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Boys Don't Cry


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Title: Boys don't cry

Genre: drama

Type of story: med fic

Rating: A

Characters: Kyle, Lisa, OC'S

Spoilers: no

Warnings: adult themes

Plot: Kyle's caught off guard when his mum turns up in Summer Bay


Lisa sat at a table at Angelo's.

"What can I get ya?" Brax asked her

She looked at him

"Garlic prawns" she said handing him back the menu

"You must be Darryl, I always wondered what you look like. Turns out the image of your father" she told him

"You knew my dad" Brax asked her thinking he should know her

"I had a child with him" she replied

It clicked for Brax then

"You're Kyle's mum" Brax said

"Is he around because a young man who works at the local coffee shop told me I could find him here" she asked

"He's gone away for a few weeks" Brax lied "bad timing for you sorry" he added

"Well, I guess I'll be settling for the garlic prawns then" she told him

Brax walked into the storeroom. He dialled Phoebe's number

"Phoebs, I need you to do something for me... Keep Kyle home for a while... I dunno you're his girlfriend use you imagination, it's just we may have a problem"

Brax hung up the phone and stood at the storeroom door and watched Lisa


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Lisa knocked on the Braxton's door

"I thought I said Kyle had gone away" Brax told her after opening the door

"You lied, you get that same look in your eye your dad did when he lied" she replied

"Listen, each time you're brought up in a conversation, he changes the topic or leaves room, so what does that tell you" he said

"I know I was a terrible mother to that boy, and I can't change that. But I can make up for it if he lets me"

Brax took a deep breath

"Kyle, visitor"

"Who is it" Kyle asked he stopped immediately when he saw his mother and stood like he a drill Sargent was standing infront of him

"There's my little sweetheart" she said kissing Kyle on the forehead Brax noticed she seemed to have some sort of power over him.

"Can we go for a walk" she asked

Kyle looked like he was struggling for words

"Ok" he finally softly let out

He looked at Brax

"You ok" Brax asked

Kyle nodded and smiled unconvincingly"

"If you're not back in 30 minutes I'll radio for air support"


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Kyle and Lisa walked along the beach looking down not knowing what to say

"Nice place here" lisa finally broke the silence

Kyle nodded and made a soft noise in agreement.

"So, do you have a girlfriend" she asked

"Ok, let's not pretend this is something it's not" Kyle snapped

"What" lisa frowned

"This, whatever it is, the whole you being nice to me. It's just creepy" he told her

"I've been in a support group, that's helping me work through my issues any I mentioned you and they said it'd good for me to mend fences with you" she told him

"So this is all about you, typical" Kyle told him

"I very have this picture of you" she said digging through her bag "it was taken on your 7th birthday" she told him

He looked at the photo

"You were so cute" she smiled

"Cute is not how you used to describe me and this was taken on my 6th birthday, not that you would know seeing as though you were passed out the entire time" he told her tossing photo back at her

"Go crawl back under your rock" Kyle said


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