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Chris Hemsworth on Ellen


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He was definitely putting it on when he was mocking his daughter's Spanish-Australian :lol: She speaks three languages: Spanish, Australian, AND English :P

There are a lot of different accents in Australia, the differences are generally just too subtle to notice until you spend a lot of time with someone. I moved from the Central Coast to the border of Queensland and everyone thought I was English. I thought it was just me until my friend, who comes from the same place as me, started working in Sydney and they all thought he was English too. Chris Hemsworth grew up all over Australia so his accent is probably a mix of a lot of different areas. If you're thinking of his accent in Thor though, that is definitely more English than his natural accent. He still sounds like he did on Home and Away to me :)

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Chris Hemsworth is precious. I am thoroughly enjoying all this Avengers promo he's doing at the moment. He is unapologetically Australian and I love him for it. I am so thrilled by all the success he's had.

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