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Home and Away Quiz

Chris J

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We've launched a new 'Home and Away Quiz' on many pages across Back to the Bay. You can currently find it across the whole of the News section, as well as the Coming Soon to Australia and Coming Soon to the UK pages.

The feature is still in its infancy at the moment and there are only about 30 questions, but over the coming weeks we'll be adding more and more questions to make the feature even more challenging, and really put your brain to work and test your knowledge of Home and Away past and present.

If you click the 'Log In' button on the quiz element, you can create a quiz account, which will allow you to compete against other BTTB users in the leaderboard, and show off your Home and Away knowledge to the world. Please note, the quiz is provided by a 3rd party called Insticator, so you're submitting your data to them, not to Back to the Bay.

There are also a few bugs - i've noticed your score jumps considerably for no reason whatsoever, so for now consider it a bit of fun rather than a serious competition(!) but we'll be working with the 3rd party who provide the quiz embed to try and iron out these issues over the coming weeks. Let me know if you experience any blips!

Enjoy :)

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