clipboard on it was a doddle of a drawing of her dog Buddy, and underneath that sheet of paper was the menu from the local diner, well she had to plan her lunch didn’t she? and plus with this new super doctor coming in from the city maybe she might get to take him out on a dinner date for a milkshake. Also Mr super dishy doctor he had the brains and that was a good job because nobody else that worked at the hospital had the faintness clue of what to do about anything. In fact medical talents what medical talents? Every doctor and nurse here was still awaiting their all important training.

The best advice going about the place at the moment for patients was have a apple a day and that should keep the doctor away. Not a blinking clue the white coats were nice though and the stethoscopes were kind of cool.


“Help me please” Nate groaned up at them all.


“Here try this” one of the doctors said. Tori quickly batted the offered bottle of sun tan lotion away before Nate could see what he was being given.


“Wow Tori what was that for? He looks abit burnt” the baffled looking doctor questioned.


Tori groaned she then looked to Nate and said….


“We really do have a super duper Dr Nate Cooper coming to join  our staff today. He will set us on our training path you won’t have to worry about a thing I promise”


“I am that super duper Nate Cooper.. Nate struggled to say through his agonising pain.  


“YOU WHAT YOU ARE!!!!” Tori shouted louder than she had expected too. Nate had to hand to this hospital they weren’t what you called at all that gentle and they had the most strangest bedside manner if he hadn’t of had the sorest throat known to man he would have laughed. Tori was now running pushing Nate’s bed at top speed towards the lift. Nate was very worried that they might just crash into the doors. At the last second though the doors binged open and Nate caught the quick look of wonderment from two doctors as they exited the lift. They both seemed to have a shared secret between the two of them that he wasn’t aware of.


Once inside the brightly lit lift Tori opened up the lift panel with a key, she just so handy kept hidden in her bra it would seem, and after slotting the small key into the panel and being presented with a big black shiny button Tori pressed that button with such surprising force that the lift jolted just a tiny bit.


“Now don’t be alarmed Nate” she said. Nate looked to her as though she was a few sandwiches short of a picnic.


I have a brother Brody and he works for someone or something I’m not too sure but its known as The Giant Flaming Galah Head My family dabbles in magic we were in danger you see because of that we had to go into witness protection so Brody he had to change his name to The Bearded Wonder.”


The lift rattled as Tori spoke Nate was feeling baffled where were they going exactly to middle Earth?


“The Giant Galah Head became drunk on power though and now he is worse than the devil. He has blackmailed Brody into collecting him sheer high amounts of sickness from people He now demands your very soul”  Tori said sitting herself down at the end of Nate’s bed and slightly crushing his burnt legs.


 “Nate would you give up your soul to get well again?” Tori asked.


“Errrrrrrr well I was kind of very good looking and I would like sexiness again” Nate managed to croak..

Tori nodded.

“Good” she said.

“Heck nooo are you mad, giving up my soul for my good looks noooo……. Wait a minute errr…… yes maybe hmmm” Nate said.


“Good you have logged your request in with The bearded wonder he will collect your pain and suffer and store it inside his long beard you will them become healed but you have to stick to the bargain that the Gaint Galah Head requests of you. Oh and the Bearded  wonder Brody be aware you must taste his cooked treats before he will rid you of your pain”


The lift doors opened and Nate gazed around as Tori wheeled his bed across rocky terrain witnessing torrents of fires as big ugly goblins fed their pits with large moulds of coal.




Tori raised Nate’s bed so he was could see Brody the oh Bearded one

 The beard itself was on the same level as being impressive like Santa’s long a very brushy.  


Brody sat before Nate smiling his blue eyes sparkling like diamonds.  




“I can’t eat my mouth is too sore” Nate said.




The Bearded Wonder leaned forward and placed the palm of his behind Nate’s head and brought a golden goblet up to his mouth. Nate drank the swirling brownish liquid he was supremely very thirsty even though his burnt out throat felt as sharp as razor blades.



Brody sat back. The hard stiff wood of his throne made his back very sore. he would have go and get it massaged by Phoebe the glorious later on. He did enjoy listening to her angelic voice as she rubbed soothing oils into his skin.


Brody smiled grinned down at Nate with yellowish stained teeth.


“Now Nate you will live a most fruity and healthy life with ken doll good looks and women begging you to date them. But the gift of vanity comes at a prize and in order to keep your good looks you will have to date these women…”


“Oh doesn’t sound to bad” Nate said shrugging wincing slightly at the shoulder movement.


“Yes that part is going to be easy. The driving them completely and utterly nuts part isn’t going to be so simple. But that is your job if you so wish to keep your well toned body and not live the rest of your life as a over done barbecued  crisp you will in turn drive the women you date totally bonkers.”


Brody then leaned forward and hit Nate hard on the knee with a hammer and then…………a loud trumpet sounding fart echoed around the fire pit chamber The hard working goblins all looked up with awe.


Nate gazed down at the small alien like creature sat inches from his butt cheeks The small alien creature looked dazed got up and wandered away a little stick with a small hankie wrapped around the top.


Brody’s beard lashed out and became really quite stretchy The brushy hair took hold of the small creature and drag it away within the folds of the rest of the beard.


“Now go you are soulless but cured. Who’s next on the list?” Brody called out. A goblin rushed forward with a checklist.


“A young guy who goes by the name of Josh Barret” Bearded Wonder” the goblin said bowing.


“Oh and in what way is he suffering?” Brody asked, just like he felt power in the kitchen this soul collecting was quite the power trip.


“He is blind Bearded one”


“Not for long he won’t be. if I cured him of being brain dead last week what is a little bit of blindness?” Brody said laughing.


Nate Copper stuck to the deal to keep his good looks he ended up having half of SummerBay’s women turn into stark raving lunatics. Brody had to draw the line in the sand eventually though when Nate tried to turn Tori right cuckoo of a nutter.


Out on his kayak one day Nate was struck by a bolt of lightening. He was then rushed the Northern Districts hospital and there he was summoned down to the fiery pits of the Bearded Wonder”  and there Brody unleashed his dark chef bossy mode onto him.and transformed Nate into a ugly goblin where he now works for Brody as one of his goblin slaves.


The End


VJ jumped about a foot into the air when Leah and Zac walked in to the bedroom wish Luc a goodnight.


“You enjoying your storybook Luc?” Leah asked.


The little girl nodded and Leah left the room smiling, she wasn’t going to be able to say goodbye to that small girl in the morning why oh why had Ash won custody of her?


Zac had hung back and now he was stood looking very mysteriously into VJ’s eyes.


“Did that last story teach you anything VJ?” Zac asked


“Err that I now need the toilet because I’m scared out of my wits?” VJ said.


“No it should have taught you that everything has its price”


“Do you believe in magic daddy?” Luc asked.


VJ hadn’t heard Luc he was too busy picking a photo of Billie up from off the floor surely it hadn’t just fallen from the book?


“Keep reading VJ” Zac said patting him on the shoulder.


“Next story then Daddy” Luc said.


VJ looked up from the photo of his beautiful looking Billie and nodded.


“Yes next story” VJ said turning the next dusty page of the book.


Bee’s Wax

Brody eyed the bumble bee with worried cautious. He was going to scream like a little girl in a moment if Justin didn’t whack it with the newspaper…   









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Thank you once more for reading my story


Chapter 5

Bee's’ Wax

Brody eyed the bumble bee with worried cautious. He was going to scream like a little girl in a moment if Justin didn’t whack it with the newspaper…


“Mmmm and what do you call these little fellas?” Justin asked mid munch.


“Errrrrrr, errrrr, errrrr Honey Suckle Lemon Drizzle Bites Brody answered. He had taken to curling himself into a ball while rocking back and fourth slightly on high stool. The scary bumble bee had taken to the fruit bowl and had made itself very homely and cosy on top of a red and rosy red shiny apple.


“Mmmm too much honey not enough drizzle for me mate” Justin said placing the half eaten morsel of food back onto the high towered food styled turn table.


“Brody did you hear what I said?” Justin questioned. He was really expecting at least some kind of meltdown reaction from his very passionate chef of a brother, and low and behold here was the explosion of fury he so expected. Brody started to scream jumping from his high stool as he did so finger waggling through the air wildly.  


Over on the sofa Raffy rolled her eyes. Brody’s sudden outbursts from having his food insulted had almost become a monthly normality for her now. Brody would go off and vanished down to the basement where he would cook up a food storm of new and quirky ideas for his restaurant Salt and then every time he would ask Justin of his  opinion on what Brody classed as food orgasms, and Justin would always disappoint him with a anticlimax kind of answer. Now as Brody hopped around the kitchen like a dog on heat. Raffy had often seen their dog Buddy do the exact same dance when he was desperate to go outside to the toilet.


Raffy shut herself off from the noise and placed her ear phones in her ludholes and turned Love Yourself by Justin Bieber up loudly. The thing was Raffy didn’t want to love herself she wanted to love Jett Palmer. She sat one seat short of behind him. Ellie Page sat directly behind Jett, and Jett was smitten with her. He was always laughing at her witty jokes so much it had began to creep Raffy out. Nobody could be that funny all the time. Jett and Ellie laughed so much and smiled oh so sweetly sickly at one another that their science teacher Mr Bojangles had to separate them. So then Jett would come and sit behind Raffy. But even then Raffy often had to duck her head as a paper airplane sowed over the top of her head. Ellie would then catch it and squeal at the love letter that the paper airplane contained.


Raffy sighed, it would seem that her high school experience was going to consist of gazing at Jett and dreaming of what could be, but in her case it was going to be more than likely what wasn’t ever going to be. Instead she would have to depress herself at facebook stalking her so desired love interest. That had been until this afternoon’s science class though, with that class there was also the hint of hope.


Raffy eyed the tiny laser space gun with hope and with excited little flutters in her heart. Two of NASA’s biggest and well known cleverest nerdy geeks had come into the school and now were explaining the wonders that this space laser gun would hope to achieve with exploring the distant planets of the universe.

Top bigwigs scientists Dexter Walker and Oscar Mcguire were waffling away excitedly and proudly of this so called tiny guns capabilities.

Enlarge food portions so astronauts didn’t have to ration so much, ideal for longer space adventures. Enlarge that was the word Raffy had taken away from that sentence. Oh and the phrase very impressive, the rest of the talk had become lost on her as soon as Jett was called forward to the front of the class to pose with the tiny space gun. Raffy sighed he was just so dreamy.


“There it is crawling down the banana get it Justin get it” Brody growled. Justin whacked the newspaper outwards and caught the bee ever so slightly on the back of its wing. This of course angered the little black and yellow striped blighter and in his tiny mind Brody was the one acting the pansy pants. Readying its niffly little pointy black stinger the bee braced itself for the fleshy impact.


“OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW JUSTIN YOU MISSED”  Brody screamed as he dropped to his hands and knees. Justin dashed forwards the sight of seeing his brother turn as blotchy as beetroot had him concerned.


“Raff look after Buddy I’m just going to take Brody to the hospital” Justin said picking up his brother and limping towards the front door.


“Can’t go Justin I have a couple of food critics coming to the restaurant tomorrow” Brody wheezed. Justin looked to his brother clearly suffering from a allergic reaction to the bee string. Surely getting medical treatment was a tad more pressing than trying to impress a couple of toffee nosed food know it alls?


“Raffy did you hear me?” Justin asked again as he hovered by the front door.


“Yes I did, oh my god Justin stop nagging me” Raffy answered back huffily.


Justin shook his head and chuckled, teenager girls my goodness you just had to love them and their unpredictable hissy fits.   


Raffy now alone in the house her sister Tori was a doctor down at the hospital she would see to it that Brody was fine. So with her mind put at ease at least about that she unzipped her Avengers pencil case and from it she took out the tiny NASA space gun she had stolen. Raffy had pretended to be super interested in Oscar and Dexter’s geeky space work, and upon not having that many girls to talk to at NASA Dexter and Oscar were somewhat flattered by the attention, even when it happened to becoming from a high school student. Raffy had giggled flicked her blonde hair and had napped the tiny space gun from right underneath Oscar and Dexter’s noses, Using the quick art of the magical slight of hand technique. Thanks to her brother Mason’s desire to become a magician. Mason’s talent of being able to vanish into thin air when ever a family drama arose its ugly head was amazing. He had even been offered a shot at being in the

Magic Circle
. Raffy had therefore gone about swapping the NASA space gun with that of what of her Lego Star Wars guns given the design of the real gun Oscar hadn’t noticed the difference between the two.


Raffy went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror as she undid her top; she caught sight of Jett’s facebook page from her laptop screen. Jett will be interested in me Raffy thought.


Brody felt very groggy and very swirly on his feet. Tori had blasted him with radiation to kill the infection of the bee sting. That was the best course of treatment of given the aggressive state of the bee sting or so she claimed. So because of that Brody now had a green like glow to him who knew he might become one of Raffy’s favourite superheroes like Spiderman.


Raffy gulped her breasts were smaller that everyone else’s maybe that was why she had no boyfriend? Maybe they needed pimping out a tiny bit? Maybe Jett would be bowled right over if she was bigger? Ellie was after all on the cheerleaders squad.


Raffy looked at the gun and noticed a sliding catch one either side there were the printed words enlarge or shrink. Raffy slotted the catch over to the enlarge option or at least tried to move it across. The catch had become caught in the middle. Raffy sighed maybe she really shouldn’t go shooting herself in to boobs in hope of impressing a boy not when the chances were she might shoot herself and as a result end up with one boob tiny and the other like king size.


Raffy was about to put the space gun down and place it on the sink so she could re button her top just when… Brody staggered through the door in his confused state he bounced himself off the wall. Raffy jumped and screamed and picked the space gun up as an impulse to defend her home from intruders and shot the gun.


Blue electrical bolts filled the living room making a pop and crackle The sound of Rice Krisples as the space gun’s laser beam engulfed the room. Raffy lifted her finger off the trigger and wandered out into blue flashes of lights.


 “Did Brody make it back inside? Justin asked he had just come in from locking his car. The sudden like rave flash dance didn’t seem to register with him.


Raffy shrugged as she gazed around the room.


“Yeah I guess” she said awe struck with wonder.


“Ah he must have gone to bed” Justin said plonking himself down on the sofa, football was on so he hadn’t noticed the sheer mess of the place either that would fall upon Tori’s shoulders once she came home from her shift at the hospital The chaos caused by the space gun had made a right dog’s dinner of the house.


“Raffy has Buddy had his walk?” Justin called out he chuckled as he heard her groan why did the job of walking that dam dog always fall to her?


Buddy sniffed the carpet whatever was down there squeaking away he was going to squash it with his big doggy wet slimy nose.


“Buddy walkies” Raffy called. Buddy was all of flutter he was going out to sniff at other dogs bottoms and smell flowers, he would see to this tiny smudge on the carpet later..


Chris Harrington and Irene Roberts Australia’s top and most respected food gurus stood awaiting a table at Salt Brody’s restaurant his pride and joy.


Justin differed about behind the counter while Tori smiled across at them when she caught sight of them presenting their name badges.


Where was Brody?


Brody stood on the carpet of the living room he was just too tiny to reach the door handles and everyone had left the house early. He was very worried that Buddy would wake up and come in and eat him so he really needed to get away, plus today was the day of wining and dinning those food critics and he was going to miss them because he was the size an borrower.


The bumblebee from yesterday was outside. His stinger was slightly bent but it hadn’t snapped off and he really fancied more of that apple, he had tasted yesterday and to his luck the silly owners of this apple had been kind enough to leave their window open.


Tiny mini fun sized Brody yelped out with fright as he heard the sound of buzzing. He may have shrunk in size of body but that had helped improve on his hearing


The bee spotted Brody with its very advanced eyesight and swopped down. It was down to this little man that his very pointy stinger had been bent and that had made this bee the laughing stock of the bee community. The little insect came into contact with Brody and that’s when the sparks had enlightened amongst them. Brody’s radiation glow and the left over blue electrical charge from the NASA’S space gun infused itself into the bee. Brody and bee bonded  together and therefore Brody became none other than Man Bee or for a better name Bumble Bee Man.


Brody took flight into the air which he was more than surprised about. He now had wings and…. He could eventfully leave the house by the open window so that is what he did. He had a restaurant  to attend too and he had always as a small boy always want to fly The problem of living his life as a flying insect seemed to not have dawned on him quite yet.


Chris and Irene the food nerds had now been seated at a nice candlelit table for two a vase which held a bunch of dead looking purple flowers in front of them and for the food they were about to pig out on what looked to be a very charcoal blacken pizza.


Chris looked up to Justin and laughed.


“What is that meant to be?”


“The Phoebe special you said you wanted your food well done and crispy”


Chris mumbled something and pushed the pizza off to the side next was the Brody burger. Chris bit into it with cautious and shook his head.


“Do you think I can be fooled? I’m world famous you know for my very own Chris burger taste explosion”


“Calm it darl not quite world famous. The world stenches just a tiny bit more than a small beach sized town” Irene said.


“May I have your finest milkshake?” Chris said chosing to ignore Irene’s remark Justin turned and wondered did they even serve that type of brewage here?


“Oh my Gawdfather Chris I can’t put that inside my handbag as well” Irene screeched.


“Go on I need to examine it at a much closer viewing. Why is this Brody burger better than mine? Now put it in your bag I have wrapped it in napkins for you.

Irene dumped the half eaten burger onto the already sizeable bed of compliments.


Justin turned back with a slight yelp Brody had flew right into him.


“Ah my good fella my business rival my nemesis my……”


Chris watched as Justin was seemly invisibility edged and nudged away from him.


Justin ended up right next to Brody’s little fancy plates of utter food orgasm delights, and he knew that for a fact given the huge banner above the table.

Justin then heard a buzzing in his ear and felt the pinch of a needle as he was forced forwards to certain plates that he was just being forcefully made to take hold of.


Chris and Irene and Tori watched as Justin staggered over to the table seemly juggling as he went to get a firm hold on everything.


“Here try these my brothers specially dishes of, of, of something rather pouncey and fancy” Justin said dropping the handfuls of plates down to the table.


Chris and Irene tucked in but with each taste there was a shake of the head and looks of disgus,t and as they continued complaining,  the buzzing sound of a bumble bee grew more intense. The situation wasn’t helped by the sight of Irene loading her bag full of these half eaten fancy foods.


Brody saw red and dived into Irene’s handbag and began to throw the contents of food back out again and when Irene tried to sneak the food back into the bag that is when Brody stung her.




Chris turned to her and as he did Brody stung him too. Nobody was going to come into his restaurant and try to steal his secret recipes.


Chris caught sight of Brody flying around the mountains of foods and threw the purple flowered vase at him. Brody darted around and stung Chris again.


Irene swung her handbag around her head wildly like a crazed loon and whacked Chris in the face. Brody then stung Irene once more and she leaped up and knocked Chris down landing on top of him.


A very keen and upcoming photographer was sat a few seats back and he snapped a few photos of the famous man behind the Chris burger and his fellow food critic Mrs Roberts, and in the days that followed these photos showed up in the newspaper the article beneath claimed that Brody Morgan’s restaurant Salt was so good The taste of the food just blew your mind and made you jump up and down with delightful joy.


When Chris had been asked to give a quote he had answered with the line Brody Morgan’s restaurant is total Bee’sWax but instead and because newspaper sometimes miss quote you what Chris had said was Brody Morgan’s restaurant is the Bee’s Knees.


Brody still lives as a bee, and that is just buzzing because that means he can buzz and come as he wants and sting lazy kitchen staff. Not only had it helped to save the bee population with Brody being a sort of  celebrity  restaurant owner Brody had become  a buzzing success   


VJ looked up from the dusty pages of the book to see Luc laughing her head off. He had to agree that last story had been very funny. But that humour for him at least was short lived when he caught sight of Zac sitting in a chair near the bed. Zac looked so pale and fragile almost ghostlike. Something had VJ feeling on edge about this strange book, something supernatural and spine tingling had seemed to take hold of this evening VJ shivered and turned the page


The Killer Goat


John Palmer’s camper van seemed to run away from his control      








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Thanks Ludub and Kristen for your comments

This next one is only short but hopefully its spine tingling :lol:

The Killer Goat


John Palmer’s camper van seemed to run away from his control Hitting grassy built up mole holed mountains one after another as they rolled along. John tried his very best to use those oh so good neck muscles of his to hold his bobbing head in its rightful place, as the camper van bounced along down the sharp and very steep gassy ledge of countryside. Jett Palmer who in the early years of his life had been fostered by John, and who John now thought and classed as his son sat next to him. 


Jett held a widespread map out on his lap. they must have been following a long a winding brown coffee stain instead of the highlighted trails of the map and taken a wrong turning somewhere, because the map hadn’t felt it necessary to share that they would be coming across the sign which welcomed them into goat country.  John gulped he hadn’t thought about goats in such a long time he hadn’t even visited a petting zoo in like forever. John’s fear of goats had stemmed from the darken days of his childhood. It had seemed like a very logical and reasonable suggestion while sat in his counsellor office to agree to go and explore what held him back in his life. John wouldn’t of thought in a million years that his dads death would have anything to do with those man eating, vicious, violent, demon eyed creatures known as goats.

Now Goat isn’t a name that strikes fear into your heart really is it? if one was talking of dragons or goblins then yes you would probably run away in a sweaty fear for the solely  reason of maybe ending up dead. But see here’s the thing goats lull you in they trick you the sneaky little bustards’ with their little cute sweet sounding baa, baa baa’s but what you don’t seem to remember is the little demon like monsters like to eat absolutely  everything in sight and yes that includes us humans. You wouldn’t realise this but there is quite the set of sharp nashers hidden within the jaws of a goat, and once they take hold the only time you will feel any sort of give is when you are ripped into tiny shredded pieces. Goats are worse than lions, that isn’t a fact but that is the truth and John being the wise man he was is and always has been the only person to know the truth of the deadly bloodlust that the goat ever so craves.


Jett pointed smiling.


“John, dad, Dad John the guy I used to live with, hey look there it is your dad’s old barn.”


John gazed through the windscreen there it was standing tall the old barn. John’s Mother had told him he may have lit the match and burned his dad alive as in a way to comfort him, which at the time John thought had sounded a totally bonkers way of comforting a small child. Obviously now that the barn was still here standing strong that hadn’t been true, and now thanks to his repressed memories having been awoken while in his counselling  sessions John knew too well what was behind his dads death and that was none other than a goat.


“John lets get out go and explore” Jett said reaching out for the van’s door handle.


“Oh no, no, no, no, no we are going to get as far away from here than we possibly can Jett my lad”


“But dad we came all this way and…”


“We are going all the way back again. I know right fun father son bonding time” John said smiling as he turned the keys in the ignition.

The van spurted and coughed and then just died It seemed that bouncing over rough terrain than well and truly buggered it.


“John we aren’t going anywhere by the looks of it” Jett said gazing behind as a large herded group of darken shadowed beady eyed creatures started to gather and surround the van


“Dad what are those?” Jett wondered aloud.


“Those would be goats Jett, sit as still as you can have you showered today?” John asked


“No John I haven’t I was too excited about our road trip”


Oh that’s great Jett just great Because they can smell sweat and they like that the smell of sweat excites them.”


“Dad John but there only goats, goats can’t harm you”


John laughed just as the door to the barn was kicked open and from the barn came the largest most monstrous sharp horned goat you have ever seen. It turned his white furry face towards the van, all the other goats from behind the van raised their heads and howled the spookiest and longest baa, baa, baa sound that John had ever heard. The goats lowered their heads and start to advance slowly on the stalled van. The hoofed footsteps shook the ground as they neared their prey.


“Dad John what is going on?” Jett asked wide eyed and trembling.


The huge horned headed goat was in the process of climbing onto the bonnet of the van and now it was head butting the glass of the windscreen.


The doors of the van rattled as the goats from outside gripped the door handles with their sharp teeth and were now twisting their heads to try to fight against the inter workings of  the child proofed locked doors.


John bolted backwards in his seat as the stag horned goat busted through the wind shielded  glass The goats beady eyes gazed upon him for a second before it twisted its long furry neck out and then turned its head to bite at the door to grant the other goats passage into the van.


“John we should run” Jett said but in truth he knew there was nowhere to turn the goats had surrounded the van. Jett heard the door locks snap and then the doors opened.


John turned to face Jett and kissed him quickly.


“Dad John what…”.Jett screamed out loudly as his John dad, dad, John that man he used to have live with had his chest tore open by sharp razor teeth, those goats in goat country were killers.


So beware the next time you come across a goat and it looks your way with its beady eyes it might be sizing you up for its next meal. Best still if a goat comes your way RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Any who hope you enjoyed this story.


VJ shook his head no, no he hadn’t enjoyed this story and it didn’t matter that it had ended with a silly any who at the end of it. That was dam right scary and looking at Zac’s chilled and white face it had seemed to scared him witless too, and he had been the one to write it The poor man had lost all his facial hair it had flaked away onto the floor.


He stood wobbled slightly and said


“I’m going downstairs time draws near now VJ, this will be the last time I get to see your Mum so yeah… Get ready now this next story your about to read is very confusing take note VJ it is very important to the rest of the evenings events.”


“Zac these stories are cool and everything but they are very scary for my little daughter” VJ said.


“No daddy I love them can we get a goat?” Luc asked








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Thank you for you your comments :P

Chapter 7

The wind had picked up its speed throughout the night it had now reached its full gustily potential. VJ turned the dusty pages of the book to start the final spooky tale from the mysterious bremage triangle. He heard the branches of the large tree outside the bedroom’s window rattle themselves against the glass. The chill that crept itself down VJ’s spine threw all logical reasoning aside, that wasn’t the branches of the tree rattling across the window’s glass no they were bony fingers tap, tap tapping wanting to come inside for this one last spine tingling scare.


The pages of the book seemed bounded together somehow glued. VJ with all his might just didn’t seem able to will the pages to open. he looked up to see Luc gazing across at him her little hands outstretched towards the opened book.


“Daddy I help you yes?” The little girl asked.


VJ would have laughed if it hadn’t been for the howling force of the wind seemly to grow louder with carried ghostly whispers of excitement echoing the spooky callings of his name V….V…V…V J….J….J….J

VJ placed the book into Luc ‘s little chubby hands and watched with astonishment as she easily flicked the pages apart. VJ heard the paper flutter and flap as the pages fell to reveal the final story. The whispers of the winds had gathered into huge swirling whirlwinds now and VJ found himself caught up in its spin he soon lost himself as well as any meaning of time and space. it felt very much like he was having a outer body experience, his mind seem to wander and then he was gone and fully immersed within  the pages of the next story he was about to experience A…..


Reality Check


VJ awoke to find himself staring at a half raised dripping spoon, with each drip of milk as it plopped back into the cereal bowl came a rustle of a newspaper and with each rustle came a groan of annoyance until eventually the newspaper was dropped and was replaced by the face of a very grumpy looking old man who went by the name Alf Stewart.


“Flaming hell are you going to eat your breakfast or am I going to have too listen to that milk dripping all morning? That sound is going right through my flaming head.”


VJ smiled nervously and quickly placed the mushy corn flaked covered spoon into his mouth. He had no memory of how he had gotten here or even pouring himself this bowl of cereal.  

Alf disappeared behind the newspaper once more grumbling all the while as he did so. VJ dropped the spoon into the bowl he wondered where Luc was Had Ash and Kat been already to take her? Had he somehow blacked out and missed it? He knew he was going to be upset to say goodbye when the time to finally hand her over came Surely then he would have remembered such a traumatic event and surely a bowl of cornflakes would have been the last thing on his mind, and then there was Alf did this man have to heart no compassion to be so cruel as to grumble over such things as dripping milk? and where was his Mum? but thinking about it she might have gone for a walk she would be almost if not more sad at handing Luc over to Ash.

“Mr Stewart where’s Mum?” VJ asked Alf dropped his paper slightly and said….


“She’s helping get the baby up”


VJ thought this was a very odd way for Alf to answer, so Luc hadn’t left yet then and if so why did VJ just happen to be downstairs who was his Mom exactly helping with getting Luc up? Maybe Zac maybe they were helping as a way to give him a rest?


“VJ there you are why didn’t you help get your daughter up and dressed?” came a female voice that VJ vaguely recognised.  VJ stared open mouthed as the woman stepped through into the living room Sam was that Sam Zac’s book editor?


Sam walked over to VJ and kissed him on the forehead.


“How are you sweetie? Luc’s so tired but she said it was very sweet of you to sleep on the sofa last night what with you snoring and B….”


“Woah, woah what are you doing here?” VJ questioned jumping up out of his seat.


“Oh thanks very much what a nice way to talk to your Mum eh don’t you think Alf?”


“Yeah flaming cheek that’s what is flaming is”


“But Your not….”VJ stopped short as a beautiful blonde looking young girl of maybe twenty five walked through the door carrying a young baby. The young girl of twenty five looked familiar to VJ in a way but different. Maybe it was because he knew her best at a much younger age? The young girl stopped just in front of him smiled and placed the small baby in his arms she then kissed him lightly on the lips.


“Hey Veja and how are you doing?” she said giggling slightly. VJ had caught the vague scent of  the smell that babies tend to carry as this familiar girl had kissed him.


“Billie loves her daddy don’t you my cutie pie yes yes you do”  


Sam ran over to them and laughed.


Oh Luc Billie’s just so cute.VJ don’t look so scared the photographer will be here soon to take the family photo of our little family oooh where is Zac his going to be late.


“I’m sorry but Billie?”  


“Oh don’t apologise to the baby VJ” Sam laughed as she took Billie from his arms so Luc could take his hand and help him to sit back down VJ looked very shaken.


“I’m sorry but you’re Luc and our daughter is called Billie and…”

Luc looked to VJ looking very concerned

“Yes Veja are you ok?”

“Hey, hey people how’s it going?”

“Oh Marty you came” Luc said jumping to her feet.

“Well yeah I’m not going to miss out on being in a family photo with my niece Billie am I?” Ash said laughing.

VJ jumped to his feet he couldn’t take it anymore why was everyone playing this cruel joke on him?

“Billie’s not your niece Ash she’s your sister, and where is my Mum what the hell is going on here?”

Everyone laughed.

“How much have you had to drink VJ or has fatherhood finally made you crack?” Ash asked.

Sam came forward placed Billie in Ash’s arms and went over to VJ.

“I’m here VJ your Mum’s right here”

“No Leah, Leah’s my Mum where is she?”

Sam’s gaze darkened

“That woman’s name is not to be mentioned in this house do you understand?” Sam turned on her heel and bumped into Zac coming through the door.

“Sorry I’m late I haven’t missed the photographer have I?” Zac questioned smiling.

No, No you haven’t” Sam said giving him a dagger eyed glare.

“What, what have I done?” Zac asked.

“VJ flaming mentioned that book editor of yours Leah”

“Oh no not again I have told you Sam I ended things with her I’m very sorry I have told you that”


Luc stepped forward and hugged VJ.

“Promise me VJ that we won’t ever end up like your Mum and Zac?”

VJ stood feeling like he was about to faint He was in the middle of finding himself trapped inside some crazy Twilight Zone madness.

“No Bill we won’t” he said.

“Bill I’m Luc silly Billie’s our beautiful daughter”

“Yes Billie was no I mean is beautiful I loved…I mean love her..”

“That’s good VJ do you love me because I love you” Luc said kissing him. VJ was lost in watching Sam and Zac fight to even attempt to kiss his daughter back.


The photographer came snapped the photos but it didn’t matter the pictures were all wrong, they were back to front topsy turvy Billie was alive and well in these photos though in this reality she was still part of VJ’s family but even with that blessing VJ still missed the Billie he had once known and loved. The young baby version of Billie just didn’t seem enough and dating your very own daughter well that’s just wrong on so many levels


VJ was now sat alone in the dark thinking Zac entered the room.

“You ok VJ?” Zac asked

“Everything is wrong Zac everything is so messed up” VJ said with tearing in his eyes.

Zac sat down next to him and took a sip of coffee from his Keep Calm mug.

“Stop thinking over things so much VJ everything will be ok in the end you have my word”

“How do you know things will be ok?” VJ asked

Zac patted him on the back.

“By fixing and trying to make up for our mistakes of course” he said laughing.


VJ sat back with a sudden jolt the open book still in his lap.


“WOW DADDY LOOK ITS… “Luc said aloud with awe.


VJ didn’t have to turn around to catch the sense of a familiar presence standing behind him in his heart he knew what he would find and for those first moments as the true realisation washed over him he needed time to gather his emotions.  









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Thank You Ludub JT Sarah Kristen and Chair for all your comments on my collection of stories.

Chapter 8

Billie VJ spurted out as the name of his beloved left his lips the sound of calling out to her sounded strange to him, almost like something precious and magical feel to it. Was she really there? Had Billie really returned to him? The goose pimples on his arms were telling him it was so. The spine tingling ghostly presence which he could sense mere a few footsteps away from him also laid claim to the fact of it being true, not to mention the look of sheer surprise and excitement upon Luc’s little rosy face.


“Billie is that you?” VJ spoke and waited for the reply ,he didn’t have to wait long at all for her somewhat bemused response.

“VJ of course I’m here, and oh my God and I do mean OH MY GOD!!!! I have loads and loads of sand in my hair.”


“Sand in your hair VJ questioned turning, and there she was Billie with her immersed breath taking beauty that for had VJ’s emotions experience such  high amounts of happiness that he felt like he was floating amongst the twinkling of her sparkling green eyes but her smile her infectious smile had VJ feeling positively giddy with blubbing over excitement. VJ felt so much like jumping for joy that he missed Billie’s slight bemused frown of complete bafflement of sheer wonderment.


“Would you just look at my sandy hair VJ, do you know how long this will take to get washed out? Oh VJ my hair it’s totally ruined and I smell of sea salt as well Billie moaned VJ couldn’t help but chuckle Billie glared at him she had been hoping to maybe inflict maybe the smallest pang of guilt into her young and dashing young love here and she couldn’t deny that she felt a tiny bit gutted it hadn’t seemed to work out that way.


“Its not funny Mister” Billie said now hands on her hips and her foot tapping on the floor the thudding of her foot made Luc giggle and VJ laugh even more.


“And why is it you have sand in your hair exactly Bill? VJ asked once he had managed to still his laughter.

“Because somebody decided to wander away probably to have a surf of all things Were the waves good? Billie said shaking her head winking at him


“The waves? I don’t know I haven’t been back to the beach since….”


 “You left me sleeping in the sand dunes you mean? I have cramp in my neck too” Billie said massaging her neck a tiny bit.


“Silly daddy leaving sleepy Mummy in the sandy sand and without a bucket and spade to build sandcastles with as well” Luc said waggling her little finger over at VJ.

“I thought you were dead” VJ could think of  nothing else to say to this rather bemused situation.


“Ooooooooooh charming VJ I have told you before that I’m a very deep sleeper” Billie said coming forward to playful shove his shoulder, and by just that sheer weight built up behind that shove VJ realised that yes Billie was here all flesh and bone. Any wonders of maybe VJ was just happening on seeing Billie’s ghost had well and truly flown out of the window. Billie was caught slightly off guard as VJ grabbed her into a massive embrace of one giant crushing bear hug, and if Billie had found that to be rather bizarre nothing had her prepared to have a heavy vibrating weeping VJ against her sea salty smelling body. VJ’s shoulders moved at such a fast rhythm as he cried and oh so very loudly that Billie couldn’t help but laugh.


“Oh I have missed you Bill VJ wept but this moment of heighten emotion was quickly cut short by Luc asking…


“Errr daddy you still haven’t answered my question can we have a goat I really really want one”

VJ feeling full on drunk with such giddy filled happiest he shouted at the top of his lungs…


“Really VJ I don’t think your Mum will like that much she’s not one for coping well with change now is she?”  Billie said seriously

VJ laughed and smacked a big wet sloppy kiss on Billie’s face..


The bedroom door opened then and a very pale ghost like zombie grey faced Zac staggered inside.

“Oh great so it worked Billie good to see you” Zac groaned VJ let go of Billie and grabbed the still open book of The Tales From The Bermuda

“I don’t know how but this book is magic Zac”

“Oh wow thanks VJ I am very flattered But I’m anything but just a modest sort of man I’m glad you enjoyed my stories” Zac zombie groaned smiling weakly.


“No seriously man here thanks very much that read was truly life changing” VJ said he was about to close the book but before the golden clasped latches could connect Zac stopped him.


“No VJ don’t close the book just yet if you do Billie will vanish Luc will stop talking all will be lost come downstairs there’s someone I would like you too meet you know him already well you have read his story at least” Zac moaned as he stumbled out of the room he tried to form words that everyone could understand but VJ, Billie and Luc funnily enough didn’t speak this zombie type language that he was trying his hardest to stumble on through so instead everyone just nodded and pretended they knew what Zac was blabbing on about.


“I tried my dam hardest to make it up to Leah you know that, but she just wouldn’t forgive me for having that affair with Sam. So I did the next best thing to show not only Leah I was sorry but all of you… I was granted a deal for my soul I struck a deal to be able to write my much desired novel and use it in a way to fix my family. This way with Billie back you don’t have to hand Luc over to Ash…


“Shush Zac take it easy dude” VJ said as he helped him into the living room. Leah stood by the front door with her arms folded staring up at a very large long bearded man The beard was the size of Santa’s at Christmas.

“Oh hello VJ Luc Oh and you must be Billie I am the bearded Wonder or in short Brody. Your not looking to well Zac we better get you back to where you belong the Flying Dutchman Brody said smiling.


Zac had died that day in his plane crash when he had rushed back to say one final goodbye to Leah, if he hadn’t come back he wouldn’t of found the Flying Dutchman The sea’s ship for ghosts. But everything has a sliver lining to it if you look really hard Zac wouldn’t have written his collection of magical tales and Billie would have still been in her very, very deep, deep sleep and VJ would have lost Luc to Ash and Kat..

Kat lost her promotion for detective it turns out if you find a ghost and it then it vanishes it loses you all sort of credibly. But Kat didn’t accept that, no one night she had gotten blind drunk and fell from a high cliff breaking every bone in her body Once she was at hospital she made a deal with Brody the Bearded Wonder and he granted her promotion back for her But for the price of her healings Kat was to promise to be the most crooked most laughable useless cop ever and she is still to this day making one hell of a good job of that deal.


VJ and his little family watched as Zac took the Bearded Wonder’s hand and then just as he was about to vanish into a wisp of memory Zac turned to VJ and whispered


You can close the book now VJ things are as they should be.

 “Now before I go how about we all go and have some of my finest shortbread biscuits to celebrate your little family being back together VJ Brody asked


VJ smiled hugged Billie and Luc and as Billie and Luc moved to follow Brody. VJ glanced down at the now closed book of the Tales From The Bermuda  and cried just a tiny bit.

The End






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