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The Life We Were Given


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Thanks for the comments, sorry it's been a while had really bad migraines and a lot of revision to get through but here's the next chapter!

Chapter Four.

Charlie went out to the car to collect Sophie so she could meet Ruby. Her daughter curled up to Charlie, placing her head against Charlie’s neck as they walked back to the house.

“Sophie, this is Ruby” Charlie smiled.

“You are the girl from the photos” Sophie beamed in recognition. Ruby smiled, shocked at how similar her and her younger sister looked.

“Ruby is your big sister Sophie” Charlie smiled. Sophie opened her eyes in shock.

“I’ve never had a sister before” she replied in shock as the two grown ups laughed.

“Well aren’t you a little character” Ruby smiled. “I heard you like the beach”

“Yeah I want to go but my mummy says no” Sophie pouted in Charlie’s direction.

“I could maybe take you tomorrow, if that is okay with mummy?” Ruby looked in Charlie’s direction.

“Really?” Charlie asked, shocked at her daughters acceptance of her younger sibling. “That would be great I probably should use tomorrow to face the rest of the bay” she sighed.

“Can Elsa come too?” Sophie asked, liking Ruby very much. She waved the frozen dolly in Ruby’s face.

“Doesn’t she like snow and all that” Ruby laughed.

Sophie sighed. “Mummy said that too but she wants to go to the beach she told me” she replied earnestly. Charlie and Ruby laughed again.

“Sure she can come to the beach, we can even get you a little boogie board and-“

“No surfing” Charlie warned. “Just a little paddling and sandcastles will do” She smiled. Now it was Ruby’s turn to pout.

“She’s a Braxton and my little sister” She pointed out. “She will be able to surf in her sleep”

“What’s a Braxton?” Sophie asked.

“Nothing sweetie, just means that when you are much older than three you will be able to surf with Ruby”

“And Brax and Heath and Kyle..” Ruby muttered low enough so only Charlie could hear.

“Kyle?” Charlie was confused.

“Oh yeah, another Braxton brother” Ruby revealed. “Not Cheryl’s” Charlie’s eyes widened in shock. There was already enough Braxton’s as it was. “Also Casey wasn’t actually a Braxton!”

“What?” Charlie gasped.

“Yeah turns out Cheryl had an affair and that’s how Casey was conceived. His two half-brothers are here as well, they’re called Andy and Josh”.

“Just how much has changed around here?” Charlie’s eyes widened.

“So so much” Ruby began. “Colleen left the bay, the walkers moved away all except Sasha, Gina died, John married Marilyn, Bianca married Heath, a hot English doctor took Sid’s place, the list goes on”

“Will there be anyone who I actually know?” Charlie asked, genuinely unsure.

“Well you know my fiancée” Ruby grinned.

“Fiancée?” Charlie’s eyes widened. “Who is?”

“Romeo” Ruby smiled. “We get married in two weeks” she grinned


“Woah so much really has changed. I really am happy for you Ruby” Charlie smiled, although Ruby could see she was hurt on how much she’d missed out on. Ruby touched her arm lightly.

“At least you’ll be here for the wedding” Ruby smiled.

Charlie sighed nestling her face into Sophie’s hair. “Two weeks to tell the entire town how I’m back” Charlie gulped.

“It’s going to be hard” Ruby admitted, just as Romeo walked through the door.

Romeo’s eyes fixated on Charlie immediately, going from Charlie to her daughter and then back to Charlie.

“Romeo hi” Charlie stuttered as Romeo’s eyes widened.

“What…how?” he replied looking at Ruby. “Did you know?”

“No of course I didn’t” Ruby replied. “Watson came by today, explained how mum was put in witness protection”

“This is insane” Romeo replied puffing out a big breath of air. “Not in a bad way obviously it’s so, so good that you’re back but woah” he turned to Charlie.

“I know” Charlie smiled. “You’re the second person to know so until then can you keep it to yourself?”

“Sure” Romeo nodded, still looking bewildered. Charlie sighed again, two people down, an entire town yet to go.


Ricky grinned cradling her bump as Brax walked through the door. He smiled taking a seat next to her, before kissing her and the bump.

“Not long to go now” Ricky smiled, feeling her baby kick. “Little baby boy Braxton”

“Looks like he won’t be the only baby boy Braxton” Brax grimaced. “Heath, er he messed up”

Ricky frowned. “What has he done?”

“His bucks night, he freaked about all the commitment and slept with another girl” Brax sighed. “Today she showed up, her and her little boy”

“Not Heath’s?” Ricky gasped. “Oh poor Bianca”

“The girl seems pretty genuine though, she didn’t want Heath in her baby’s life until she found out she was dying apparently” Brax sighed. “It’s a messy situation, but Heath er he can’t just turn his back on his responsibilities”

“Bee told me they were about to start trying” Ricky sighed. “I don’t think that’s looking likely”

“Well it depends how Bianca takes it, and after knowing Bianca for quite a while, she’s not going to sit and accept this easily” Brax replied.

“So long as there isn’t about to be any of your past girlfriends about to show up with kids in tow” Ricky laughed. Brax put an arm around her.

“Ah I doubt it, I’ve had three girlfriends, two of them are dead and I used protection with the other one” He pulled Ricky in close and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I couldn’t be in Heath’s situation, not that I wanted to, got the perfect little life right here” he smiled.

“I love you Brax” Ricky smiled placing her head on Brax’s shoulder.

“I love you too Ricky” he replied kissing the top of her forehead lightly.

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Thanks for the comments! :)

Chapter 5

Watson came to the house early the next day, with Ruby following close behind. Ruby hadn’t slept much the previous night, neither had Romeo, their minds still spinning with the revelation that Charlie, a woman they presumed to be dead was in fact alive. Now that they had gotten telling Ruby out of the way, Watson had come to discuss what was to happen next as the whole town was soon to uncover the truth about Charlie’s death.

“So I guess the next person to tell would be Sophie’s father Darryl Braxton” Watson took a seat on the couch. “After that, the boss has decided that we can hold a meeting in the surf club to explain the situation to the entire place, obviously it is up to you if you want to show your face. But the whole town will know that you’re alive by the end of tonight”

Charlie gulped, feeling her nerves kicking in. “I suppose telling everyone in one go is better than having to go and tell everyone”

“What do you want to do with Sophie today” Watson asked. “Obviously we don’t know how Darryl will react upon seeing you, never mind you with a child”

“I know it’s probably for the best” Charlie admitted. “Besides Ruby agreed to take Soph to the beach while we got this sorted out”

“Charlie do you think that’s really a good idea for today?” Ruby asked. “I’ve been thinking, someone is bound to see her, and then start to question me on everything and to be honest I’m not sure what I’ll say”

“I understand” Charlie nodded. “I forgot just how small a place Summer Bay really is” she laughed.

“But Sophie can still come with me to our place” Ruby smiled. “Or we can stay here” she suggested.

“That would be great” Charlie smiled, turning to Watson. “Better get this over with ey?”


“Bianca please I’m so sorry” Heath pleaded with a stubborn Bianca, whose face flushed red with fury.

“How could you do it Heath, the night before we get married and you sleep with some random woman and now you’re telling me she has your child?!” Bianca spat the last few words out. “Am I not good enough that you can’t stay faithful”

“It wasn’t like that” Heath held his head in his hands. “I had too much, I freaked out about the commitment”

“You should have told me” Bianca sobbed. “How could you do this to me” she let the tears fall harder down her face. Heath went to comfort her but she pushed him away. “Leave me alone” she seethed. “I don’t want you near me”

“Bianca I love you and I am insanely sorry, but what am I supposed to say?”

“Maybe keep it in your pants you cheating scumbag” she yelled.

“Bianca please-“ Heath began but he was cut off.

“I have to get out of here, I don’t know if I can be with you”

“What now or forever?” Heath’s eyes widened, the prospect of losing the woman he loved all too real.

“I don’t know, I just know that for now that I definitely can’t share my life or have a baby with someone who lied to me for months on end. I’m packing my bags and going to Irene’s. she turned and grabbed a bag, dumping in any clothes she could find as well as various other necessities. “Goodbye Heath”.


“So much for a peaceful life eh” Brax grinned, stealing a piece of toast from Ricky’s plate, earning himself a light punch.

“Hey put that back, baby Braxton wants it” she laughed. “I heard Bianca leave, bag in hand” she sighed. “How could he be so bloody stupid”

“It really is a mess Ric, I mean both their lives will be changing.” Brax sighed as he rubbed his girlfriend’s shoulders. “I really hope they can sort it out”

“What’s he going to do?” Ricky wondered.

“I suggested that he get a DNA test to see if it all checks out” Brax responded. “I mean he can’t agree to take on some kid who might not even be his”

“I suppose that seems like the right thing to do” Ricky replied. “Anyway I’m gonna shoot, gonna go be a good shoulder to cry on for B”

“I feel for you already” Brax winked. “Try not to bore baby Braxton too much” he smiled as Ricky left the room.

About five minutes later he heard a knock at the door. Brax sighed, seeing Watson at the door. She never gave him a break, her or that new copper Chapman. Part of him thought Watson had never forgiven Brax for the death of her partner but Brax knew the same. He knew he was responsible for Charlie’s death, for causing Ruby to lose her mother and it was something he would never forget.

“What can I do for you?” He asked politely letting the copper in.

“Your missus seems to have tamed you” Watson smiled taking a seat. “Three years ago if I’d come to the door you’d have bit my head off”

“Eh she’s good at keeping me calm when I need it” he smiled. “But really what can I do for you?”

“Erm it’s about Pirovic”

“How can you be telling me news about a dead guy?” Brax shrugged in confusion. “The blokes been gone a year now, surely any information you had on Casey’s case would have been uncovered”

“Not Casey’s case, Charlie’s case” she replied. Brax shrugged again.

“Well then that’s even further back, what is new to tell?” he wondered.

“Three years ago it was decided for the safety of our officer Charlie, that she would enter witness protection and to return once Pirovic was dead or banged up in jail” Watson rambled.

“Wait what are you trying to tell me?” Brax’s eyes widened.

“That night at the hospital, Charlie was taken to a new location living under an alias. Charlie isn’t dead Brax”

“This is crazy” Brax narrowed his eyes. “She’s dead”

“Brax she is very much alive. We got in contact with her the other day and since she has resumed her old identity and moved back to Summer Bay. Charlie is very much alive and well”

Brax stood up, gobsmacked at the news he’d just received. He held his head in his hands as he spun round, just as the lover he presumed dead made her way up the path.

“Charlie” he whispered, his mouth gaping open in shock as he came face to face with the woman he thought he’d never see alive again.

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Thought I'd let you know I've just started reading this, and I am probably the only one who is going to cry if Brax leaves a pregnant Ricky for Charlie.
I'm usually a Chax fan but in this particular fic, I really like Brax and Ricky, their about to have a baby.
Update soon, I am dying to read more.

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