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Christie Hayes: My kids are months apart!


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The Home And Away star fell pregnant when her first baby was just six weeks old – now it’s motherhood overload!

Two babies crying, more than 70 nappies a week, struggling with fractured sleep and somehow managing to stay cheerful through it all.

Welcome to the non-stop world of former Home And Away star Christie Hayes – who fell pregnant with her second son only six weeks after the birth of infant number one.

‘Oh my God, can you imagine?’ laughs Christie, who played Summer Bay’s controversial Kirsty Sutherland from the age of 13. ‘What are the odds? I don’t want to sound stupid, but I didn’t think it was possible to get pregnant again so soon. Nobody on the planet does that, right?’

Big brother Hendrix Walter White was on hand to welcome his sibling, Harley Gabriel White.

'Sometimes it’s a little bit stressful having them so close together, but we’re hoping they will grow up as best friends,’ explains Christie, calmly negotiating the chaos at home with her fiance Daniel White in Helensburgh, south of Sydney.

'They’re beautiful boys, really happy and relaxed, so I think the universe blessed us that way.'


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I got the magazine with this article a couple of weeks ago I love Christie Hayes. Its not that unusual for kids to be months apart my Step Niece and Step nephew are less then 12 months apart they are brother and sister and my Mum is only 13 months younger than my uncle. Hopefully this means the boys will be the best of friends

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