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Kyle's Past


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Thank you ~JarlieFanEver~,  Ludub and Kristen for your comments. 

Chapter 21 

Brax woke up and Ricky was next to him. 

He got out of bed and headed to Angelos to sort out the rosters.

he headed to Kyle's desk and he tried to find the rosters but there were papers everywhere he moved them all and put them all in the desk draw. 

When he pulls it out he sees a picture of a women he pulled it out. She was pretty, had brown eyes, long brown hair and a big smile the sort of smile that you have to smile at when you see it. 

She looked about 32 and Brax knew that she wouldn't be Kyle's  girlfriend. 

Brax guessed she was Kyle's mum, she looked like Kyle they had the same smile, same twinkle in their eyes and the same tan skin. 

He folded the photo up and put it in his pocket and then continued to look for the rosters. 

Heath came in behind him. 

"Mate just close the place up, we need to get organised for the funeral." Heath mumbles. 

"No." Brax grunts. 

"But we need to organise the funeral." Heath yells. 

Brax just shakes his head. 

"Brax we need to organise Kyle's funeral." Heath grunts he was still sad over Kyle's death and arguing with Brax wasn't helping. 

"You can." Brax mumbles. 

Heath looked at his brother, Brax was stubborn but Heath never thought that Brax would refuse to help them with Kyle's funeral. 

"Brax, Kyle looked up to you do I need to remind you of that but right now I don't know whether he would or not." Heath huffs. 

Heath leaves the restaurant and leaves Brax by himself. 

Brax knew he should help with Kyle's funeral but it was too hard, Kyle was murdered and Brax saw it all happen, Kyle was his little brother and he was too young to die. 

Brax closes Angelos for the week and heads back up to the restaurant and grabs a bottle of whisky. 

He opens it and pours it in a glass. 

He drinks it fast and pours himself another. 

Before he knows he's on his knees sobbing loudly he knew that no matter how much he drank the pain of losing his brother wouldn't  go away. 

"Brax are you in here?" He hears Ricky call. 

Ricky hears the loud sobs coming from behind the bar.

"Brax it's okay, We're going to be okay." Ricky mumbles hugging Brax. 

"Rick he made it to 23, 23 years old and now he's gone, he'll never know what it's like to live the life he deserved, he'll never know what it's like to have a wife, kids he'll never know what it's like to live without fear." Brax mutters. 

"Brax." Ricky starts. 

"What you think he ever felt safe, of course he didn't, and he'll never know just how much he meant to me and the boys." Brax yells . 

"Brax, come home you're upset and we need to all be together at the moment." Ricky sighs rubbing Brax's back. 

Brax nods his head they all should be together. 

Ricky drove Brax back home. 

"Uncle Brax." Darcy sobs running up to Brax. 

"Hey Darc I know it's sad." Brax mumbles. 

"How'd he die?" Darcy asks. 

"Darc maybe when your a bit older." Heath sighs. 

"No, please tell me I miss Uncle Kyle." Darcy begs her little eyes filling with tears. 

"Darc he was shot." Brax mumbles hugging Darcy he can feel his chest getting sore almost like he couldn't breathe.

"shot!" Darcy croaks racing to her dad and sobbing loudly. 

Casey and Sasha came in from Casey's room. Casey's eyes were red and puffy and even though he had his arm around his girlfriend there wasn't even a small smile on his face.

"I'm sorry Brax." Sasha mutters hugging Brax. 

"Thanks Sasha." Brax croaks. 

Bianca was on the couch her eyes red and on her laptop booking a funeral director. 

"Monday." Bianca sighs. 

It was Saturday and Brax just shook his head. 

"Too early." Brax sighs. 

Brax, Kyle's not going to magically come back the longer we leave it." Heath sighs. 


"neither am I, I loved Kyle and cared about just as much as you did." Heath grunts chocking back the tears. 

"Yea right you would always tease him and call him names." Brax huffs. 


"stop it." Darcy squeaks and runs into Kyle's room. 

"Great work you two." Casey mumbles and goes to see Darcy. 

Brax and Heath glare at each other.

Casey goes into Kyle's room and he sees Darcy sitting on Kyle's bed strumming his gutair. 

"Was he in pain?" Darcy asks. 

"Of course not Darc." Casey lies sitting next to Darcy. 

He couldn't tell Darcy that Kyle was shot three times and he died a slow and painful death. 

"It's not fair, Uncle Kyle doesn't deserve this, he was such a good Uncle and now I'm never going to see him again." Darcy sobs into her uncles shoulder.  

"I know he was a great brother too, he may of drove me nuts but yea he was a great brother." Casey sighs rubbing Darcys back. 

"He was going to teach me how to play guitar." Darcy sighs. 

Casey takes a big sigh. 

"I think you should keep the gutair." Casey smiles kissing Darcys head. 

"But it's Uncle Kyle's." Darcy sobs as she wiped the tears away from her eyes. 

"Kyle was always playing it I think now that he's gone he'll want someone else to always play it." Casey sighs and takes the guitar off Darcy and places it on Kyle's bed. 

Darcy wraps both arms around her Uncle. 

"I miss him." She sobs. 

"So do I Darc." Casey mumbles feeling the tears fall from his eyes, he knew that the funeral was going to be hard for everyone. 

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Thank You Kristen, Wanderer101, Ludub, ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments. 

Chapter 22

The day of Kyle's funeral was approaching fast and the Braxton's still had so much to do.

"Case have you taken Kyle's suit to the funeral home yet?" Heath asks.

"I'm doing it today." Casey sighs   

"good because they need it by today." Heath sighs. 

"Brax have you oraganised the  your eulogy?" Heath asks. 

"Not yet." Brax mumbles. 

"well Kyle's funeral is tomorrow." Heath sighs.


"Brax do you really think i want to be doing this, i miss Kyle to but we have to get this done." Heath sighs. 

"I know but, i can't, nothing i say will make tomorrow any easier." Brax croaks.

He pulls the picture of the women out of his pocket.

"Boys, do you think this is Kyle's mum?" Brax asks showing the picture to Heath and Casey. 

"yea they have the same smile." Heath smiles lightly. 

"The same eyes." Casey sighs. 

"she's beautiful." Heath mumbles, this was his little brothers mum, she looked exactly like Kyle. Heath missed his brother even more staring at this picture.

" i think we should bury this with Kyle, i think he would like that, I'm sure he misses his mum and would like to spend eternity with her." Heath smiles.

"Heath thats a really lovely idea, thats really sweet of you." Casey smiles.

"well, he's my little brother and he deserves to have all the happiness he can have." Heath sighs as he finds a picture of him and Kyle, He was holding his surfboard and Kyle was standing next to him wearing a silly grin.

"how did he hide it." Heath sighs. 

"Huh?" Casey asks. 

"the fear, everything how did he hide it." Heath mutters.

"I have no idea Heath but i wish he didn't because we could of protected him." Brax mumbles putting a hand around his brothers shoulder.

"boys, we really need to get his suit to the funeral home." Casey sighs.

"I'll come, lets go Case." Heath sighs. 

"Really try on that eulogy Brax, Kyle deserved it." Heath sighs. 

Heath and Casey exit the house and Brax stares down at a piece of paper wondering what he can write that will give his brother all the love he deserved. He picked up the picture of Kyle's mum again and dropped his pen. He didn't know what to say his brother was to young to die, he didn't deserve to die and most of all Brax didn't want him to die, no one did, but he did and Brax just had to deal with that as hard as it is going to be. he picks up his pen and writes down exactly what he is thinking. 

Ricky and Bianca were tidying up Kyle's stuff. All his posters were taken down and neatly folder, his sheets were taken off his bed and his desk was tidied up.

"are you sure we should be doing this Rick?" Bianca asks as she picks up one of Kyle's t-shirts off the floor and neatly folding it.

"yea, it's got to be done and the boys won't want to do it." Ricky sighs. 

"But it's Kyle's stuff, it's private." Bianca sighs. 

"well we can't leave it like this." Ricky sighs. 

unknown to them Brax was standing behind them, he had gotten up to get something to drink when he heard voices coming from Kyle's room.


"Brax this has to be done." Ricky tries to reason with Brax. 

"Get out now, this is Kyles stuff." Brax yells. 

"Brax i know how much it hurts but i'm sorry Kyle's not coming back, i'm missing him too, he was like a little brother to me." Ricky croaks. 

"Look Ricky, its his stuff so just don't touch it okay." Brax hisses. 

"okay Brax." Ricky sighs putting down Kyle leather jacket. 

Her and Bianca left the roman Brax sat on Kyle's bed and looking down at the jacket his brother always wore.

He was finding it so hard to say goodbye there was something about this jacket that made Brax feel like he didn't have to say goodbye but he had no idea why. 






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Thank you Kristen Wanderer101, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments.

Chapter 23

It was the day of Kyle's funeral and the boys were all dressed up in their suits and the girls already in their dresses, the funeral was due to start at 12:00 and it was only 8:00. They had managed to get everything to the funeral home in time but they nearly forgot to put the picture of Kyle's mum in with him, Luckily Brax got it there jus in time but the worst thing about it was he saw the body, he saw the body of his dead younger brother again, pale and weak Brax found it so hard to hold in the tears.

"who knows about today?" Casey asks. 

"don't know mate, i know John and Marilyn know because they brought over the flowers, the Walkers know because Sash knows, I don't know mate a lot of people probably news travels fast." Brax sighs.   

"I don't think i can do this." Heath mumbles coming out dressed in his best suit.

"none of us can Heath, but we have to." Casey sighs. 

Bianca come out and hugs Heath.

"I'm here for you Heath, all day long i'm going to be here." Bianca sighs.

"same with me Brax." Ricky hugs Brax.

"and me." Sasha smiles at Casey, she had come over last night to help Ricky and Bianca handle the boys. 

"Thank Sash." Casey smiles lightly kissing her cheek. 

"yea thanks babe." Heath sighs hugging Bianca back and resting is chin on her head. 

"Ricky you're amazing." Brax sighs holding Ricky's hand.

"Dad!" Darcy calls running through the door. 

"Hey Darc, you look beautiful." Heath smiles lightly.

"It's Uncle Kyle's favourite dress of mine i thought that i should wear it today." Darcy mumbles as Cheryl walks through the door. 

"Mum, What are you doing here?" Casey asks.

"dropping my Granddaughter off and i wanted to talk to you boys, I'm sorry for your loss, I may of not always seen eye to eye with that kid but he was your brother and i know you forgave him for everything that he did, and i get that. It's a horrible thing that happened and i am truly, truly sorry about what happened, after everything in the end that boy didn't deserve to die the way he did, even though he did try and kill my baby boy." Cheryl sighs.

"Thanks Mum, Kyle didn't think you were that bad." Brax smiles lightly.

"so when the funeral?" Cheryl asks. 

"12." Heath sighs. 

"well i'll be back here around 4 to pick you up Darc." Cheryl smiles.

"can i stay with Dad tonight please Gran?" Darc begs.

"Darc you need to ask Connie." Heath sighs.

"But i want to." Darcy moans.

"I'm sorry Darc but you have to." Heath sighs he did want his daughter to stay but he couldn't go past Connie otherwise he would loose any visiting hours that he had.

"i'll give her a call." Cheryl smiles lightly.

"Thanks mum." Heath smiles rubbing his daughters shoulder.  

Cheryl goes out of the room to call Connie.

"who's carrying the coffin?" Darcy asks.

"we are, Your Uncles and i." Heath sighs.

"shouldn't four people carry it?" Darcy asks.

"we'll manage Darc." Heath mumbles.

"your daughters right Braxton you need a fourth person." Someone sighs standing in the doorway.

They all turn around to see Andy and Josh who've been away on holiday. 

"Andy, Josh what are you doing here?' Casey asks they weren't meant to be back for another three weeks

"well Kyle was a mate and we came straight back as soon as we heard." Andy sighs. 

"You didn't have too." Brax sighs shocked he didn't expect them to come back. 

"your brothers been a really great mate and he was a good bloke, we wanted to be here for him." Josh smiles lightly.

"well thanks guys , and Andy another person would be helpful, how much did it cost to change your tickets?' Brax asks.

"not much, and we would of done it anyway, we had to say goodbye." Andy sighs.

"We really appreciate it guys, thanks." Heath sighs. 

"Darcy you can stay and Connie sends her love." Cheryl sighs. 

"Darc you can sleep on the couch okay." Heath smiles.

"can i sleep in Uncle Kyle's room?" Darcy ask.

"i don't think so Darc." Heath sighs.

"why not?" Darcy asks.

"Darc its hard to explain but you just can't okay." Heath sighs.

"but i want to, it was his room and it is the closest i'll ever get to him again." Darcy sobs.

Heaths heart broke.

"Darc he'll always be in our hearts." Heath sobs his pain finally coming all out.

Bianca comforted Heath.

"Who killed him?" Andy asks he and Josh didn't even know the full story.

"his Uncle and cousins." Casey croaks.

"WHAT! he has an uncle and cousins, they killed him, what? why? Huh?" Josh questions bewildered and shocked by the news.

"What his Uncle and cousins killed him!" Darcy sobs.

Casey froze he forgot that Darcy wasn't told the full story.

"Family is supposed to protect you not hurt you." Darcy cries.

"listen Darc those men are not our family they are just monsters." Brax sighs resting a hand on his nieces shoulder.

"Your Uncles right Darcy they are nothing to us and they are nothing to Kyle." Heath mumbles through the pain he feels in his chest. 

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Hello?" Brax questions seeing a middle aged women at the door.

"Is this the Braxton residence?" The lady asks. 

"yea." Casey replies wiping tears away from his eyes with his sleeve.

"My name is Katie Bennett, Kyle's Aunty." She replies sadly. 

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Thank you Kristen Wanderer101, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments i really appreciate your comments ^_^


Chapter 24 

previously on Kyle's past

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Hello?" Brax questions seeing a middle aged women at the door.

"Is this the Braxton residence?" The lady asks. 

"yea." Casey replies wiping tears away from his eyes with his sleeve.

"My name is Katie Bennett, Kyle's Aunty." She replies sadly. 


Heath charged at the women who called herself Kyle's Aunty.

"You." He hisses pushing her against the door.

"Heath stop it." Brax hisses as him and Casey pull him off the lady. 

"This is Duncan's wife." Heath hisses.

"She might be his sister." Brax hisses.

"No i'm Duncan's wife." Katie sighs.

This time Heath got even angrier. 

"This is partly your fault." Heath hisses. 

"Huh?" Casey questions. 

"You watched your sons and your husband treat my little brother as their personal punching and tackling dummy they picking on him and made his life a living misery and all you could do was watch or did you join in, if so GET OUT." Heath screams.

"Can i please explain." Katie begs she had tears running down her face. 

Brax pulled Heath back and motioned Katie to sit.

"After Lisa was killed i wanted so bad to tell the police, i loved Kyle like he was my own, he was polite, well mannered and he always had a smile on his face even though he knew that he was unloved by his father." Katie smiles lightly. 

"Then why didn't you?" Andy asks.

Katie stares up.

"I thought Kyle had 3 brothers not 5." She mumbles.

"Yea Heath and i are his half brothers." Brax replies pointing to him and Heath.

"And i'm his brother, not by blood but I still consider Kyle as my brother." Casey replies looking at his shoes wiping away tears.

"I'm Casey's Half Brother." Josh replies pointing at Casey.

"And i'm this ones Half Brother." Andy sighs pointing at Josh.

"Now answer the question." Heath hisses 

"Duncan told me that if i told the police that it was him who killed Lisa that no one would believe me and that he would kill me." Katie sighs.

"He said that i had to run far away." Katie continues.

"Why didn't you take Kyle with you?" Brax asks.

"Yea i thought you loved him like he was your own." Heath hisses he was taking this the hardest cause he was the one Kyle told mostly about his horrific upbringing and he was the one that Kyle poured his pain out to that night.

"i tried to Duncan wouldn't let me." Katie frowns. 

"What do you mean he wouldn't let you?" Brax asks.

"you know how strong he is, i was threatened by him."Katie sighs.

"you were threatened do you have any idea what Kyle went through growing up?" Heath hisses.

"Yes before Duncan ordered me away he forced me to watch." Katie cries out.


8 year old Kyle Bennett was lying on the floor of his Uncles attic, which was now his house since his Uncle killed his mum. It was a dusty attic which caused Kyle to sneeze a lot.

"Kylie." Duncan calls out evilly.

Kyle hid behind the old battered couch that was in there that was the only advantage of being on the small side, he could hide when he wanted to from bullies but most of all from his Uncle and cousins. It had been two weeks since his mothers funeral and his Uncle made his life a misery for everyday of it, he knew his Aunt wanted to help, he loved his Aunt and he didn't understand why she would marry someone like Duncan.

"Oh Kylie, come out come out where ever you are." Duncan calls out like a mass murderer approaching Kyle more and more.

"I'm not going to hurt you." Duncan smiles wickedly but Kyle knew he would and he hid more. 

Duncan knew Kyle was in there somewhere.

"come on Princess." Duncan sneers. 

"Daddy's not going to hurt you." Duncan laughs.

Kyle hated Duncan and never would call him Dad. He pulled his knees closer to his chest.

"Anton, i need you help." Duncan calls out.

You could describe Anton as a bully, he was thick set, tall and had muscles far bigger than any other ten year old Kyle had ever seen, He picked on Kyle every day at school and then again at home.

If you were comparing Kyle and Anton to animals, Anton would be a lion and Kyle would be his prey. 

"Yea dad." Anton smiles he loved helping his dad out especially when it meant hurting Kyle.

"I'm looking for your cousin and i need your help." Duncan smiles.    

"My pleasure." Anton laughs as he starts to walk around with his Dad.

Kyle can feel him getting closer and at the worst time ever the dust in the attic got the best of him and he made a small sneeze, it was small but it was still loud enough for Anton to hear as he pulled the couch out and grabbed Kyle. 

"Hey Kylie." Duncan grins as he grabs Kyle off Anton.

Now Kyle was really scared.

"Please." Kyle begs.

"hahahaha your such a wuss Kylie, crying like little baby, like a little baby girl." Duncan hisses.

Kyle hated being talked to like this it made him feel so small.

"Duncan you leave that boy alone his mother just died." Katie hisses trying to pull Kyle away fro Duncan.

Duncan backhands her and she falls to the floor.

"Aunty Katie." Kyle cries andf tries to run to her but s kept back by Duncan.

"you listen here my little darling Kylie, you are not only going got pay for being the little worthless weakling that you are but you are going to pay for hiding from me and you are going to pay for your Aunty trying to help you." Duncan sneers kissing Kyle's neck.

He shoved Kyle to the floor. 

"And you're going to watch." Duncan laughs at Katie.

"Please don't." Katie begs.

"every time you shut your eyes or look away Kylie all earn himself a extra minute in the hot house." Duncan grins.

The hot house was a room with the hot water cylinder in it and everyday Kyle had to spend an hour in there, that was torture enough anything added on was excruciating.

Duncan started beating Kyle, he kicked him over and over again in the ribs, punched his face and threw him up against walls, Katie didn't take her eyes off him at all. 

Kyle was beaten and bruised it was obvoius that he had had enough but Duncan brought him over to Katie. 

"slap him across the face hard." Duncan sneers.

Katie looked up at the man she had once loved and wondered how he could turn into such a monster, he was asking her to slap her already badly beaten up nephew.

"Duncan." She mutters.

"Do it or it'll be an extra hour in the hot house and if its not hard enough to knock him off his feet it'll be an extra two hours." Duncan sneers.

Katie looked at her nephew he looked small and more fragile than ever, his brown eyes were full tears and he had a reddy all around both of his eyes which indicated that soon he would have two black eyes.

"I'm sorry." She cries as she slaps Kyle so hard he falls out of his Uncles grip onto the floor. 

"Good." Duncan sneers and pulls a sobbing Kyle off the floor.

Kyle knew his Aunty had to do it and he held no grudges against her.

"No leave and never come back." Duncan hisses.

"What?" Katie gasps.

"You heard me Kylie will go in the hot house until you leave and if you ever come back i'll make sure to lock him in there and throw away the key." Duncan hisses.

Katie looked at her nephew so small in his Uncles grip.

"If you ever kill that boy Duncan i'll make sure you get life." Katie hisses.

"Looking forward to it." Duncan sneers. 

Katie walks away and gets her stuff and leaves the house forever, Kyle has never felt more unsafe in his life.

"Now the real fun begins Princess." Duncan laughs as he chucks Kyle in the cylinder room.

End of flashback 

Brax couldn't believe what he was hearing he made Kyle's Aunt watch him getting beaten. Heath's heart softened after hearing this and he walked over to Katie and put his arm around her until she stopped crying.  

"I promised myself that if Duncan and my sons ever killed that darling little boy i would make sure they got life." Katie sobs.

Brax looked at this lady she was generally upset which meant she generally cared about Kyle. 

He walked up to her and pulled her into a hug.

"It'll be okay, they will get life but are you sure you want to send your sons away for the rest of their lives?" Brax asks. 

"They deserve it, they knew what they were doing." Katie sobs. 

Brax felt bad for this lady she has known Kyle for longer than any of them and she loved him with all her heart, it wasn't just his family grieving, Kyle's Aunty needed support and Brax and the others were going to be there for her. 

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Thank you Kristen and Ludub for your comments ^_^

Chapter 25

The time for the funeral had arrived and the hearse had came to the Braxton's street. Harley had just woken up from his morning sleep. 

Brax, Heath, Casey, Ricky, Bianca, Sasha, Darcy, Andy, Josh and Katie were outside watching the hearse that carried Kyle's  come up the street Bianca was holding Harley. 

Heath, Bianca and Darcy hopped into Heath's Ute, Andy and Josh jumped in Andy's car,  Casey, Denny and Katie took Ricky's car. Brax and Ricky looked at the general.

"Rick can you go with Casey, I'm going to ask if i can go with Kyle." Brax sighs and gives the thumbs up when he's able to. 

When everyone arrive at the funeral home, it started to rain.

"Great." He mumbles this day was dark enough without having the funeral on such are rainy and miserable day.

He gets out of the hearse and waits for everyone else.

Casey, Heath and Andy walk up to him. 

"You guys alright." Brax asks.

"i've been better." Heath sighs.

The coffin is pulled out of the hearse. The girls had already sat down in the funeral home, as the boys entered with the coffin the music started to play.

It's just another night and I'm staring at the moonI saw a shooting star and thought of you I sang a lullaby by the waterside and knew If you were here, I'd sing to you you're on the other side as the skyline splits in twoI'm miles away from seeing you I can see the stars from America
I wonder, do you see them, too?

Kyles coffin is lowered down , Brax looks around. So many Summer Bay residence were there. Alf, Roo, Marilyn, John, Irene, Jett, The Walkers, Leah, Zac,Nate, Kat, VJ and the twins, 

So open your eyes and see the way our horizons meet and all of the lights will lead Into the night with me and I know these scars will bleed but both of our hearts believe all of these stars will guide us home. I can hear your heart on the radio beat they're playing 'Chasing Cars' and I thought of us. Back to the time, you were lying next to me. I looked across and fell in love so I took your hand back through lamp lit streets I knew everything led back to you so can you see the stars? Over Amsterdam. You're the song my heart is beating to. So open your eyes and see the way our horizons meet and all of the lights will lead into the night with me and I know these scars will bleed but both of our hearts believe, all of these stars will guide us home

Brax never knew that this many people cared about his brother this much.

The boys sat down and the funeral director started talking.

"Kyle Braxton was described by his friends and family as a bad boy with a big heart, he loved his niece and nephew, his brothers and his sister in laws so much and all he wanted was his own family to have his own kids his own partner but sadly his life was taken away far too soon for that to happen. His brothers Darryl, Heath and Casey are going to say some words about their brother. 

Casey was first up.

"Kyle....Kyle wasn't technically my brother... i mean.... he isn't technically my brother. When Kyle first came to the bay i never thought i would ever think this about him.... I never thought that i would ever say anything about him..... that is even the littlest... bit nice he was a good brother..... No he was a great brother. After him and I got through our rough times. When i found out that i wasn't a Braxton, Kyle was the one the said that there was .... more to family then blood and he was right.... Kyle is my brother no matter who our parents are and.... i don't care that there is no blood relation at all.... He is and always will be my big brother and he was just....taken from us too soon. The way you were taken away from us Kyle was cruel.... to cruel for words to explain....... But i know that you're safer now...... and as much as i would love you to come back to us.... I know that..... you are safer but there...... Rest i piece big bro....i'll never forget you." Casey breaths struggling to get the words out. Why did this happen to his family, why Kyle? He kissed two of his fingers and places them on the coffin. 

Heath walked up to Casey and hugged him. Now it was his turn to speak.

"Kyle.... Or Kylie, i called him that a lot, among other names like pretty boy that was a good one, Emo and Emo boy may have been brought up every now and again." Heath smiles lightly as he gets a few soft laughs from the group. 

" Knuckles was another good one, that really annoyed him, I might of called him Junior every now and again and the last one twilight." Heath smiles lightly.

The group laughed lightly they had all heard Heath call Kyle at least one of these names. 

"But the names i'm going to finish off with is little bro, cause thats what Kyle was to me he was my little bro, i don't care if he was an adult even when he's 50 he'll still be my little brother. Now jokes aside i need to get serious. Kyle.... He was... He has changed so much since he first came to the bay. When he first got here he was a.... He was messed up, growing up without love messed up his head and he found that love in Danny our Dad. But for the people that know our Dad would know that, that wasn't real love. When Kyle was little.... their was only one person that loved him after his mum died and that was his Aunt..... But she couldn't protect our brother no one could...... When we found him... The real Kyle, then we all grew to love him...... His brown eyes sparkled whenever he laughed which didn't happen for a very long time, His perfectly straight with teeth when he smiled...... Now you must all understand how he got the name pretty boy." Heath sighs.

Chuckles came from the group.

"I'm going to miss him, more than he will ever know, he was a great little brother....A great kid...... He would of made a great Dad as well but sadly he'll never get the chance to show it." Heath mumbles feeling tears now falling from his eyes as he gets to the emotional part

"23 is too young..... Kyle mate you were taken from us far too soon, Rest easy mate. you'll always be in my heart." Heath cries out as he kisses two fingers and places them on the coffin, he sits down and Bianca and Darcy comfort him. 

Brax walekd up to the coffin.

"Where do i start? Firstly thank you all for comig it means a lot to me and the boys. Just to know that you are all here today really does show me exactly what Kyle meant to everyone." Brax smiles lightly. 

"Now... Kyle.... He meant a lot to me. He was such a good brother, a good worker too. At the age of only 23 he was so responsible, so reliable. I could ask anything of him and he would do it. He worked hard and i knew that one day he would achieve something really really great, he was smart and focussed but now he'll never get the chance to show that potential he had which is a great loss because whoever would of employed him would of found a great employee cause he worked so hard and the restaurant won't be the same without him, Kyle didn't surf, We found out not to long ago that Kyle didn't even know how to swim growing up which is why instead he played guitar, and he loved it, playing guitar was his escape. Growing up he needed an escape." Brax sighs so close to erupting in tears, Duncan and his sons made Kyle's life such a misery that Kyle really did need an escape from everyday life it was probably the only thing that stopped Kyle from just ending the pain. 

"Kyle..... he was too young too die, i'll miss him so so much. He wanted a family so bad and he got that with our family, he was part of our family. I didn't care that he was only my half brother. He was my brother and nothing is going to change that. Kyle was my little brother, Mine and Heaths little brother, I know that Ricky and Bianca thought of him as their little brother as well. Rest easy Little bro, i'll always remember you and i'll come and visit you all the time, you're going to soon mate and i'm sorry i should of protected you more. I'm sorry." Brax sobs he again kisses two fingers and places them on the coffin, Ricky walks up to him and comforts him.

"Brax do you mind if i say something?" Katie asks.

Brax nods in response.

"I'm Kyles Aunty, Yes the man and boys that killed Kyle were my husband and sons but their not my family they haven't been my family for years. But Kyle. i have thought of that darling boy as one of my own for years, ever since his mum died, i always thought of him as my fourth son. One day after my husband forced me to watch him beat up that darling little boy, Duncan sent me away forever and threatened to kill Kyle if i ever came back. Ever since that day i wished that i had come to Kyle's rescue, he was so much smaller than my sons and Duncan. I wished that i could of protected him but i knew if i tried that we would end up dead, but now here i am saying goodbye to my nephew who needed love.  I'm sorry darling little boy, i wished that i could of protected you better." Katie sobs placing a hand on the coffin. 

It was now time for Kyle's coffin to be lowered into the ground, everyone walks outside, the rain had cleared up and now it was only cloudy.

The boys carry the coffin outside and place it on the machine that lowers coffins into the ground. 

"We now say goodbye to Kyle Braxton may he rest in piece." The funeral director frowns. 

Its been a long day without you, my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again. We've come a long way from where we began. Oh, I'll tell you all about it when i see you again. When i see you again.

Brax looked around tears were in everyones eyes, He breathed in a deep breath as his little brother was lowered into the ground. Never would Brax see his brother again. 



Songs used 

All of the stars- Ed Sheeran 

See you again- Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth 

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 i'm sorry its taken me so long to update I've been really busy and i haven't had the time to update but here is chapter 26 

Thank you all for your continuing support enjoy the chapter. 

Chapter 26 

Everyone arrived home after the funeral, they sat down in the lounge.

"That was a lovely speech Kyle would of loved it and i'm sure he would of forgiven you." Brax smiles.

"That boy went through so much, i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't." Katie frowns.

"Kyle was very forgiving." Heath frowns 

"That boy was a really great kid, mature beyond his age, you would think that being an only child would make him a spoilt brat but he wasn't he was sweet and extremely kindhearted." Katie smiles sadly.

"Why did your husband and sons hate Kyle so much?" Heath asks. 

"It wasn't always that was Kyle and Jackson used to be best friends when they were really young." Katie sadly smiles. 


7 Year old cousins Kyle and Jackson were playing with Jackson's new remote control helicopter. 

"It's awesome." Kyle grins. 

"I know little cuz." Jackson smiles. 

"Where'd you get it from?" Kyle asks 

"Dad got it from America." Jackson grins.

Kyle shuffled his feet he was scared of his uncle and his two other cousins, Jackson was his only cousin that didn't use him as their personal punching bag.

"When'd he get back?" Kyle asks. 

"Yesterday, brought us a bunch of stuff." Jackson smiles. 

"Jackson, time to come in!!" Duncan yells. 

"Looks like I've got to go mate, see ya later." Jackson grins.

"Yea bye."Kyle smiles and starts to walk the short walk back to his house. 

"Jackson i want you to stop hanging out with that waste of space cousin of yours." Duncan glares at his son, he was the smallest of his sons even though at only 7 he could seen as being 9, His brother Joseph could pass for 10 and his other brother Anton was so huge he could pass for 11, he was tall and so thick set he didn't know what his dad fed him. Kyle on the other hand was small about the height of a 6 year old but the weight of about a 5 year old. He was really small and Jackson didn't know why. 

"But dad Kyle's awesome." Jackson sighs.

"He is a pathetic waste of space you hera me boy, either next time you see him you give him a hard punch in the gut or you will no longer be my son." Duncan growls.  

Jackson looked at his shoes, either he looses a cousin that has trouble fitting in at school and is so small for his age that people mistake him for a 5 year old or he looses his family. He knew exactly what he was going to do the next time he saw Kyle. 

End of flashback. 

"So what happened?" Casey asks.

"Jackson hit him hard , Kyle feel to the ground and then Duncan told Jackson to kick." Katie mumbles. 

"Kyle kept so much secret." Heath sighs

"The poor boy was seven, and he had just lost his only friend." Katie sighs. 

"So what about Anton and Joseph did they always hate Kyle?" Brax asks. 

"Yep Well Anton did and Joseph was always Anton's shadow so yea." Katie sighs. 

"I wish we had known Kyle then we would of beat those little twerps up." Heath huffs. 

Brax punches Heath in the arm.

"Their still her kids you idiot." Brax huffs. 

"I don't mind they haven't been my sons for years ever since what they did on Kyle's ninth birthday." Katie frowns.

"What they do?" Brax asks. 

"I don't think you'll want to know." Katie sighs looking up at the boys. 

"it's really bad." She mumbles 


Sorry its shorter the next one will be longer 


What do you think Duncan and his sons did to Kyle when he was nine?

How do you think the boys will react? 

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Thank you Kristen ~JarlieFanEver, Wanderer101 and Ludub your continuing support is amazing

Chapter 27

Previously on Kyle's past

"I don't think you'll want to know." Katie sighs looking up at the boys. 

"it's really bad." She mumbles 


'What is it?" Brax asks. 

"I'm telling you, you don't want to know It's horrible, so so cruel and sadistic." Katie cries out. 

"It can't be as bad as what we've already heard." Brax frowns. 

Katie looks up at the boys. 

"Can the little girl please go in the other room?" Katie begs. 

Darcy looks up.

"I'm not little." She whines. 

"sweetheart, i just think you are to young." Katie smiles sadly 

"No i want to know, I loved Uncle Kyle, you're the monster that left him with those psychos." Darcy huffs. 

"DARC! Next door please just watch some tele or something." Heath growls. 

Darcy slouches off to the flat. 

"Wait i thought you left when he was eight." Heath mutters. 

"I did, Duncan sent me the video but said if i gave it to the police Kyle would die, he always threatened to kill Kyle, it's how he managed to convince me to do everything for him." Katie sighs. 

Brax was horrified. 

"so what did they do?' Heath asks.  

"Okay i'll tell you but please if you guys get horrified leave now cause this will make you feel sick." Katie sighs. 


9 Year old Kyle was awake in his bed, he had been for ages. Today was his ninth birthday, it would be his first birthday without his mum and Aunty, and his first birthday with his psychopathic uncle and bullying cousins. 

"Kylie get your little worthless butt down here i need a word." Duncan yells. 

Kyle pushes himself up and quickly looks in a mirror, he was ashamed of himself he was nine yet he looked seven. 

"Oi Princess, hurry up and get your make up done i need a word." Duncan screams. 

Kyle walked down the stairs. 

Anton grabs him from behind. 

"Hey Fairy." He grins. 

Anton was nine as well, just a few months older than Kyle yet he managed to be 25cm taller than him and weigh nearly twice as much.

"So Princess i hear it's your birthday today." Duncan grins. 

"Yea." Kyle grins hoping it would give him a day rest of the beatings. 

Duncan slaps him are across the face harder than he ever has before. 


"No, i don't have a birthday." Kyle sobs. Jackson was videoing him. He was so embarrassed. 

"Good, now stand up and fight like a man, not a little pathetic baby girl." Duncan sneers. 

Kyle pushes himself up. 

"I never wanted you as my nephew from the day i meet you, you were a complete waste of space, your father doesn't even love you, he doesn't even visit you, do you know why that is. It's because you're not good enough for him, to be honest you're not good enough for anyone, i won't be surprised if you die a virgin." Duncan hisses.

Suddenly Duncan smiles evilly. 

"Anton take him upstairs and make him look expectable." Duncan grins.

Anton grabbed ahold of Kyle and lifts him up.

"Nooooooo let me go." Kyle screams. 

"shut up princess." Anton laughs. 

"Please just let me go." Kyle begs. 

"Seriously be quiet babykins." Anton laughs. He loved calling Kyle babykins it made Kyle feel so small. 

He puts Kyle down and pushes him in his room.

"Gezz small isn't it, perfect size for you doll face." Anton grins grabbing Kyle by the face. Kyle's room was small all there was, was a bed and a chest with minimum amounts of clothes. 

Anton grabs ahold of Kyle and pulls off his shirt.

"ANTON MAKE SURE HE'S CLEAN!!!" Duncan yells. 

"No worries dad, come on Pixie lets go for a swim." Anton grins. 

"I'm not a pixie." Ky;e mumbles.

Anton squeezes Kyles upper arm hard.

"Then what are you? A fairy? A princess? A flower? Huh? I can tell you one thing you sure aren't a boy, you too weak and pathetic to be a boy." Anton laughs. 

 Kyle punches Anton on the chin it catches Anton by surprise. 

"You listen here you pathetic excuse of human existence, if you ever try and punch me again, i'll make your life a living nightmare, cause i'm the big cousin and i could squish you like a bug, you got it cupcake." Anton hisses grabbing Kyle by is hair and pulling him close so their faces are nearly touching. 

Kyle slowly nods tears coming out his eyes. 

"Ha you little cry baby. bawling your eyes out." Anton grins.

He takes Kyle into the bathroom.

"Anton, please." Kyle begs. 

"You begging little wimp." Anton laughs running a bath and stripping Kyle down.

Anton puts Kyle in the bath and chucks soap at him.

"Clean yourself." Anton grins he loved over powering this little cousin who couldn't fight back. 

Kyle washed his body feeling ashamed of himself as his big cousin watched.

After he was finished washing his hair and cleaning his body Anton grabbed ahold of his head and shoved him under.

Kyle started flapping his arms, he was chocking on the water, he didn't know how to swim and didn't know hoe to breath properly underwater. 

Anton pulls him up.

"Having fun Kylie." Anton laughs Kyle's face as dripping with water and his eyes were red.

He grinned with enjoyment before he shoved him underwater again.

Jackson and Joseph were standing at the doorway grinning. 

Kyle could see stars before Aton pulled him up again. Kyle coughed and spewed out the water. 

"Boys they'll be here soon get him ready." Duncan yells. 

Anton lifts Kyle out of the bath and chucks him a towel. 

"Do it quick or i'll do it." Jackson laughs.

Kyle looked up at his cousin who used to be his best friend ever and felt tears come from his eyes. 

"Too long." Jackson laughs grabbing Kyle and roughly dries him. 

"Jackson, please." Kyle cries as he runs the towel roughly over Kyle's bruises. 

Joseph grabs him by the neck and squeezes. 

"Owww." Kyle moans. 

Joseph shoves him in his room. 

There are some nice clothes lying on the bed. 

"I wore these when i was six, and you are how old?' Joseph grins. 

"Nine." Kyle mumbles quietly. 

"Huh? I didn't hear you princess." Joseph laughs.

"Nine." Kyle mumbles only a little bit louder.

"Nearly there Pixie." Jackson grins down at Kyle.

"Nine." Kyle sigh loud enough for them to hear. 

"Nine, yet you look seven." Anton laughs.   

"Boys there here." Duncan calls. 

Kyle finishes putting on the shirt and Anton lifts him up taking him downstairs.

"Ahhh here he is boys." Duncan grins.

"Not much of him, i thought you said he was nine not six."One grins.

"Like i said Jeremy, bit of a girl." Duncan grins. 

"Whats he gonna do?'Another asks. 

"Matt, he's small he can do whatever you want." Duncan grins. 

Kyle face pales he thinks he knows whats coming.

"$40." Matt grins.

"You crazy Matt $200 for the kid." Jeremy grins.

"$250." Another one laughs.

"$5000." The biggest one jeers. 

"Give me $7500 and you can have him next Friday as well." Duncan grins. 

"I'll give you 30,000 for the year." The guy grins winking Kyle.

"You got yourself a deal Ryder, come here Kylie meet Ryder." Duncan grins. 

Kyle tries to make a run for it but is stopped by Anton who hands him to Duncan.

"Noooo please." Kyle cries out. 

"Hey there little guy, lets have some fun." Ryder grins running his hand on Kyle's face making him shudder.

End of Flashback 

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Thank you Kristen ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments.

Chapter 28

"THEY SOLD HIM!!" Heath yells.

"Yea every Friday Kyle had to go over to Ryder's house." Katie sobs, she hated the mistake she had made.

"What did he do to him?" Casey asks. 

"Ryder was a sadist." Katie cries out. 

"Duncan sold our brother to a sadist, i hope he chocked on the money." Brax huffs 

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Heath screams at Katie. 

"Please there was nothing i could do." Katie sobs.

"WHAT ABOUT THE COPS?" Heath yells so loud Harley starts bawling.

"Please they threatened to kill him." Katie sobs.


Finally she lost it.



"I know what you said in your speech, do you really think he liked being called all those names you called him, you're just about as low and cruel as my husband and boys." Katie huffs. 

Heath is taken back by this he never thought that this is how people saw his relationship with Kyle. 

"That's enough it's been an emotional day, lets all go to bed and talk about this when we are more calm in the morning." Brax grunts.

Everyone went to their separate rooms. 

"She had no right talking to you like that you loved your brother." Bianca sighs rubbing Heath's back. 

Eventually they fell asleep but names kept running through Heaths head. 

"Kylie, goose, muppet, ya girl, emo, emo boy, twilight, knuckles, pretty boy, junior, loser Kylie, goose, muppet, ya girl, emo, emo boy, twilight, knuckles, pretty boy, junior, loser,  Kylie, goose, muppet, ya girl, emo, emo boy, twilight, knuckles, pretty boy, junior, loser." The names repeated over and over again Heath couldn't handle it. 

He sat up and ran his hands down his face. He did call his brother some cruel names and after the upbringing he had who knows what kind of damage it could of done to his younger brother. 


Sorry it's so short next one will be longer

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Thank you Kristen ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments.

Chapter 29 

4 weeks later 

The days had been long since Kyle's funeral, Katie and left after a week saying that it was time for her to go home, but the boys and the girls were still grieving over Kyle's death. 

Ricky, Bianca and Sasha were all eating breakfast at the Diner. 

"i can't believe it's already been 4 weeks." Bianca sighs. 

"I miss him." Ricky mumbles. 

"Me too." Sasha sighs poking her pancakes. 

 "We all do." Bianca mumbles. 

"Do you guys remember the time we tried to set him up." Sasha laughs. 

"That poor boy was so nervous he could barley get a word out." Ricky laughs. 

"We probably shouldn't of picked a bikini model to start with, it looked like his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets." Bianca grins. 

"Did Brax ever do any thing romantic for you?" Bianca asks. 

"Yea the bed and breakfast." Ricky replies smiling Brax wasn't a big romantic. 

"Yea, Kyle's idea." Bianca smiles.

"Really?" Sasha asks. 

"Kyle was a softy, he just didn't want people to know." Bianca smiles. 

"How do you know?" Sasha asks. 

"He told me." Bianca grins 


Bianca woke up in the morning to hear Kyle on his guitar he was playing a beautiful song.

"Ky, Whats that called?" Bianca asks sitting next to him. 

"I don't know, i just wrote it." Kyle shrugs. 

"You wrote that, you big romantic." Bianca grins. 

"I'm not a romantic." Kyle blushes. 

"Oh please Kyle none of the boys are around." Bianca grins. 

"Fine, i do write these types of songs occasionally. okay so i might be a bit of a softy" Kyle admits. 

"There that wasn't so hard was it." Bianca grins getting up and walking to the kitchen 

"Hey Bianca, love of my life." Kyle smiles.

"Huh?" Bianca questions. 

"Thats the name of it love of my life." Kyle blushes. 

"Ky that's sweet, has that got anything to do with Queen?" Bianca asks. 

"Who?" Kyle asks confused. 

"It annoys me how young you are" Bianca laughs she thought her brother in law was awesome she was just wondering when another girl would figure it out. 

End of Flashback

The girls all laughed. 

"He didn't deserve any of this." Ricky sighs. 

"Yea, did i tell you about the time that him and i went to the bar and i got so wasted that he helped mr home." Sasha grins. 


Sasha and Kyle were at a bar in Yabbie Creek. Kyle was the sober driver but he came to give Sasha company.

"Kylie, come an dance." Sasha giggles she was wasted and Kyle knew that he would have to get her home soon. 

"Den, don't call me Kylie." Kyle laughs. 

"But i always call you Kylie." Sasha giggles as she pulls Kyle close by his shirt. 

"Lets go home so you can see Casey." Kyle laughs. 

"I love Casey." Sasha giggles. 

"I know, lets go." Kyle grins. 

"hey princess wanna dance."A guy slurs. 

"She's okay we're just leaving." Kyle replies. 

" I wasn't talking to you teeny." The guy slurs. 

"Come on Sash lets go." Kyle smiles pulling Sasha by the arm. 

"You're not going anywhere pretty lady." The guy slurs. 

"how about you get your hands off her." Kyle hisses at the stronger man. 

The guy shoves Kyle causing him to hit the floor, luckily Security butts in before any real damage is done. 

Kyle softly takes Sasha's hand and leads her to the car.

End Of Flashback 

"He was amazing that night." Sasha grins.

"He was amazing in general, i can't believe he's gone." Ricky sighs. 

"You two always got on really well didn't you?" Sasha grins.

"Kyle, he was honestly more of a little brother tome than anything else." Ricky grins. 

"What about how when Brax was in prison and you were dating Nate how protective he was of you." Bianca laughs.

"Oh he was such a brother then." Ricky smiles and shakes her head. 


Ricky and Nate walked hand in hand to the Braxton house, and opened the door. 

"Late night." Kyle glares at Nate. 

"Yea, Dinner went a bit longer than expected." Nate replies, yes Kyle was a whole 8 or so years younger than him but he still didn't like the death glare he was getting. 

"Right well, you brought her home you can go now." Kyle huffs. 

"Kyle!!" Ricky hisses sometimes Kyle was too over the top and it annoyed her. 

"I've got work early anyway." Nate kisses Ricky and walks out shutting the door behind him. 

Ricky punched Kyle in the arm. 

"Ow!" Kyle moans. 

"Seriously Kyle, Nate and I are together, I know you think i should be with Brax but get over it." Ricky huffs.

"You think this is about Brax, it's not. It's about Nate he's never had the best run with women, they've always ended up hurt, i don't want that happening to you." Kyle sighs. 

Ricky walks up to him and hugs him. 

"Thanks for caring Kyle." Ricky grins. 

"Anytime." Kyle shrugs giving her a dopey grin which causes he to slap his head and then go in for another hug.

End of Flashback

"He always looked out for all of us." Sashs grins. 

The girls sat in silence for the rest of the meal they really did miss Kyle but knew that the memories would last forever. 


Heath woke up that morning  he didn't sleep well at all, the names kept him awake for hours "Kylie, goose, muppet, ya girl, emo, emo boy, twilight, knuckles, pretty boy, junior, loser Kylie, goose, muppet, ya girl, emo, emo boy, twilight, knuckles, pretty boy, junior, loser,  Kylie, goose, muppet, ya girl, emo, emo boy, twilight, knuckles, pretty boy, junior, loser.". The way he treated his little brother was horrible, no wonder Kyle was quite standoffish with him most the time especially earlier on  what if he reminded Kyle of Duncan and his cousins. It wasn't just the names what if all the things he did to Kyle made the memories come back as well. Like the time that Kyle helped Dex scare him and when Kyle arrived home that night Heath sat on Kyle for an hour until Brax arrived home and made him get off 


Kyle arrived home from work one day and sat on the couch running his hands through his hair, it had been a long day, suddenly he was grabbed by the shoulder and shoved down, it was Heath.

"Right, Kylie." Heath smiles sitting on him. 

"Heath!" Kyle grunts trying to shove his older brother off him. 

"You have to pay Kylie, you helped Dex scare me, so you're going to pay." Heath smiles. 

"I'm being serious Heath get off, your heavy." Kyle pleads. 

"You calling me fat, Pretty boy." Heath hisses, but then he grins.

"Thats not what i meant." Kyle groans

"I was going to get off you but now, you'll have to deal with it little bro." Heath laughs. 

Kyle tries to shove him off again but Heath wouldn't budge.

"Keep trying Kylie but i won't budge." Heath laughs

Kyle gave up there was no point. 

He just lay there hoping Brax would come home soon.

End of Flashback  

Heath imagines how he made Kyle feel, he must of made Kyle feel so small and hopeless. 

He pushed himself out of bed and started walking towards the living room but he stopped when he passed Kyle's door. It was shut like it was cut off from the world, like the door was closed, gone just like Kyle, Kyle didn't have privicy issues so unless he was in bed his door was usually open  Heath slowly opened it, Ricky and Bianca had cleaned up a bit so it was tidier than usual. Heath walked over to Kyle's desk and picked up paperwork from the restaurant. Kyle was so smart he could of done so much with his life If he had, had the chance. He was the smartest Braxton by far even smarter than Bianca and that was hard cause Bianca was very smart. Heath had always given him grief for it. he forgot about that name, he did call Kyle it quite a bit which never made Kyle feel happy, to be honest Kyle was so embarrassed whenever he called him it. 


"Oi Kylie help me with the accounts." Heath yells through the restaurant.

"Heath i'm busy and it's your job." Kyle huffs, he had been working since opening and was in the middle of the lunch rush. 

"Well I'm not a nerd like you am i." Heath laughs.

A couple of guys about Kyle's age sniggered at their table. 

"do it yourself." Kyle huffs 

"like i said bro you're the nerd." Heath laughs 

"Stop it okay."Kyle huffs going red. 

"What stop calling you a nerd Kylie." Heath smiles. 

"Yes." Kyle hisses as the guys continue to laugh. 

"Fine, fine i'll see you at home.... geek." Heath grins picking a word that Kyle still hated, he left the restaurant leaving Kyle embarrassed.

End of Flashback

Heath hated himself for treating Kyle this way but now there was nothing he could do his little brother was gone, dead, murdered. He never made him feel good about himself he always made him feel small and worthless just like is uncle and cousins, what sort of brother was he. 


Brax walked to his brother grave and sat down next to it, looking at the pile of dirt. 

"Hey mate, your Uncle and cousins are going away for a long time, they confessed, they confessed to all those horrible things they did to you." Brax sighs running a hand through his hair. 

"Kyle, you have no idea how much you are loved, me and the boys love you so much especially hearing all that you went through, you had a horrible childhood mate and i can't believe that you made it out alive,.... i mean ... i'm calling you weak or anything cause you're not Kyle, you're not weak and i'm sorry that anyone even us made you feel like that cause you didn't deserve it." Brax sighs 

Brax missed his brother Kyle was the only brother that spent ages in the bathroom and Brax missed seeing him after he had finished everything, he was by far the best looking Braxton, at least that is what Brax and the boys were told by everyone, he was the pretty boy.. Brax had always teased him for being a pretty boy but after hearing how he grew up he wished that he hadn't Kyle had, had enough grief his whole childhood without him adding more to it. 


"Kylie, hurry up and finish putting your make up on we've got to open up the restaurant." Brax laughs. 

Kyle walked out. 

"Took your time Kylie." Brax grins.

"Brax for the last time, i don't wear make up will you stop always teasing me, it's so annoying." Kyle grunts. 

"Sorry Bro just hard to believe that a Braxton can have a face that pretty." Brax laughs and walks out the door as Kyle slowly follows. 

End of Flashback 

Brax doesn't think that Kyle took any offence to it or at least he hopes. Kyle always looked up to him, not as on older brother but as a dad despite the fact that he was too young to be Kyle's dad, Brax understood it completely Kyle had never really had a dad he had, had Danny who never treated him the same as him and the other boy, Danny treated him even worse than he treated Heath and Danny was horrible to Heath. Then Duncan who was the worst role model Brax could think of, What sort of person treats a little kid like that, lie their person punching dummy, Brax couldn't even bare to think what happened to Kyle when he did something that was actually naughty or troublesome the punishment would of been horrible. He was the first older male to actually care for Kyle and make sure that he makes the right decisions in life, he was the first older male that actually gave a stuff about him. He continued to sit with his brother till his phone buzzed and he saw that Ricky was wondering where he was he stood up and looked down at the grave.

"See ya soon mate." Brax smiles lightly. 


Casey was sitting on the beach he ran sand though his hands, he missed his immediate older brother so much sure they fought a lot and had not got along for so long but Casey loved Kyle and thought that through it all Kyle truly cared for all three boys and all of their partners, he was such a family man and he was so unluckily not to have a family of his own like he always wanted. Casey remembered the time he was looking after Harley an she was crying the house down, it was about 3am in the morning, Heath and Brax had both taken the girls away for the night to a bed and breakfast and it was just him and Kyle in the house. 


Harleys cries erupted throughout he house.

"Come on mate." Casey pleads the baby wouldn't stop crying as hard as Casey tried he took a look at the clock 3:00am. 

He had been woken up by Harley about 10 Minutes ago. 

Harleys cries erupted even louder. 

Casey didn't want to wake Kyle up, with Brax being away with Ricky he had to run the restaurant all on his own which was from opening to close an then he had to do the books he had only just got in at 12:00am. 

But it was too late Kyle walked in his hair sticking up and sleepy eyes. 

"Here give him here Case." Kyle yawns. 

"Yea right Kyle, you're exhausted." Casey laughs. 

Harley was screaming by this point. 

"Have you feed him?' Kyle asks erupting in a loud yawn. 

"No." Casey mumbles embarrassed. 

"Here give him here while you make him a bottle." Kyle mumbles rubbing sleep from his eyes. 

Casey passes a crying Harley to Kyle and walks out and gets his bottle and then he heats it up but suddenly everything stops, there's no more screaming all Casey can hear is Kyle softly shushing the baby. 

"Kyle did you really just do that?" Casey asks as he as he hands him the bottle. 

"Yea." Kyle grins. 

"You're going to make a great dad one day." Casey grins at his brother 

End of Flashback. 

Casey sat up it was going to take a while to get used to the fact that his brother was gone, He walked back to the house, on his way he saw Brax. 

"BRAX!" Casey yells. 

Brax waits for Casey to catch up.  

"Did you go to Kyle's grave?" Casey asks. 

"Yea." Brax sighs. 

"He'll never be forgotten." Casey smiles. 

"You are right there Case." Brax grins throwing an arm around his brother. 

Heath was still in his brother room. Holding Kyle's pillow to his chest he had come to a conclusion he could never forgive himself for what he did to his brother and he knew deep down that Kyle never did either. 




(I know that I've left it in a really depressing place for Heath but thats because i'm planning to make a sequel thing based on this story al about Heath), I would like to thank the people below for commenting on my story. :P Thank you all your comments have been amazing 


What was your favourite flashback of this chapter? 






And Ludub







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