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Kyle's Past


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 Thank you Wanderer101, ~JarlieFanEver~ and Romeo&Indi Forever for your comments.



Kyle was shaking with fear he hated what was happening what if he got the money and his Uncle and Cousins still didn't leave

His uncle had just pulled up to the bank.

"You listen here Kylie, you are going to get that cash and then get right back in this car for stage two." Duncan snarls. 

"Stage two, no way I'm done after this." Kyle mumbles. 

Duncan grabs him by his hair and pulls it back causing his head to be thrown back. 

"If you don't I will come after your little niece and nephew." Duncan growls.

Kyle's face falls.

"please leave them alone, don't touch them." Kyle begs. 

"Then we have an understanding." Duncan grins slapping him on the neck. 

Kyle gets out of the car and gets the money

He was worried what his brothers would say when 10 grand went missing from his bank account without buying anything.

he manages to get the money and goes back out to his Uncle clunching the money in his hand. 

"Kylie, your such a good boy." Duncan laughs. 

"Just please leave me and my family alone now." Kyle begs. 

"You finish stage two or I'll do the world a favour and take you off it." Duncan snarls. 

"My brothers will find you if you kill me, They will never stop until they find you." Kyle mumbles. 

"They won't come after me they will thank me they hate you and I don't blame them, you think your family actually loves you, oh come on Kylie you and me both know that that's not true no one loves you because you are pathetic the only person who ever loved you was your mother and look how she turned out you are an unloved little **** and you'll never find love no matter how hard you try because someone would have to be stupid to love you, you are a waste of space, you never belonged on this earth and you never will, so maybe I will do the world a favour and kill you after you finish the job, and if you stuff it up I have people on the inside who can make your life absolute ****, so if I was you I wouldn't stuff it up." Duncan snarls. 

"So matter what I'll turn out dead in the end?" Kyle mumbles. 

"And your surprised about this, you're 23 Kylie you are lucky I let you live this long." Duncan hisses. 

Duncan drives off. 

"Where are you taking me now?" Kyle asks. 

"How about you stop talking before I give you something to really worry about." Duncan snarls. 

Kyle looks out the window and sighs, he was never going to get rid of his Uncle and his Cousins.

"if I'm going to die no matter what I'm not doing whatever stage two is." Kyle mumbles. 

"Did you forget what I said about your niece and nephew?" Duncan growls. 

Kyle just nods he was stuck in, this was bad. 

If he did the job he would die, if you didn't do the job he would die and Darcy and Harley would get hurt, if he stuffed up the job he would go to prison and Duncan had friends who could make his life **** and if he told his family it would put them in danger. 

Duncan arrived at the motel room, Anton was waiting for him, he grabbed him roughly out of the seat and pulled him into the motel room. 

"Does Kylie know the plan?" Joseph asks.

"He doesn't know what he's doing yet." Duncan explains as Kyle whimpers when Anton twists his arm. 

"Anton just let him go for 5 minutes." Duncan growls. 

Anton glares at his father and just tightens his hold on Kyle. 

"Please." Kyle begs as he can feel tears dropping from his eyes. 

Anton tightens it again. 

"Every time you make a noise I will tighten the hold." Anton hisses in Kyle's ear. 

"Anton let him go, you can ruff him up a little later." Duncan growls. 

Anton stares at his father he lets Kyle's arm go but holds on to the back of his shirt.

"Tomorrow people are going to be delivering a package here for us and its your job to pick it up." Duncan grins. 

"What sort of package?" Kyle asks. 

Anton shoulders him in the back and Kyle falls to the ground in a heap. 

"No questions." Anton snarls. 

"  I'm doing the job the least I deserve is to know what the job is." Kyle mumbles on the floor. 

"You don't deserve anything you pathetic loser." Anton hisses. 

"It's Cannibis and Cocaine." Jackson sighs. 

"Jackson! Why'd you tell him?" Anton asks appalled at his brother.

"what's he going to do about it anyway." Jackson shrugs.

"your brother is right, Kyle knows the consequences if he talks." Duncan sighs. 

Kyle pushes himself off the ground.

Jackson grabs him by the back of his shirt but less rough than Anton. 

"So meet us back here tomorrow or else." Duncan snarls. 

"They are illegal drugs, highly illegal and you want me to pick them up?" Kyle asks.

"yes or didn't you catch that all." Anton snarls. 

"No I got it I'll be back here tomorrow." Kyle mumbles.

"if you aren't we will come after your precious nephew and niece." Anton snarls as he sends a punch into Kyles gut.

Kyle managed to find a bus home and as he walked up to his house he remember that this night was going to be the last night he could spend with his family. 

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Thank you Wanderer101, ~JarlieFanEver~ and Romeo&Indi Forever for your comments.

Chapter 12

Kyle entered the house and everyone was having dinner. 

"Hey Kylie, how was your day?" Heath asks.

"good." Kyle lies. 

"Here have some pizza." Brax smiles and hands him a piece. 

Kyle gives them a strange look as he sits on the couch. 

"What?" Brax asks. 

"Why are you being so nice to me?" Kyle mumbles. 

"You're our little brother." Heath grins. 

"Half brother." Kyle mutters. 

"So what difference does it make?" Brax mutters as everyone looks at Kyle. 

"Nothing don't worry about it." Kyle mumbles. 

"Na I am worried, who put it in your mind that we care that your only our half brother?" Brax asks. 

"It doesn't matter,okay." Kyle mumbles knowing he has already said too much. 

"Look it does matter, what else did they say?" Heath asks. 

Kyle looks down at his hands.

"nothing." Kyle lies badly.

"Kylie you suck at lying, you know that right?" Heath mutters. 

"What else did they say and who are they?" Brax grunts. 

"That you didn't love me and wouldn't care if I died." Kyle mumbles. 

"Who Kyle, who are they?" Heath asks. 

"I can't tell you." Kyle cries suddenly bursting out in tears. 

Heath and Brax sat beside their brother while the others just watched. 

"Why Kyle, Why can't you tell us?" Heath asks as he holds his brothers shoulder. 

"Cause they threatened to kill all of you, I don't want you to get hurt, they were even going to kill Darcy and Harley I can't let them." Kyle sobbed. 

"Kyle you need to tell us do we can stop them." Brax mutters. 

Kyke looks up at his two older brother and says the four words that could put his whole family in danger. 

"My cousins and Uncle." Kyle sobs as he erupts in tears in his brothers arms. 

Sorry this chapter is so short I just wanted this one to be when Kyle tells his family what's going on

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Thank you Wanderer101  and Romeo&Indi Forever for your comments.


Chapter 13 

They all stare at Kyle. 

"Your Uncle and cousins?" Heath asks.

Kyle just nods his head was in his hands and he was sobbing quietly. 

Brax crouches down to his brothers level again. 

"Kyle were they the ones who attacked you?" Brax asks and was dreading the answer. 

Kyle looks up at his older brother with big red puffy eyes and slowly nods. 

"The ****ards." Brax growls. 

Now it was Heaths turn to crouch down to Kyle's level. 

"Mate, did they treat you like that when you were growing up?" Heath asks.

Kyle just puts his head in his hands and refuses to look at his brothers. 

Heath stands up feeling he got his answer. 

He looks at Brax who nods. 

"Girls can you give us a minute?" Brax asks.

"No Brax we care about Kyle just as much as you do." Bianca protest and Ricky and Sasha agree standing there with their arms folded. 

"Look at him the less people that are around the better." Heath mutters pointing at Kyle who still has his head in his hands. 

"You have 20 minutes until we barge back in here." Ricky mutters walking away with the girls. 

"Mate it's just us now." Casey whispers at his brother who still hadn't moved. 

"I put you all in danger." Kyle cries out. 

"Kyle please can you tell us in depth what is going on?" Heath asks. 

Kyle just shakes his head. 

"Why not mate?" Brax asks.

"cause you're the best family I have ever had I don't want you to be killed, you don't deserve it just because my Uncle and cousins hate me." Kyle sobs.

"Kyle please." Brax begs. 

Kyle just looks up at his older brother and nods. 

"The day my Uncle arrived in Summer Bay he told me I had to give him five grand if I wanted him to leave, that night he beat me up really bad. The next day he threatened to call my cousins if I didn't give him the money. A few days later my cousins arrived and said I had to get them 5 grand as well but the date had changed and now I had to have it by the next day. That night they kidnapped me and took me off to the national park and kept threatening me and telling me that if I told you they would kill you, I tried to run away but when they caught up with me they threatened to kill me as well if I didn't give them the money, so yea they beat me up and dropped me off at our house and when I saw my Uncle today I took ten grand out of my savings to give to them, but then I was taken to their house and they told me what I had to do next and it's a drug pick up with cocaine and Cannibis. They said if I do the job they willkill me afterwards, if I stuff up the job they having people on the inside that can make my life a living **** and if I don't do the job they will kill me and hurt Darc and Harley." Kyle sobs. 

Heath comforts his younger brother. 

Brax asks Kyle a question that he hopes Kyle will say no to. 

"Kyle did your Uncle even physically or sexually assault you?" Brax asks.

Kyle nods.

"physically or sexually?" Heath asks feeling sick. 

"Both." Kyle croaks. 

"How old were you when he first abused you?" Casey asks. 

"Physically I was three and sexually I was ten I guess." Kyle mumbles. 

Talking about it made Kyle remember just how it happened. 


Ten year old Kyle was getting ready for bed when his Uncle came in.

"hey Kylie." He grins as he pushes Kyle down and takes off his PJ shirt. 

"Uncle Duncan, what are you doing?" Kyle asks.

"shhhhh." Duncan grins as he lies down beside Kyle. 

He pulls Kyle towards him hard and Kyle whimpers. 

"Shhhhh Kylie, just relax." Duncan smiles as he continues to sexually assault his nephew. 

End of Flashback. 

"Mate?" Heath asks putting his hand on Kyle shoulder. 

"Sorry bad memory." Kyle mumbles. 

"What about your cousins?" Heath asks.

"what about them?" Kyle mumbles.

"did they ever hurt you?" Heaths asks.

Kyle nods his head.

"in school I was their punching bag." Kyle mumbles. 


sixteen year old Kyle was talking to a girl when his cousins came up behind him. 

"Hey Bekki what you doing talking to this loser?" Anton asks his girlfriend.

"Anton, he's sweet I don't know what you have against him." Bekki smiles and kisses her boyfriend. 

"I've got to go, I'll see you around Kyle." Bekki smiles and walks away. 

Anton shoves Kyle hard against a locker. 

"Kylie what have I told you, you aren't allowed any friends." Joseph snarls. 

"Come on guys we were just talking." Kyle begs. 

"Let's give her something to talk about then." Anton laughs as he lifts Kyle off the ground. 

"Come on boys Kylie disobeyed us so he needs to be punished." Anton laughs. 

Kyle wriggled trying to get away. 

"Where to Anton?" Jackson asks.

"I'll show you." Anton laughs. 

They get to the gym. 

"Shirt and shorts off Kylie." Anton orders.

"what? why?" Kyle asks.

"cause I said so" Anton snarls. 

Kyle takes off his shirt an reluctantly takes off his shorts. 

Standing there only in his underwear he is shoved into the girls locker rooms and Anton and Joseph hold the door closed.

"come on guys please." Kyle begs but it's too late out come the cell phone and Kyle knew that tomorrow he will be the laughing stock of the school and no one would want to talk to him.

End of flashback

The boys looked at him not knowing what to say. 

"If I don't do this job tomorrow our whole family is in danger." Kyle mumbles. 

"There's no way your doing the job Kyle tomorrow we are going to go to your uncle and cousins motel room and show them whose boss." Heath mutters. 

"They'll kill me." Kyle mumbles. 

"Kyle they are never coming near you again, you hear me." Brax mumbles looking Kyle straight in the eye. 


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Thank you Wanderer101 Romeo&Indi Forever and ~JarliefanEver~  for your comments.

Chapter 14 

Heath was woken up in the middle of the night by screams of terror coming from Kyle's room. 

"Please... I'm sorry. Noooooo" he screamed in his sleep, Heath rushes over to him. 

"Mate, I'm here." Heath sighs. 

"Please Uncle Duncan I'm sorry." Kyle sobbed. 

"Kyle, everything's going to be okay." Heath sobs feeling his heart break for his brothers fear. 

"Look I'm sorry, please no more it hurts." Kyle sobs. 

"Kyle please wake up." Heath screams. 

Kyle's eyes open slowly and he screams. 

"Kyle it's me Ky." Heath sobs. 

"Heath?" Kyle asks. 

"Yea mate." Heath sighs.

"I'm scared." Kyle admits erupting in sobs. 

"We're going to make sure they never come near you again." Heath promises. 

"I thought they were never going to come near me again when I arrived in the bay, yet here they are still making me scared of being by myself they aren't going to stop until I'm dead, just like my mum." Kyle cries out. 

Heaths heart broke. 

"You listen to me Kyle they are never going to hurt you again and if they do I'll make them pay."'Heath promises. 

"But their huge and there's  four of them." Kyle sobs. 

"Kyle I'll be fine but hopefully it doesn't come to that." Heath smiles. 

"Heath, can I tell you something I've never told anyone before?" Kyle asks. 

"Do you want me to get Brax?" Heath asks, he's not normally the brother that Casey and Kyle talk about this stuff with. 

"No I want to tell you." Kyle mumbles looking up at Heath with his brown eyes wide and full of tears. 

"Sure mate." Heath whispers. 

"When I was eight my uncle barged in our house, he had a gun. He pulled me towards him and threatened to kill me if my mum didn't agree to make sure he got all of my grandparents money, my mum agreed but as long as he didn't hurt me so my uncle shot my mum through the skull and killed her." Kyle cries out. 

"Mate, Kyle I'm so sorry to hear that." Heath whispers.

"I wanted to tell the police but he threatened to give me a long and painful death if I did." Kyle sobs. 

"Mate." Heath whispers feeling tears in his eyes as he looks at Kyle who is sobbing his heart out. 

"We will protect you no matter what." Heath promises as he hugs  his younger brother tightly. 

Heath had never seen Kyle this scared ever and that scared Heath himself. 

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Thank you for your comments Romeo&Indi Forever, Wanderer 101 and ~JarlieFanEver~

Chapter 15

Heath had slept the whole night on Kyle's bed sitting up and resting his head against the wall, Kyle hadn't woken up at all after he went to sleep, But he didn't want to leave his little brother alone after he was upset and afraid.

Heath was waking up slowly and he fixed the pain in his neck. 

He gets out of bed and walks to the lounge.

"where you get to last night?" Bianca asks.

"Kyle was in a bad way." Heath sighs.

"why what happened?" Beau asks panicking.

"I played the big brother last night, he was screaming sobbing his heart out." Heath sighs.

"Is he okay now?" Brax asks.

"he's sleeping.' Heath sighs.

"What was he freaking out about?" Brax asks.

"his uncle, he's scared Brax, Duncan killed his mum in front of him and threatened to kill him he told anyone." Heath sighs.

Kyle comes out his brown hair sticking up everywhere.

"Kyle are you okay?" Heath asks.

"Yea, did you sleep on my bed last night?" Kyle asks.

"Yea mate, i was worried about you." Heath smiles.

"Cheers mate, you're a great Brother." Kyle smiles.

"I know just remember that the next time i annoy you." Heath laughs ruffling up his already messy hair.

"Kyle do you want a cup of tea?" Ricky asks.

"yea Rick that would be great thank you." Kyle sighs.

"mate, we will fix this." Brax reassures him.

"Brax its well past fixing." Kyle sighs.

 "what do you mean mate?" Heath asks.

"the damage has been done, Duncan and my cousins are not going to leave me alone no matter what we do, they have always found a way and their always going to find a way." Kyle grunts running hands though his hair.

"Kyle you listen to me, they will NEVER you hear me NEVER hurt you again, and if they do they'll have us to deal with." Brax sighs putting his arm around his brother.

"My whole life my uncle and cousins have been there right beside me making sure my life is miserable, do you really think you'll be able to stop them, Anton's a MMA fighter and Jackson and Joseph can fight as well and my Uncles a psychopath." Kyle suddenly cries out as Ricky puts his cup of tea down.

"Kyle that part of your life is over now, i don't care how good they are at fighting we will stop them and we will make them pay for putting you through everything they put you through." Brax sighs.

"Brax if they find out that I've told anyone you don't want to know what will happen." Kyle mumbles.

"Kyle we already told you that their coming no where near you." Brax sighs.

"but how do you know that?" Kyle asks.

'cause we will make sure they don't." Heath promises sitting beside Kyle.

"you're great big brothers you know that right." Kyle smiles.

"yea we know." Brax smiles slapping Kyle on the back. 

Kyle grabs his tea and drinks it while the boys watch tv when the time came they all got up and headed towards the car to fix the problem that has been going on for 23 years. 







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Thank you for your comments Kristen, Wanderer 101 and ~JarlieFanEver~

Chapter 16


The Braxton's walk up to Duncan and his sons motel room and Kyle takes a step back.

"Mate we have this handled okay they won't hurt you." Brax reassures him.

Kyle just nods and continues to follow them.

Brax knocks on the door.

Duncan opens it and looks angry.

"Its about time you little ****." Duncan snarls but his face is filled with shock when he sees Brax at the door and not Kyle.

"Now Duncan, i'm going to teach you something about my family, no one messes with them." Brax growls.

"Are you really calling that pathetic waste of space family, he will never be anyones family cause he doesn't deserve one." Duncan snarls and Brax, Heath and Casey finally got to see Duncan's bad side.

"You see thats where you are wrong, Kyle is one of the most deserving people to have a family that you could find, especially after how you treated him growing up." Brax snarls.

"Oh did little Kylie go crying to you." Anton hisses.

Kyle just looked down at his shoes.

Heath approaches Anton ready to give him a punch.

"Heath, not now." Brax orders.

Heath takes a step back but keeps glaring at Anton.

"You are going to leave Kyle alone from now on, you hear me, you are not to ask anything of him or even talk or look at him." Brax snarls.

"oh yeah and whose going to stop us?" Duncan asks smiling.

"we are." Heath snarls.

"do you want to see what we are capable of Heath?" Duncan asks.

"you act so tough but you are just your regular bullies, weak i bet with one punch i will be able to drop you." Brax snarls.

"We are tough just ask Kylie over there." Joseph laughs.

"Why do you treat him like that?" Casey asks.

"cause he doesn't deserve a good life he's a waste of space and always will be one day you will wake up and realise we were doing you a favour taking him out of your life." Duncan laughs.

"where is your other son Jackson?" Heath asks.

"behind you." Anton laughs.

They all turn around and Jackson has his arm tightly around Kyle's throat.

"So you're not going to hurt us or else Jackson will kill him right in from of you." Duncan laughs as Jackson pulls out a gun from his pocket.

"You're a horrible person Duncan and one day it will come back and bite you." Brax growls.

"ohhh i'm so scared of you Darryl, if you or either of your meathead brothers even come near me or my sons, Jackson will send a bullet straight through Kyle" Duncan hisses and smiles with delight.

Heath starts to walk up but then he hears the gun go off and Kyle screams with pain.

They turn around and there's blood coming out of his shoulder.

"next on goes through somewhere important i can promise you that." Jackson laughs.

"you're all horrible people how do you sleep at night?" Brax snarls

"easily we have had so much practise." Anton laughs.

"One day you'll all end up in prison and you will find people bigger than you and you will wish that you never picked on someone just cause their smaller." Brax hiss.

"we don't treat him like this cause he's smaller, we treat him like this because he's a worthless waste of space that will never ever find his way in life because he was destined to be a pathetic loser." Duncan snarls and gives a small nod.

suddenly there is the sound of another gun shot, Everyone turns around to see Kyle on the floor with blood coming out of his chest and Jackson standing above his with the gun still pointed at him.

Heath tries to walk up to Kyle but Jackson once again shots him but his time in the stomach.

"come any closer and the next one will go through his skull." Jackson sneers as Kyle cries out with pain. 

"Now Darryl you have two choices, first one is to call the police and have us arrested but by the time they get here Kyle will probably be dead, or the second one is you let go and save Kyle but theres no guarantee we won't be back." Duncan laughs.

Brax turns around to see his little brother bleeding out on the floor.

he knew he had to make a decision, either let them go and have a bigger chance of saving Kyle or make them go to prison but have Kyle's life in even more danger than it is now.

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Thank you for your comments Kristen, Wanderer101, ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments. 
Chapter 17
"we'll call the Police." Brax sighs.
"Brax are you crazy, look at Kyle, we can't gamble his life." Heath grunts.
"Kyle's tough he can handle it." Brax sighs looking at his younger Brother.
"Kyle?" Brax asks.
"i'll be fine." He manages to spill out.
"You're all going to prison, for a long time." Brax hisses
"Just as long as Kyle is dead i don't care where i am." Duncan hisses.
Heath walks up to Duncan.
"Now Heath remember, Jackson still has a gun pointed at your younger brother." Anton laughs.
Heath looks like he's about to hit Anton and Duncan but he looked at Kyle who was lying o the floor already in a bad way and takes a step back.
"Call the police Brax." Casey mutters as he can see the colour of Kyle's skin starting to pale.
Brax pulls out his mobile and dials 000.
"Emerson its Darryl Braxton, can you please come to apartment 35 in the Summer Bay Motel." Brax sighs.
"We found the guys who kidnapped Kyle and attacked him." Brax sighs.
"yep we will keep them here." Brax breathes a sigh of relief. 
"there you go Duncan, you can no longer make my little brothers life a living ****." Brax hisses.
"i think we still are." Duncan grins as he points to Kyle who is pale and blood is pouring out of him.
"Kyle!" Heath yells and starts to run to Kyle but is stopped by Jackson.
 "Now, now Heath not a step closer." Jackson laughs.
"just please, we need to wait until the police to come before we call the ambulance at least let us talk to him." Heath begs. 
Jackson looks up at his dad.
"Very well." Duncan hisses.
Heath runs up to Kyle and grabs his shoulder. 
"Mate, can you hear me?" Heath asks.
"Heath." Kyle mumbles.
Heath breaths a sigh of relief.
suddenly they hear sirens and the police burst in.
"Brax his pulse is getting slower." Casey mumbles.
"Brax what happened here?" Kat asks when she sees Kyle. 
"they happened." Brax hisses pointing at Duncan and his sons. 
"What are their names?" Emerson asks.
"Duncan, Anton, Joseph and Jackson Bennett." Brax hisses 
"how much do you know about them?" Emerson asks.
"He Sexually and physically abused Kyle when he was younger and killed his mum." Heath snarls pointing at Duncan.
"Take Kyle to the hospital Heath." Brax orders. 
Heath and Casey pick Kyle up and take him to the hospital with one of Kyle's arms over each of their shoulders.
"hang in there buddy." Heath mumbles to Kyle who is barley conscious. 
After they leave Brax turns to Emerson.
"They were also the ones that kidnapped him that time he went missing and did you see the stat of him they could of killed him and they didn't care." Brax hisses.
"Duncan Bennett you are under arrest for physical abuse, murder, attempted murder, sexual abuse and kidnapping." Kat hisses as she puts cuffs on Duncan.
"Anton, Joseph and Jackson Bennett you are under arrest for attempted murder, kidnapping and abuse." Emerson snarls as him and the two other cops put cuffs on the three boys. 
"We will be back for him Brax." Duncan hisses.
They are all put in a police van.
"Kat! can you please give me a lift to the hospital?" Brax asks.
Kat could see the desperation in Brax's eyes to make sure his brother was okay.
"get in." She smiles.
Brax got in the car and turned to Kat.
"How long will they be locked up for?" Brax asks.
"at least 9 years for the boys and about 16 years for Duncan." Kat sighs.
"Kat, thats not long enough." Brax sighs.
"Brax we will make sure they never come near your family again." Kat promises.
As the arrive at the hospital Brax turns to Kat.
"Thank you." He smiles slightly.
He rushes off to the front desk.
"Kyle Braxton." He blurts.
"Brax." Heath calls him over.
he rushes over and enters Kyle's hospital room. 
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Thank you ~JarlieFanEver~, Wanderer101 and Kristen for your comments. 

Chapter 18 

Warning use of bad language in this chapter.

As Brax entered the room only Heath and Casey were in there. 

"Where is he?" Brax croaks instantly thinking the worst. 

"With Nate, but he was bad when we got here." Casey shrugs. 

"You gambled his life Brax we could of got those psychos another time but no you called the police first now Kyle could die!" Heath yells. 

"If I didn't call the police Duncan and his three ****head sons would be back!" Brax yells back.

"We would be here to protect him!" Heath yells shoving Brax. 

"He's kept things from us before from fear, he would of done the exact same thing again if they came back!" Brax scream at his brother. 


"We know he needs us." Heath sighs. 

"No, you have no clue." Casey laughs lightly. 

"What you on about Case?" Brax asks. 

"Heath, even though you tease him and make fun of him he loves you as a brother all Kyle ever wanted was a family, Brax do I even need to say anything, you know Kyle would do anything for you, he looks up to you even more than I do." Casey sighs.  

"What's your point Case?" Heath asks. 

"My point is that the last thing Kyle needs is you to arguing, he needs the both of you to be on one side, so let's just leave the arguing for now." Casey growls. 

"He's right." Heath shrugs.

Brax stares out the window. 

"He really looks up to me." Brax mumbles. 

"WOW Brax are you really asking that of course he does you're the most decent father figure he's ever had." Heath sighs. 

Suddenly Nate comes in. 

"Brax, Heath, Casey I'm so sorry we did all that could, there was just too much blood lost and too many wounds." Nate frowns he hated this part of the job but to make it worse he knew the Braxtons and Kyle was so young.

The pain in the Braxtons was obvious. 

Casey slide down the wall and cried silently, Heath boiled with anger before sitting down next to his younger brother and erupted in loud sobs but Brax's was different he just stared at a wall, silent tears rolling down his cheeks before he feel to his knees and finally let it all out. 

"Can we see him one last time?" Brax croaks struggling, everything hurt. His throat, his stomach and most off all his heart. 

He had a broken heart and he didn't like the feeling it was the same feeling he had when he going out Charlie had died. 

"Of course, follow me." Nate lowers his head and takes the boys to the room where they had been trying to save Kyle's life.

Brax was the first to walk in, there lying on a hospital bed was his little brother, he may of only been a half brother but Brax loved him the same as Heath and Casey, but now he was gone, he had lost a brother who was so young. 

The saddest thing was Brax could barely recognise him.

"It's okay little bro, the pain is gone." Brax sobs clutching  Kyle's  freezing cold hand and erupting in sobs once again as now that he felt Kyle's freezing cold hand it was really real there was no way the doctors had made a mistake there was no way he was ever going to talk to his little brother again.

Brax didn't want to let Kyle's hand go even though it was cold this was the last time he would ever see his younger brother. 

His brother who looked up to him, his brother that was so different from him and the other boys his brother that would never be able to live the life he deserved.

"I'll make them pay Kyle, they are going to regret ever hurting you." Brax cries out he couldn't believe that the people to blame for Kyle's death were his family, the people that raised his since he was just a kid. How could they kill family Brax couldn't  believe it. He keeps looking at his brother trying to remember every single detail about him so that he could never fully let him go. He moves Kyle's hair away from his eyes. 

"You always had trouble with that." Brax smiles weakly. 

He looks out the door and sees his other two brothers on the other side with Nate. 

"Meet Charlie when your up their mate, I'll miss you more than you know. I hope you see your mum as well I'm sure she would of been looking over you and she'll be missing her little boy, I just with I didn't have to lose my little brother." Brax cries out letting go of his brothers had and exits the room knowing that now he would never see his brother again he walked up to Casey and they both hugged each other and cried together while Heath walked into the room to say one last goodbye to his brother.

"oh mate, you don't deserve this, you don't deserve to die this young, I'm sorry I always teased you and made fun of you, but i love you and I'm sorry you never got the chance to live a life, When you first came to the bay after you kidnapped Casey all I wanted to do  was to smash in that pretty face of yours but now, I don't know how another human being could hurt you this bad. You never got the chance to be a dad, I know you would of been good at it too, Darcy and Harley love you so so much, so does Bianca she thought you were amazing, the thing is mate you are amazing and you deserved far better than the life you got." Heath cries out

Heath looked properly at Kyle for the first time and could barley recognise his little brother. 

The tan skin Kyle normally had was white and his big brown eyes were hidden behind his eyelids. 

"If you meet Rocco while you're up there, tell him his daddy loves him and I know you'll love him to, you would of been great with him." Heath sobs. 

Heath walks up to Kyle and places a hand on his shoulder. 

"You'll always be my baby bro, even though Casey is younger." Heath cries out. 

"They won't get away with this Kyle, I'll make sure they lock them away and throw away the key, they made you life ****, they treated you like dirt and now they've killed you, your to young to die Kyle, WAKE UP!" Heath screams the last part shaking his brother. 

"Heath!" Casey cries out pulling Heath away from Kyle. 

"Kyle I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you, no one is ever allowed to hurt you again, you've had enough pain." Heath erupts in sobs and exits the room. 

"Kyle.. I never got the chance to say I forgive you. I do honestly, I forgive you for everything. The desert everyone that followed that all the arguing, all the fighting. When I killed Dad I never realised he was all you had, The saddest thing for you was you didn't have anyone, you didn't deserve to have the upbringing you had, and they won't get away with it." Casey sobs as he grabs Kyle hand but suddenly let go when he got a sharp pain of coldness. But he couldn't leave without saying a proper goodbye to his big brother

"I'm sorry mate, I'm still here." Casey sighs grabbing ahold of Kyle's hand once more. 

"Your my brother despite everything you are and i will miss you Kyle." Casey cries out. 

"I'll miss you playing the gutair, I'll miss you constantly nagging at us to pick up our surf gear in the lounge and I'll even miss your moody face, cause I know that the times you did smile it felt great for all of us." Casey mumbles. 

He noticed Kyle's Tattoo. 

All or nothing 

"Kyle I love you you are my brother and I will always love you." Casey cries out. 

He slips his hand out if Kyle hand and leaves the room. 

His two brothers were in a corner eyes puffed up and trying to hold back the tears to try a be brave. 

"You don't have to be brave." Casey croaks as he sits in between his brothers. 

"He's gone, our brother is gone." Heath croaks as they all sit there in silence from then on all remember their brother that was taken far too soon.


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Thank you ~JarlieFanEver~, Wanderer101, Ludub and Kristen for your comments. 

Chapter 19

Warning use of bad language in this chapter.

Brax, Heath and Casey arrived home not long after the had all said their final goodbyes to their brother. 

"Hey boys that took a while, you didn't do anything stupid did you Brax?"  Ricky asks.

Brax's blood starts to boil and the anger inside him is growing he wanted turned to Ricky and glared at her.

"Brax whats the matter, wheres Kyle?" Ricky asks.

Brax can feel his eyes filling up with tears, he turned to the door and slammed it and went into his and Ricky's room.

"Heath, Case? wheres Kyle?" Ricky asks again her voice serious.

"Rick, Kyle's dead." Heath croaks.

Bianca walks up to Heath and hugs him. 

"What happened?" Ricky asks her eyes filling with tears all the Braxton's were like brothers to her even Kyle who she had only know for a short time.

"they keep shooting him, in the stomach in the chest and another in the shoulder, they killed him." Casey croaks.

"Casey shut up, don't make me relive watching my little brother die." Heath yells.

"Heath not talking about it won't bring him back." Casey cries.

"I don't care, stop talking about it." Heath croaks feeling a lump in his throat.

"boys i think we all need to take a breath and calm down." Ricky sighs but regrets it right away.


"Heath, please I'm sorry." Ricky sobs she wished she had never said that.

"They are going to pay." Heath snarls.

"Heath they will just please just let the cops deal with it." Bianca begs.


he sobs into Bianca's shoulder.

"Is there anyone else we need to tell?" Ricky asks.

"Who Rick?, who? we were the only family he had." Casey sighs.

Brax still hadn't come out he was in the flat, looking at a picture of him and his brothers in Melbourne for Heaths bucks night, He had his arm around Casey and Heath was beside Kyle with his arm around his shoulder pushing it so hard that Kyle was leaning down. 

Brax could feel tears coming out of his eyes, but managed a small smile when he remember that both Kyle and Heath had ended up on the sand because Kyle had lost his balance which caused them both to fall. 

He walked back to the shared house. 

Ricky comes up and hugs him.

"Brax i'm so sorry." Ricky sobs.

"you have nothing to be sorry about Rick its Duncan and his three Psycho sons who have to pay." Brax hisses.

"Brax please stop Kyle's been dead for what, a couple of hours and you are already planning revenge." Ricky begs.

"They killed him, they aren't getting away with it." Brax hisses.

"i'm not saying let them all i'm saying is slow down, we have to start organising the funeral." Ricky sighs looking down at Kyle's guitar thats lying on the couch.

"He would always drive us nuts playing all the time, I'm going to miss it." Ricky sighs.

"He loved playing it was the only thing that calmed him down." Bianca smiles lightly.

"well he wasn't a surfer was he." Heath smiles picking up the guitar and starts carrying it to Kyle's room.

"heath wait leave it out, its all we've got left of him." Casey sighs.

Brax walks up to Casey and places a hand on his shoulder.

"we will always have memories." Brax smile lightly.

"It's not enough." Casey croaks. 

"i know mate." Brax sighs 

"he would of spent his whole life being scared, there was never a moment in his life that he wasn't scared." Heath sighs.

"He never had a happy life either, Dad never loved him, his mum was killed by his Uncle, his Uncle and cousins treated him like he was nothing and now they have killed him." Brax sighs as he picked up Kyle leather jacket that was chucked on the couch and puts it in Kyle's room. 

Brax and Heath sit down on the couch and Ricky and Bianca at the table, no more words were needed, they all knew that the year or so was going to be hard, there would never be a moment when none would be thinking what Kyle could of made of his life if he his young life wasn't taken too soon.  

While they were sitting down in complete silence Casey was in Kyle's room, trying to make the pain of losing his brother go away, he and Kyle didn't always get along but Kyle had really tried to make up for everything he did to Casey. 

Casey walks up to Kyle's bedside table and picks up a photo of him and Kyle. 

Kyle looked so happy, Casey wondered how he could hide his fear the way he did, he was stronger than any of them thought. 

He put the photo down and exited the room he couldn't handle it anymore, he couldn't stay in his brothers room any longer. 

Casey walked back out to the lounge and no one had moved. 

Suddenly the phone rings.

"hello." Casey answers 

"yea, he's here." Casey replies handing the phone to Brax. 

"Hello." Brax mutters he didn't really want to talk to anyone.

"Emerson, Kyle can't talk to you." Brax grunts.

"Because he's dead." Brax yells and ends the call. 

"Brax you better go down and talk to them, it's probably about Duncan and his boys." Bianca suggests.

"you right Bianca but if i see them i would kill them." Brax grunts.

"would you like me and Ricky to go?" Bianca asks.

"yea that would be great." Brax grunts sitting back on the couch.  

Bianca and Ricky leave to go to the Police station.

"Do you think Kyle will be happy the pains over?" Casey asks.

"what are you talking about Case, Kyle's dead of course he won't be happy." Brax hisses.

"Brax all i'm saying is, what sort of live would he have lived, he was probably sick of always being scared." Casey sighs.

Brax realised Casey had a point Kyle was no longer scared.

"He was just so young." Brax croaks.

"i know Brax, everyone knows but we just have to be strong, make sure those ****holes are locked away, for Kyle." Heath sighs.

The Braxton brothers all went their separate ways, Heath went to his and Bianca's room, Casey went to his room but Brax went to Kyle's room.

Brax can always remember reminding Kyle to keep his room tidy but he never listened and he had clothes lying everywhere.

Brax walks up to Kyle's bed and picks up his leather jacket that he had just recently put away.

He sits down on Kyle's bed and pulls it close to his chest and sobs loudly into it, he had no idea how he was going to get through this, but he had to be the one to be strong or else the rest of the family would all crash and burn.  

Brax puts the jacket down on the bed and makes his way out of the room and shutting the door, he turned to the door one last time but shock his head and made his way to the flat. 

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Thank you ~JarlieFanEver~, Wanderer101, Ludub and Kristen for your comments. 

Chapter 20 

Ricky and Bianca had arrived at the police station. 

"Ricky, Bianca I'm so sorry to hear about Kyle." Kat frowns. 

"Thanks Kat." Ricky sighs she still couldn't believe that Kyle was gone he was like a little brother to her. He drove her nuts but cared about her just like a brother would. 

"Emerson wants to talk to you guys about Duncan and his sons." Kat sighs. 

"Why?" Ricky asks. 

"They need to know the backround." Kat sighs. 

"We don't know the full story, the boys do." Bianca sighs. 

"Well we need to talk to them." Emerson interrupts coming round the corner. 

"No their not ready their brother died hardly 4 hours ago." Ricky huffs. 

Emersons face saddens. 

"I know and I'm so sorry to hear that, they are going to be locked away for a long time, we know that already because they have pleaded guilty to murder, they were very smug about it especially Duncan." Emerson frowns. 

"Duncan was smug." Ricky gasps shocked she that Duncan was a horrible person but she never thought that he would be smug about Kyle's death.

"very, we just need to know, was Kyle physically and sexually assaulted growing up?" Emerson asks. 

"I only know what Heath told me and that is that yes and he was ten years old sexually and three physically by his Uncle ." Bianca sighs. 

"And his cousins?" Emerson asks. 

"You saw the size of them, Brax told me that apparently they loved making Kyle's life miserable." Ricky mutters. 

"We are going to talk to them now." Emersons sighs as he walks off to the interview room.

"Kat how long will they be put away for?" Bianca asks. 

She considered Kyle a brother just like Ricky did, she thought it was hilarious how him and Heath used to act with each other Heath constantly winding Kyle up and Kyke always taking it, she would miss him so much he was also the only one in the house that wasn't obsessed with surfing and she loved the chats they had when everyone else was having their morning surf.

"I told Brax 9 years for the boys and 16 for Duncan but that was before Kyle.. Died, so probably 17 for the boys and life for Duncan." Kat sighs. 

"Do they'll be punished." Ricky half smiles as she can feel tears falling from her eyes. 

"Yes I'll make sure, give my love to the boys, Kyle was a great guy, I'm so sorry for your loss." Kat smiles as she herself has tears falling down. 

"Thank you Kat." Bianca cries out hugging Kat, she was so happy that Duncan and his sons would pay for what they did to Kyle.

Emerson comes back out. 

"They have plead guilty to all charges which means there's no need to go to court, They are all getting life imprisonment." Emerson smiles lightly more of a reassuring smile as if to say, they will pay for what they did. 

Ricky and Bianca managed a small smile with each other. 

Yes Kyle was still gone and there was no one to change that but now at least, they knew that his killers were not going to be free, and that they are now going to be in prison for a long time. 

They arrived home and got all the boys out to the lounge. 

"Boys, their getting life imprisonment." Ricky half smiles. 

"They deserve to die." Brax hisses and goes back to the flat. 

"So there's no way for them to get out of it?" Casey asks. 

"No they plead guilty." Bianca sighs running Heath's shoulder whose eyes were puffy and red.

they all say in silence from then on, until they all went their separate directions so that they could get prepared for the days to come that are going to be so hard. 

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