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Kyle's Past


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Title of story: Kyle's past 

Type of Fic: Long 

BTTB Rating: G/T

Main characters:  The Braxtons, Ricky, Bianca, Sasha

Other Characters:  Other members of Summer Bay 

Spoilers: No 

Any warnings: Adult Themes, Violence/Death, and Language

Genre: family,  tragedy, drama and friendship

Summary:  Kyle has finally settled into the Braxton lifestyle without his past coming up, but when someone from his past comes will he be able to hide his past forever?


Chapter 1 


Kyle was sitting down watching the footie with his brothers.


"Come on.” him and Heath moan as the other team score another goal. 


"Pay up boy's." Brax grins. They made a deal that whenever Brax and Casey’s team scores a goal, and the other way around, the losers have to pay the others $10, Kyle hands $10 to Casey and Heath gives $10 to Brax.


"It's 5-0 can we please stop playing this game?" Kyle asks. 


"It was your teammate's idea." Casey laughs.


"Yea but..” Kyle starts before there is a knock at the door.


"I'll get it." Brax moans he jumps up and opens the door. 


"Hey, what can I do for you?" Brax asks. 


"I'm looking for Kyle Bennett." The tough voice replies.


" Kyle, door." Brax huffs and goes and sits down.


Kyle slowly gets up, he would recognize that voice from anywhere but why was he here? What did he want?


"Uncle Duncan." Kyle smiles but inside he feels like he's going to be sick.


"Kyle so good to see you again mate." Duncan grins clasping Kyle on the back knocking the wind out of him, his brothers didn't see though they were to focused on the footie.


"So Kyle this is your Uncle." Heath laughs.


"Yea, Uncle Duncan this is Brax, Heath, and Casey, guys this is my Uncle, " Kyle replies.


"Nice to meet you, what brings you to the bay," Brax asks 


"I came to see my favorite nephew,” Duncan replies smiling at Kyle. 


“There is a bed here if you want it." Brax smiles.


Now Kyle really was going to be sick, he rushed off to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. When he came back Duncan was sitting in the armchair closest to where Kyle was sitting.


"Mate you okay you look really white," Brax asks concerned for his younger brother. 


 "Yea I'm fine." Kyle smiles but he really wasn't, his uncle is back in his life now and it would be even harder to get him out of it this time, his brothers seemed oblivious to his fear and just continued to watch the game. When the game finished Heath turned to Duncan. 


"So what was Kylie like as a kid?" He asks.


 "He was quiet, didn't really have many parties which pleased me and my wife," Duncan replies.


 "Wait I thought you were his Uncle, not his guardian." Brax frowns.


 "When Kyle’s mother died, we took him in as our own, we have three boys who are the same age as Kyle so we knew he would have heaps of fun," Duncan replies giving Kyle a death stare that no one would be able to notice to tell Kyle that he has to keep going with the story.


"Kyle you never mentioned any of this." Brax frowns. He was surprised that Kyle failed to mention that he was brought up by his Uncle and Aunty. 


 "It never came up," Kyle replies forcing a smile.


"Well we will go get dinner,  Kyle you'll have Hawaiian,  Duncan what type of pizza do you like?" Heath asks.  


"Surprise me." Duncan grins.


The boys left the room and as soon as Duncan heard the car engine start he grabbed Kyle by the neck of this shirt.


"Never mentioned me aye." Duncan snarls.


"Please, I came here for a fresh start. " Kyle mumbles trying to get out if the hold but his uncle was too strong for him.


"Yea well I miss you." Duncan smiles wickedly.


He tightened the hold on Kyle’s shirt which caused Kyle to start choking. Suddenly the hold came off as Kyle gave a much need breath. 


"Here's the deal Kylie, I'm looking for someone who can help me with something." Duncan grins. 


"What no way." Kyle grunts.


Duncan punches Kyle in the gut.


"It wasn't an option buddy." Duncan grins he loves inflicting pain, especially on Kyle. 


"So I need $5000." Duncan grins 


" I can't." Kyle mutters.


"If you want me to leave you will." Duncan grins.


 "By when," Kyle asks.


 "When can you get it by?" Duncan asks.


"Maybe next month. " Kyle replies.


"Okay but that means you have a month of me living here and we both know how much you will hate that." Duncan grins. 


"Is that all?" Kyle asks shaking with fear.


"I guess so but...." he grins suddenly he starts beating Kyle up really bad, but only hitting his body so it would be able to be hidden from Kyle's brothers. Suddenly the car door shuts, Duncan gets off Kyle and pulls him off the ground.


"Hey, boys." Duncan grins clasping Kyle on the shoulder.


"Is everything okay Kyle?" Brax asks.


"Yep, all good." Kyle smiles but the pain in his body is excruciating.


Kyle needs to keep his past in the past and the only way to do that is to listen to his uncle and do everything he says, no matter what.

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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever JarlieFanEver and pembie for your comments


Chapter 2 

Kyle woke up about midday and walked out to the lounge. 

"Morning Kylie." Heath laughs.

Kyle turns around quickly thinking it was Duncan.

"Bit jumpy there mate?" He asks laughing his head off. 

Kyle just laughs. It may of been a fake laugh but Heath didn't realise. 

"Funny." he grins.

"Your Uncle seems cool." Heath smiles.

"Yea." Kyle replies, Kyle knew his Uncle wasn't cool. His Uncle was a monster but he wasn't going to tell Heath that. 

Just then Duncan walks in with Brax.

 "Are you sure you raised Kyle,  he doesn't go anywhere near the water." Brax laughs.

 "Kyle can't swim." Duncan replies.

Heath and Brax both stare at Kyle. He shifts uncomfortably. 

"I can now." Kyle grunts.

"You couldn't swim!" Heath laughs.

"Shut up Heath." Kyle grunts and pushes past Brax to his room.

Duncan followed him in.

"So you finally learned to swim." Duncan chuckles placing a hand on his shoulder.

"When you get thrown in the ocean by your psycho Uncle and your jerk Vousins you decide it's time to learn." Kyle replies.

"What you call me." Duncan snarls.

Kyle backs up,  he knew his uncle would lash out, all he has to do was get to the lounge and he would avoid another beating.

"Kylie." Brax yells.

Usually Kyle hated this name but he was just happy Brax needed him.

"Yea." Kyle replies as Brax opens the door.

 "We're going to pick the girls up from the airport,  so stay here and clean the place up a bit." Brax smiles as he rushes away.

Kyles eyes widened, great now he is alone with his uncle.

"Well would you look at that, your big brothers are gone and your little brother is out all day with his girlfriend. " Duncan grins.

He pushes Kyle hard into a wall.

"Let's see how psycho i really can get." He grins. 

Kyle's eyes widen.

" Hello." someone calls. 

Kyle stays silent scared what Duncan will do if he says anything.

"It's Tamara, is anyone home?"  Tamara asks.

" Get rid of her." Duncan snarls punching Kyle in the ribs. 

"Hey Tam." Kyle smiles fakly.

"Kyle i need to tell you something, my parents want me to go home with them." Tamara blurts.

"What are you going to do?' Kyle asks.

"I'm going to go." She smiles. 

"Well I wish you all the best." Kyle smiles hugging Tamara.

"Who is this?" Duncan asks.

"I'm Tamara. " Tamara smiles.

"You got yourself a girlfriend do you Ky?" Duncan grins. 

"No I'm just a friend but I used to go out with Casey" Tamara grins. 

"I'm Duncan Bennett, Kyle's uncle." Duncan grins. 

"Hi Duncan nice to meet you, i better go Kyle" Tamara smiles.

"Nice to meet you too." Duncan replies.

"See ya Tam." Kyle smiles. 

As soon as the door shuts Duncan turns to Kyle.

"Where were we?" He smiles. 

Kyle tries to make a run for it.

"When will you learn." Duncan grins as grabs Kyle and sends his knee into Kyles gut, causing Kyle to fall to the ground. 

"Now what did you call me before?" he asks picking Kyle up off the floor. 

"I'm sorry okay just please let me go." Kyle begs. 

"I'm pretty sure that you called me a psycho." Duncan snarls. 

"Please." Kyle begs knowing what his uncle is capable of. 

"Remember your cousins are still a phone call away." Duncan laughs. 

Kyle was scared of his cousins almost as much as his Uncle.

"I'll pay you the money I promise." Kyle mumbles. 

 "You better, or else I'll never leave you alone and who knows you might end up like your pathetic excuse of a mother." Duncan snarls. 

Kyle could feel his blood pumping hard.

"That's your sister your talking about." Kyle yells.

 "Don't raise your voice at me!" Duncan screams.

Kyle backs up, 

"If you don't get me the money by Friday, I'll call the boys to make sure you pay me the money,  and they will make it painful. " Duncan snarls.

"I'll get it for you." Kyle mumbles. 

Duncan drags Kyle outside.

"I'll be back tomorrow." Duncan grins. 

"Where are you going?" Kyle asks. 

"None of your ****ing business." Duncan snarls.

Duncan walks up to Kyle and slams a punch in to his cheek.

"Ahhh." Kyle screams. 

Kyle falls to the ground. 

"You are still so easy to push around, sometimes nothing changes. " Duncan laughs. 

Duncan walks away and Kyle gets up.

"Kyle you home mate." Casey calls.

"Yea." Kyle replies.

Casey comes outside with Sasha and Rosie. 

" What happened to your cheek?" Sasha asks. 

Kyle freaked out he has to come up with some excuse.

"I was reaching something off the top shelf and it fell." Kyle lies.

"Klutz." Casey laughs. 

Kyle smiles back mainly because he had managed to convince Casey that nothing was up.

"Where's your uncle? " Casey asks.

"He just went out." Kyle replies. As he goes inside.

"He's acting strange." Rosie mumbles. 

"It's Kyle what do you expect? " Casey laughs. 

Sasha hits him around the head.

"Kidding." Casey laughs. 

Back inside Kyle was cleaning up, putting away CDs, clearing the table and doing the dishes. 

Brax and Heath walk in with Ricky and Bianca. 

" Well done boys, you managed not to turn this place into a complete mess while we were away. " Ricky smiles. 

"Hey girls how was your trip?" Kyle asks. 

"It was great, and i heard your good news." Ricky smiles. 

"Huh?" Kyle asks.

"Your Uncle." Heath laughs. 

"Oh yea." Kyle smiles walking back to his room.

"It always amazes me how little he talks. " Brax laughs. 

Back in Kyle's room Kyle breathed a sigh of relief,  his brothers were still oblivious to what was going on and he wanted to keep it that way at least for now.

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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever and JarlieFanEver for your comments. 

Chapter 3 

Kyle was sitting on his bed playing his guitar when there was a knock at the door.

"It's open." He calls.

"Hey Kyle." Bianca smiles. 

"Hey B." Kyle smiles. 

"Here we got you something." Bianca smiles handing Kyle a CD.

"Thanks but you didn't have to get me anything." Kyle smiles. 

"Well I bought something for Heath, Ricky bought something for Brax and we got Casey something for his birthday,  we had to get you something." Bianca laughs. 

"Cheers." Kyle grins. 

Bianca sits on his bed next to him.

"What's it like having your Uncle back after all these years, has anything changed?" She asks. 

Kyle thought about this for a moment.

"No nothing has changed." Kyle replies. 

"That's great Kyle,  I'll leave you to play on your gutair." Bianca smiles. 

Everyone was still oblivious to what was going on even Bianca. If Bianca believed everything was okay then everyone would. 

After a while Kyle lay down on his pillow and fell to sleep,  he was exhausted, but it was the worst sleep he had, had since he was young.


"Get up you little ****." Duncan screams.

11 year old Kyle struggled to push himself up but he finally managed to, his Uncle grabbed him by the arm and held it hard. 

"Please." Kyle sobbed.

"What do you say then, you little theif." Duncan snarls.

"I'm sorry for taking food without asking." Kyle sobs his uncle was tightening the lock on his arm.

"Why did you do it?" Duncan snarls. 

"I was hungry, please you haven't feed me in 4 days." Kyle whines. 

"Oh boo hoo, cry me a river, and how dare you pass the blame on to me." Duncan screams and with one last movement he snaps Kyle's arm. Kyle falls to the floor and he can feel tears dripping from his eyes. 

Duncan looms over a sobbing Kyle. 

"I will make the rest of your life a living hell." Duncan laughs grabbing Kyle and taking him up to the attic. 

"Please I need a cast." Kyle begs.

"Jackson, Anton, Joseph get in here." Duncan calls.

Kyle's gigantic cousins walk in.

"Yea dad." Anton asks not taking his menacing eyes off Kyle.

"I'm taking your pathetic excuse of a cousin to the hospital, he's crying over a broken arm." Duncan laughs wickedly. 

"What a wimp." Joseph laughs. 

"please look after the house we won't be long." Duncan laughs and grabs Kyle by his broken arm.

"Owwww." Kyle yells.

"Will you quit being a baby." Duncan snarls grabbing Kyle by the shoulders and shaking him, he stops and looks Kyle right in the eyes.

"You tell the doctors you tripped." Duncan snarls. 

Kyle just nods his head he was scared of his uncle and knew that if he told the doctor what actually happened, his uncle would find a way to punish him.

After returning home from the hospital Kyle is taken to the attic.

"You've earned yourself 4 days in here." Duncan laughs as he padlocks the attic door. 

Kyle looked around the room, all that was in there was a bucket and one blanket, his uncle did bring up a bottle of water each day but other than that there was only walls. Kyle sat down and erupted in loud sobs.

end of flashback

Kyle woke up with a jolt, standing over him was Ricky.

"Sleeping Beauty, it's nearly dinner time." she laughs. 

"Funny. " Kyle smiles. 

He gets up and follows Ricky into the lounge, his uncle was back.

"Kylie,  i'm back early. " he grins punching Kyle lightly in the shoulder. 

"Uncle Kyle come play with me." Darcy smiles. 

"Sure Darc." Kyle smiles happy to get away from his Uncle. 

"Dinner." Ricky calls after a while. 

They all sit down around the table.

"So Duncan, tell us about Uncle Kyle " Darcy asks.

"Well, he did well in school, he wasn't really into sport and he always knew that his actions had consequences." Duncan smiles.

"What sort of consequences?" Bianca asks.

"No gutair, No TV, the normal things." Duncan lies.

Kyle fakly smiled along with everyone else.

After dinner everyone went their separate ways, Casey took Sasha and Rosie home, Heath and Bianca went to drop Darcy off at Cheryls and Brax and Ricky went next door to the flat. This left only Kyle and his Uncle.

"Why are you back early?" Kyle asks.

"None of your business." Duncan snarls pushing hard past Kyle to get to his bedroom.

Kyle goes to his room and shuts the door,  he lies back down on his bed and falls asleep once again. 

When he wakes up the next morning only Bianca is home.

"Hey B, where is everyone else?" Kyle asks.

"Surfing." Bianca laughs.  

Kyle got his bowl of cereal and sat down next to Bianca. 

"Kyle, when's your birthday, i don't think we have celebrated it since you've lived here?" Bianca asks. 

"August 15th." Kyle replies. 

"That was last month! why didn't you tell us?" Bianca asks. 

"I don't like making a big deal about it." Kyle shrugs.

That was a lie, he wanted someone at least one person to say happy birthday to him when it was his birthday, but his uncle and cousins didn't care, his birthday was actually the worst day of his life growing up because each year his Uncle and cousins would punish him simply because he was born on that day. 

"How old are you now?" Bianca asks. 

"B, does it really matter?" Kyle asks.

Bianca softly hit Kyle around the head.

"How old?" She asks again.

"I'm 23." Kyle smiles. 

"Well happy 23rd last month Kyle." Bianca smiles as she pats Kyle on the shoulder and goes to hers and Heath's room 

"Thanks B." Kyle smiles to himself.

Ever since he found his family he has finally stopped feeling like a waste of space like he did growing up.  

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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever and JarlieFanEver for your comments


Chapter 4

Kyle was making his way to work, he really needs to clear his head,he doesn't know whether to stand up to his uncle for the first time in his life or to keep being his puppet. If he stood up to his uncle he would probably be beaten to a pulp but if he keeps being a puppet his uncle would never leave him alone. Kyle was still scared of his uncle even though he is not a kid anymore and if he stands up to his uncle it will only make his situation a whole lot worse. 

Kyle didn't notice that he was being followed until he was shoved against a wall.

"Hey Kylie." Anton sneers.

He was way bigger than he was when he was 18 and even then Kyle was scared of him.

"Anton." Kyle manged to spill out.

"Boy's over here, guess what Kylie is ****ing himself" Anton calls.

Around the corner comes Joseph and Jackson.

"There he is, how have you been?" Jackson sneers looking down at Kyle.

"Fine." Kyle mumbles.

"Look boys he's still scrawny." Joseph laughs holding Kyle tightly by his upper arm.

"Got the money yet?" Anton asks pushing Kyle hard against the wall.

"I have till Friday." Kyle winced.

"Dad changed it, you have to have it by tomorrow." Jackson laughs.

"I can't get that kind of money in one day." Kyle mutters but regretted it instantly when Anton gave him a punch in the gut. 

"I'm a MMA fighter now, can you tell." He laughs as Kyle tries to catch his breath.

"Now here's what going to happen Kylie, either you give us $10,000 by tomorrow or we will come back for you and hunt you down," Anton sneers.

"It was $5000." Kyle moans.

"Well now we want five grand as well so it adds up to ten grand." Jackson laughs. 

"I know that, i'm the only one out of us that actually passed school." Kyle yells but he knows he said the wrong thing straight away. 

"Do you want to repeat that." Joseph snarls taking Kyle off Anton. 

Kyle shakes his head.

"No, didn't think so, still a waste of space aren't you Kylie." Jospeh laughs and shoves Kyle hard against the wall causing him to hit the wall with such force that he fell the the ground. 

The boys all walk way and Kyle finally manages to push himself up off the ground. 

Kyle thought he would be used to this it happened nearly every day when he was younger, he was consistently being beaten up and bullied by his cousins.


13 year old Kyle was putting his books in his locker before 3rd period when he heard footsteps behind him. 

"Hey Kylie." Anton smiles.

"Look guys, one day is all i ask please just leave me alone for one day." Kyle begs to his much bigger and stronger cousins.

"How about no." Jackson laughs as he shoves Kyle in his locker and padlocks it.

"Please, let me out." Kyle begs.

All he could hear was laughter from the outside and then silence, they must have walked away.

"Help." he calls.

Suddenly he hears footsteps.

"Is someone in there?" he heard a voice.

"Yes, please let me out." Kyle begs.

"Code?" The kid asks.

"18, 68, 31" Kyle replies. 

Suddenly the door swings open.

"Thanks." he smiles.

"Who put you in there?" the kid asks. 

Kyle decided to lie because the kid would probably tell a teacher and that would make thinks worse for him.

"Just a bunch of older kids." Kyle lies.

"I'm Hamish." the kid smiles.

"Kyle." Kyle replies.

"Wait are you, Anton, Joseph and Jackson's cousin?" Hamish asks.

"Yea." Kyle mutters he knows what is coming now it happened all the time.

"Look you seem like a great guy, but i want to make it through school without being shoved in a locker so i'm sorry but your cousins can't know i talked to you, can you just stay away from me." Hamish mutters and races off the class. 

That afternoon when Kyle was walking home from school he was tripped over by Anton who was hiding behind a tree. 

Suddenly he feels Jackson sitting on one shoulder and Joseph sitting on the other.

"How'd you get out of the locker?" Anton asks sitting across Kyle's chest.

Even though Hamish said he didn't want the boys to know he helped him and he told him to stay away, Kyle could completely understand and decided to lie.

"A teacher." Kyle sighs.

"What did you say to that teacher?" Jackson snarls.

"That an older kid put me in there, i promise i didn't dob you in." Kyle whimpers as Anton puts more weight on his chest.

"You better not have." Anton snarls.

"Please, i promise i didn't." Kyle begs.

They all get off him, but Anton gives him a kick in the ribs. 

"See you at home Kylie." Joseph laughs as they all walk away.

It take a while for Kyle to get up but when he does he falls to the ground again, his ribs are killing him. 

End of flashback

Kyle remembered that he did get home that night but it took a while, and when he got home he was punished for being so late home from school, it was a huge beating that left his life hanging in the balance.  

He walked into the restaurant.

"You're late." Brax sighs and looks at Kyle with a worried expression, Kyle was never late. 

"Sorry, i got held up." Kyle sighs.

"You know your uncle is so awesome he bench pressed 400kgs earlier today." Brax smiles.

Kyle knew from experience how strong his uncle was but acted surprised anyway.

"Really." He smiles.

"Yea, hard to believe he's related to you." Brax smiles.

"How come?" Kyle asks.

"Mate you're my little bro and i would never say anything hurtful to you but lets face it, you're not built for fighting." Brax smiles he pats Kyle on the back on goes and checks on the chef. 

Kyle knew that Brax wasn't meaning to hurt his feelings but growing up with his cousins he got so much abuse and teasing just for not being strong.

Just then his Uncle and cousins came in. 

"Kylie." Anton laughs. 

Kyle just struggles for words.

"Duncan, can i help you?" Brax asks.

"Yea, table for four please." Duncan grins.

"Kyle will show you." Brax grins.

Kyle makes his way to a free table and places four glasses on it.

"I'll come back soon to take your order." Kyle sighs.

"Mate are they your cousins?" Brax asks.

"Yep." Kyle replies.

"Four boys under one roof, your poor Uncle." Brax laughs as he walks to take a tables order.

"Yep, he had a horrible life." Kyle mumbles sarcastically as he checks the accounts are all in order. 

The night didn't feel like it lasted that long. HIs Uncle and cousins didn't give him any trouble but that's probably because Brax was there.

"Mate, since you were late getting here you can clean up." Brax smiles. 

"Fine Brax." Kyle sighs. 

"See you at home." Brax smiles leaving Kyle alone in the restaurant.

Kyle had finished cleaning up for the night, now all he had to do was check that the money was all in order.

Suddenly he remembered that he had to give ten grand to his uncle and cousins, looking at the money in the safe Kyle sighed and locked up the safe for the night.

Kyle hoped he wouldn't regret not stealing the restaurants money, he was afraid of what his Uncle and cousins would do to him tomorrow but at least he didn't steal from his brothers. 

As Kyle shut the restaurant for the night he wondered if he was ever going to get rid of his Psycho Uncle and his jerk cousins.    

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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever,JarlieFanEver and  Wanderer101 for your comments


Chapter 5

It wasn't that late when Kyle arrived home so everyone was still up.

"Hey mate, your uncle is staying on a motel with your cousins." Heath smiles. 

Kyle just nods in response. 

"Your cousin Anton is awesome,  he is a really good MMA fighter." Casey grins. 

"Yea." Kyle replies. 

"It's funny how you are all related." Heath laughs. 

"Yea your cousins are huge, and look at you" Casey laughs. 

Everything  just hit Kyle hard and he was sick of it, for the first time he let his guard down. 

" Shut up okay, I know their huge can we just stop talking about it!" Kyle yells and rushes outside.

Brax and Heath rush outside to check on their brother. 

"Mate?" Heath asks.

Kyle felt like he wanted to tell his brothers.

"You've been acting wierd lately." Brax frowns. 

"Look guys I'm fine." Kyle smiles. 

"You sure?" Heath asks.

"Yep." Kyle sighs. 

Kyle knew that he should tell his brothers but he didn't want them to think he was weak and that he couldn't fight his own battles.

"Fine mate, i'm going to Yabbie Creak with Ricky all day tomorrow so just keep the place tidy. " Brax sighs.

"Wait where are you going Heath?" Kyle asks. 

"To see Darcy. " Heath smiles. 

"And Casey?"  Kyle mumbles. 

"Out with Sasha, Rosie and Dex all day. " Brax smiles. 

" We called your Uncle and he's coming over so don't worry you won't be alone." Heath grins.  

"He's coming here and none of you guys are home." Kyle mutters. 

" Yea, whats the issue Kylie." Heath smiles. 

" Nothing." Kyle forces a smile. 

"Well i'm going to bed." Kyle fake yawns and rushes off to his bedroom. 

Brax looks at Heath.

" Something is up." Brax frowns. 

" Brax, he's fine just relax." Heath laughs.

In Kyle's room, Kyle was dreading the day to come,  his Uncle and cousins would lay into him so bad, the last time Kyle didn't do something his Uncle told him to do he was left with his life hanging in the balance. 


15 year old Kyle was playing on his gutair in his closet sized room when there was a knock at the door.

" Kylie, dad wants you." Anton grunts.

Kyle put down his gutair and went downstairs. 

 "Kyle get over here you little ****." Duncan snarls. 

Kyle slowly makes his way to his Uncle.

" I told you to not eat unless i give you permission" Duncan snarls grabbing Kyle by the shirt. 

"I'm sorry." Kyle mumbles.

" oh you're sorry that fixes it." Duncan hisses throwing Kyle to the ground. 

"Please." Kyle begs. 

"you are pathetic, 15 years old and you look like you're about to cry." Duncan snarls. 

He starts to kick Kyle in the ribs really hard.

" Please." Kyle begs again on the verge of tears.

He then grabs Kyle and bodyslams him to the ground. 

"Ahhhhhhh." Kyle screams as the pain in his body increases.

Over and over his uncle kept hitting him the last thing Kyle remembers was seeing his uncles fist coming straight at his left eye.

end of flashback

Kyle took off his shirt and turns towards the mirror and looked to his torso it was so bruised with big purple bruises that his Uncle and cousins have given him since they have been here.

Kyle checked his pockets for his phone. 

" Seriously." Kyle mumbles he had left his phone at work. 

He grabbed a t-shirt and his jacket and walked out to the lounge.

" I'll be back soon. " Kyle mumbles. 

" Where are you going? " Bianca asks. 

" left my phone at work." Kyle sighs. 

" take the Ute. " Ricky smiles.

" Na I'll walk, i feel like a nice walk." Kyle smiles. 

" But you walked home from work." Bianca laughs. 

Kyle just shrugs.

" Fine but don't be too late it's about to get bad out there. " Ricky smiles.

" I'll be home in plenty of time don't worry mum." Kyle laughs and ducks to avoid a pillow being thrown at him.

Kyle shut the front door and started walking towards Angelos, he hated that he still had to act like there was nothing wrong but as he kept walking he decided screw it he was going to tell Brax and Heath as soon as he got home that means his uncle wouldn't be able to hurt him anymore, sure it would look like he was a wimp but Kyle knew what his Uncle and cousins were capable of and Kyle knew that they would be their absolute worst tomorrow. 

Kyle was unlocking the surf club doors to open the restaurant  when  there was a knock on his head which made him loose conciseness but not before he realised he was dragged into a car.

Later on in the Braxton house, Brax was freaking out. 

"Where the **** is he." Brax frowns. 

" Who?" Heath asks. 

" Kyle, the girls said that he was going to the restaurant to pick up his phone and he's not back yet." Brax frowns. 

" How long ago did he leave?" Heath asks. 

" Ricky said a hour ago." Brax sighs He was worried for his younger brother.

" Have you tried to call him?" Heath asks. 

" No the thought didn't cross my mind." Brax mutters sarcastically. 

" Of course of tried to call him you idiot it was the first thing i did. " Brax frowns.

Casey comes in from his room. 

"Hey, where's Kyle? " Casey asks.

 "We don't know." Brax mumbles.

"Let's hope he's okay, let's go to bed I'm sure he'll be back later." Heath sighs. 

Casey headed off to his room followed by Heath, but Brax stayed up, he was worried for Kyle.

After another 2 hours he got extremely worried and woke Heath up.

Meanwhile Kyle was slowly waking up. 

"Dad, he's awake." Anton calls.Duncan comes over and grab Kyle by the hood of his jacket and pulls him to his feet.

"Where's my money." Duncan snarls. 

"I don't have it. " Kyle mumbles. 

"You stupid boy, Anton warned you." Duncan laughs as Kyle tries to get away from him.

He twists Kyle's arm across his back until Kyle screams with pain.

Duncan then throws Kyle towards the ground and grins at his sons.

" Do your worst boys, there's no doubt Kylie will tell his big brothers the first chance he gets." Duncan laughs.

Suddenly all three of the boys start punching and kicking Kyle.

Kyle does he's absolute best to stay awake but the pain is too much for him and he drifts into darkness. 

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Thank you ~JarlieFanEver~, Romeo&Indi Forever and Wanderer 101 for your comments. 


Chapter 6

Brax was freaking out now, calling Kyle every five minutes. 

"I'm going to the restaurant. " he mutters and starts to head towards the door.

"No Brax, there's a storm out there." Ricky sighs. 

" so is Kyle. " Brax yells. 

" look Kyles smart, he probably took shelter when he saw how bad it was getting." Heath yells back at Brax. 

" I don't care if it's bad out there, Kyle might be hurt." Brax yells. 

" just call the restaurant. "Heath grunts.

Brax picks up the whole and dials the number for Angelos. 

" ****. " He mutters when he hears the answer phone.

 "Look guys maybe it is time to worry, it's Kyle we are talking about he would of called if something went wrong. " Bianca frowns.

" Exactly Bianca,  doesn't this bother anyone else? " Brax grunts.

"Of course it bothers us Brax." Ricky snaps at him.

Brax looks out the window,  "he's out there somewhere. I need to find him." Brax sighs.

Meanwhile Kyle was slowly waking up.

"Ahh. " he grunts as he holds his ribs.

"Dad, Anton, Joseph he's awake." Jackson calls.

Kyle noticed that it was pouring down and that he was saturated. 

Anton comes up to Kyle and pulls him to his feet.

"Please. " Kyle begs trying to get away from Anton. 

"You'll never get away unless we let you. " Anton snarls.

"Anton! Stop playing around give him to me." Duncan hisses.

Anton shoves Kyle towards Duncan. 

Duncan grabs Kyle by the neck. 

" I still can't believe that we are related to a scrawny little **** like you." Duncan laughs tightening his grip on Kyles neck.

" I'm not scrawny. " Kyle yells.

"HOW DARE YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN." Duncan screams banging Kyle against a tree.

Kyle whimpers with pain. 

" do you know where we are Kylie?" Duncan asks.

Kyle shakes his head.

" good, now when can you get me $ 10,000?" Duncan asks.

"I can't, I live with my brothers, I have to pay rent and it would take me so long to get the money. " Kyle whimpers as Anton comes behind him and twists his arms. 

Suddenly Duncans phone rings.

" make sure he keeps quiet." Duncan instructs to the boys when he sees Brax on the caller ID. 

The boys all grin with smirks as they surround Kyle.

Joseph pulls his arms behind his back and ties them with string tight and pulls him to the ground,  Jackson grabs a towel out of the car and wraps it around Kyles mouth and Anton looms over Kyle ready to do his worst.

"Hey Brax." Duncan answers.

" no me and the boys haven't seen Kyle. " 

" we will call you if anything happens. "

"See ya." 

Duncan hangs up the phone and turns to Kyle. 

"Your brothers don't expect a thing." He laughs at Kyles even more scared face.

 "Get him up." Duncan sighs.

Anton grabs Kyle under the armpit and lifts him up he takes the towel off from around his mouth. 

"We're going to let you go, but if you tell anyone that we are the ones who attacked you, we will kill your whole family, including your niece and nephew." Duncan laughs.

"how do you know about Harley, he's been at Cheryls the whole time you've been here?" Kyle asks.

"Heath told me." Duncan laughs.

"You wouldn't hurt a little kid. " Kyle mumbles.

"I gave you your first beating at three years old." Duncan laughs.

"You leave my family alone." Kyle growls walking up to Duncan.

Duncan punches Kyle in the eye causing him to fall to the ground. 

"Do you really think that telling me what to do is going to end well for you?, stop acting like a big man" Duncan snarls.

Kyle stands up quickly and punches his uncle in the stomach which caused his uncle to loss his balance for a split second which Kyle used to push over his Uncle, his cousins were all away at that moment so he used his time to try and get away.

He runs as fast as he can to try and find a way back home, he stops to see where he is when he is flattened to the ground. 

"ohhh you're dead now Kylie." Joseph growls. 

"Please." Kyle begs.

"Anton, dad over here. " Joseph calls.

Duncan walks up and grabs Kyle by the jacket. 

"I'm still going to let you go, that's because I'm a nice guy but the deal has changed,  if you tell them it was us that hurt you we won't only kill your family, we will kill you as well just like how I killed your mother a bullet right through the skull." Duncan growls. 

Kyle boiled up with anger.

"Never talk about my mum." Kyle growls although his was shaking with fear.

"You mean my sister. " Duncan laughs.

"You lost the right to call her your sister the day you killed her." Kyle yells.

Duncan punches Kyle on the cheek and shakes him.

"NEVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!" Duncan screams right in Kyles face.

"We will take you home now, you have one week to get us the money or we will come for you again and you will get a whole lot worse than this." Duncan snarls as Anton gives Kyle a knock on the head causing him to fall unconscious,  Kyle went limp and fell into his uncles arms. 

"Let's chuck him in the car and take him to his house." Duncan instructs. 

Anton and Jackson grab Kyle off their dad and take him to the car.

Brax and Heath are talking to Kat in the lounge.

"He's been gone for hours, he's not picking up his phone and its pouring down out there, it's not like Kyle." Brax sighs.

"When was the last time you saw Kyle?" Kat asks. 

"Just before he left." Heath sighs now he was worried for his little brother. 

"How was he acting?" Kat asks.

"Strange. " Brax replies. 

"How was he acting strange? " kat asks.

"He just was." Heath snaps he needed to know that his brother was okay.

Outside Jackson  throws Kyle out of the car and as they speed away Duncan beeps the horn.

"What was that?" Heath grunts going outside to investigate, it had been raining hard for a whole three hours and he struggled to see through the rain but his eyes froze on Kyle lying there unconscious and very badly beaten.

"Kyle. " he yells running up to his younger brother. 

"Mate, it's okay I'm here." He mumbles holding Kyle who was freezing cold.

"BRAX!!" he yells.

"Mate please wake up." Heath begs as Brax comes out with Kat.

"Kyle. " Brax mutters racing over beside Heath to check on Kyle. 

"Brax someone wanted to hurt him bad." Heath mutters.

" no wonder he was acting weird but what sort of ****hole would do this to someone else?" Brax grunts. 

"Is there anything I can do?" Kat asks.

"Yea help us get him inside and get him warm." Heath grunts. 

Kat raced inside.

"Can you get him inside okay on your own I'm going to call the girls and Case?" Brax asks Heath. 

"Yea all good." Heath mumbles as he scoops Kyle up. 

"Mate, he'll be okay." Brax tries to reassure Heath but he isn't to sure himself.

Heath races Kyle inside and places him on the couch and then runs to get him blankets. 

Heath hated seeing Kyle like this, his left eye was swollen, he had a split lip that was also fat and his face was covered in bruises. He didn't even want to think about the bruises that were hidden by his clothes. 

Heath sat there looking at Kyle hoping that he would wake up soon.

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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever, JarlieFanEver and Wanderer 101 for your comments


Chapter 7

Heath still hadn't moved from beside Kyle.

"Mate, is he still cold?" Brax asks.

Heath reaches over and touches Kyles arm.

"A bit." Heath mutters.

"take his shirt off and I'll get him a dry one." Brax sighs as he rushes off to Kyles room.

Heath reaches over and takes off Kyles jacket and tshirt,  but freezes when he sees Kyles torso, Kyle wasn't just beaten he was assaulted. 

Brax walks back in with a dry tshirt but his eyes bulge at the sight of Kyle.

"We need to find who did this and we need to make them pay. " Heath grits through his teeth.

Brax chucks the tshirt to Heath and Heath slips it on Kyle and pulls the blankets up more.

"We will find them Heath but don't do anything stupid." Brax sighs.

"You're kidding me aren't ya, there's no way I'm letting the psycho ****heads get away with this. " Heath yells.

"And we also aren't going to end back in lock up. " Brax yells.

"Well, let's just let the ****heads who attacked Kyle get away." Heath screams.

Unknown to the boys Kyle was slowly waking up. 

"Brax, Heath." Kyle mumbles.

"Mate." Heath smiles putting a hand in Kyles shoulder. 

Brax stands beside Heath. Kat comes in carrying more blankets.

"Who did this to you mate?" Brax asks as he chucks the blankets over Kyle.

Kyle shifts uncomfortably. 

"Who was it mate?" Heath asks.

"I got jumped by random guys, they knocked me out and drove me to the national park." Kyle lies.

"How'd you get away?" Brax asks 

"They let me go." Kyle groans as he tries to sit up and he feels pain in his ribs. 

"Lie down mate. " Heath sighs as he softly pushes Kyle down. 

"Who were they, do you think you could describe them?" Kat asks.

"No. " Kyle lies he loved his family and didn't want them dead.

"Then there's nothing we can do sorry." Kat sighs. 

"Kyle please try and remember something. " Brax begs.

"There were four of them." Kyle mumbles. 

"Approximate ages?" Kat asks.

"Three young and one older " Kyle sighs. 

"Is there anything else you can remember." Kat asks.

"No." Kyle replies.

"Call me if he remembers anything else." Kat smiles. 

Kat leaves the room leaving the boys alone.

"Are you okay mate?" Brax asks.

"Bit sore." Kyle mumbles, Kyle had completely changed his mind from before, he wasn't going to put anyone else in danger.

"Why did they attack you?" Heath asks.

"I don't know. " Kyle mumbles. 

"You gotta think, or else they will get away with it." Heath grunts. 

"There's nothing I can do Heath." Kyle mumbles. 

"Just leave him Heath he needs to rest." Brax sighs.

"What he needs is to know that it won't happen again." Heath yells.

Kyle shuffled uncomfortably knowing that it would happen again if he didn't give his uncle and cousins the money.

"Mate is there something you aren't telling us?" Heath asks.

"No." Kyle mumbles. 

"What is it mate?" Heath asks.

"Nothing." Kyle protests.

"Heath just leave him." Brax growls. 

Heath leaves the room muttering to himself.

"Mate are you sure there's nothing else you can tell us?" Brax asks.

"Yea Brax there's nothing. " Kyle lies through his teeth.

Brax walks off, Kyle wasn't usually a good liar but luckily he had managed to convince Brax once again.

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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever and Wanderer101 for your comments. 


Chapter 8

Kyle woke up slowly on the couch and shifted slightly.

"ahhhh." He grunts.

Bianca comes running to his side.

"Kyle just breath, you're really hurt you need to rest." Bianca mumbles as she places a hand on Kyle's shoulder.

"Bianca." Kyle mumbles.

"Kyle i'm here, just relax." Bianca sighs.

"can you help me get up?" Kyle begs.

"are you crazy Kyle, you were crying out a second ago." Bianca sighs.

"I just need to walk around for a bit." Kyle begs looking at Bianca with his brown eyes.

"Kyle..." Bianca starts.

"Please." Kyle begs.

Kyle hated being useless and at the moment he felt it, he had to get up.

"If Brax and Heath find out they are both going to kill me." Bianca sighs.

"I'll take the blame just please Bianca i need to get up," Kyle begs.

 "fine Kyle." Bianca huffs as she helps Kyle to his feet.

"How do you feel?" Bianca asks.

"Bianca, I'm fine." Kyle sighs.

but after one more step he falls flat on his face.

"ahhh." Kyle cries out.

Brax comes running in.

"Kyle." He yells running up to his younger brother.

"I'm sorry Brax." Bianca apologies as she stares at Kyle who is holding his ribs in agony.

"it's fine Bianca i know it would of been this idiots idea." Brax grunts as he pulls Kyle to his feet.

"are you thick or something Kyle why would you try and walk you have been assaulted just yesterday and we don't even know who did it, look after yourself you idiot." Brax grunts.

"I hate being useless." Kyle grunts.

"I don't care Kyle, you are going to lie down on that couch and let everyone run around after you until you have recovered." Brax grunts softly placing Kyle on the couch.

"But." Kyle protests.

"No buts Kyle." Brax grunts walking away from his brother.

"Keep an eye on him, he doesn't move and make sure he eats i'm going to the restaurant." Brax sighs to Bianca. 

"Look after yourself mate." Brax mumbles as he passes Kyle and lightly taps him on the shoulder.

"get comfy Kyle." Bianca sighs as she sits in the armchair.

"you don't need to babysit me you know Bianca." Kyle laughs.

"Kyle let me explain something to you, your brothers may act like the big, tough guys who never cry, but they were generally scared when you never came home, if they lost you or Casey it would kill them, and since i'm married to Heath the same goes for me." Bianca sighs.

"but i'm not a little kid." Kyle sighs.

"Kyle you are 23, Casey is 21, Heath is 29 and Brax is 32, you may not be a little kid but you are defiantly little compared to them." Bianca laughs.

"so no matter how old me and Case get we are always going to be the baby brothers." Kyle sighs.

"yep, pretty much Kyle," Bianca laughs.

"you really scared you brothers Kyle, if you can remember anything please tell us." Bianca begs.

Kyle just wished he could but he would endanger everyone else.

"Kyle?" Bianca asks.

"no can't remember." Kyle lies.

"Just sleep Kyle, looks like you need it." Bianca sighs.

"thanks." Kyle mumbles.

"sorry Kyle but its true you need sleep." Bianca mutters.

Kyle rests down on his pillows and goes to sleep.

If Kyle told his family what happened he would end up getting a bullet through the skull just like his mother.


8 year old Kyle Bennett was playing cards with his mum.

"Snap." he yells as he sees a pair and grins when he wins the game. 

"you're getting too good at this little man." Lisa Bennett laughs as her son gathers all the cards. 

"Mum will dad ever come back?"Kyle asks. 

"Kyle you know your dad has another family." Lisa sighs. 

"I know but what makes me so different why can't he visit me more?" Kyle asks. 

"Because your a whiny little ****." Duncan grunts as he enters the room.

"get out of my house Duncan, you know that you are no longer welcome here." Lisa yells. 

"oh please Lisa when have i ever listened to you." Duncan sneers grabbing Kyle by the back of his T-shirt.

"Mum." Kyle cries out struggling to get away from his Uncle.

"let my son go." Lisa yells. 

Duncan pulls out a gun and holds it to Kyle's temple.  

"Mum, please make him stop." Kyle sobs.

"Duncan let my son go please i'll do anything you want just please don't hurt my baby." Lisa begs.

"i want you gone so ill get all mum and dads money." Duncan snarls.

"okay you can have it all just please let Kyle go he's just a kid." Lisa begs.

" Oh don't worry I'm not going to kill your precious baby i have something different planned for him." Duncan snarls.

"but as for you." Duncan laughs as he sends a bullet straight into his sisters skull.

"Mum!" Kyle yells as he tries to get to his mother.

"you listen here,  i hate being related to you but have to live with it." Duncan grunts.

"you're going to jail." Kyle yells trying to get away from his uncle.

"you think so do you, you listen here you little ****, if you tell anyone what happened here tonight i will make sure you have a very slow very painful death." Duncan snarls as he grab Kyle tightly by the upper arm.

end of flashback.

Kyle slowly woke up, he could hear voices around him but he couldn't pick them up.

"Brax?" He mumbles.

"right here mate." Brax mutters placing a hand on Kyle's shoulder.

"are you okay?" Brax asks.

"yea, Brax i need to tell you something." Kyle mumbles.

"what is it mate?" Brax asks. 




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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever, JarlieFanEver and Wanderer 101 for your comments


Chapter 9

"What is it mate?" Brax asks.

"Yea mate are you okay?" Duncan asks Kyle, Kyle realized that the others around him were his uncle and cousins. 

"Ummm. " Kyle mumbles. 

"Mate? " Brax asks.

"I'm hungry. " Kyle sighs. 

"I'll make you some toast." Brax chuckles.

Duncan stares at Kyle and raises his eyebrows. 

"Can I have pizza?" Kyle asks knowing that his Uncle wanted to talk to him. 

"Sure Kyle,  Duncan make sure he does nothing. " Brax smiles as he hands Kyle back his cellphone and shuts the front door. 

As soon as the car starts and pulls away Duncan goes up to Kyle and grabs him hard by the shoulder.

"You weren't about to tell him were you Kyle?" Duncan asks. 

"No." Kyle mumbles.

Duncan grabs Kyle harder by the shoulder.

"That's a lie and you know it." Duncan snarls.

"Can I bash in his pretty little face dad?' Anton asks.

"Not yet but if Kylie doesn't give us the money soon you can do whatever you want to him." Duncan laughs.

"Please just leave me alone and I'll never tell anyone anything." Kyle begs. 

"You're kidding me aren't you. " Anton laughs.

"Brax could beat all of you guys up." Kyle yells.

"Well he's never going to find out is he." Duncan snarls tightening his grip on Kyle again. 

"No." Kyle mumbles. 

"Good, now meet us on the pier in a weeks time with $10,000 or else. " Duncan snarls.

"Okay." Kyle mumbles trying to find out how he can get the money. 

"If you even think about telling anyone we will make you regret it." Duncan snarls. 

Suddenly the door opens and Heath walks in.

"You alright mate? "  Heath asks Kyle. 

Kyle looked in between Heath and Duncan.

"Yea I'm good. " Kyle lies.

"Where's Brax? " Heath asks.

"Getting pizza." Kyle smiles.

"Way to go Kylie bossing the big fella around." Heath laughs.

"Yea." Kyle grins. 

"You can go now boys, I'll look after Kylie you guys can come back tomorrow. " Heath smiles.

"See ya mate. " Anton grins. 

Heath lifts Kyles feet up and sits on the other end of the couch.

"You seem tense mate,  are you okay?" Heath asks looking worryingly at Kyle. 

"Yea like I said I'm good." Kyle manages a smile.

"I'm just worried about you mate." Heath sighs.

"Well there's no need to be. " Kyle sighs.

After 10 minutes Brax comes back in with pizza.

"I knew you would be home,  you can smell food from a mile away can't you. " Brax laughs as he hands Heath a pizza. 

"Here Kyle,  Hawaiian. " Brax smiles. 

"Cheers Brax." Kyle grins.

"Can you remember anything else? " Brax asks.

"No." Kyle mumbles.

"Okay, all good." Brax frowns.

Kyles mind was racing he knew that he has to get the money, he pulled out his phone and checked his account details. 

Kyle Braxton: $12, 000

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief,  all he has to do was take $10,000 out and his life was safe again. 

"Why you checking your account details." Heath asks snatching Kyles phone out of his hands.

Kyle just lay there looking down at his hands avoiding his brothers eyes. 

"Answer the question Kyle. " Brax yells so loud it caused Kyle to flinch.

Kyle looked up at his two older brothers wondering if he should tell them the truth.


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 Thank you Wanderer101, ~JarlieFanEver~ and Romeo&Indi Forever for your comments.


Chapter 10 

Kyle knew he should tell his brothers but what if that put the family in danger. 

"Kyle answer the question, why are you checking your bank account?" Heath asks.

"Because I'm saving up for a car of my own." Kyle lies quickly.

Brax and Heath look at each other confused.

"why? Between us we have plenty of cars, mine, Ricky's, Bianca's and Heath's." Brax explains.

"yea but I'm 23 I need my own car soon."Kyle shrugs.

"And you're sure that's all that is bothering you?" Brax asks.

"yep" Kyle lies.

"okay mate." Heath smiles and passes Kyles phone back to him. 

Brax and Heath left Kyle alone and Kyle breathed a big sigh of relief, 

"that was too close." Kyle murmurs.

a few days passed and nothing had changed. Bianca and Ricky insisted on doing everything for Kyle, Brax and Heath kept questioning him what felt like every 5 minutes, Duncan and Anton came around to threaten Kyle and all Kyle did all day was lie down. But after three frustrating days Kyle was finally able to go out of the house.

"I'm going to work." Kyle yells through the house. 

Brax comes running to him.

"I'll drive you." He smiles.

Kyle shakes his head.

"Kyle I'm going to drive you." Brax grunts.

"but I'm fine." Kyle protests.

"get in the Ute." Brax orders.

"fine." Kyle huffs he had finally managed to get off the couch and now Brax was still babysitting him.

Kyle slumps into the passenger seat and Brax comes out quickly after. 

"How long are you going to treat me like a baby for." Kyle grunts.

"till you tell me who attacked you." Brax grunts.

"I already told you I don't know." Kylie lies.

"fine then look forward to me taking you everywhere you need to go." Brax smiles.

Kyle grunts he couldn't live like this for the rest of his life.

"hey it's your Uncle." Brax smiles and pulls over.

"Kyle it is so good to see you on your feet again." Duncan grins and Kyle can see the evil glint in his uncles eyes.

"yea." Kyle mumbles.

"Hey Kyle why don't you spend the day with your Uncle." Brax smiles.

"But I have work." Kyle frowns. 

"Just go Kyle before I change my mind." Brax grins.

Kyle slowly gets out of the car and walks towards his Uncle, Brax pulls away leaving Kyle with his Uncle.

As soon as Brax pulls away and is out of sight Duncan grabs Kyle by the shirt.

"can you get us the money?" Duncan asks.

"yea I just need to take it out of my bank." Kyle mumbles. 

Duncan lets Kyle go and straightens his shirt.

"Good boy." Duncan grins wickedly.

"what are you planning to do with the money?" Kyle asks.

Duncan grabs Kyle by his shirt again.

"it's none of your ****ing business."  Duncan snarls shaking   Kyle.

"is there a problem here?" John asks as him and Marilyn walk past.

"na John it's all good." Kyle grins as his uncle playfully punches him in the arm, he knew John would tell Brax if he thought anything was up so he has to lie his way out of it. 

"You must be Duncan, Kyles uncle it's so nice to meet you." Marilyn smiles.

"You must be Kyles neighbors John and Marilyn." Duncan smiles , one of the things that Kyle really hated about his family was that all of them were polite when they needed to be. 

"Yea mate, so you raised Kyle?" John asks.

"yep from a young age after his mother died." Duncan explains. 

"Well you must of done a great job." Marilyn smiles. 

Kyle just felt like leaving but he couldn't or else it would look suspicious.

luckily John and Marylin had to go.

Duncan grabs Kyle by the back of the neck. 

"Let's go get my money." Duncan snarls. 

"Just give me till tonight." Kyle begs.

Duncan snarls down at Kyle and Kyle lowers his head.

"it's early anyway so what's the issue." Kyle mumbles.

Duncan presses Kyle up against a tree as he grabs Kyle by the shirt again.

"Did you just question me?" Duncan growls.

Kyle shakes his head and looks down at his shoes. 

"Good." Duncan lets go of Kyles shirt and gives him a slight slap on the neck. 

Kyle wanted to get the money and hopefully it would get his uncle and cousins out of his life.

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