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Rhiannon Fish: ‘Why Reece and I really split’


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Rhiannon Fish: ‘Why Reece and I really split’

EXCLUSIVE The Home and Away star reveals the truth of why she and Reece ended their three-year romance.

New Idea

February 16, 2015, 7:57 am


Rhiannon Fish opens up about her split from Reese Mastin in this week's New Idea, on sale now.

Photos: Getty Images and Facebook

Clinging together at Sydney Airport, the young couple went almost unnoticed in the crowd – just one of many tearful farewells at the departure gate that day.

But for sweethearts Rhiannon Fish and Reece Mastin, that long goodbye marked the end of an intense three-year relationship that they thought would last their entire lifetimes.

"It was so sad," says former Home And Away favourite Rhiannon, who recently returned to LA to chase her acting dreams. "No matter how realistic and mature you try to be, something like that is still so sad...

"We were joined at the hip from the moment we met, pretty much, and had every intention of getting engaged and married.

Fate, however, had other plans and 2014 brought tough challenges that saw the Dancing With The Stars runner-up enter what she simply calls ‘a really dark place’.

Moving to LA at the start of last year, Rhiannon just couldn’t cope without younger X Factor winner Reece.

"I still felt heart and soul tied to him back in Sydney,’ she explains emotionally.

"It was almost like we didn’t know how to function without each other."

Sadder and wiser, she returned to Australia last May. And then her beloved sister Corinne died unexpectedly only two months later, aged 34.

She was bereft, but Reece tried to help her through the loss. After all, they’d been soulmates since their meeting on the set of his Shout It Out video clip – when she played his love interest.

Still, Rhiannon, best known as Summer Bay’s girl-next-door April Scott, was inconsolable.

"I was very different, and I’m sure Reece saw that as well," she admits. "I honestly wasn’t happy anymore. Somewhere along the way, I had lost myself."

Source: New Idea magazine

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